Wilberforce Moves In

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Title: Wilberforce Moves In
Emitter: None
Characters: Mariscka, Wilberforce
NPCs: None
Place: Jones Dorm, Steranko Institute
Time: Wednesday Afternoon
Summary: Wilberforce moves into the dorm for summer session, while Mariscka gives some decorating tips. They strike a new student compact.

Wilberforce walks into the common area from the main doorway with a single, small box tucked under one arm and a slip of paper in the other hand, along with a freshly laminated student id card and a room key on one of the cheap, temporary key rings that student services uses.

Suddenly, one of the dorm doors opens, a strong gust of wind following. A flowing, large, silk scarf tumbles out the door, followed by a new-ish looking set of tarot cards. Following this comes a young woman in a long skirt, and dark hair. "Oh, stop acting like a petulant child! I got it so I wouldn't wear you out on minor things! REALLY!" she snaps over her shoulder as she crawls along the floor picking things up.

The box, key and note are set down on the counter of the kitchenette as the young man turns and goes over to help pick up a few of the scattered cards. "Sounds like someone pitched a fit out there." He says with a little bit of a grin, then offers over the cards that blown in his direction to the girl.

Mariscka sighs and nods. "Yes. The Queen of Swords was not pleased that I picked up another deck of Tarot and got a little out of hand. Her deck has been handed down through the years and I didn't want to use it for mundane things. She didn't like that at all," notes the young woman as she starts gathering up the newer deck. "Rather tempermental, really. I never realized."

Wilberforce's mouth falls open for a half second, then he closes it. "Oh, so, you talk to cards?" He asks as he picks up a few more of the newer cards and stacks them a bit cautiously on one of the nearby chair arms. "I just got here for summer session, everything almost seems normal." His tone isn't quite convinced of that however.

"Talk to them? Not so much. They guide me and serve as a focus for my apparent abilities," notes Mariscka with a warm smile as she gathers up her scarf and wraps it over her hair. "Mariscka Emil," she notes, holding out her hand to the young man. "I just am guessing off the sensation when I tried to activate the card. The Sword is a symbol of Air, and the Queen is the most feminine form of it. So all the good and the bad that is woman, is embodied in that card. And … that means tempermental."

"Um, if you say so." Wilberforce flashes a smile and takes the proffered hand, "I'm Wil." Then he takes a half breath, "Wilberforce Rupert Fotheringay-Phipps the fourth, actually. I'm sure it'll get dragged out sooner or later, it always does." He grins as his hand drops back to his side, "I'm just hunting for room number three, so I can move myself in. Is it strange?" He asks, then adds, "I mean, being around people that can do weird things all the time?"

Mariscka laughs lightly, looking over her shoulder. "Mine is four, so that," she notes to a door, "should be yours." Then she shakes her head as she starts to rise, holding a hand out to Wil in case he wants help standing. "You have to understand my background. I grew up in a Fortune Teller's shop. So this … is almost normal," she offers with a wave, before giving a wink. "The lack of my mother hounding me to get a boyfriend is just a fringe benefit. The woman is insistant." There is a pause, and Mariscka blushes. "You have to understand. My mother's way of rebelling was to have a child by age eighteen, then become a fairly sucessful business woman and single mother."

Wil takes the hand but really doesn't use any weight to get back up to his feet, seeming rather limber as he does. "Ah, I grew up in Boston, where fortune telling was one of those things not talked about at the dinner table. Along with just about anything else that wasn't exceptionally proper." He smiles a bit more, "That's the kind of rebellion that would, as my mother would put it, raise eyebrows." He smiles and goes to get his box and key. "I guess that makes us neighbors if you're in four then?" He opens the door up to his room and eyes the dusty emptiness beyond.

