Real Name: Sasha Romanova
Age: 15
Identity: Public
Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA
Date of Birth: April 15, 1994
Known Relatives: Leo Romanova (father), Valerie Romanova (Mother), Isabelle Romanova (sister)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: Heavier than she looks
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Grade: Sophomore
Dorm: Prentiss


Early Years

Nothing special. Birth, infancy, toddlerhood. Sasha was born in Los Angeles to parents Leo and Valerie. Leo worked as a general contractor, mostly on commerical construction projects, while Valerie had a career as an art buyer, although she took off several years to raise Sasha and then her younger sister, Isabelle. The family lived in the tony suburb of La Jolla, in San Diego. Leo travelled throughout southern California, at times taking Sasha with him.

An Obsession Takes Hold

When Sasha was seven, Leo took her with him on a trip to scout out an old race track set to be redeveloped into an office complex. Marginally successful, the land under the track had simply become too valuable to be used for that form of recreation. As Leo discussed with the owner, Sasha toddled down to trackside and watched racers practice. Utterly entranced, a few minutes later Sasha insisted to her father that she wanted to try.

In this she wasn't unique. Many youngster wanted to try the sport and so her parent enrolled Sasha in a youth racing clinic. Calling it 'racing' was something of a marketing move, as the kids were really taught the basics - how to stay up, turn, ride, how to stay safe. They rarely broke twenty-five miles an hour. Even as this level, her instructors saw potential.

Fastest Teen on Two Wheels


There's plenty of horror stories about young athletes. Ballet, figure skating, the tales of sacrificed childhood and overbearing parents have become almost normal. For Sasha, things were the other way around. She pushed her parents into getting her more track time, more lessons, more practice. Racing became her extracurricular, and soon her life. Despite concerns about her safety, Leo and Valerie supported her, insisting she kept up her school work and finally putting her into one of San Diego's alternative schools, designed for young athletes and performers unable to keep a regular schedule.

As she got older, her social life began to rub up against both her racing and academic careers. Spending time on the track with a bunch of adrenaline seekers lead to late parties and long weekends filled with activities more mature than her parents would have liked. It's hard to control the 'It Girl' and that Sasha certainly was, making the cover of several racing magazines and getting guest spots on Good Morning America and The Today Show. Young, attractive, tremendously skilled, Sasha's future seemed limitless.

The Crash

It happens to all athletes eventually. The freak accident. A ski that hits snow a little too soft, a catch that comes down just wrong on the knee, a section of track just slightly too slick.


Sasha had been around the Irwindale Track a thousand times before. She knew every inch of the practice track. Perhaps she should have waited for the asphalt to dry more, perhaps she should have swapped out tires, or taken it just a little easier. No such luck. As Sasha came around a curve her bike slid out from under her, sending vehicle and rider careening into a barrier. The motorcycle smashed into Sasha seconds later.

Then it exploded.

A freak accident. The investigators decided it was a freak combination of sparking on the track with an impact that hit the fuel tank in just the wrong tank. A million to one chance, yet that chance had come up for Sasha, leaving the girl badly mangled, stuck in a hospital connected to machines. Missing limbs, missing organs, her face hardly recognizable, everybody focused on helping her survive. Nobody thought about racing again.

Rebuilding Herself

Not until Sasha asked. Her parents, the press, everybody called her brave for her decision, In truth, she couldn't stand the idea of being in a bed for the rest of her life, an invalid, never to race again. A research engineering team at Cal Tech had worked for decades on assistive nanotechnology, allowing prostetics to be built with a level of quality and integration never before known. As it turned out, one of the younger team members was also a die-hard fan of Sasha's, and when she hear of her accident, she suggested to the lead researchers that they may have a test subject.

Sasha's parents were incredibly reluctant. It took the pleading of their daughter over two weeks to convince them to go for it, allowing the research engineers and the medical team to extract her more damaged organs and insert the nanofactory into her torso. With that in place and a stock of raw materials, the nanites built Sasha new legs and new arms. They couldn't fix any of her flesh, biology far too delicate to be manipulated by machines, and so the surgical team worked extensively to reconstruct her face and her remaining body.

Rebuilding a Life

Despite all that, Sasha couldn't return to normal. She did interviews, looking brave and intense, talking about how excited she was to return to racing. That wasn't to be. With mechanical parts she was far heavier than most riders and presented design difficulties for the bike itself. Working with some of her mechanics, she came up with an even more radical idea. They programmed her nanites with the specifications of a racing motorcycle and, much to her pleasure, when activated they turned her legs into two wheels an a powerful engine. The league didn't look kindly on that and ejected her from the official competitive circuit. Sasha didn't care. She started slipping out to less formal races, late night street races and pick-up events at abandoned tracks. The seedy side of things. She always made a splash, bringing her fame and her exotic form with her.

That lasted six months, until her parents found out, along with the rest of the city, on the evening news. They read Sasha the riot act and announced their decision on Sasha's fate - she was to go across the county, to Cove City and a special school called the Steranko Institute. Words were exchanged, none too kind from Sasha, nor from her parents in response.

