The Steranko Institute is a game set on an Earth where people with super powers have only been public since the late 1920s, with most of world history since then happening the same way it did on 'our' Earth. Many things on 'our' Earth exist here as well; media, public figures, places, and the like.

The focus of the game is the Steranko Institute itself; a school settled in the middle of the fictional Cove City, Maryland that exists for super-powered teenagers to learn, both normal subjects and more esoteric things in regards to being a Neohuman adventurer. The school exists a half-step outside of our own, dimensionally, with a large campus behind the closed door of an otherwise drab building on a small property in the city proper.

The game is about the stories of young Neohumans, dealing with school, adolescence, and all of the weird stuff that comes with having powers, and the adventures and travails that occur along the way.

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