"I'm from Baltimore, myself. My great-grandmother and her husband immigrated here. She set up shop and my grandmother took it over. I think I will later when I'm old enough," she states, trying to peer in from behind Wil. "Proper, mmm? I'd probably get along with them, aside from my lineage, of course. Proper Society tends to look down on we Romani - despite us being very chaste and civil and loving people. Yeah, mine was like that, too. You have things to decorate with? I told my grandmother how stark my room was and I got a box full of fabric the next day. I have some left over. There is the lovely shawl I have that works as a wall hanging in red and gold…"

Wil looks over his shoulder with a grin, "Oh, I brought some posters to put up. And some other things to decorate with. I should probably go unload the rest of the car so Gregory can start the drive back to Boston." He grimaces a little at saying that, "My parents got the dates mixed up and discovered they had booked a trip to Madrid while I was supposed to be moving in." He puts his one little box in on the floor then turns, "I'll be right back." Then with a grin he tries to nonchalantely walk out of the dorm, but he's moved into a run about three steps before he gets to the door.

Hazel eyes blink after Wil as the young man leaves at a running gait. Mariscka looks over her shoulder towards her door, then back into Wil's room. Turning around, Mariscka makes her way back to her own dorm, and digs around for a few things. Then she heads back into the hall, and from it into the new young man's room. Dust can be such a pain, after all, when one is trying to move in - therefore Mariscka is trying to rush as quickly as possible to dust the room before Wil finds her doing this.

It's a little while before Wilberforce returns, but as he comes through the outer door and makes his way across the way it's clear he decided to make just one trip to get the rest of his things in. A half dozen boxes, two suitcases, a floor lamp, a unicycle, and a hang up bag for formalwear. All manage to come in with him.

Turning around, Mariscka yelps, and drops the cloth she had been using to dust off the surfaces in the room, practically jumping in surprise at finding Wil already there. Her olive cheeks turn red in a blush and Mariscka hurriedly ducks to pick up her cloth. "Oh, sorry, you were faster than I … " then she blinks and peers at the young man. "Just how much do you have in your hands right now. Are you going to drop any of that?"

Wil grins a bit sheepishly, "Well, I thought since it was a place where everyone was a little different, it wouldn't hurt if I cheated a little, right?" He starts putting items down in the room, unicycle in one corner, standing lamp in the other, boxes piled up near the desk, suitcases on the bed and hang up bag in the closet. The fact that he doesn't actually leave the doorway into his room, with just an arm reaching out each time to do it all makes him blush when he's done. "Sorry, that was showing off, wasn't it?"

Mariscka's hazel eyes widen as she watches Wil put everything away, absently ducking out of the way of an arm she didn't need to. "Wh… wow. That is … you can stretch!" exclaims Mariscka, blushing wildly now. "You, at least, have an actual ability. I'm not entirely certain it's not the cards in my case …"

"Well, if you have an ability, it's yours by right. This whole thing with me… who knows how long I'll be able to do this before my whole body just falls apart or something." He puts on a wan smile, "They're never very optomistic when the doctors talk to me about what might be ahead." He brightens up that smile, "So what do you do with the cards? Do you really read fortunes and the future?"

Mariscka's eyes narrow faintly as she studiies Wil and that wan smile. Then she steps forward, skirts swishing as she moves. Reaching out, the young woman attempts to put her finger firmly on his chest. "Believe in the good, or you will fall to your own corruption. If YOU believe you will die, you will. If you believe you will live, then what does it matter what the doctors say of something they likely don't understand, mmmm?" she asks, peering up at the young man. "Life is to celebrate, not wallow in sadness."
Then she turns around, her skirts twisting with her, as she waves a hand. "They can serve as guides to tell the future. I use their inherent meanings to affect the world with the mystical nature of the Tarot. I have caused lightening to strike, swords to fall from the sky, and what have you."

"Well, when it first happened they did have to scramble to keep me around. I guess if I can survive that part, I can make it through anything." Wil moves further into his room and starts on unpacking the suitcases and putting away his clothes. A collection of slacks, golf shirts, neatly folded socks. Everything in each suitcase is exceptionally orderly, and a clear indication he didn't do his own packing at the definitely less orderly manner in which he puts it all away. "Lightening to strike and swords falling from the sky… Even if that is just you using the cards, that's pretty cool."

Mariscka keeps her back to Wil as she goes back to dusting. She waves the rag dismissively at the compliment. "There are others who do more grand things. I have seen a young woman turn into not one, but several other animals. I've seen another able to control machines with just a mental nudge. The American Girl Scout is here at this school!"

