Second Impressions

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Title: Second Impressions
Emitter: None
Characters: Maggie & Claire
NPCs: None
Place: Steranko Dining Hall
Time: Noon-ish 6/9/2010
Summary: Claire is accosted by the presence of Maggie and sort of agrees to be nice… for now.

It's Wednesday, some time around noon-ish, and Maggie Kirkaldy is hungry. She got directions to the cafeteria from a little map outside the quad and figured that was better than driving somewhere to get fast-food, even though she has no intention of actually eating here. She's just picking up. Dressed in jeans and a t-shirt that's about two sizes too big for her, her hair looking fashionably tossled, she makes her way into the cafeteria and up towards one of the service counters, contemplating the menu. Sandwiches? Nah.. Burgers? Maybe.. "Uuhh, can I have one of the cheese-burgers with everything, and a grilled chicken sandwich, no mayo?" A lot of food for such a tiny girl! And her foot tap tap taps impatiently as she waits for it to be pushed across the counter at her.

Claire is already in the cafeteria, sitting over in a corner, munching on a garden salad covered in Red Wine Vinagrette dressing. She's got her earbuds lodged in her ears and her iPod sitting on the table in front of her. Today, she's dressed in a very short red and black tartan skirt with a fringe of black lace, a black belt covered in little metal studs, a tight black tee advertising the movie "Battle Royale" and a collection of skinny, black, plastic bracelets on each wrist. She is reading a book as she eats, something titled, "Sunglasses After Midnight" and even has her black plastic-framed glasses on. Her long red hair is pulled back behind her ears but otherwise left free.

Once she has the sandwich, burger, and one big order of fries, Maggie grabs a can of soda and a bottle of water and pays for it all with the swipe of her student ID. Carrying it on a tray she begins to wind her way through the seating area, intent upon the exit, when she spots a familiar face sitting off in the corner.. Just walk away, Maggie. Just keep going. Don't start shit. …. But damnit, she can't! That little devil on her shoulder is practically a reality, and so her path shifts and curves, and without so much as a by-your-leave, she places the tray on the table and pops herself down in a chair right across from Claire. Since the gothling is wearing earphones, Maggie says nothing. Only smiles as pleasantly as if greeting a friend, fingers wiggling in a wave, then begins to open her bottle of water.

Claire looks up from over her book, smiling brightly as she expects it to be one of her friends. That smile freezed on her face and turns into a frown. She lifts her book back up and stares at it hard, angrily shoving some salad back into her mouth before reaching over to increase the volume on her music. She is intentionally trying to pay no attention to Maggie. It's better to ignore than to acknowledge. Maybe she'll get bored and go away.

It's sad how easy it is to feed Maggie, and that's exactly what the frown and the volume up do. The red-head grins brightly, giggling to herself as she crosses one leg over the other. Ignored, she still says nothing, taking a sip off her water and picking up some fries to pop into her mouth. Munch munch munch. No poking at the book, no waving fingers in Claire's face, just sitting. Waiting. Eating. Looking horribly amused.

Claire tries her best to ignore the girl across from her. She takes her own bottle of water and sips from it, leaving a red ring around the top from her heavy lipstick. Sighing, the young goth hits the off button on her iPod, slips her bookmark into her book and pulls the earbuds out of her ears. "What do you want Maggie?" There's a tone of deep dislike in her voice. "Come to belittle me some more?"

Maggie's brows lift along with her smile as Claire finally gives in to the inevitible. She continues to chew on the bit of fried potato in her mouth while Claire gets all dower and asks her question. She lets it hang in the air while she chews properly and swallows, then holds up a finger of 'One sec' while washing it down with some water. Finally, Maggie leans forward, takes in a breath.. and asks, "Want some french fries?" Said fries are pushed a little closer to Claire, and Maggie smiles. "They're actually pretty good. Kind of shocking, but I guess if even a dive like McDonald's can perfect them, so can this place."

