rp-log-Tora meets Oni

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Title: Tora meets Oni
Emitter: None
Characters: Jonathan-Stevens, Oni
NPCs: None
Place: The Quad and the Thunderdrome
Time: 5-15-2010 mid afternoon
Summary: Jonathan meets Kiyoshi Kinjo.

Dressed in a simple black gi and barefoot, Coy is presently standing on a gravelly patch off somewhat from the 'beaten path' in the quad. The morning is a bit chill, there's still some dew on the ground as the young man flows through martial arts katas with exceptional form and elegance. First a strike, then a block and a strike together, then a sidestep that flows into sweep, followed by a hop. One can almost see the foe he is defending against. What is most remarkable is the utter serenity of his expression, his eyes don't even seem focused on this world as he practices.

Tap, tap, tap comes the soft sound of sandals against the stones of the pathway as Jon walks along, a bookbag slung over one shoulder. She's a bit lost in thought, focusing on trying to control the way she walks, but the young man's exercises filter through to her, causing her steps to slow as she notices. She looks over his way, and then pauses to watch for a moment.

Coy doesn't stop, but he does acknowledge the cat girl's arrival with a miniscule nod and direct eye contact. Goodness, he thinks, they have Hengeyokai here? Interesting! After a few more minutes of exacting practice, he bows to the northeast, and then shakes out his arms and legs, before doing some stretching. "Good morning." He greets during the stretches.

Jonathan nods back to Coy, not as minisculey, and certainly politely. "Morning," she responds in her light drawl. "Hope you didn't mind me watching you, there. This is gonna sound corny, but, well, poetry in motion and all of that, definitely," she says with a self-conscious grin.

"I do not mind." Coy confirms, and then though his face isn't smiling, his eyes are as he inclines his head in thanks of the compliment, still stretching. "My family style, we have been practicing it for over five centuries." After a moment, "I am Kinjo Kiyoshi, but you may call me Coy if you wish. My uncle says that people accept anglicized names better than our native Okinawan ones."

Jonathan nods to that. "I'm Jonathan, or Jon, either one. As my dad says, call me what you want, just not late for dinner. Would you prefer Coy or Kiyoshi?" she asks. "Kinjo's your family name, right?" She then grins again. "Practicing it for five hundred years, y'all get it right yet?" She mimes a rimshot.

"Forgive my confusion, I do not mean to be rude, but is Jonathan not a male name?" Coy is not mocking or anything, he's simply asking with the direct and forthright honesty you'd get from a child, though he's clearly no child. "I am fine with Coy or Kiyoshi, which ever you choose will be acceptable. And yes, in our culture the Surname is listed first, we place great importance on families. It is only in the last few centuries that non-nobles could even -have- a surname." His eyes follow the rimshot motion, and then he shakes his head. "Not quite, there is some work to be done still. The art is designed to help us deal with the darker side of our nature, it is … how you say … a work in progress."

Jonathan's mouth twists in distance and she glances away a moment, but she's getting used to the question. Kinda has to, the way she keeps introducing herself. "Yeah, well, it is a boy's name, and I'm supposed to be one. It's a curse. I mean, literally I've been cursed," she amends. Her tail gives a twitch of surprise as her joking question is answered quite literally, and sincerely. And then she tilts her head in curiosity. "Darker side?" she asks. "I shouldn't pry, but since you brought it up…"

"A curse? I thought you were a hengeyokai, a spirit-animal." Coy looks thoughtful. "So…you were cursed to become a cat-girl, though you should have been a human-boy?" He rises then, and stands with his hands clasped in the small of his back. "I do not wish to be offensive, if you'd rather not speak of it I will drop the topic." Honesty and sincerity are really core to the lad's personality. "Darker side, yes. My family has the blood of Oni flowing through it, those of us with strong Oni-blood have to train to learn to purify the darkness within, it is a life-long process, though the blood is also the wellspring of our greatest strengths and our mystical power."

Jonathan gives an uncertain, unhappy shrug. "Dunno what I am exactly. I mean, the girl part, that's obvious. Maybe I'm a, what did you see? Hang yo kai? Dunno, but I figure I'm probably a one of a kind, for better or worse. And I guess if you wanna know I can get into it. I've gotten used to that now. Better to be upfront about it, I figure, than give folks the wrong impression." She nods as she listens to his explanation of his family's darker side. "Life-long, so it's not something you can ever really purify? More a process than a goal? And what's an Oni?"

