Violet Banks
Real Name: Violet Banks
Age: 16
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Kenosha, WI
Date of Birth: January 2, 1994
Known Relatives: William Banks (Father), Brenna Banks (Mother)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 122 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Grade: 11
Dorm: Chord


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Trouble for the Teen Queen? (posted by justice)
Those of you keeping up with our favorite heroine's twitter account (and based on the number of posts on our message board about this, that would be nearly all of you) already know Stormcrow's having some sort of problem. Could this be regular teen drama, or something more?
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Steranko Institute, Administration Building, Conference Room 27B…

The place had an aesthetic. There was no denying that, but nice looking things aren't always so nice. Sometimes they're nasty. From the moment the school contacted my parents, I'd made up my mind that it was a prison.

"So you're Stormcrow. I have to admit, working out of Chicago was clever. Most people think you live there." The interviewer was smiling at me. Probably wanted my autograph. In no mood, buddy. Get to the back of the line.

I sighed, "You can get my autograph after we're done and I'm back in Cleveland. Or Chicago. I don't need a lift or anything. You just have to show me to the door." When I saw the amused look on his face, I knew this wasn't going to go my way.

"No need, Miss Banks. We were looking over your file. Very impressive. Martial arts training since you were five. Blackbelts in Karate, Judo, Aikido, Kung Fu, and Krav Maga." I rolled my eyes at him, "You forgot Taekwondo. You know, a blackbelt isn't such a big deal." "Yes, well, for most of us, it is. Your father is Senator Bob Banks, from Ohio. Your mom-" Such bullshit. I interrupted, "I know who my parents-" And he interrupted me right back, "-Your mom is a girl's basketball coach at Cleveland State. When they found out about you, they were both quite worried, you know. Senator Banks was especially concerned about-"

Nobody gets the last word in on me: "-You compromised my secret identity. I was doing just fine until you jerks rolled in. How did you even find me? Is this because of the Youngs?" "Actually, Miss Banks, there's some truth to that. You spent a decent amount of time with Adrian Young. Nullifiers can often form-" "-You figured I was using him to turn my powers off so I could feel normal? Don't give me that. You knew." "Your Facebook page left us a couple of clues. You really should be more careful. But is that true?"

I considered just teleporting out of the conference room and living life on the run. My parents knew. I can't believe they told my parents. This is Adrian's and Linus' fault. Figures. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb."Yeah. So what? It's nice to feel normal for a bit." "Miss Banks, are you aware of what would happen if you were unmasked?" I was going to open my mouth and give him a smart-ass reply. He deserved one. But it was a rhetorical question and I never got that far: "I-"

"Your father is a US Senator. Your family would be in danger, and so would you. You, your father, and your mother are mutual bargaining chips." "Wait, it's not-" "Violet, you are a threat to national security." Exaggerate much? "Yikes! Hold on here! What is this? Are you saying I'm not allowed to be a superhero!?" "No, but it would be best for everyone involved if you attended the Institute and obtained some formal training. It would be the safest for everyone. The responsible thing. Don't you want to be responsible?"

"This is so unfair!" I wanted to scream, so I did. "You can't take apart my private life like this! I'm a cheerleader!"

"We have sports teams."

"I'm an intern at-"

"At Marvel. You of all people should not be even slightly inconvenienced by distance. Your work is rather decent, by the way."

"This is such bullshit."

"Ms. Banks, you're not an island. Helping to put Count Doomsday behind bars was impressive at your age, but you only helped. You could not have done it alone. This experience will do you some good."

"I'm not going to talk my way out of this, am I?" "You're a minor and your parents, as your legal guardians, have enrolled you into this school. No, Violet. You're not. The cover is that you are being sent to a private school."

"Uh, Earth to Dork-o-crat. I am being sent to a private school." He slid a manila folder across the table to me, "Classes have just started and you haven't packed, so you are pre-excused from classes this week. Here is your room assignment and your schedule. I'm sorry you-"

"-Had to stare at your balding head? Not as sorry as me. Try some Rogaine." I took the folder and started to teleport home. I always get the last word.


Violet Banks is better known as the superheroine, Stormcrow. She claims to be a resident of Chicago, which is the city she most often protects, though she has been observed in all fifty states and occasionally abroad. She's been on the job since she was thirteen, which served as an advantage versus criminals who wouldn't take the costumed little girl seriously. Stormcrow achieved national acclaim last year when she helped bring down the archvillain Count Doomsday before he could bring about his insane plans for global apocalypse. The image of a fifteen year old girl confronting Count Doomsday in his undersea bunker captivated the media. Stormcrow didn't do it alone, of course (she was effectively everyone's sidekick), but her age and sheer spunk made her a media darling overnight.

Today, one can purchase Stormcrow posters, action figures, keychains, lunch boxes, and her likeness has appeared in a few video games. Fitting for her age, she is a total social networking fiend, and updates her twitter and facebook accounts religiously. There are a few fan sites devoted to her, the most popular being "Stormwatch: The Number One Blog for Fans of Stormcrow". The general consensus at Stormwatch is that Stormcrow is a megaheroine in the making. They're biased, but Stormcrow's a fame monster and has done everything to cultivate that opinion. She's made appearances at charity events, has appeared in a few afterschool specials, PSAs, and generally hams it up so much that some have (perhaps correctly) questioned her true motivations.

It should be noted that many of Stormcrow's public appearances are not scheduled in advance. She simply appeared in a New York City elementary school during show and tell one morning, for instance. She's also appeared in the middle of a shootout between the LAPD and an urban street gang. While some of her fans have concluded that she knows what's happening everywhere in the US and drops in as needed, the honest truth is that she has a simply horrid sense of direction.


I mean really loud. Not in terms of decibels (though that's somewhat true as well), but in terms of personality and attitude. As bashful as an atom bomb with the subtlety to match, Violet's egotistical, vain, superficial, and she knows it. Admires it. Cultivates it. She's just so incredibly awesome that the rest of the world will have to excuse her for being so full of herself. At least, that's the theory. That said, she's accomplished an impressive amount of things by the age of sixteen. She's an incredibly accomplished martial artist and a well known superheroine. Too bad it went directly to her head.

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