Slurpee Justice?

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Title: Slurpee Justice?
Emitter: Amy
Characters: Amy, Kelly, Samantha
NPCs: 3 would be gangsters and one slightly panicked clerk
Place: 7-11 near the Institute
Time: 9:30
Summary: A pre-curfew snack run finds Amy, Kelly and Samantha in the middle of an armed robbery. Hijinks and hilarity ensue.

Thirty minutes 'til the mandatory 10pm curfew finds Amy in your bog-standard 7-11, licking her lips hungrily as she watches an overstuffed burrito spin in the little microwave. The interior of the place is little different from any decent-sized corner store. Four short aisles carrying goods ranging from Tom's chips at the far end, nearest the series of coolers, to auto care products closer to the door. The soda fountain dominates the right-hand wall, furthest from the door, next to which is a hot dog warmer, the microwave Amy's eying so intently, and of course, the omnipresent Slurpee machine.

Why this particular 7-11? Well, for one thing, it happens to have a city bus stop at the corner outside. One where, among other things, one changes buses from the route that runs past Sam's favorite local white-box computer shop to the bus that goes closest to campus.

And so here she is, ducking in for something cold to drink while she waits for the next #17 bus…

Kelly emerges from the bathroom, making a face as she meanders over towards the Slurpee machine, getting herself a giant sized Coke Slurpee for the road. She then grins over at Amy, recognizing her and giving her a wave. "Hey!"

Amy waves a little as she hears her name called, eyes intent on the dial of the microwave as it goes five, four, three, two, one…~BING!~ Snagging a pair of cheap paper napkins, Amy coaxes her burrito out, wincing and tossing it from hand to hand. "Hot…_hot_…." she chuckles, blowing on the open end of the plastic wrap to cool it and almost sneezing as her nostrils fill with steam.

And then it's a "Hey!" to Amy from the other direction, as Sam spots her as she's headed back to the drink machines. "And hey again," she adds, as she sees Kelly there. "Three of us by chance in the same 7-11. I hope this isn't a bad sign," she says with a laugh and a grin.

Kelly grins, "Hope not. I don't want to have my Slurpee get spilled." She nods a bit, then looks over at Amy, "Need me to hold that for you? Heat doesn't bother me that much." She takes a happy sip from her Slurpee, then goes over towards the counter, "Just needed to make a snack run, yaknow?"

"Nah, I'm good." Amy replies with a chuckle, moving to snag a small cup and fill it with ice at the soda fountain. "Been exploring the town." she adds, as if needing to explain her presence. "Nice place." she says, jamming her cup under the Coca-Cola dispenser.

Then enters a trio of young men in matching black hoodies, hoods cinched tight across their brows. To look at them, they'd seem like any bunch of wanna-be toughs in gang colors, nattering to each other as they descend on the magazine rack. But they're unusually keyed up…almost jumpy.

"It's not bad, for a city this size, no," Sam replies to Amy with a nod and a grin. "Me being the townie and all, I should get a bunch together from school and like go to my favorite Indian place or something," she adds. "Lots of cool stuff around most people at school probably don't know about." She doesn't see the trio coming in, being occupied with getting her own Slurpee at the moment.

Kelly gives the clerk the money for the Slurpee, sipping from it as she looks over at Sam, "Wow, is there a good Indian place around here? I'd kill for some decent curry… Boston had some great places, ya know?" She either doesn't notice the jumpy would-be gangsters, or doesn't particularly care.

"Is there a good Indian place around here?" Amy inquires, peeling her burrito's plastic wrapper down just enough to take a chomp. "I haven't …mmh.." she says between biting, chewing and swallowing. "I'm dying for a good vindaloo." she smiles, starting to take another bite, then pausing as she takes note of the bangers. Slowly. she puts her burrito down on the counter and flicks her eyes warningly to the others.

Too late, it appears, as the three black-hooded bangers produce 9mm pistols, aim them at the clerk, who goes, appropriately, shit-house, throwing his arms up high. "Give us the money!" the bigger of the three shouts hoarsely. "Now!"

Okay, THAT got Sam's attention. "This /isn't/ my fault for what I said before. It's /not/," she mutters to herself — even as she's reaching in that direction with her mind. <Safeties, ON> the technopath commands the thugs' guns, before she's even turned around all the way. Not that the bangers are probably too concerned with the 15-year-old at the moment.

Kelly hrms, "Like, totally not cool." She shakes her head, giving the trio a look, "Why don'tcha pick on someone your own size, huh?" She almost looks like she's daring them to hit her or shoot her… neither of which will do a lot to her.

Samantha's mental command works, but it doesn't stop the leader of the three from trying, while the other two stop dead in their tracks, thumbing the safeties of their weapons to the _on_ position. Their erstwhile leader, on the other hand, squeezes his trigger once, twice, thrice, then realizes he's, for some reason, set it on safe.

The clerk isn't so daft, and dives for the floor, stabbing wildly for the silent alarm.

For her part, Amy flings her soda in the direction of the nearest bad guy, bringing her hands up, arcs of electricity scrambling between her fingers.

And as the lead thug is peering at his gun, confusedly, the clip suddenly ejects and goes clattering to the floor. The other two gangsters' weapons follow suit. Yeah, that'd be Sam at work. This would leave each of the trio either functionally disarmed or with one round in the chamber but no more ammo at the ready to fire again.

