Tahir Rasim
Real Name: Abd-al-Tahir al-Rasul ibn Rasim
Age: 17
Identity: Secret, for now
Birthplace: Georgetown, KY
Date of Birth: Jan 1, 1993
Known Relatives: Rasim ibn Aali
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150 lb.
Eyes: Brown or Blue
Hair: Brown
Grade: Senior
Dorm: Baldwin Hall

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If you take all the villains and the light, Tahir's just your average kid. He likes just about every physical sport known to man, he thinks girls are awfully pretty — if challenging — and he absolutely hates mathematics. He's competitive, but doesn't mind losing as long as he had fun in the process.

The problem is, Tahir's also absolutely addicted to his powers. When he allows himself to transform, Tahir turns into an Angel — not that he believes in God — and can do some pretty amazing stunts. He's far too eager to jump into Superhero mode, and damn the risks to his own health — both the villains and the debilitative effects of his own powers.

RP Hooks

  • Tahir loves sports. Challenge him to a game of HORSE or a footrace, and he'll adore you, win or lose. Unless you cheat.
  • Tahir is a non-practicing Muslim, but he's actually interested in learning about all religions. Feel like talking about yours?
  • Girls are absolutely fascinating to Tahir. I mean, sure, there's Iseul, but she's dead, now. Right? Feel like giving up your phone number in exchange for a flight around town? He'll totally provide.


Let's be honest. What I do is just plain cool. Sure, nine superheroes in ten can fly, but how many of them can claim to fly because they're God's Divine Messenger? Alright, to be honest I don't really believe I'm any kind of divine messenger, either, but I've pretty much got all the text-book powers of every angel-ridden story you've ever seen. And that? That's pretty cool.

My mom says I was born this way: a prophet of Allah, she calls me. Supposedly I didn't cry when I was born, I just cooed a little, and glowed a whole lot. She says the delivery room was lit up like a stage production, and the doctors were all in a flurry over what to do about me. If the Mosque hadn't paid to keep the press quiet, it was slated to reach the front pages of every paper in Kentucky. As it is, I only wound up in one small believe-it-or-not tabloid in Chicago.

Either way, I stopped glowing after a day or so. For the most part, I managed to live life as any normal kid, except whenever I'd get worried about something, I'd start to glow again. A little weird, but not really all that scary. Still, I was special, and by the time I hit high school, my parents had arranged with the help of the Mosque to send me to a special school a few hours away: Professor Richard Arles' High School. It was a boarding school, and generally well regarded. One of the Gym teachers there happened to be a neohuman, and willing to teach, too. I'm sure that had nothing to do with the decision, though.

So I attended RAHS, and got pretty good marks. Most of the kids thought the glowing was a little weird, but hey, I was popular anyways. That's where I met Iseul. She was also studying with Mister Paabst (the neohuman), and could transform into water, which was pretty cool. She was a cheerleader, I was a jock, we had powers, and together it was kismet.

We took her on a trip to the Grand Canyon with us, once. That's where I really found out what I could do. See, she and I were fooling around a little too close to the edge. And I do mean fooling around. I kissed her a little too hard and … well. It was supposed to be a dare. It turned into a nightmare. She fell. She screamed. And I glowed like the everliving sun. And then I just stopped worrying. I still glowed, but the fear went away. I lept over the edge because it seemed the thing to do at the time … and I caught her. And we flew.

Since, I've been trying to figure out how to control the whole thing. Turns out, I can do a lot more than just fly. I'm actually a regular superhero. Sure, there's the whole downside that if I stay powered up too long, I get sick; I'm sure I'll get past that some day. But for now, it works out alright.

Of course, Iseul didn't wind up so lucky. At the end of our junior year, we'd made some enemies trying to be super-heroes together. Turns out, some of those enemies could blow things up. We wound up pretty rough fight on campus. It blew up. Iseul was still inside at the time; I can't imagine she made it out.

I went to her funeral. Then I got told I was being sent to Maryland. Some place a little smaller than RAHS, in a town a little smaller than Georgetown, where I could finish up my education. Where everyone else would have powers, too.

I miss Iseul a lot. But to be honest, I also know it wasn't my fault. I'm not kicking myself over it; I'm just going to learn from the whole thing. If I'm going to be a super-hero, I've got to get faster. Stronger. Better. So here I am, ready to be a Super-Hero.

Just call me Seraph. I'll light up your world, baby.

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