Sounds like Teen Spirit...or something...

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Title: Sounds like Teen Spirit…or something…
Emitter: Chimera (Stephanie/Steven Moore)
Characters: Ian (Noir), Miranda (Whisper), Timothy (Revenant)
NPCs: Jack Stubbs (Decibolt), Wanda Lear (Shocker), and Sly West (Manic).
Place: The Student Center at Steranko
Time: Sunday, May 16, 2010, 7:58 PM
Summary: Some bullies try to do bully type stuff and bite off quite a bit more than they could chew.

Sunday night, and the Student Center is pretty much empty due to it being Sunday night, for starters, but also because there's a moviethon at the Kirby Theatre on campus featuring all the Matrix movies. There's only a couple of people in the central dining area, eating and drinking. A couple are seated with brows pressed together as they share a book and a huge order of nachos. A couple of solo's are off in other areas, and that's about it. For now, it looks pretty normal, albeit quiet — for now.

Miranda is in the arcade, practicing trick shots on the pool table. She lines up a shot, and makes the cue ball hop OVER the eight ball, then sink the 2 and the 6. She smiles a little to herself, and circles the table, running angles in her head.

Timothy has just left the student center. Heading outside, he's about ready to take to the streets. Technically, he probably shouldn't. There's a curfew, if a fairly liberal one. But he doesn't care about curfews. He has a duty. As he stands outside, he slips on his glove and the bone-white mask with black hood that represents the Revenant, almost casually slipping astride his bike — it looks like a high-end Harley Davidson right now. He's in the shadows of the parking lot, looking through the windows into the student center, almost idly counting who's there. He runs through his head things that would piss people off if they knew: 'Silver. Poison that lowers mental cognition…' Yes. He's planning how to defeat his schoolmates. Just in case, you know?

Ian Stoker has had one heck of a night. For starters he's finally had an encounter with a certain Gothling. That had, surprisingly, gone rather well, with them ending them out for a brief night on town. Afterwards he found himself here at the student center, not quite ready to commit himself to his thoughts in a lonesome dorm room. So in walks the Reb, steaming cup of hot coffee in his hand, wearing a pair of sweats, a heavy wifebeater, and his perpetual iPod - as casual attire as he can muster at such an hour. One of the first things he notices is Miranda, playing pool shark. He offers the girl a nod and a faux salute, a sign of recognition of one friendly face in the sea of relative strangers. He seemingly is at his more casual, shoulders relaxed eyes lazily looking through the room. His nose, however, occasionally flairs.

Enter Jack Stubbs, a senior and not a very popular fellow. Along with him are two of his cronies, Wanda Lear, and Sly West. Most of the students know to keep clear of these three when they're on the warpath — like they are tonight. A pause by the door, and then Jack's gaze locks on Miranda at play — and with a very unfriendly stare. A moment to sip at his soda, and then he gets a sort of a wicked grin that is ANYthing but nice. He waits until she lines up, and then invokes his power, albeit subtly, sending piercing ultrasonic whistle across the room just as she shoots.

Miranda drops her pool cue, falling across the table like a puppet with her strings cut, then slumps to the floor.

He's still putting on his outfit, waiting to go out. His dark cloak is wrapped about his body, as Timothy puts on the Revenant's boots, the material designed for quiet and to not slip on surfaces. His eyes are watching the room, and he frowns slightly as he tilts his head to the side. "Gis, did you see that?" He's frowning. "Looked like a sonic wave of some sort. That could be dangerous." As he speaks, he slips a small communications bud into his ear. "No, Gis. You are not allowed to call in Leroy Jethro Gibbs. I think we can handle it without NCIS." He rolls his eyes, adding, "I should never have let you start watching television." Then Miranda collapses, and he says, "Yeah. That's my cue. I hate scum like that." In his mind, the trio have went from 'fellow students' to 'criminal scum'. There simply is no middle ground for Timothy. Or Revenant, as he is now. He has become. He consider, and says to himself, "Subtle, I think." He toggles a switch on his belt, and where Revenant stood, there is no one. With this, he steps into the building, keeping to the shadowy places rather than moving through the light.

Ian's eyes shift over to the three walking in. He notes their gait, and their facial expresions. And the fact that they were bee-lining straight to —. Thoughts become cloudy for a moment as the ultrasonic whistle echoes against the room, enough to make Stoker stagger for a long moment. A hand comes up against a nearby wall, and Reb straightens, a sudden fury hidden behind half lidded eyes. Perhaps to the observant, one might notices patterns move up his flesh, as if something underneath the surface had awakened. It is subtle though - not nearly so much by the sudden sharp shout that comes from Stoker's lips: "Hey you." He calls out, voice a half deep growl. "The fuck makes you think you're so high an mighty blindsiding a girl like that." His neck cracks subtly as he gazes at the three. Fear? None. But plenty of foolheardy. "I Suggest you walk on home, boy." And then Stoker focuses right on Stubbs, the one he thinks caused this whole mess. "Cause I promise you, I don't drop that easy. And you will not like dancing with me. Better think before gettin' stupid."

