Timothy's Plot Notes

Magma Guidelines

  • Gained Traits
    • Raise Strength to 26. If the character already has a rating of 26 or higher, it has no effect.
    • Raise Constitution to 30. If the character already has a rating of 30 or higher, it has no effect.
    • Raise Impervious to 6. If the character already has a rating of 6 or higher, it has no effect.
    • Raise Attack bonus to +8. If the character already has a rating of +8 or higher, it has no effect.
    • Raise Defense bonus to +6. If the character already has a rating of +6 or higher, it has no effect.
    • Raise Super Strength by 5.
    • Distribute 10PP among any traits the GM wishes. These floating points represent environmental factors that can be triggered in the middle of a scene. If a character is zapped by electricity, an immunity to electrical damage is appropriate; if the character is fighting ghosts, the Insubstantial power feat is appropriate. Once these points are allocated, they are fixed. The GM cannot shift these points to other powers down the line. At least, until the user takes another dose of Magma after the first has worn off.
    • Optional: A minion can become a non-minion.
  • Drawbacks
    • Fortitude Save: Characters who take Magma must make a Fortitude Save (using their original Fortitude Save) vs a DC of 18 (+1 per dose after the first). Both success and failure yield the above gains. However, failure also gains the following:
      • Minions take permanent neurological and psychological damage from the use of Magma. Any character considered a minion (such as most bystanders) loses five points from their mental ability scores. This is permanent: modern medical science cannot heal such damage. Mystical or Super Science healing could do so, however. Minions also go berserk.
      • Non-minions have it slightly easier. Failure results in a semi-permanent drain: their mental ability scores lose one point that can only be healed with extensive medical therapy. This is able to be healed by modern medical science, though it takes a long time. Mystical or Super Science techniques can do so more quickly. The character also goes berserk.
      • If the drug is entirely purged from a character's system, the DC would revert to 18 again. This would take a few months. It's up to the GM whether a 'few months' is two or four or what have you.
    • Even if the character makes the save in the case of a player, he or she is prone to bouts of rage. The GM may use GM Fiat to make the character take detrimental actions. This, of course, yields a hero point as usual for uses of fiat.


  • Warehouse Blast
    • Characters: Mariscka, Samantha, Sapphire
    • Summary: The characters trace a node of Magma to sellers who really don't seem to know what they're doing. Street punks. They are, however, equipped with odd, magical wands that produce a variety of effects. Another character (Samantha) aids the other two in defeating the punks.
  • King Kong!
    • Characters: Jonathan, Sapphire, Sasha
    • Summary: A teen boy took Magma in rush hour traffic. He went berserk, growing huge and merging with the car that they were in. He threw his mother aside into traffic and was going to destroy it. Jonathan and Sapphire moved people to the side so he couldn't, and then all three fought him. He made a statement about Jonathan being pretty and she -ran with it- and started Diplomacy-ing him. He almost went King Kong and grabbed her and went up a building. Anyway. They fought him to a standstill and he ran, leaping miles away like the Hulk. Police have his mother to question so will know who he is.
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