"Hengeyokai, yes. It certainly sounds better than cat-girl, does it not? There are many such animals, drakes — a duck, not a dragon, cats, dogs, many of the animals have spirit forms that take on a human semblance, or a hybrid form that has many of the strengths of both." And then Coy nods. "Life-long, though we can purify the darkness, there is always need to be on guard against our blood. My grandfather was a great man, he had purified himself so that he had an inner glow and was a mighty warrior. As to an Oni, it is a type of demon. Have you ever seen pictures of a creature with great huge fangs, horns, wings, and red or blue skin? Oni usually have three clawed hands and fee, and often have three eyes. They are spirits of calamity, and pestilence."

Jonathan has to grin wryly. "Much, -much- better than cat-girl," she agrees. "Maybe I'll see if I can use that for a code name. Doesn't sound like me, though. I mean I can sometimes be human, but not a full on tiger, which is probably a good thing." Her gaze gets a bit unfocused as she tries to picture the glowing warrior. Focus returns sharply as that mental image is replaced by the demon described. "And you've got…blood of this sorta thing?" she asks. "How's that work? And, uhm, I take it you're in control of it?" she adds. "I don't need to be on the other side of a wall from you or anything, do I?" It's mostly a joke, but not entirely.

"If nothing else the Codename would confuse people not familiar with Japanese mythology." Coy offers. "Mmm…perhaps in time you will learn to take a full tigress form, I imagine that would be quite interesting. My own form is locked, I cannot change my shape." He meets her gaze, dark brown eyes nearly black as he nods slowly. "I do have a bit of a temper, but no, you need not fear my presence. I am in control, my every waking moment for most of my life has been spent learning to bind the demonic urges, and master the arts of our line."

"Dunno if I like the thought of being a full four legged tiger or not," Jon says. "At least it'd be easier to pretend I was still a boy like that," she adds, gesturing vaguely bosomwards to indicate why. She looks at the boy thoughtfully, letting his words sink in. "That doesn't sound like a fun way to grow up," she says quietly. "You've got your own curse. What happened to y'all to have it in the first place?"

Coy takes a good long look, it is not creepy, he's just studying your form, noting the details. "Well, you are not unappealing, exotic would be the word I would choose. As far as curses go you could have been cursed to be a tengu, a sort of bird-demon, or a bakemono, an ogre. I know that is not much comfort, but take some measure of solace that you are at least not monstrous." Another flicker of smiling-eyes, and then a shrug. "My youth was my youth. I do not know any other way, though I have seen that much is different here in the last two years I have been in America." Sinking to the ground in one smooth motion he settles into what looks essentially to be full lotus. "Please, if you would sit." A moment to gather his thoughts. "As the story goes, five hundred years ago our ultimate matron was captured by an evil Shugenja, a sort of priest-mage. Attempting to raise power for evil ends he summoned an oni and it raped our ancestor, and got a child on her. The Shugenja raised the child, and it would have become a terrible monster were it not for a noble Sohei, a sort of warrior-priest who learned of the child, and stole it away from the Shugenja. Fleeing from the far north of Japan, he made his way to a small island in the south, just off the southern tip of what is today Okinawa, and there he started his own trials, teaching the child, a girl child, to control her fury and master the power inside her. Eventually they were wed, and this was the start of the Kinjo clan."

It may not be meant to be creepy, the intent behind it might not be creepy, but Jon is definitely not used to being so studied by anyone, especially not 'another' boy, so to speak, and she shifts he weight from one foot to the other in a nervous fidget. "Yeah, that's true," she says. "It could've been a lot worse. Like, I could be a four legged tiger, and stuck like that. Or an ogre, or a snail. I'd have to hide from the French, then," she says, reflexive humor. When he sits, her fur ruffles a touch, an unconscious urge to do so as well, and then at his invitation, she does so, sitting down cross-legged, idly picking at the fur on one of her legs as she listens. "What did the girl think of that?" she asks, tail curling up along her hip. "Did she want to control it, or did he have to teach her that against her will? Y'all have been on Okinawa ever since? I bet the war wasn't, uhm, well hell, how do I put this and not seem like a total ass?" She fumbles for the right phrasing for a moment. "I was just thinking that being like that during the invasion, must've been hard on you."