The attack was ultrasonic - so most of the other students just got a tingle behind the ears, but not so much for Miranda and Ian, they can hear it just fine, and the fact is that they didn't count on others getting involved. Stubbs looks pretty smug about dropping the girl, until Ian growls at him, then he looks a lot more uncertain. A glance to his two cronies, and then he hitches up his courage. "Back off, douchebag. Just having a little fun with little miss villain brain, over there. This school is for HEROES, not zeros." Yes, he actually said that. What a cretin. His cronies step to either side of him, facing off against Ian, not aware of Tim's presence yet, and counting on Miranda being down for the count — overconfidence much, why yes!

Miranda rolls to her feet, taking a pair of earplugs out of her purse and putting them in with deliberate care, then taking out her lightning pistol. "Walk away now, Stubbs. I let things go last time, because in a month you graduate and I didn't want to deal with you for another year." She gives a grim little smile. But if you're expelled, then I won't have to deal with you either now, will I? And you made the mistake of attacking first."

"You know what? I agree with you," says a voice behind the trio. There's a loud *CRACK* as the tip of a staff impacts on the sonic blaster's choice parts, causing him to moan in pain. The voice continues, "This school is for heroes, and not criminals. The issue is, she hasn't actually done anything wrong. Until she does? She has a right to be treated with respect. You, on the other hand…" A cold smile as Revenant appear from the shadows, "You just assaulted her. That puts you in the criminal column." A pause. "And you don't want to know how I deal with criminals." A pause, "Oh, wait. You already know." He points the staff at Decibolt. "Leave. Her. Alone."

"And just how heroic is it to blindside someone while they're playin'? Last time I checked, that's called assault 'n battery. Heroic. Very." The way that Ian stands is all too similar of an animal with hackles risen, muscles subtly taut and all focused on the confrontation. Like in nature - This was the postering. Both sides trying to cower the other, or prepare for a fight. And by Ian's look, he almost prefers the later option. Almost. Stoker makes a step forward, seemingly ignorant of the fact that it's currently three on one. His iPod is pulled out of pocket and tossed onto a nearby couch before he looks again at the group. And then Miranda speaks, and a smirk crosses Ian's features. One, rather cruel smirk. "You kids talk too much. I think you have two seconds to put up an dance, or run away." And then out of seemingly nowhere, a man comes from the showers and staff hits the leader of that little team. Enough to be wince worthy. But then agin, Ian's seen plenty of idiots who feel the need to have Bravado - even when the momentum has shifted. "Guess times up," Reb murmurs before he begins to literally, well, rip apart.

Muscles, lengthen and coil about themselves, clothes begin to tear and his face begins to stretch. And then there is an audible tear as he face simply… shreds, leaving behind the pitch black muzzle of a creature underneath. Something wolflike, but different, all fangs and glowing eyes. Without much preamble, the creature pulls at the flesh at it's torso, vestiges of flesh-suit giving way to the rest of the monsterous body, easily measuring up to 8 feet. All within a blink. "So," the voice intones. Not Ian's. But Noir's. "Which one of you sons of bitches is gonna make me feel alive."

Stubbs growls as his eyes cross from the ball smacking he just took, and then he and the other two step back a couple steps when Ian turns into Noir. It really doesn't help that Miranda has some type of ultratech looking weapon drawn, either. And then Decibolt considers his options, and being a cornered bully he behaves like a cornered rat, a rumbling growl bubbling up from his abdomen to erupt from his mouth in a cone of destructive sonic energy that rips up the tables between him and Noir. Shocker, turns to face Miranda, backing so that she can keep en eye on Timothy too. "Honestly…we'd have let things go, but you had to get all physical." As the girl speaks, her form glows, and then she turns brilliant blue-white as she becomes pure electricity. As Tim attacked first, she gestures, sending a streamer of electrical energy towards the man in a torrent. Yikes! There is sure to be hell to pay!

The sonic wave shreds the eating area, visible distortion wrecking the place. The other few students are quick to get out of the way. One even takes out her cellphone and calls campus security, she has it on speed dial. The wave also doesn't manage to do much more than ruffle Noir's fur, and set his ears to ringing a bit. In Revenant's case the lightning arcs and flares all around him, a couple of light fixtures pop and short out in a shower of sparks, but the vengeful hero manages to avoid being struck by any of the tendrils of power.

Miranda looks regretful as she thumbs something on the high-tech gun in her hand. "I'm sorry about this Shocker…" She pulls the trigger, sending an EMP pulse through the area. Shocker finds herself dropping to the ground, back into human form. "… time to pull the plug. I suggest you get out of here while you still can."