Wilberforce keeps unpacking things and putting away the empty suitcases, and then empty boxes as he unpacks books, his laptop and ipod, a few poster tubes, and then a small frame of some medals in it of various colors. "I guess I'll not stick out here then, guess my parents did manage to find the right place for me after all."

Mariscka ducks her head faintly, her cheeks practically glowing red as she focuses on an already clean spot. "Well, at least your parents found this place. I … well, there was a package delivered one day. We do not even know from whom it came. It just showed up and … well … here I am."

Wilberforce turns and looks over at Mariscka and her dusting. "That kind of tells me someone knew you belonged here. I'm guessing that means someone knew it was you and not just a deck of cards doing all that stuff." He unrolls the first couple of posters, large glossy things of gymnasts competing. Male gymnasts competing. "What do you think, where should I put up these posters?" he asks as he spreads out the first two and moves books to the corners to help them flatten out on the bed.

"I do not know. Perhaps they were hopeful," offers the gypsy girl as she keeps her back to Wilberforce, and politely does not look at his belongings. She is trying to be helpful and unobtrusive! "I just wish I knew … who," she offers with the barest hint of a sigh. Then Mariscka half-glances over her shoulder. "I would not know, quite honestly. I do not own any posters. As I said, my room is decorated with scarves and the like. It is colorful, at least!"

"I haven't done colorful before, always just posters. I guess that's because my mother was so very intent on her window treatments and color balancing the rooms. I just couldn't take it in my own space." He gets some sticky tack and moves over one poster of a guy in 'L' position on the rings to a spot above his chest of drawers. "Is that straight?" He asks as he puts the sticky on the back of the four corners and holds it up against the wall, standing pretty close so he really isn't stretching his arms any more than a normal person would to do it.

"Why would you want it straight? Straight is boring," notes Mariscka as she eventually pulls herself to turn around. She peers at the poster, blinking once - after she has never known any young man that likes gymnastics. "Straight is too uptight. You want something flowing and interesting. The Chinese call it Feng Shui. But the concept is sound - you want it to flow, not to be blocky and uptight, or you will find yourself uptight."

"Oh, okay, so… like this?" He turns the poster at a slight angle, one that makes the gymnast in the image actually at a right angle with the floor instead of slightly off center. "Is that better then?"

"I believe so," notes Mariscka with a nod of her head. "And do not be afraid to stack one poster overlapping another. There is plenty of empty space that is only taking up paper and ink," notes the Gypsy girl as she considers, turning her gaze to the window in the dorm room. "I have two matching scarves that will work well as drapery. They are blue and silver. I shall get them for you," is noted as the gypsy begins to glide from the room.

"On top of each other?" He looks at the poster a bit and tilts his head. "I guess I'll have to look at them and see what I can do with them. First time I put some up my father came in with a level to help me get them all straight." Then he realizes that she's left and he was just talking to empty space. He puts up the first poster and gets the second and puts it up as well. He does overlap them a bit, all of four inches worth, but it's a start.

It doesn't take Mariscka long return, in her arms, clutched to her chest, is a pair of folded cobalt fabric, embroidered and interwoven with silver thread. "Here you are," she starts, moving towards the window as she grabs the chair in the room. One scarf is put down, the other is carefully safety-pinned over the the valance. "See, just as good as anything else!" offers the gypsy girl before bending and stretching for the second scarf.

A hand reaches over and picks up the second scarf, lifting it up to Mariscka. "Here, yeah, that is nice." He's not sure what to think about the colors over his window, but a girl likes them and is putting them there, that's more than enough to override any protests he might have. As his arm returns to his side he picks up the small frame of medals and props it up on top of the dresser and sets it at an angle.

"Sometimes it is just magical when the light of day filters through the fabric and casts a glow about the entire room - soothing and relaxing," offers Mari, before she smiles, "Thank you." Then she starts pinning up the other scarf. When done, she slides them both to opposite ends of the valance, nodding to herself as she steps down. "There. The plastic levelors they have always seem to fall apart. I've had them at home before, and this way you can still have light or block it out completely if you want.

