Dinosaur themed speedster; super thief.
Full Name: Creighton Chase
Age: 20 something
Owner: Rhombus
Public Character: Yes
Current Status: At Large


Creighton Chase was always something of a bad boy. A bastard, his mother died of an OD when he was eight and he ended up spending more time in Juvie than in the foster homes he got assigned to. He became a hell of a car thief, and a legendary street racer out in Los Angeles, until — dun dun dun, 'The Accident'.

Paralyzed from the neck down, he figured his life was over, and that's when 'she' entered the picture, a mysterious woman named Roxie Dickson. Roxie it seems represented a never to be named third party that needed a volunteer for a highly dangerous experiment — but one that could very well fix his paralysis. Having given up hope he agreed to be their guinea pig, and was given a series of injections of a super serum in part derived from reptile DNA.

The results were remarkable, and far beyond what anyone would have anticipated. Chase gained several powers from the serum including regeneration, and a jacked up metabolism that allowed him to move at unthinkable speeds. Unfortunately for Roxie, the nature of his powers prevented the addictive elements of the serum from making Chase their hapless slave.

Given a new lease on life many people would have reformed, changed their ways, but not Chase. No, he saw this as an opportunity like no other. Now he lives from day to day, doing whatever he wants, to whomever he wants, whenever he wants. With his speed and mercenary sensibilities the man is a highly sought after smuggler, and thief, but he lacks the discipline to plan his own jobs. HIS jobs are strictly matters of impulse, the rest of the time he'll be encountered working for someone else. He's a good fighter, and good at following orders, if not terribly creative.


Velociraptor's costume consists of a form fitting black body suit with green fingerless gloves and knee boots, and a diving green V front and back starting at the shoulders. His cowl attaches to the bodysuit but doesn't cover his hair, or most of his mouth and nose. All the green areas have thin black lines running throughout suggestive of scales, and the eyes are covered by a black tinted visor.


PL 10 Supervillain

Ability Scores

Strength 14 (+2), Dexterity 24 (+7), Constitution 20 (+5), Intelligence 12 (+1), Wisdom 10 (+0), Charisma 18 (+4)


Attack +4; +10 Melee (10 damage, Crit 19-20); Defense 22 (6, +6 Dodge Focus); Grapple +10; Init +50 (+2 DEX, +48 Super Speed)


Toughness +8 (+3 Defensive Roll), Fortitude +12, Reflex +12 (+15 vs AoE with Defensive Roll), Will +5


Acrobatics 10/+17, Bluff 6/+10 (+14), Computers 5/+7, Concentration 5/+5, Disable Device 8/+10, Disguise 6/+10, Drive 8/+15, Escape Artist 10/+17, Gather Information 6/+10, K: Art 5/+7, K: Civics 5/+7, K: Current Events 8/+10, K: Popular Culture 5/+7, K: Streetwise 8/+10, Notice 8/+8, Sense Motive 5/+5, Sleight of Hand 5/+12, Stealth 10/+17


Acrobatic Bluff, Athletic Versatility, Attack Focus: Melee 6, Attractive, Contacts, Connected, Defensive Roll 3, Dodge Focus 6, Elusive Target, Evasion 2, Improved Critical: Melee, Move-By Action, Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Disable Device, Escape Artist and Stealth), Well Informed


Immunity 7 (Mutation; Disease, Fatigue Effects & Poison)
Regeneration 20 (Mutation; Power Feats: Regrowth; Recovery Bonus +5, Bruised 2 - Standard Action, Unconscious 1 - One Round, Injured 2 - 5 Minutes, Staggered 3 - 1 Minute, Disabled 5 - 5 minutes, Ability Damage 2 - 1 hour)
Strike 8 (Mutation, Claws; Power Feats: Alternate Power 2, Mighty, Precise)

  • AP Burrowing 10 (Mutation, 2 miles per round)
  • AP Strike 5 (Mutation; Extras: Targeted Area - Burst)

Super Movement 2 (Mutation; Permeate, 1/2 speed; Power Feats: Alternate Power 2)

  • AP Leaping 4 (Mutation; x25)
  • AP Quickness 8 (Mutation; x500)

Super Senses 7 (Mutation; Accurate Scent 3, Low-Light Vision 1, Tracking 2 (Scent), Ultra-Hearing 1)
Super Speed 12 (Mutation; Power Feats: Wall Run, Water Run)


Vulnerable [Cold; Common, Moderate - x1.5 DC]


Average running speed is 50,000 MPH (833 miles per round).
Average jumping distance is 600' with a running start, 300' standing still, or 150' up.


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