The Crustacean Job Pt. II

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Title: The Crustacean Job Pt. II
Emitter: Amy
Characters: Alia, Amy, Winter
NPCs: Irritable Infirmary Nurse. A Kindly Doctor
Place: Crime Scene / Infirmary
Time: Evening
Summary: With the police getting a firm hand on the situation, it's time for our heroes to make a quick getaway to get some much needed medical help.

Alia looks over at Winter, "We should get you to the infirmary." She tsks a bit, "I can get us there relatively quickly, though it is a bit draining." She looks over towards Amy, giving her a nod as she then looks at the Senator, "It was our duty, of course. We're glad to be of help to you."

"Yeah, yeah…and all that happy crap." Amy adds, nodding in the direction of the Senator. "Alia, seriously, I do not want to wind up on the 11 o'clock news!" she urges. "But only if you're sure you can carry me and him." she adds. "I can find my own way back if it comes to that."

"Wh.. I'm fine!" the ice-man protests, and, hulking figure that he is, takes a guard stance alongside his created wall of ice. See? Very dramatic. Very impressive. He /is/ kinda scary. And he /is/ ready to keep defending. Even if, as Alia has helpfully pointed out, he is injured. Grr.

Alia nods, "Very well… let's go." She places a hand on Winter's arm, and her other hand goes on Amy's arm. She then concentrates, glowing VERY brightly as she transforms all three into light itself, then there's a brilliant flash and they're all just GONE.

Meanwhile, at the Quad, the flash repeats itself, as the trio rematerialize. Alia, however, swoons and collapses to the ground, "Alright… three is a lot harder than just myself…"

Winter can't help but feel a lingering sense of unease. Maybe it's the pinprick of a conscience, like he /should/ speak to the police…

…the police who are suddenly back there, whatever distance away, along with, no doubt, some of his internal organs. That's what it /feels/ like, anyway; his first teleport, and it's kind of harsh in its imperfection when the alien overdoes herself. Winter groans, and it sounds just like ice expanding within a lake in the cold season.

"Whoa……that's…..kinda trippy." Amy says, wobbling on her feet and nearly falling on her ass when she tries to take a step. "Thought you were gonna fly us back or something." she adds, shaking her head a little to clear it. "Ugh…..if I barf, nobody make fun of me." she adds, rubbing at her stomach.

It's a curious thing, watching blood well up through cracks in ice. It doesn't /flow/ very well, of course. Maybe even Winter would be intrigued by this, if he cared about his own strange biology — and if he weren't concerned about upchucking, himself. Attempting to orient himself, he looks around. He regrets it. A fine trio they make, in their various states. But eventually, somehow, he tries to snag Alia, meaning to lift her up. Infirmary. He took a tour. Where /was/ that damn thing?

"Alia…" Amy calls, realizing that the alien girl is out cold, and bends down to help Winter revive her. "I can't carry her by myself." she says. "And I don't think you're in any shape to try carrying yourself." she says, flicking her eyes over Winter. "Tell ya what, stay put and I'll run to the infirmary and get help."

"/Bullshit/," Winter growls. And when one is over seven feet tall and strong enough to flip over trucks, one tends to think he can haul around 100 lbs of Princes Leia, elf ears or not.

Alia is pretty easily snagged, as she stirs a bit, muttering something in what sounds like the offspring of Welsh and Hawaiian. She then blinks a bit as Winter holds her rather easily, "Um, the infirmary is over /that/ way." She looks about ready to say something about being carried, but is too tired to do much in the way of protest.

"Heh, okay then." Amy replies, heading off towards the infirmary at as fast a pace as her still somewhat addled brain will allow. "What the _hell_ was that?" she asks the others. "That was like something out of a fuckin' movie!"

He does his damnedest not to jostle his cargo, but Winter is still a little out of it, and occasionally stumbles in a misstep. He has no reply for Amy just now; exciting chatter can wait until later. If Winter even /does/ 'exciting chatter.' Right now it's 'dump alien in infirmary maybe get a bullet taken out of my body.'

Alia hrms, "An assassination attempt on a Senator? Seems rather unusual from what I understand of your society." She holds onto Winter to steady herself as she's carried about, "I'll be fine, I think I just pushed myself a bit too hard there."

"Well, that kinda thing happens." Amy replies as they grow ever nearer to the Infirmary. "But it's usually some kook. That wasn't some kook. That was a _lot_ of kooks….With big guns…." she says, scowling a little. "What do you wanna bet some asshole in that crowd's got us up on YouTube about now?" she continues. "Great…just great….I try to get a little dinner and _bingo_! I'm in the middle of World War Three!"