His besetting curse is how forthright and direct he is, Coy is anything but. A nod as you speak of how it could be worse, and a sense of a smile as you sit and join him on the ground. "Or perhaps a wombat, then nobody would really know what to classify you as — after all you'd be a web footed, duck billed, egg laying amphibious mammal with poison hooks on your feet." Okay, he has got to be teasing a little. He's really not very good at it, but he's trying. "No. My ultimate matron did not at first wish to master the demon, the Shugenja taught her to revel in the dark power, but with patience our ultimate patron showed her there was a better way, and as they trained together, they came to love each other and according to family legend it was that moment that broke the curse for her in as much as she was finally able to resist the darkness within." A hint of a grimace. "No, the war was not kind to us, Okinawa prefecture was very hard hit when the allied forces invaded, it took fifty years to repair the forests, and rebuild the destroyed cities. It is still ongoing. Many of my family died defending the island."

Jonathan can't help but snort a bit at that mental image. "That'd be an awesome code name, wouldn't it? Captain Wombat! To the wescue!" she intones. The joking manner fades as he continues. "Y'know, for as corny as it is to talk about the power of love, sometimes there really is something to it. I guess it's how it can make us look beyond ourselves, look to someone else. Kinda hard to revel in power when there's someone that means more to you than the world." She nods sadly at the answer about the war. "Sorry about that," she murmurs. Not an apology, but an expression of sympathy. "I know lots of people there aren't happy that we're there. Doesn't help that there's so many marines that don't leave up to the image of the recruiting posters."

"Cry havoc, let slip the Wombat of War?" Absolutely deadpan in delivery, but there's a hint of sparkle to his eyes that betrays the inner smile. A nod then. "Love is the noblest and purest emotion we can ever aspire to, this has long been the teaching of my family. Our Matron the singular proof of that simple truth." He sighs very softly about the war. "People are flawed creatures, they come in a wide spectrum, good, bad, honest, deceptive, generous, miserly…it is just how things are. What is important is to try to live one's life so it is above reproach. You will not always succeed, but it is the striving that matters — does that make sense?"

'Beware the Dwead Wombat Woberts," Jon says, trying to sound ominous. "Faith, hope, love," she says, more seriously. "But the greatest of these is love." She unfolds her legs to stretch out on her side, propping her head up in her hand. "I try to think people are basically good, though there's definitely exceptions. But even if we're basically good, we're also basically selfish, which muddies things up but good." She considers his question a moment. "Yeah, it does. The whole, fighting the good fight. Might not win, but you tried, at least. There's something to that, definitely. Don't think that's all there is to life, I mean if you keep trying but always fail, you're gonna have problems. But it's definitely better to try than not."

Alas, Coy has not seen The Princess Bride, so the reference is lost on him other than the alliteration of course. Sitting with his back ramrod straight and his fists resting on his knees, the lad is the poster child for good posture. "People are often better than they think." He says with a nod of agreement. "And most will strive to do the decent thing, that is true. Exactly! It is about the journey, not the destination, and virtue truly is a reward unto itself. I am proud when I succeed, but I try not to dwell overmuch on my failures. They serve as lessons, the stones that pave the way to greater things." And then he looks down. "I am perhaps too proud." He admits.

That's an commission that will have to be corrected, once Jon's aware of it. "My dad always says to try not to have regrets. Don't think about when you failed, except to learn from it. Dwelling on things like that, bad choices, mistakes, whatever, it'll just tear you up." She offers a quick grin. "Well, that's something to keep your pride in check. Can't be proud of being humble if you're got too much pride, after all. Which gives you something to be humble about." She looks thoughtful a moment. "I promise you, that made a lot more sense in my head than it did coming out."

"Your father sounds like a very wise man, Jonathan." Coy is silent a moment as he works his way through your commentary. "Pride can lead to many bad things for someone of my line, but do not worry, I try very hard to keep it in check." A wry twist of his lips, not quite a grimace, not quite a smile. "I have to." And then he nods slowly as he finally parses what you were saying. "Ah, yes, the Christian saying 'pride goeth before a fall' seems to apply here." And then he looks slightly uncomfortable. "May I ask you something personal?"

