Sunday Knight
Real Name: Sunday Knight
Age: 16
Identity: Secret, Sorta
Birthplace: Portland, Oregon
Date of Birth: June 20
Known Relatives: Max and Roberta Knight (parents)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Bleached blonde
Grade: Junior
Dorm: Rider




Said it once before, but it bears repeating now: Sunday is most assuredly not a Hum-Haw kinda girl. She has, from what many would consider a very young age, known exactly what she wanted and been dead-set to achieving it. It's just the way she is wired - she sets her mind to something and will not be easy from it. Which isn't to say she is rash! Under most circumstances (with one notable, regrettable exception) Sunday will not rush head-first into things without giving it all it's due thought, though that doesn't necessarily mean she'll make the most mature and logical decision. She is, after all, a teenager, and entirely open to accepting consequences for her actions. Especially if, in that precious space between Action and Consequence, there's a bit of Reward.

That being said, Sunday is generally a nice kind of girl. She tries to be to others, friendly, approachable, all those things that get you elected Miss Congeniality. Not a bit of her is fake, though some of it is more of a mask. Still waters, they say, run deep. Nevertheless, she's just who she is - nice, kind of reserved, polite to her elders, and generally just another member of the crowd..

When Sunday gets a guitar in her hand, a mic infront of her, and a spotlight, however.. all bets are off. People are shocked by how the sweet young girl they know can morph so seemlessly into the loud-mouthed, hard-playing and crowd-pleasing musical beast she becomes. On stage, inhibitions are thrown to the wind. Everything that she wishes she was, Sunday becomes, if only for a moment. She's boisterous, flirty, powerful, commanding.. it's her drug of choice, and almost everything in Sunday's life is geared towards that next, precious hit. It's only behind a guitar that she feels she can let out what's lingering inside - the feelings of insecurity, the doubts, the questions she hides from everyone, the pain, she can just rip it all out in a musical catharsis, and for a few minutes feel free of it. They are minutes she savors, before she has to tuck everything back into its proper place and put on that smile for friends and family all over again.


Trust Issues: Not hers, but her parents. Sunday's response to their attempt at reigning her in was to run away, and those months they spent apart have resulted in a marked change in the Knight's parenting tactics. Sending her off to school was as much a decision born of not trusting their daughter to make what they believe are the right choices as it was to cope with her Neohuman powers. They call Sunday frequently for status updates, and the school frequently to make sure she's not lying to them. While they believe for the most part that the institute staff will keep her out of trouble, if Sunday pushes the boundaries they've set for her, there's no telling what their knee-jerk reaction will be.

The Man with the Brand: There is one person out there in the world who knows Sunday is not just a normal teenage girl, and who had reason to hold a grudge. Drake, Sunday's "ex-boyfriend," only has to look in the mirror every day to be reminded of how he was wounded by the girl, and he's not exactly a cool-headed forgiving kind of gentleman. He travels a lot as a drifter and musician, so there is some chance she might turn a corner some day and find him standing before her.. not entirely happy to see her.

Moderately Famous: In the Pacific Northwest local band scene, Sunday was one of the familiar and notable faces. There are a few pictures of her floating around the internet, and a few shaky-cam videos on YouTube of her with her old band "Carmine Infantino's Pencil Sharpener vs. The Utili-Kilts, In 3D." So it's entirely possible somebody knows who she is, which.. well, could be a good or bad thing.

1. The number before the slash (/) represents Sunday's stats when she is flat-footed.
2. Sunday gains a +4 bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks to deceive, seduce, or change the attitude of anyone who might find her appealing.
3. Sunday has a +4 dodge bonus to defense whenever she is not denied her dodge bonus.
4. Fatigue info goes here!
5. Forcefield info goes here!
6. Immunity info goes here!
7. Super-Senses info goes here!
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