Tales from the Ox

Otherwise known as Ian's and Camille's Plot Page:

About me as a GM

I tend to run three type of plots: Random, off the wall action plots, character building non-combat plots, and very intricate and often very dark megaplots. As a relative neonate in the world of M&M GMing I will often make mistakes, so please bear with me. Be respectful and rational and it'll go a long way to having a good time. A lot of my plots are also very fluid in nature, so if there's something you want to do to change things up, run it by me! We're all here to have fun and tell a great story after all.

My emit rules are pretty standard. I can get easily lost if there's lot of chatter, so try keeping OOC talk out while scene's talking, unless it is a question you feel is best answered for everyone. Ask before rolling or spending an HP. Stick to the +init order for poses while in combat, unless you want to just add in quick dialogue, in which case OOCly ask first. If you're going to be away from the scene, give a heads up so we know to go around you. Otherwise, have fun, play games!



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