"Yeah, well, sometimes he's not as wise as he sounds. But I try not to ignore what he's got to say. I mean, he's seen more than I have, after all. He and mom both." She nods. "I was thinking of that quote. And didn't the Greeks say who the gods destroy they first make proud? Or was it they make them mad? I forget." She nods again, uncertainly at his question, and obvious discomfort. "You can ask it, but I won't promise to answer it. Won't hold the asking against you, though," she says. The tip of her tail flick, flick, flicks against the ground with nervousness about what the question might be.

Almost he reaches towards you, but then stops, instead tapping his own chest. "In here, do you still feel as a boy does, or do you feel as a girl, or somewhere in between? I cannot envision how it must be to have such a dichotomy — you must have some difficulty at times." Coy's manner is as always very direct, there is clearly no malice to the question, just honest curiousity, but that is probably an uncomfortable thing. "I do hope you will not be angered by my question." He adds.

Jonathan's eyes flick towards his hand automatically, and she relaxes somewhat when he taps himself instead. She takes a deep breath and blows it out in a quick sigh as she tries to think of how to answer the question. "No, I'm not upset by the question. I think if you were in my shoes, I'd want to ask the same thing, myself. I mean, it's only natural. As far as I know, I still feel as a boy. I mean I think I do. I think of myself as a guy. I usually dream of myself as a guy. I still like looking at girls." She sits up, crossing her legs again. "I dunno. Maybe I wouldn't be able to know if I was feeling more like a girl than a boy." She gives a small shrug of apology. "Does that answer it any?"

"That answers a lot, so you are a boy in a girl's body, that must be very awkward at times. I shall strive to treat you as 'one of the guys', if I am using the expression properly." Coy doesn't even want to imagine what hell puberty must have been! "How old were you when you were cursed? I was born with my nature, it was always a part of me, it would have been far harder to learn control had I had to learn it when I was ten, for example."

Have been, and in some ways is still ongoing. "Oh, very awkward," Jon says, quite fervently. "I mean, things don't move right, they don't feel right. I can't run without—uhm, yeah, sorry, won't go there. "And this was only a few weeks ago that it happened to me, so it's all still pretty new to me. So, uhm, to answer your question I was 15 when I was cursed, and still am. 15. And cursed," she says with a quick, crooked grin. The grin fades, though, as she continues, "I really hope it doesn't last long. But that's one reason why I'm here."

"Oh my. That must be quite distracting." This said with a hint of color to his earlobes. "If I may? It has been taught to me that a curse is often meant to teach a lesson, and once the proper lesson is learned they sometimes can be broken. But I have also been taught that a curse is an opportunity. It teaches one how to deal with adversity and rise above it." Coy nods slowly. "I do not envy you your opportunity, but I do offer my friendship and support if you wish it."

"It gets damned distracting," Jon says with an energetic nod. She runs a hand through her hair, and scratches at the back of her neck for a moment. "Y'know the worst thing about it? If this is about learning a lesson? I think it's my parents that have to learn it. See, the longer version of the story, well, they do history stuff. Dad's into folklore, mom's into archaeology. I travel with 'em sometimes, and we were at this old temple in India. There was this statue in a corner that nobody saw 'til it got bumped into and broke. Pissed off the god that still lived there. It was mom and dad's fault that it broke, but it cursed me to get at them." She sighs softly. "So far, the only opportunity I've seen is the opportunity to miss peeing standing up." She offers a small, wry smile. "Thanks for the offer, though. I appreciate it. And I accept."

"I applaud your self-control." Coy states in complete sincerity. He frowns a little as you speak of how you came to be cursed. "That does not seem a just curse, to curse you for the actions of others is not honorable. The god in question is very fickle." He clearly does not approve. "However, I have also heard that a broken curse often rebounds on the caster, so if someday you find a way to remove it you have that small thing to look forward to." As you accept his offer of friendship, he solemnly extends a hand. "It is customary to shake hands in this land, is it not?"