"Shut… up," Winter says. Automatic weapons fire and crashing cars and smashing windows and all manner of combat chaos; it's agitated, complaining Amy that gives him a headache. And then: infirmary. "Thank God."

Alia gives Winter a wry expression, "Yeah, you can put me down… I think you need this more than I do." She looks at the big man carrying her with a slight smile, "Though I do appreciate the lift. Thank you." Her hand lightly brushes Winter's cheek a moment.

"Hey, don't tell me to shut up." Amy replies testily. "For the first time in a very _long_ time, I've got a decent place to live and the last thing I need is the psycho sonderkommandos fucking that up." she says flatly. "Now…how do we explain this?" Amy asks as they push inside. Fortunately, due to the nature of it's students, the Infirmary here runs 24-7.

Colossus of ice, yes; expressionless, no. Winter can still be seen to frown, and after he stoops a little to set Alia down he bats at the hand that reaches for his face. "Paw at me later," he mutters. Another few steps in and he loses hold of his transformation, skidding a bit when his center of gravity, and thus balance, shifts. He slaps a hand over the upper arm that looks reminiscent of ground meat, and clenches his jaw. "Here's how we explain it." He takes a deep breath, and bellows, "MEDIC!"

Alia blinks. "Paw at you?" She looks confused, then shakes her head, "I tell you, I'll be fine." Her eyes glance around, as she then shrugs at Amy, "It would have been a touch easier if my name wasn't used in public in front of the Senator, though I don't think it matters much. My identity is a matter of public record, after all."

Winter's bellow is more than enough to get the on-duty nurse's attention and soon the woman's racing in with the night orderly at her side, coming up short when she sees Winter's condition. "Good grief!" she calls, snapping her fingers for the orderly to fetch a gurney. "Are you shot or grazed?" she asks, yanking her cell phone and speed dialing the doctor napping in the on-call room. "Male student. Possible GSW. Blood loss. It's….What's your name son?" she asks, not recognizing any of the trip. "In fact, what are all your names?" she adds, snapping her fingers again as the orderly arrives with a gurney. "Okay, son, hop up on this." she says, patting the gurney with an air of 'And don't you even _think_ about giving me any trouble about it' in her tone. "You two,." she points to Alia and Amy imperiously, are in room one, right there." she says, indicating the room.

Amy doesn't have time to reply before she's chivvied into the exam room.

Alia blinks, and just goes into said room, shrugging a bit towards Amy, "No, I haven't been here before… haven't needed it."

"Yes," Winter says, all teeth-clench-y. Shot /and/ grazed. He's a /little/ smug he's able to get the nurses' attention so quickly, but that gives way to the pain of the inconvenient bullet that has nestled itself between flesh and bone. As he's been patched up once or twice in his lifetime, he doesn't give anyone any grief. It's a decided relief to turn himself over and get treatment. Why, he won't even make off-color remarks, in gratitude for it…

While Winter is wheeled into one of the treatment rooms, the doctor, a middle aged, balding and sharp-eyed man, arrives and starts giving instructions. Whoever he is, this guy is _good_. Meanwhile, the exam room Amy and Alia end up in is a two-bed affair. Good thing too, because the nurse steps inside, passes the two girls gowns and moves away without another word. "Oh you gotta be kidding me." Amy sighs, looking at the rear-closing garment and sighing. "How's Winter doing?" she calls.

"He's in treatment.”

Alia looks at the gown, "I'm /fine/, I just need to get a bit of sleep. Honestly, that's all." She looks a bit perturbed at all the fuss.

"Hey, I didn't get hit either." Amy says, chucking her gown on the bed and taking a seat. "We don't need any exams." she says flatly.

And then the nurse returns and wordlessly picks up Amy's gown and rather pointedly hands it back. "Look." she says, her tone patient but only just. "I don't know what you two were doing tonight and I don't want to know." she explains. "But your friend's in there getting bullets pulled out of him, so I'm assuming you three were in some kind of a fight." she adds. "Which means, you're both jacked on adrenaline and might have injuries you haven't even noticed yet." she concludes. "So, until Dr Jeunet clears you, you're going nowhere. School policy." she says flatly. "Read your handbooks when you get back to your dorms."

Anesthetics gooood. And maybe, some time later, Winter will realize he's been given one of those gowns. It means of course that someone had to undress him.

And so, over in his 'room' in the infirmary, Winter chuckles before he drifts back to la la land for recovery.

Alia looks at the nurse with irritation, then sighs, "Very well." She shrugs and waits for the nurse to leave before she starts taking off her outfit, putting the gown on instead with a rather irritable expression. Though that might also stem from being accused of "pawing" people.