Fine. Screw them. Sasha's a continent away and she's not going to let anybody slow her down.


Put the Personality here.


4/6 - Neutral Grounds - After classes, Sasha and Jerry have a chat at the coffee shop.
4/20 - Juvies - The girls get jumped in the squad by a robot and a crazy blonde.
5/4 - Dance - Jerry and Sasha sneak out to dance the night away.
5/5 - Freakout at the Secret Rave - Sasha meets Claire, takes her to a hidden rave, and proceeds to have a nasty, nasty flashback.
5/6 - Badaboom! - A discussion of pool, and Sasha makes Jerry blush.
5/9 - Bonding Despite Best Efforts - Sasha and Claire - BFFs? No, not so much.
5/17 - Makeup Session - "Nah, I was gonna way I was being a bitch and apologize"
5/19 - Late Evening of the Simulated Living Dead - Training! Smashy-smashy!
5/23 - Chocolate Covered Teenage Drama - Students meet. Information gets exchange. Sasha and Sunday nearly come to blows.
6/2 - The Future Meets the Past - Ancient Egyptians don't know from 'cyborg'.
6/? - Can You Read My Mind? - A conversation on the rooftop between Jerry and a buzzed, wounded Sasha.
6/3 - Jerry Circles - It's official, they're dating.
6/? - cutting-edge-of-double-dating - Linus and Sunday double date with Jerry and…Sasha? They go ice skating. They might learn to live with each other.
6/16 - Err, What? - First meeting between Cordelia and Sasha comes off awkwardly, particularly when Sasha dashes off to visit Jerry in the infirmary.
6/18 - Another Bed - Jerry's out of the Hospital
6/20 - Apology - Hangin' out with Jerry and Ian
7/2 - "Florida has lots of sun!" - Meeting Summer, hanging out with Jerry.


Str 10 (+0), Dex 14 (+2), Con 10 (+0), Int 12 (+1), Wis 10 (+0), Cha 14 (+2)

Toughness +5 (Protection), Fortitude +2 (+2), Reflex +4 (DEX, +2), Will +2 (+2)

Attack +1 (Ranged +7), Defense 16/10 Flat-footed (+1, Dodge Focus 5), Grapple +1

Acrobatics 4 (6), Climb 4, Computers 5 (6), Concentration 4, Craft/Electrical 6 (7), Craft/Mechanical 7 (8), Drive 8 (10), Gather Information 3 (5), Knowledge/Physical Science 6 (7), Knowledge/Streetwise 7 (8), Language/Russian, Notice 4, Perform 5 (7), Pilot 4 (6)


Ambidexterity, Attack Focus/Ranged 6, Attractive, Benefit/Famous Super 2, Connected, Contacts, Dodge Focus 5, Improved Aim, Well-Informed

Protection 5 (Source: Technology; Extras: Impervious; Cost: 2/rank, Total: 10PP)
Shapeshift 9 (Source: Technology; Flaws: Action - Full Action (-1), Limited - Machine Forms Only (-1); Cost: 6/rank, Total: 54PP)

Prebuilt Systems

Glider Wings - Flight 4 (Source: Technology; Flaws: Gliding; Cost: 1/rank; Total: 4pp)
Hydraulic Legs - Leaping 6 (Source: Technology; x100, 2 rounds; Cost: 1/rank; Total: 6pp)
Motorcycle Chassis - Speed 5 (Source: Technology; 250mph; Cost: 1/rank; Total: 5pp)
Standard Legs - No stats
Torpedo Chassis - Swimming 6 (Source: Technology; 100mph; Cost: 1/rank, Total: 6pp)

Common Morphs

Hydraulic Legs - Leaping 6 (Source: Technology; x100, 2 rounds; Cost: 1/rank; Total: 6pp)
Multiband Receiver - Super-Senses 1 (Source: Technology; Radio; Cost: 1/rank, Total: 1pp)
Multiband Transmitter - Communication 6 (Source: Technology; Radio; Feats: Subtle; Range: 60ft; Cost: 1/rank, Total 7pp)
Network Uplink - Datalink 6 (Source: Technology; 60ft range; Cost: 1/rank, Total: 6pp)
Total Cost: 20pp

Attributes 10 + Combat 4 + Saves 6 + Feats 19 + Skills 17 (68 Ranks) + Powers 64 - Drawbacks = 120PP

Minor Celebrity - She's not always recognizes, but Sasha's not anonymous. Sometimes people will recognize her and know who she is. That's not always a good thing.
Inhuman - No matter how hard she tries to conceal it, Sasha doesn't look quite normal. It doesn't help that she's also far heavier than a girl her size should be.
Daredevil - From an early, early age, Sasha became an adrenaline junkie and a speed fiend. She loves to race, loves to take risks, and her new, stronger body just makes her feel more indestructible.
Bad Girl - Sasha's not about to go murdering people, but neither is she a by the rules kind of girl. She likes to party, sneak out to raves, and generally cause trouble.

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