"Check with me in a month, or heaven help me a year if this is still going on, see how much self-control I have, then." She leans back on her elbows, legs still crossed, looking down at herself and then over at him. "Don't even know what the god looks like. Or if it's a god or goddess. My folks know, but they're not talking much 'bout that. But maybe if I get free of this he'll suffer some, I'd like that," she says with a toothy grin. She sits back up and takes the hand with her fuzzy one, her grip firm and friendly. "It is indeed."

"I could teach you some ways to bolster your self-control, meditational techniques, disciplines." Coy offers. His own grip is probably as you expected - direct, solid, honest. "It seems to me, and forgive me if I offer insult, but it seems to me that your parents are not treating you well by not giving you that knowledge. How can you be expected to find a cure if you do not know the source of your curse other than 'some deity from India'? They have hundreds of gods."

"Huh. That could be interesting," Jon says thoughtfully. "What kinda disciplines? We talking learning martial arts?" 'cause that would be cool, she thinks, no matter what body she learns them in. "Y'know, I kinda feel that way, too, but I think I know why they're doing it this way. They know how to poke around dangerous places and subjects, and usually not get caught, but I don't. So they're thinking if they don't tell me, I'm less likely to get hurt looking. And they are out looking for a curse for this, themselves. I'm kinda here just to learn how to handle it in the meantime." Because they'll find a cure. Yep. Anyday now. That's what she keeps telling herself. And telling herself. She offers a grin. "Doesn't mean I'm not gonna poke anyway. There's folks here with connections to the mystic world, they might can help me."

"Martial arts would be part of it if you wish. The meditational techniques are just that, methods of meditation. I can put myself into a trance that is difficult to distinguish from death, but while in that state I am much better able to hold my breath, and it will suspend the progress of a toxin or ailment for the duration of the trance. It will take time to learn to do that, but that is one of the potential benefits." Coy looks thoughtful. "Well, if it were me I would seek the advice of one of the more knowledgeable mystics here and see if they cannot narrow down the options somewhat, or even identify he or she that cursed you. Knowing the source, you can direct your efforts towards effecting a cure. Of course…there is also the fact that you will likely lose your newly gained abilities in so doing, will you not miss them?"

"It'd be pretty cool to know some martial arts, no matter what else. Something like that, it's always good to know. Just in case." Jon huhs softly at the talk of the trance. "Pretty handy, that. Don't think it's anything I need to worry about. I mean I don't run into poison much in my life. And yeah, I've talked to one already, gonna talk to another, and keep talking to as many as I find. The more I ask, the better chance of getting an answer I can use." At that last question, she takes a deep breath, letting out a quick sigh again. "Maybe," she admits. "I mean, I still can't believe how strong I am. First few days after getting changed, I kept ripping doors off hinges if I was in a hurry or mad or something. That's…it's just amazing, being able to do that!" she says excitedly. That fades as she continues, "But I don't like sticking out in a crowd like this. I mean, yeah, sometimes I can be human, but not always. So if I go to the mall like this? -Everyone's- staring at me, and knowing what a lotta the guys must be thinking, looking at me?" She shivers, her fur rippling. "Yeah, I'd give them up to just be me again."

"You are always human, Jonothan. Nothing changes that, even if your form states otherwise, you are still you, still Jon, still human." There is nary a hint of doubt in his body language or voice as Coy states this.
"I would not wish to look so different either, it is perhaps complicated by the fact that for all your difference from the norm, your feline form is quite comely. It must be a shock each day when you dress, or when you look in the mirror after a shower." He eye-smiles then. "However, best to focus on the good you can do, on the gifts that are paid for by the curse, focus on those things, on the positive things and it will go easier for you." A nod. "Trust me, I know first hand from my own nature. I am grateful that I have had such training, and that I have been given the opportunity to use the darkness within as a servant of the light."

"Technically, I might not be human," Jon says, but holds up a hand to forestall any protest before she continues, "but that doesn't mean I'm not a person. I totally understand what you mean by it, and thanks for it." She chuckles and nods. "Yeah, sometimes I wake up in the morning and forget what happened, have a freak out moment for a sec until I remember." She then looks like she tasted a lemon. "Comely, yeah. That's one way to put it. I can't even pretend I'm not. I mean, I know what I like looking at, and, well, I kinda fit that. Could be worse on that front, though." She looks back to you, pursing her lips in thought. "Huh, interesting way to put it. Me, I've never wanted to be a hero. Well, okay," she amends, "any kid daydreams. I've played a little too much D&D, maybe, but I always liked the thought of being the knight in shining armor, saving the day. But not in the real world." She grimaces and say softly, "I don't want to have to deal with any of this crap."