Amy pulls the curtain separating the two beds closed and shucks out of her kit as well, donning the gown and chuckling. "We should've seen this coming." she notes. "Damn….I got bruises in places I didn't think I _had_." she notes, a little pain in her tone.

Alia shakes her head, "Better here than at an off-campus hospital, at any rate." She hrms, finishing tying the gown as she looks over at you, "Don't think this is going to win many fashion awards."

"Heh, no, I don't think the time has come for the 'ass hanging out of your gown' look to come into vogue." Amy chuckles, hopping up on to her gurney to keep hers covered. If there's any interest in Alia's, she's polite enough not to show it when she pulls the curtain back. "And you're right." she adds. "Do you think we should've talked to the cops?" she asks simply, swinging her legs idly as she settles back to lean on her arms.

Alia hrms, "It would have been… problematic, at best." She shrugs a bit, "I think we probably made the right decision in this case. The police had the situation well in hand at that point."

"Yeah…" Amy sighs, nodding a little. "Hope Winter's okay." she adds. "I know he's kind of a dick, but still.." she shrugs a little. "He does good in a fight." she smirks. "So do you, by the way."

Alia shrugs, "I have had training before coming here, anyway… I think he will be fine. The wound seemed superficial from what I could see."

Amy nods. "Well, you did good, just the same." she adds, kicking her legs again. "If you'll accept that from a mere human of low birth." she smirks teasingly. "Heh, hope you liked the crab."

Alia snickers. "It was good, really." She sighs and shrugs a little, "Training in our powers was something we all did at a very early age. It was deemed quite important."

"I can see why, teleporting and flying and all that." Amy nods. "Think your Dad'll be pissed if he finds out?" she asks, then sighs. "Okay, we're half naked and in your mercy now nurse." she calls softly, chuckling again. "You wanna come give us the official once over now? I'd like to go to bed at some point."

Alia shakes her head, "I don't believe so. It was mnhei'sahe, after all, I don't think I can be faulted for that." She shrugs and looks at the nurse, "I just pushed myself a bit hard, I only need some rest."

And no sooner does Amy make her jibe than she arrives, with Herr Doktor in tow. Credit where credit is due, the man is gentle of touch and respectful of person. He is also professionally thorough as all good concierge doctors in his pay grade should be. Brains are checked for potential concussions with a simple 'follow my finger' and a light in the eye. Joints are squeezed firmly between hands. Abrasions, in this case, only Amy, are duly disinfected and covered in gauze and secured firmly with medical tape. Alia, on the other hand, is giving a bit more _thorough_, if no less gentle and respectful examination. The human Doctor Juenet is taking no chances with the health and well-being of a High Councilor of Esin.

"You shouldn't try to teleport for at least forty-eight hours, Miss s'Harien -." he advises Alia simply. "And I'm going to write you a pass for your first two classes." he adds, pulling out a pad and scribbling on two pages of it. "Just give this to your SA if you should see them when you get back, or your teachers day after tomorrow."

"Any chance I could get one of those?" Amy asks, eyebrows lifting.

"Miss Beauchamp, the only thing you need is a good night's sleep and a couple of aspirin." Dr, Juenet replies laconically. "Well, then, that's settled. You both may dress and return to your dorms."

Alia nods, "Well, I don't know if that is entirely necessary, but I shall not argue with the physician." She smiles slightly, taking the note as she says, "Thank you." She actually seems physically unhurt, just running severe exhaustion due to overtaxing her powers.

Amy tests the patches on her elbow and knee and sighs a little as the antibiotic salve starts to worm its way into abraded flesh. "Thanks, Doc." she says quietly. "Sorry for all the trouble. How's Winter?"

Alia looks over at the doctor, arching a brow as she looks curious as to how Winter is doing as well, though she doesn't actually say anything.

"Resting comfortably. He should be just fine by the morning." Dr. Juenet replies with a little smile. "Thank heavens he had his ice shielding." he adds. "Nine millimeter bullet wound can be particularly nasty." he says, then stops in a 'but I've said too much' kind of way. "The evidence has been preserved." he adds, nodding. "Now, away with you, both." he says, yawning into his fist. "Oh, and the rules require you to write your experiences into a full report." he adds. "The Headmaster will be expecting it soon as you can get it to him." And with that, off he goes.

"Well, that's good." Amy sighs, pulling the curtain closed so she can dress herself in private. "Thanks again….." she adds, stifling a yawn behind her fist. "God, but I'm still hungry…." she adds. "You hungry, Alia?"

(NOTE - Pt. II was played out a few days later due to RL schedule conflicts. It was put here for continuity's sake.)

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