RPLog: Of Angels, Teens and Bullet Trains

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Title: Of Angels, Teens and Bullet Trains
Emitter: Rhombus <>
Characters: Claire, Ian, Jerry, Jonathan, Miranda, Sunday & Timothy
NPCs: Reel to Reel
Place: Doctor Who 'The Time of Angels' and 'Flesh and Stone'; Cove City Train Yards
Time: Saturday Night
Summary: Reel to Reel displaces the heroic portion of the minds of Claire, Jerry and Sunday into episodes of Doctor Who while controlling their bodies in the real world and using them to rob a new prototype bullet train loaded with old money scheduled to be incinerated. Hilarity ensues.

'Soon.' The madman thought, 'Soon I'll have my first batch of…muahahhahaha…volunteers.' Yes, he actually thought that mad cackle. Stephen Lucas was not even remotely what anyone would call sane; even he knew he was mad, but that fact didn't really concern him very much. No, what concerned him was REVENGE!
The day has been a good one, the three friends have spent some time at the mall, but the day is winding down, and it is getting time to head back to school. Fortunately there's a shuttle bus that runs to within a block of the academy. Somewhat oddly there's two tonight, and once you all pile in, the driver seals the doors and gets underway. The driver is a rather dumpy looking fellow, balding, bags under his eyes, and his eyes are very bright blue. He offers a smile of welcome tinged a little with manic, but seems ordinary enough. I mean, really, bus drivers can be pretty unique individuals.

Carrying a moderately sized Forever 21 bag filled with cheap but cute jewelry and accessories, Sunday tries very hard not to be creeped out by the bus driver as she returns the smile while climbing aboard. A quick 'Double-you Tee Eff' look is tossed back at Claire and Jerry, and then the blonde teen is finding a seat somewhere near the middle - even if they're the only ones on the bus. A waving motion is given to her companions. "I'm so impressed, Jerry," Sunday murmurs as she grins at him. "That's some real dedication, staying at the mall with us." The seat very next to her is given a pat while Sunny looks to Claire. "C'mon, I can't wait! Show me what you got." They do not, after all, generally shop in the same stores. This is like a culture exchange! Goth and Glam and.. Boy. A real UN, right here on this slightly creepy shuttle.

Weighted down slightly by a bulging black bag with stylized red letters on the front reading Hot Topic, Claire manages to get to a seat next to Sunday without tripping over her own platform heels and drops the bag on the floor. "Wow… they had so much on clearance that I couldn't resist." Smiling to Sunday, she reaches into the bag and pulls out a box, a rather large box. She opens it to reveal a pair of knee-length black boots with laces going all the way up and 4" platform heels. "That's item one. I also got a few new corset tops, a new plaid skirt with skulls around the hem and a bunch of those rubber bracelet things to replace the ones I wear out all the time. Oh and a T-shirt." She digs in the bag and pulls out a black shirt that reads "I'm Only Wearing Black Until They Invent Something Darker". She holds it up and shows it off, looking to Jerry as she does so. "Seriously, one of your abilities has got to be Shopping Endurance or something Jerry."

Jerry doesn't even notice the driver, his attention on the two younger girls as they chat. "Hey, someone had to carry your stuff, right?" he says with a slight smile, the youth flopping down in a shuttle seat after hours, HOURS, on his feet as he followed the pair to every shoe, dress and jewelry place in the entire mall. He's bushed, but it's better than worrying about his Chem exam on Monday. Right now, he's just glad for the rest. "I consider myself lucky to be alive," he jokes with the girls as he slumps lower in the seat.

One not standard feature — this bus is equipped with, of all things, a DVD player system. As you ride along the driver watches what you are doing in that HUGE mirror over the steering wheel, you can actually feel his eyes as they touch on you, or…no, maybe that's your imagination working overtime. Still, the guy's gaze is nigh palpable. "Say…you kids mind if I put in a show?" He asks. He doesn't even really wait for an answer. Nodding and smiling in a curious blend of Harmless Old Lady, and Serial Killer. Okay, maybe curious isn't the right word, creeptacular would probably fit, or scary beyond all reason. His smile turns more than a little nasty…not that it inspired warm fuzzies before…as he pushes 'Play'.
The DVD player comes on, and the three of you, the only people on the bus, get a curiously light headed sensation. Everything goes a bit fuzzy around the edges and it seems like the world itself has just stepped back as the camera of your lives zooms away from you. "Welcome to the show, Reel to Reel is your host….muahahahHHHhahahahahahahah…"
Dimly you all can see the screen, it displays a cavern full of statues, and what looks like a group of soldiers and a few civilians. Of course…the Doctor Who fans among you might recognize the scene, before the screen snarls, and rushes forward to engulf you all, sending you careening down…some sort of tunnel, amusingly enough not entirely unlike the classic opening credits to Doctor Who. And then with a THUMP, you're all back in control…though definitely not in Kansas anymore. Jerry finds himself in a jacket and bow tie, with ludicrously puffy hair. Claire finds herself with long red hair, while Sunday is in a more mature woman—dressed in fatigues like the soldiers. One of the soldiers, clearly the leader, speaks to Jerry. "Doctor, are you quite well? Miss Pond, Doctor Song? You all fainted…"

Interrupted by the driver, Sunday is forced to officially notice the way he watches them, and sinks down a little more in her seat as if trying to hide behind the one in front of her. A meaningful look is shot towards her companions - This guy is nuts. Can't wait to get off this stupid bus. And now he wants to put in a movie? "If it's porn," she whispers to Claire, "I'm jumping. You with me?" Then the light-headedness starts. Sunday grabs the back of the chair with one hand, dropping her shopping bag, and holds her head with the other. "Oh…" Rushing screen! "Crap…"
The next thing Sunday knows for sure, she's pulling herself up off the ground and looking down at the weird clothing.. and a weird.. body? "Oh /crap/!" Her eyes - whatever color they are now - shoot up as Sunday scrambles to her feet as quickly as possible, looking all around at the strangers surrounding her. ".. Jerry?! Claire!?" Oh man this is NOT good!