Claire, forcing a smile onto her face, reaches out and takes one of the offered fries. She chews it angrily, then replies. "Yeah, great. Not bad." She pauses a moment and leans back in her chair. "So, to what do I owe the pleasure of your company. There are lots of empty tables, why did you feel the need to brighten my day and come sit with me?" If tones of voice were poisonous, Claire would have just spit a mix of Cyanide and Plutonium all over Maggie.

Maggie's expression is full of sweetness and innocence as much as Claire's is full of piss and vinegar. In fact, the more venomous Claire sounds, the more friendly Maggie does. "Oh, no reason in particular," she begins, plucking up another fry and munching on it casually. "I was going to go back to the room and eat with Ian, but when I saw you here I thought this'd be a nice opportunity for us to chat. Maybe get to know each other a little more. You know, girl talk." Her foot bounces idly, the little info tid-bit she threw out there tossed as casually as if it were an every-day occurance. Two sandwiches. Two drinks. Big fry. Really, how could anyone think that was all just for one person?

Claire gets up, tray and all. She heads for the garbage and dumps the rest of her lunch, except for her cookie which she keeps, into the trash. Hefting her backpack over her shoulder, the goth begins to head towards the exit. She is not going to play this game, not with this bitch, not today. She has enough on her mind and dealing with Ian's ex-skank is not going to help.

Ooooooooooooh no, Maggie is not letting her get away so easily. The food she just paid good money for is probably going to get tossed by the cafeteria staff, but it doesn't matter. The moment Claire dumps her tray, Maggie is off her chair, grabbing her water bottle and at least the can of coke, a few quick strides carrying her to within a step and a half behind Claire. "Oh come /on/, Claire. What's there to be so touchy about? So he's your friend, I get that! But I'm really not /such/ a bad person, you know. I have a lot of really good qualities! You might even like me, once you get to know me!"

Claire spins around and looks right at Maggie. "All I've seen of you is someone who's condescending, belittling and full of herself. You come here, make Ian's life harder, treat me like some stupid little girl and expect me to want to have anything to do with you? If I wouldn't get in trouble for it, I'd punch you right here and now. just leave me alone Maggie. Just leave me the fuck alone. It's bad enough you're part of Ian's life, I don't want you in mine. I have other things to worry about right now, important things that have nothing to do with you and your fucked up mind games."

Maggie stops on a dime, rather used to the spinning-around thing being followed by a slap or punch or some other attempt to take a shot at her. A brow arches as Claire goes off, though the continually condesending smile she wears does fade away as the girl confronts her. A beat after the younger girl describes her picture of Maggie, the red-head shrugs, then nods. "I can't really argue with any of that." She is! Condescending, belittling, and full of herself. And a couple other things Claire left out. "Though in my defense, I did not come here /to/ make Ian's life harder - I didn't even know he was here until the other day. Also, you should know better than to put yourself up like the judge of a person you've never met. I mean, really, Claire. 'Explain yourself'? You were asking for it." A beat later, she adds with a little shrug, "Just like I was asking for you to punch me. So in my book, that makes us even."

Claire sighs and grabs a chair, spinning it around and sitting on it. "Fine. Even. I'm giving you five seconds to give me one reason why I should listen to another thing you have to say. If you can't come up with a good reason, I'm leaving. I'm leaving and I never want you to bother me again." She looks at her watch. "Ok, starting now."

The grin returns, but it's not quite as self-satisfied as it was before. Kicking out a chair for herself, she plops down into it unceremonously, putting the drinks down on the nearby table's surface. As Maggie leans in a little closer to Claire, her expression becomes serious, though without a dire edge. It might even be a little considerate around the edges. The answer the goth is given is very simple, and takes up not even remotely the amount of time allotted. "Because if you and I don't make some kind of peace, you are going to lose Ian. And believe it or not, I don't want that to happen."

Claire looks at her watch. "Ok, five seconds is up." She gets up and pushes her chair away. "You don't understand me at all do you? You think just because I was once all hung up on him, I still am. Well, he shut me down and I've moved on. I'm not all crushing on him anymore. He's not mine to lose." She hefts her backpack again. "So, you fail. Take it easy." She turns her back and wiggles her fingers in a dismissive wave, heading for the door.

