Tempus Fugitive
Tempus Fugitive
Temporal Manipulator
Full Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown (Appears: 20-something)
Owner: Summer
Public Character: No
Current Status: At Large


Tempus Fugitive is the source of a number of changes in the future and has apparently decided that the present is a good place to begin changing things as well.



She stands in the rubble of what was once a house, scattered pieces of her life around her — a shattered photograph, a plush toy with its stuffing spilling out beneath the brick that pins it down, all the debris of a life in ruins — and looks lost. The sirens are still distant, though growing nearer, but the young woman seems unaware of them as she bends down to pick up that photo, dusting off pebbles and splinters and broken glass. The glass briefly reflects her face, pale and numb, and the shock of white-blonde hair above that non-expression.

Four familiar faces look back at her from the photograph. She traces a finger over each, then whirls at a sound from behind. A dark-haired young man extends a hand to her, smiling, and she moves fast — too fast — to him, and runs right /through/ him, tripping on the rubble and landing in a heap in a puddle from the shattered water-pipes. The woman twists to look back, and the image fades, the young man mouthing something at her and shaking his head, but her vision is blurred with tears: she doesn't understand him.

"I can fix this. Icanfixthis," she gasps, pushing herself to her feet. "Can'tstaylikethis." Her face hardens, losing the numbness. "I won't /let/ it stay like this."

The firemen report a sonic boom that shatters the windows moments before their arrival. The police find three bodies buried in the rubble, and one family member missing: the youngest daughter.

And none notice the changes springing up around them. They've always been that way, after all. Nothing's changed.



In the last five years, there have been a number of temporal anomalies that have left things… changed. Some people have changed beyond all recognition, others never existed, wiped from the timeline. Memories of them may remain, but even those fade after their origin's erasure — there seems to be only a limited time where people can remember they exist. While the future-team and loose alliance of neohumans is aware of the issue, tracking it down is… difficult, at best. Of late, they've been pulling in their former classmates, mostly in an attempt to pool resources and provide a safe-haven for at-risk people, as their base is shielded from temporal interference and changes. Things are beginning to get desperate.

The team is (currently) comprised of Mariscka (Tarot), Sapphire (Safari), Jerry (Flex), Coy (Oni), Jonathan (Felis), and Miranda (Whisper) as their inventor/tech person, though she also goes on field missions whenever possible or necessary. Affiliated people are largely classmates, with a few non-Steranko graduates, or people who graduated prior to the main six. A number have disappeared, leaving strange gaps in the timeline and membership. Others have died.

Tempus Fugitive has all the time in the world to plan, after all, and research the histories involved. Her goal? Fixing temporal 'mistakes', so she says: she's taken to offering the potential chance to go back and undo mistakes to particularly… vulnerable neohumans in return for their aid in shaping the past/present/future into what it has to be to attain her goal. She's careful about who she makes this offer to— it wouldn't do to show her hand too early, really, though there may have been one or two who turned her down. But no-one remembers them anymore.

Aside from her obvious powers, Tempus Fugitive seems to be a nonentity: she doesn't respond to any name aside from her costumed identity, and no-one's been able to trace when or where she came from. People might note that she has a Steranko ID bracelet as one of her most precious 'trophies', and it doesn't seem to have self-destructed, so /something/ about her genetic code must be compatible with the original bearer. Personality-wise, she's focused on her eventual goal to the point of callous apathy: people don't matter, because their future's going to change, anyway, so they can be killed without (to her) permanent consequence.


Ability Scores

Strength 10 (+0), Dexterity 10 (+0), Constitution 10 (+0), Intelligence 10 (+0), Wisdom 10 (+0), Charisma 10 (+0)


Attack +0, Defense +0, Grapple +0, Init +0


Toughness +0, Fortitude +0, Reflex +0, Will +0


Skill 0 (+0)




Power (Source; Power Feats: Feats; Extras: Extras; Flaws: Flaws; Cost: XPP/Rank+Y; Total: ZPP)


Drawback [-0]


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