"Exactly, human is a state of mind, I am human…I just have the blood of a destructive demon spirit inside me too." He reaches over to pick up a rock, holding it balanced on the palm of one hand at his eye level. "Inside me is much potential for evil, for destruction." And as he says this his eyes go completely black, and there's a low hum as his hand starts to shimmer…and then the rock crumbles away, leaving behind not even dust. "That is called the Accursed Fist technique, it only destroys the unliving, and though it can be a dread ability, it is also very useful for example in freeing someone trapped in a car after a wreck, or versus the undead. You must learn to focus on the good, and not dwell on the bad. I do not say to ignore it, that way lies folly, but do not let it dominate you, or you will fail before you even start." And then he rests a companionable hand on your shoulder. "I wonder if the curse was chosen from your own heart…"

The Tigress can't help but snerk softly at being human, just having the blood of a demon spirit. She glances at the rock with absent curiosity, and then looks more closely as it vibrates. "Holy shit!" she gasps softly as the rock disintegrates. "Dread ability, yeah, you got that right. Undead, car, someone's armor. A jock's uniform…" she trails off as a fearful ability suggests practical applications which then turn to pranks. Right. Don't go there. She almost flinches away from the touch on her shoulder, but controls herself. She does stiffen, though, at the suggestion. "What? You saying that maybe I wanted to be a girl or something?" she asks, tail lashing some with irritation. "'cause believe me, I don't!"

"Ah, I have given offense when I did not wish to. No, I do not think you wanted to be a girl, but I do think that the curse was chosen to hurt you and your parents though your suffering. So, the entity looked into your heart, found what you were attracted to, and made that your new reality." He withdraws his hand immediately as you stiffen, returning to his upright posture. "Forgive me, if I have given insult, Jonathan." A sigh as he rises, then offers you a hand up as well. Clearly he feels bad for irritating you.

Jonathan relaxes some at the explanation, nodding a bit. "Okay, yeah, I'm with you now," she says. "Sorry, I kinda jumped to conclusions there. Guess I'm a little prickly about all of this. What my folks said, is the deity, whatever the hell it is, knows how much they love me, so to hurt them, it hurt me." She reaches up to take the offered hand, pulling herself up to her feet. It's definitely a guy's grip there, holding to the wrist, rather than a girl's daintier placing of hand in hand. "Changing me to something I'd find attractive, that's definitely a painful twist. Lord knows, I'm good looking like this. Though if I were designing it, I'd be…" she trails off, glancing down at her bust. "Aw hell. Hope that's not in my future."

"If I might broach another subject that you will potentially find troublesome…if you wish to train, you do realize that there will be physical contact involved. I cannot teach without touching from time to time. Also, I cannot teach any of the secret techniques of my family style, both due to them being secret, and to their need for Oni-blood to be truly effective. Can you accept these things?" Coy pointedly does NOT follow Jon's glance to your bosom, thick as he is in some regards he is astute enough to know how uncomfortable your physicality makes you. "I am told that excercise is a good way to control such things. I suggest a great deal of it to keep things…err…manageable." Yes, he's a little uncomfortable with the topic, but he never breaks eye contact. A lot of boys can't help but steal glances, not so much with him, but then again he's essentially the poster child for discipline.

Jon nods to the first bit. "Yeah, I understand that. Can't train in martial arts without things getting, well, martial. Don' tworry, I don't have a problem with that, and I wouldn't wanna learn anything that's secret to your family. Totally fine with that, too." She looks a little confused. "Control such things?" she asks, not knowing enough about her new form to know what he's getting at. She has noticed that he's keeping his eyes on her face. Something a lot of the other guys around have trouble with. Never know it was that bad when she was one herself. "It'd be interesting to see what kinda gym set up they have here, considering how strong folks must be."

