Simple Descs

Simple Descs by Rhombus

Though not a full featured multidescer this psuedo-code allows for you to quickly switch between outfits and will even list the outfits you have created.

Copy and past this to add the commands to your character:

@set me=commands
@lock me=me
@lock/use me=me
&cmd_MD me=$+md *+*:&desc me=%t[get_eval(do/base_%0)]%r%t[get_eval(do/garb_%1)]%r
&cmd_OUTFITS me=$+outfits:@pemit me=[center(%xh<%B%xyOUTFITS%xw%B>%xn,79,%xh=%xn)]%r%r[columns([sort([iter([lattr(do/garb_*)], [delete(##,0,5)])])],26)];@pemit me=%xh===============================================================================%xn

Each desc will have two parts - the base part and the outfit worn. You'll want to create a desc object to store the descs on to avoid clutter on your character bit, also that's how the stuff is setup to work. Do the following:

@create do
@link do=me
@lock do=me
@lock/use do=me
@set do=dark
@set do=sticky

Then you simply create the desc components you wish to use. &base_<Put whatever you like here as the description> do=<text>

  • Example &base_default do=This is my basic first paragraph of a desc, I include things like height, weight and so forth here.

Your outfits follow the same basic procedure except they're named garb_<insert whatever you like here as the description>

  • Example &garb_default do=This is the outfit, so jeans and t-shirt, any other data you want can be added to.

To actually set a desc is:

  • +md Base+Garb So to use the defaults above would be +md default+default

Last of all, +outfits will list your outfits (the garb_whatever) on the desc object. You can set multiple 'mood' descs for your bases, but these would not be listed with the current setup.


If you would like to have a command to list your base descs as well it would be:

&cmd_base_descs me=$+bd:@pemit me=[center(%xh<%B%xyBASE DESCS%xw%B>%xn,79,%xh=%xn)]%r%r[columns([sort([iter([lattr(do/base_*)], [delete(##,0,5)])])],26)];@pemit me=%xh===============================================================================%xn

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