Kelly shakes her head, "Just not your day, is it." She reaches over and grabs the gun of the nearest thug, not even bothering to put her Slurpee down as she suddenly squeezes rather hard. The gun itself? Um, well, it might make someone a nice ashtray someday as she crushes it as if it were made of paper.

Three full magazines' worth of 9mm clatter to the ground, much to the consternation of those who hold the weapons. The sudden distraction making them seem to snap back into focus, realizing they're now in a fight, and armed, even if it's just one round. Kelly's efforts causes the thug to squeeze off a round…then all hell breaks loose.

"All I wanted was a fuckin' burruto and a coke." Amy sighs, unleashing a storm of lightning towards the thug she'd just flung her soda at. The boy's shot goes wild as he yelps in pain, then falls, twitching, to the floor.

One thug with a potential shot remaining. Time for Sam to get creative. Like, say, with every metal or metal-containing object on her target's person — the gun, for certain, but also, oh, his cell phone, his belt buckle, any loose change in his pockets, whatever bling he's wearing — and, er, any piercings or metal fillings, like those gold teeth popular among the street crowd — individually exerting a force of about 50 pounds. Straight down.

Sam's victim doesn't even get a shot off before he's smashed to the floor, unconscious from the pain before his body drops. By now, the steady ~wow-wow~ ~whop~ ~whop~ of a Cove City PD Prowler can be heard, almost felt, through the glass of the 7-11's storefront.

"Go! Go now!" The clerk shouts in a thick Pashtu accent. "They take you! Go! Through there!" he says, gesturing wildly towards the floppy door by the end of the beer cooler. "I tell them _nothing_ about you! I swear! Thank you!" he adds breathlesly. "Go! Go!"

Kelly grins at the clerk, "Thanks, take it easy okay!" She puts the money on the counter for her Slurpee, flicks the thug with her finger… which has enough force to knock him /flat/, then quickly goes towards the back, "Why does this always happen when we go out?"

Amy watches as Kelly flips the last thug all but ass over tea kettle. "Oh, that'll leave a mark." she chuckles, pausing to snag her burrito before legging it past the floppy doors of the back end of the store. "Think we'll get free Slurpees for this?" she asks, plunging madly through the reverse endof the coolers and towards the chromed back door.

Right behind Kelly and Amy, Sam hustles to get gone before things get awkward, too. "This keeps up, I gotta get me a costume and a codename or something! Or at least a pair of big sunglasses and a hat." She's laughing, though, feeling the rush of having helped prevent the robbery.

Kelly grins, "Like, I have one, but I didn't think I'd need it for getting a Slurpee, yaknow? Geez, I hope the school doesn't find out about this…" She giggles, unable to help herself.

"Shut up and fucking _RUN_, dammit!" Amy growls, shifting gears from second to third. white Reeboks blurring as she legs it for the relative safety of a copse of nearby trees. "We're giggling our way right into County." she adds warningly. "See how funny _that'll_ be." she adds.

She might know what she's talking about, on this, relatively posh end of town, a silent alarm is taken fairly seriously, and two other prowlers, blue lights a'twirl and a'blaze, circle in from the side-streets.

"Break right at the alley up there!" Sam calls out. "I think we can catch the 17 at the last stop before the corner if we hurry!" Yeah, she's been searching with her powers as she runs. Buses. Two-way radios, computerized number-and-route panels. Yeah, Sam can pick those out of general traffic easy enough.

Kelly nods, following along and not looking winded at all, "Well, if we needed to, I could jump us back, but that isn't exactly subtle." She grins at Sam as she sees the bus pulling into the corner stop, "And voila, here it is, good call Sam!" She then waves to the bus, hopping on when the door opens.

As the tres chicas meet the bus with lightning precision, behind them, only a few blocks away, three Cove City prowlers sit parked in the lot of a 7-11. Shouts can be heard, glass breaking..and, finally, one long male voice, thickly accented, crying happily. "I did it! I took them out! They didn't think I could, but _BANG_! And I did!

Sam, as opposed to Kelly, is flushed and breathing hard as she steps onto the bus, and after sliding her pass through the slot, she plops down in the nearest available seat, panting. And starts breathlessly giggling.

"Remind me to watch the news at eleven." Amy sighs, panting for breath as she pulls herself up into the bus. "Meh.." she adds, looking at the now horribly squashed remains of her burrito. "There's two fifty down the drain." she sighs, flopping it away.

Kelly grins, then laughs a bit with Sam, sipping on her slurpee, "That was /fun/, though…" She smiles over at Amy, "Well, I'd suggest hitting Mickey-Ds, but we might have ninjas attack while we were there the way the night is going so far."

"Or Godzilla wanting a happy meal," Sam replies. "Tell you what — How about we just get back to campus, and order a pizza?"

"Heh, deal!" Amy replies, blowing out a great sigh of relief and giggling as the tension finally releases. "Wait….It might be delivered by …." she begins to quip, then fails. "Someone evil and Italian?" she says, chuckling throatily.

Kelly hrms, "Well, it depends… are they cute?" She grins at Amy, then nods over at Sam, "Pizza it is!"

Samantha giggles. "I was gonna say that," she says to Kelly…

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