"Well enough then." Coy answers the first part, but when control is mentioned, his ears color a bit. "I am given to understand that much of the size of a girl's endowments is from fatty tissues, if you exercise a great deal you tend to burn fat, and thus…control such things." As to focusing on eye contact, that's sort of second nature to him — looking at your body makes you uncomfortable, ergo he must not do that. He is very keen on courtesy, and will always strive to be polite if he can, of course if one is rude or hostile to him, that's another matter. "Perhaps we should go to the Thunderdome, and see what is there?"

Jonathan's cheeks would pinken, if the fur didn't cover them. "Oh, that. Uhm, right. Yeah, fatty tissues. Probably not good for me that I like pizza so much, huh?" she says wryly. She turns away, partly to hide her own embarrassment, partly to make things a little easier on you. "Yeah, Thunderdome, sure. I've heard about it from a couple of folks, but I haven't been there yet." And she won't make a Mad Max joke this time. Amber didn't get the last one, she suspects he won't either.

Well, it is a rather touchy subject, who can blame the boy-turned-cat-girl for being embarassed about boob talk? Coy certainly wouldn't. Moving west from the Quad, Coy walks, still barefoot by the way, at a decent but not too fast pace. Walking beside Jon, he seems to have a very good sense where things are around him, one hand gripping the other one's wrist and both of them behind him as he walks. "I have not seen inside it either, I have heard it is quite amazing, however."

Jonathan pads along with Coy. Having someone to talk to distracts her from her usual efforts to control how her body moves when she walks, letting some of her (un)natural grace show, not to mention a more feminine gait, especially in the hips. "I got an offer to see it a couple days ago, but was kinda scared to see it, honestly. I mean, I'm not a fighter, I'm not like the rest of you people here. Maybe that's changing some, but I felt a little like I'd be sneaking into the football team's lockers or something."

Even with trying to keep his eyes front and center Coy can't help but notice the difference in gait, though he's polite enough not to stare, much as he would like to. Hey! Just because he's never really had a 'normal' existene doesn't mean he's devoid of boyish interests and instincts. Still, he's disciplined, so he does a good job of keeping his eyes under control. "Well, it is plain that you have extraordinary grace, and you have already mentioned great strength. Those two alone are very good starting points for a fighter. My own strength is more spiritual than physical. If I channel my Ki I am quite strong, but yours sounds intrinsic, and that is a strong foundation to start with."

"Yeah, it's physical. I mean, I got the muscles for it. Rar. Girl body builder here," Jon says dryly. "Actually, some of them almost look like men, so maybe that wouldn't be so bad." Of course, they also don't have a mystic curse helping to sculpt them. But who's counting that? "Key? What's it a key to?" she asks before stepping inside. She looks around the interior. "Huh. Kinda like a planetarium. Without any seats."

"Ki, not key." Coy corrects. "Ki is inner strength, literally it means breath. The true power of a martial artist comes not from muscle, though I can attest that it is helpful, but from their spiritual strength, or Ki. There are many different words for it, but I use Ki." Once inside the main room, he looks about at the big empty chamber. "It is rather…large." Okay, so he clearly doesn't understand how the place works. "I understand that it is supposed to be able to simulate many environments, perhaps we should check the control room? Or do we need a teacher to make use of it?"

"Oh, okay," Jon says at the clarification and then explanation. "I've seen a littleof that, uhm, in movies and cartoons. Didn't think it had much to do with reality. I know Japan's not -exactly- like anime," she grins. She steps out into the middle of the floor to look around, her voice echoing weirdly. "I dunno. We could look up there, but probably shouldn't mess with too much there. I dunno about you, but I don't think my allowance would cover breaking anything here. And I don't wanna get kicked outta here. Not until I get changed back to something more normal, at least," she jokes.

"English is such a strange language, the rules seem to be almost entirely optional. The structure is very odd, forgive me if I am unclear." In truth Coy's English is fair, very formal, very much sounding like the exageratted American accent you might hear on the BBC. "I have little knowledge of anime, or movies, or most 'pop culture', you have to understand that I have never been in a home with TV until two years ago when my uncle became my legal guardian and I moved here from Okinawa."