"Thanks, that sure seems handy." Wilberforce eyes the window for a moment, as he takes a quick guess at just what she's talking about when she mentions levelors. "So you've got all sorts of things like that in your room?" He asks, all while turning to empty another box into a pile on his desk for the moment.

Nodding, Mariska turns back to Wilberforce. "Oh yes. Scarves, silks, crystals, my grandmother sent her old crystal ball. She even sent some of her hold questioning bones. They actually look really good resting on a dark blue velvet pillow sham my grandmother made me. I don't use them, personally. I never liked them. But still, a focus is a focus."

"I wouldn't know, the only kind of focus I know anything about was getting into focus to compete. And that didn't involve bones or crystal balls. Just a lot of hand chalk." Wilberforce grins a bit, then loses the grin as he realizes he probably isn't as funny as he thinks he is. "But, so have you done stuff using the crystal ball instead of the cards?"

"I have been taught the basics," offers Mariscka. "But no, I haven't learned to use it effectively. Great-Gran taught me to use the Tarot mostly. My deck is the one she gave me before she died. I am learning, though. I think crystals and stones are what I am going to learn next, using them as a focus.:

Wilberforce grins as he sits down on the edge of his desk. "That sounds cool though, you have all sorts of things to learn how to use and do. Me, I just get to keep exercising and learning just what I can do with myself. It's kind of what I wanted to do before, but not quite." He shrugs a bit, "So what are the classes like here? Are you a sophomore or a junior?" He asks, more questions held back just by force of will to not blurt them all out at once.

Mariscka starts blushing again, and clasps her hands in front of her tightly. "Oh well … I … don''t know. I haven't taken any classes here, yet," she notes, studying the carpet beneath Wilberforce's desk. At the question fo what year she is, Mari blushes even more. "I … um … I just turned fourteen. I am a Freshman."

Wilberforce smiles, "Oh, I'm going to be a Sophomore, turned fifteen this spring." Then he smiles a bit wider as he confides, "It'll be my first year in high school though. I was stuck with private tutors last year, trying to catch up. It was the pits."

Still sheepish, and still blushing, Mariscka looks up, then down again with a hint of a smile on her lips. "Well, at the end of the year, we should compare notes on how he thought our first year of High School went. Junior High … " Mariscka rolls her eyes at that. "Of course, it didn't help my mother was pushing me to be social and would just drop me off downtown to fend for myself thinking it 'good for me'."

There's a wince at that, then Wilberforce grins, "That doesn't sound like it was too much fun. I've been to downtown Boston, some parts are nice, but there are a lot of weird people out there too." Then he blushes a little, "Though I guess we're not exactly normal people either, going to school here. That's just so strange." He shrugs and smiles, "We should stick together though, we're the new kids, you know someone is going to decide to pick on us. Always seems to happen."

Mariscka looks up and blinks. "It does?" she asks before shaking her head. "Well, perhaps, I suppose. But I am a Gypsy, people tend to leave me alone - especially considering I lived above a Fortune Teller's shop … that and my mother would flirt with the boys. It was odd." Then she just shrugs and smiles, holding out her hand again. "Very well, Wilberforce, we should stick together."

Wilberforce reaches out and shakes that hand, "It's a compact then Mariscka." He grins, seemingly pleased that he managed to pull out a twenty dollar word at such a moment. "I suppose so. I got shackled with the family name, so absolutely no such luck on avoiding the bullies. First day of class and the teacher reads that out, boom, all downhill from there."

"Speak to the teacher before class starts?" suggests Mariscka. "Get to know the faculty this summer before the term starts in the Fall?" Mari then blinks at Wilberforce's words, pursing her lips thoughtfully. "Words have power, Wilberforce. And a compact is a very powerful one, especially sealed with a symbol such as a handshake. Beware what you have gotten yourself into."

That gets a blink from Wilberforce, "Um, okay, well. I'm not too worried. I think it'll be fun hanging out with you, and I've been so horribly bored the last year that getting myself into something might be fun."

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