Maggie shakes her head slowly, eyes closing.. and when they re-open, they are consumed with blackness. A disk appears infront of Claire, directly in her path and blocking her escape. Maggie stands and crosses her arms, striding up behind her. "He is your /friend/." The disk vanishes, and before Claire turns around - if she turns around - Maggie's eyes have returned to normal. "And /that/, Claire, is what you are going to lose. How do you think this is going to play out? He wants to be with me, you know. Ian isn't going to be able to handle it if the woman he loves can't be with him and his friends without them acting like she has the plague. He's going to have to pick a side, and I am going to win." She frowns, clearly not pleased with this idea, despite what one might think. "And that will /kill/ him."

Claire turns back around, her hands balled into fists, she shaking a bit at those words. "Well, none of this would have happened if you hadn't come here. Things were good, they were getting better and then you showed up and fucked it all up. That's why I hate you. You ruined everything and you treat me like shit and you… you're just a frustrating bitch." She's on the verge of tears, it clear she's trying not to let them out, not to give Maggie the satisfaction of seeing her cry. Her backpack slides off her shoulder and hits the ground with a loud thunk. "He wouldn't have to choose if you were not here or even a bit nicer. I… I… I don't know what to think of you. I liked you when I first met you and then you changed and began playing with everyone. God, I don't know whether to beat your head in or apologize! You've got me all screwed up."

Maggie seems to take no pleasure in Claire's emotional state, that light, contemplative frown still on her lips and her brows set in a line. The 'frustrating bitch' line does generate from Maggie a gust of breath that might be seen as amusement, bitter though it may be. Again, she won't argue. She does not interrupt Claire, however, and it's not until the girl has had her say that Maggie sighs heavily. All screwed up? "Yeah, I do that to people." It's a reality of her being as Maggie has accepted it. "I don't particularly care for you either, but I think maybe we got off on the wrong foot, and I'm willing to admit I was a big part of that. I didn't come here to hurt anybody, but I'm here now, and I'm not leaving, so we're both just going to have to get used to the way things are going to be. For his sake." She sighs again and brings up a hand to brush back her bangs to the side, tucking a bit of firy red hair behind her ear. "I'm not asking you to be besties, but I think we /both/ owe it to Ian to at least /try/ to make a better second impression with each other than the first was. Even if all we can do is get along, then at least he won't have to feel like he needs to pick. He /needs/ me, I can see it in his face plain as day. But I know him - and I know he needs you and his other friends too."

Claire grabs her chair and sits back down. She sighs and looks up at Maggie. "Fine. I can try to get along with you but if you hurt him, if you hurt any of us, I will never forgive you. I mean, when we first met I thought you were so cool. I mean, I saw in you what I wanted to be in a few years, cool and hot and self-assured. Then I found out who you were and all that mess came crashing down and ruined everything. My first impression of you was great, it was the second after all that shit, that made me want to punch you." She seems to deflate as she talks all of her anger leaving her, her frustration unwinding uneasily. "Maggie, I guess I hate you so much because I blame you for him turning me down like he did and even though I've moved on and found a really, really sweet girl who cares about me…" She pauses and looks down, blushing that that came rushing out of her, really ashamed she just revealed that to a potential enemy, "I blame you for ruining what might have been. And everytime you say he loves you and needs you, it's like turning the knife over and over again. I don't want to hate you. I don't want to hate anyone. Hate isn't a constructive feeling…" She looks back up and extends her hand. "Fine, second chance. You deserve that."