The other guy watches the proceedings, and then he starts to shake, and then literally to foam at the mouth. Eew! "DUDE! That's so bullshit!" And with a roar he jumps the length of the room with a maniacal shriek. The impact is impressive, the guy pounding both fists into Noir, and thumping into his chest with both feet in one wild but coordinated action that leaves the wolf-beast stunned, but not down.

"That was nice." There's a loud pop, and Revenant glances down. He frowns, and pushes a button. A red light turns green. In his earbud, a voice says, "Ah, you turned on secondary systems. How did the first one burn out?" "EMP Pulse." "Ow. Keep it away from me, if you please." "Don't worry. Your core is shielded." "Good." With this, Revenant darts to the side as if to attack with his staff, then suddenly lifts his arm after the feint. A soft *pft* *pft* *pft* *pft* can be heard as darts streak from his arm to streak towards Decibolt. Shocker is down for the moment. Decibolt notices the movement and is not caught off-guard, though some of the darts strike anyway! The darts strike the man, and for a moment his mind goes all fuzzy, but he manages to shake it off. Revenant states, "Stronger than you look. Or perhaps you're just too stupid. I think I vote the latter, thinking about it."

Noir takes several steps back as the frothing man-child attacks him. There's a low growl, and then the wolf-creature straightens up, shaking and seemingly uneffected by the attack. "My move," is the barely audible whispered before a claw lashes out at lightning speed, grabbing his opponent by the throat before he lifts him up and slams him to the ground with a low snarl. Knockout? Not quite, but it was quite the counter to the man's attack. "Is that really all you have?"

It is at this point that campus security arrives, and they arrive in force. "You will all stand down, IMMEDIATELY." Says a guy in powered armor. The rest of the squad are in tactical gear, nice stuff, but not up to the level of the armor. Decibolt looks half ready to fight them, but then shakes his head, and steps back with hands raised. "Okay okay, we're standing down.." Shocker shakes her head to clear it, and then stands slowly, hands raised and shooting a seriously hateful glare towards Miranda, before she nods. "Right. We're standing down." Manic oomphs as he's slammed into the ground, and kips to his feet — until security makes their entrance. He stares at his friends, "No fuckin' way! We're just giving up? What are we, a bunch of pussies?" He turns to look at Noir. "You better watch yourself, bitch-boy. Yer gonna end up neutered." Of course…now it is up to the three heroes if they wish to push things, or if they'll go along with the authorities. Save for some minor damage to the electronics present, all the property damage was done by Stubbs and his lackeys.

Miranda turns her hands to the side, thumb away from the trigger, then carefully palm up, sliding the gun into her flat palm to offer it to the officer. It's obvious she's practiced the move to hand over the gun without looking like she's going to pull the trigger. "My weapon is properly registered with the Dean's office as well as with security. Stubbs attacked me without provication, and these two," She nods to Revenant and Noir, "Came to my defense. I apologize for any damage to the electronics locally, it was the safest way to turn Shocker's power off without causing any serious harm to any parties involved." She looks up at Noir. "If your iPod got fried, I'll get you a replacement. Sorry about that."

"Of course," Revenant says. He casually digs into one of many pockets. "Just a moment." With this, he plugs the object into another he's wearing, and says, "Can you download the footage? The local copy got wiped by the EMP." A pause, "Ah, good. Thanks." He pulls out the small object — a flash drive — and offers it to the one of the armored men, "Here you go. Footage of the altercation." Yes. He records. Everything. "You will note the sonic burst that instigated the proceedings."

There's another low growl that comes from Noir, and for a long moment, it seems as if the monster would indeed continue the conflict. But then there's a violent shudder, and for a moment, red glowing close, to replace by sharp black ones - less feral. They look at Manic for a moment before a fist comes up, middle finger extended. Somehow the enlongated fingers made the effect just a bit more… vibrant. "You talk too damn much," he murmurs to the stronger stronger lad before… dissolving. That's the only way to describe it, as the wolf form becomes black liquid, sloughing off and revealing the young man underneath. The liquid soon becomes nothing at all, and the young man shudders a bit, bare, save for the tatters of his pants. There's a pause then, and a kissy face motion for Manic. He doesn't even regard the other two 'villains', favoring instead to walk towards Revenant and Miranda. "You okay?" It's more to Mir than the other lad. He seemed to be well capable himself. "And no worries about the iPod. Just an object." Yeah, and the fight was almost worth it all.

The weapon is taken from Miranda by one of the tac officers, the power armor guy taking the thumb drive. His right bracer folds open to reveal several different ports. The drive is connected, and then viewed. "Pending verification of the footage it would seem that your stories are correct. Misters Stubbs and West, miss Lear, you will all come with me to Detention. Miss Weiss, Misters Stoker and Grayson, please report to quarters, if you wish to file a complaint you can do so. There will be a formal inquiry in three says time." With that the gun is returned to Miranda, and the the three miscreants escorted to detention.

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