The Dorms

To the south side of the main campus Quad, there are a number of dormitory buildings, with equal amenities for all of the Institute's students.

These are the following dormitories.

Each dorm building houses eight students. One student is a Student Adviser, who is a Junior or Senior at the Academy who has applied for the position and gone through the interview and training process. Each Adviser is responsible for getting the members of their dorm acclimated to the school, and having ways to contact family members or guardians in case of an emergency. Also, some Advisers organize social events for the members of their dorm.

The dorms have eight single-person rooms set in an octagon around a central lounge/common area. Inside each common area are tables, chairs, couches and a television set with assorted appropriate cable channels. Each room has a connection to the Institute's own network server, with limited outside Internet access.

Important Note: Dorm rooms cannot be claimed until your character has been approved for IC play.

Astro Hall

Student - SA Kelly Ryan
Jerry Fein Kiyoshi 'Coy' Kinjo Student
Student Laird Caldwell-Campbell Timothy Grayson

Baldwin Hall

Jack Bowen - SA Tahir Rasim
Miranda Weisse Etienne Bouchard Jonathan Stevens
Reginald Hart Summer Sinclair Miles Glendower

Chord Hall

Rioghan Mac Cianoaith - SA Elizabeth Adams
Violet Banks Camille DuClare Maggie Kirkaldy
Student Student Student

Halliday Hall

Student Adviser Student
Winter Storm Student Student
Student Student Student

Jones Hall

Student - SA Antigone Elric
Sapphire Bennett Mariscka Emil Wilberforce Rupert Fotheringay-Phipps IV
Eshe Hikutpah Euiko Tani Student

Prentiss Hall

Alessandra Job - SA Student
Student Sasha Romanova Amber Devlin
Alan Thorne June Moy Hank Parchman

Rider Hall

Ian Stoker - SA Stephanie/Steven Moore
Sunday Knight Claire Hastings Adrian Young
Tyche Spiros Amy Beauchamp Brandon Lion

Taylor Hall

Student - SA Alia s'Harien
Cordelia Savage Samantha Daumier Jimmy Jones
Nicholas Nelson Linus Young Sullivan Prieto

The standard dormroom is 12'x12', with no bathroom. One 3'x5.6' closet is included in each variation, closed off with a sliding door. This sample is shown with the basic work surfaces: Corner desk, straight desk, two bookcases, chair and wastebasket. The student has brought in a queen-size bed, another chair and a night table.

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