He does. He does love me, and he doesn't love you, and he DOES need me and if I gave him enough time he wouldn't need you anymore at all. I would be his everything, the axis upon which he spins, the gravity holding his world together, the most important part of his entire reality. Just like it used to be. A part of Maggie wants to say it - she wants to say ALL of it, and grind it in, and then turn around and leave the girl there with her hand sticking out. But.. that's Evil Maggie, and a part of her she is trying very, VERY hard to smash back. For Ian's sake. For her own sake. Something about the boy she loved has changed, and she has doubts as to how long he would tollerate her curb-stomping his new world. If she wants him, if she really wants to be a part of that world, she has to put away the Queen Bee and find a way to blend in to it. And who knows? Maybe it'll be nice, making /actual/ friends. Or, at least, not being the devil bitch she so does enjoy being. Change is good, right? .. And maybe she can be Devil Bitch to other people. Just.. not Ian's people. So, Maggie takes the hand offered and shakes it, not painting on any kind of bright cheery fake smile, but instead settling on an expression that conveys her truthful feelings of trepedation, but determination. She drops back into the chair recently abandoned with a great, hefted sigh. "Well, good. Glad we can at least agree on /something/ to start out. … So. Bi, huh?" She grins, and looks at Claire like she looks at men she's checking out. Hey, she can't keep Evil Maggie in the cage over EVERYTHING. "Very hot." But, she did catch the look, and the blush, and so lifts a hand to her lips, pinches them together, twists and tosses away a metaphorical key.

Claire shakes that hand and sighs a little, catching that man-twisting look after the comment about being Bi. It makes the young goth blush very, very deeply. It is such a good thing she isn't inside of Maggie's head right now or there would be violence. Still, she offers a softer smile as Maggie wordlessly agrees not to say anything to anyone about her current dating situation. "Thanks," she says softly, though it's clear a part of her, a more worldy-wise part than she often listens to has serious doubts about this. She can try to be more friendly though. "Oh and… about that invitation I gave you when we first met, to go shopping or come by my room to check out my closet. Um… consider it re-opened. If you're gonna be with Ian, you better be hot enough to deserve him."

Maggie is a Bitch. It's been said several times, and she has yet to deny it. But she is not a monster. .. Ha! Well, not REALLY, anyway. Claire means something to her by virtue of meaning something to Ian, and for now it's the only reason Maggie can see to be nice. Maybe, later, there will be others. The girl does, after all, have a killer fashion sense. When Claire re-opens the offer made previously, along with the bit about being 'hot enough to deserve him,' Maggie laughs outright. Not a condescending laugh, but laughter none the less. "Thanks kit-" Her mouth snaps shut, and she actually looks a little embarrassed. After a moment she says, "I have this thing. I give people nick-names. You mentioned Emily Strange, and.. yeah. I'll pick another one." Probably for the best. "But thanks. I will take you up on that. I pretty much only have three outfits right now, so I'm in dire need of a shopping trip."

Claire chuckles. "You can call me that. I won't mind it from someone who isn't… an enemy. Ian calls me Gothling, which is alright I guess. My codename os Voyeur." She shakes her head and then checks her watch again. "And crap, I have to get going. I promised Linus I'd help him practice with my powers before we try to find Reel To Reel with Tim." She stops and explains. "One of the only reasons I'm agreeing to this is for Iam, the other is that I have more pressing concerns right now than fighting with someone pointlessly. There's a madman out there right now, a criminal reality warper who violated my mind. Her took control of Jerry, Sunday and me and made us do horrible things, all while our real minds were trapped in a fantasy world he'd forced us into. It was… horrible to find out we'd almost killed Ian before we were able to get back to our own selves. We are going to find him before he does this to anyone else and we are going to put him down. I can't have any disctrations keeping me from focusing on that. So, meet me for shopping next week. Make it Wednesday at 7. Don't be late or you can't use my Discount card for Hot Topic."

Voyuer? Maggie arches a brow, and that grin from before is back as she echos the words "Very hot." It's followed by a casual wave when the girl explains she must leave, Maggie with nary a clue as to what the hell she's talking about. When Claire goes on about her reasons, however, her fellow red-head returns a more serious focus, giving Claire's words their due consideration. Still, none of it seems particularly important or relevant to her.. until Claire mentions Ian almost dying. Maggie's brows raise subtly, and then lower, eyes taking on a dangerous tint. The green of them seems to have even gotten darker, but that might just be Claire's imagination. "If you need any help, let me know. I have.. a lot of resources at my disposal." And she'll just leave it at that. "Wednesday at Seven. See you then, kitten."

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