"Hmm?" Jon says, not sure where the comment about language came from. Or rather, what provoked it. "I've heard it's a hard one to learn, actually, 'cause of that. What you gotta keep in mind with English is it's half German, half French, and probably half of something else, so it's real mixed up. English doesn't borrow words from other languages, it lures 'em into an alley, beats them up, and rifles through their pockets for loose grammar." She steps back over to you, tail sweeping back and forth lazily behind her. "Most pop culture, well, it's garbage." Odd for a teenager to say something like that, perhaps. "But we're going to have to expose you to some movies. Startja off with something fun." She pauses a moment as realization dawns. "Why are you here anyway? Why not back on Okinawa?" It's asked abruptly, less than tactfully, perhaps, as she suddenly realized she didn't know.

"I have had to explain many terms that in my language are fairly clear, but in English they get muddied. Is that right?" He nods then. "Oh yes, the image is very colorful but seems apt. English is a bandit that attacks other tongues from cover. Of course, Modern Japanese has many english loan words, transform, for example is the same in both." As you ask about why he's here, his expression hardens, though clearly his ire is focused elsewhere, and not at Jon. "My great uncle betrayed and destroyed the clan. Only my uncle here, and myself were spared. He because he was in America, and I because I was in town instead of at home when the attack started." Ouch. After a moment he manages to get control of himself. "Forgive me, that was not directed at you, I am going to avenge them some day. Great Uncle Akio will pay for his betrayal of everything that the Kinjo line stands for."

Jonathan huhs. "Transform's the same? Kinda appropriate, mentioning that 'round me," says the transformed boy to girl. At the hardening look in his face, she stiffens, worried she strayed into someplace she shouldn't. She relaxes, though, as he explains. "No, don't have to apologize for anything," she says quietly. "I'm…I'm so sorry to hear that. I can't imagine anything like that. Losing everyone…" Maybe her own situation isn't quite as bad, in that light. "How long ago was this?" she asks.

"Ah yes, though it was an unintentional irony, I assure you." Coy starts back towards the exit, eyes distant as he speaks. It is clear he's agitated. "It is not your fault, forgive me if I seem…what was the word yous used? Prickly? Yes, it was a terrible thing. My grandfather faced his own brother in a mortal combat…" He clearly doesn't know about the video game. "…that cost him his life, though he did manage to drive Akio off." A silence as he gets the door, holding it open. "Two years. I have been in America two years, my uncle runs a dojo, and as my only living kin was declared my legal guardian."

Jonathan nods quietly as she listens, tail hanging more limply under the weight of your words and related experience. "I'm so sorry," she says again. "I…I don't know what else to say. Something like that, that's just horrible." As you open the door, she pauses and reaches up to put a furry hand on your shoulder, giving it a brief, uncertain, awkward, but sincere squeeze. "You'll get him, one day," she says.

Meeting Jon's gaze, it is impossible to miss the driving determination behind his words. "Oh yes, he will pay." A smile then, not a very nice one. "And who knows, perhaps you will be there to help it come to be." He grips your shoulder in turn, and then lets go quickly as he knows you're still not very comfortable with contact. He very carefully bottles up all that rage, and looks more himself again. "So…you were speaking of movies that should be seen?"

That determination is almost strong enough to make Jon flinch. She's not used to dealing with someone this…intense. The smile gets a predatory one in return, something about it speaking to an instinct she didn't know she had. "Hey, maybe I will be," she says. If I can help in the meantime, definitely let me know." At then the intensity is dialed down. Still there, her fur quivers a bit here and there as muscles fire nervously, but decreasingly so. "Yeah, movies. Lessee. Where to start you off." She grins, then, at a thought. "Casablanca. And we oughta ask Jack if he wants to join in. He likes stuff from that period. Has a fedora and everything."

He definitely can't help but respond in kind to the feral smile. Once the topic shifts to movies, though, he nods with a bit of uncertainty. "Well, I cannot say I have ever actually seen a movie. Or sat down with the intent of watching a TV show. There are just so many other things to be doing." Once you're both outside he bows very deeply. "Thank you for the time today, it was good to speak to you. If you wish, we could setup times for martial training…but for now I have to go."

Jonathan nods and shrugs good naturedly about the subject of movies. "Lemme know sometime if you wanna try one out. It's nice for relaxing, just taking it easy a bit. I'll think up some choices to offer you." At the deep bow, she's visibly taken aback, but returns it, her own bow graceful, if entirely unpracticed. "That'd be good. We'll talk later on." And boy does she have a lot to think about in the meantime.

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