Nodding to Sunday, Claire prepares to get the heck out of here until the show starts. Then comes the feeling in her head and Claire tries to block it out, trying to will herself not to give in. She gets to her feet just a bit and then slumps back down, feeling so strange. Then, she feels completely disoriented and everything goes black.
Claire sits up, looking down at the long, red wool cardigan over her body. She brushes the hair from her eyes and stares at it. She'd been meaning to grow her hair out and stop dying it but… what's going on? She gets to her feet and tugs at the cardigan, staring around in confusion. Looking down even further, she sees her feet in blue Coverse sneakers, her legs encased in ribbed knit tights and a short, black, pleated skirt about her hips peaking out from beneath the mass of red. She stares at the OLD Lady saying her name. "Yeah… I'm Claire. I think."

Jerry frowns as the driver interrupts them, blinks at the light-headedness… then he starts to get out of his seat, the metal structure already vibrating to the point of shaking from his power bleed-over… then it's done. Whatever IT was. He blinks, rubs his eyes.. and looks down to the suit. "Wait, what in the… is that my voice? Oh, someone is going to pay for this.." he says as he looks around. The women. The.. "God, is that.. you guys..?" he says to them, ignoring the soldiers for the moment. He really hasn't even noticed them, hands patting himself down. Suit? Taller? What..? "Yeah, I'm… wow, this is.. what the hell happened?"

The leader soldier guy blinks at Sunday, "Doctor Song, what ever are you talking about? Who are Jerry and Claire?" One of the other soldiers subtly shifts his gun so that he can cover the three of you. And then he looks confused. "Excuse me, miss…I thought you were Amy Pond?" This to Claire. And then when Jerry gets into the act, he steps back and all the soldiers shift to cover you three.
"Doctor…" This to Jerry. "…Miss Pond…" To Claire. "…Doctor Song…" This to Sunday. "This is no time to be funning about, we have to find that Weeping Angel and neutralize it before it is too late. Snap out of it, or we'll have to take precipitous action, and God have mercy on your souls."

Aforementioned 'OLD' Lady frowns deeply at not-Claire, then turns to the weird looking fellow and surmises this is Jerry. Her hands come up to her head, feeling the strange hair, then looking at the strange hands.. and her expression becomes one of /deep/ concern. That expression is still on her face when she turns to look at the solider who addresses her. Song? … Oh, that'll be funny later. The shifting of the weaponry is noted, and Sunday - Dr. Song - stiffens and goes silent in thought. Okay, gotta just deal with this. "I…" Another pause, and Sunday sucks in a deep, steadying breath. "I'm sorry, I think we're all just a bit.. disoriented by what just happened. We'll.. discuss it later," to Jerry, ".. Doctor. For now, um.." Back to the Solider, she asks, hoping not to be too suspicious, "Could you.. refresh us on the situation at hand..?"

Amy Pond/Claire looks over to The Doctor/Jerry and then to the soliders. "Oh my God… this is so not good. I mean, I've never seen this show before but I keep seeing things about it in magazines and on the net." Of course, then there's soldiers and guns. Claire forces herself to calm down and takes in her surroundings. These folks are British, well British-y, so that's cool, means she can try her fake English Accent a bit. "A'right guv, wha's this all abou' then? Weeping Angels?" She looks over to Jerry and shrugs, hoping she can pass muster. "Sounds like a right spot of bother." Play along, play along. As she does this, she tries to read the minds of the soldiers in front of her, to determine if they are real or only part of an illusion, unaware of whether this will work or not.

Jerry frowns at the soldier. "Wait, who?" he says. Having never seen the show or really knowing too much about it, he has NO idea what in the world the girls are up to. But it's obvious something damned strange has happened. "What's happened? OK, you're.. Amy.. she's Doctor Song, I'm Doctor.. who?" he says, pointing at himself. "Just to get things straight."

One of the soldiers leans close to another. "They've gone barmy." He whispers, but not at all softly enough to not be overheard. The lead soldier looks steadily at 'Doctor Song'. "You are Doctor River Song, this fellow is your friend, The Doctor, whom you assured us was the only person in the universe who could deal properly with the Weeping angel. The young lady with the long red hair was introduced as Amy Pond." He's got a flashlight in one hand, his gun shouldered but aimed at The Doctor's midsection. "Up above us is the starship that crashed with the Weeping Angel on board, a creature of ultimate evil, nigh indestructible. You had said that it is feeding on the radiation leakage from the crash, growing stronger." And then he looks to Doctor Song. "And you had just said something about wondering why you didn't notice something about the statues, about how they had only one head." Another soldier. "And you Doctor had been saying that the people that built this Maze of the Dead had two heads, and what a lovely people they were." The leader looks to him. "Bob, that will be quite enough." He turns back to The Doctor and friends. "And then you all went stiff, and collapsed, and are talking like mad people now. Can. You. Explain?"

Okay, this is weird. Weeping Angels, ultimate evil, two headed very nice people? Jeez this is a lot to absorb. And now she has to come up with an excuse about their weird behavior?! Glancing to the guns levelled at them, Sunday has the very distinct feeling this whole experience will end VERY badly if they can't come up with something good. "Well you see, we.." In glancing to her companions, Sunday tries very hard not to look like she's begging for help, while at the same time /begging for help/. "Were.." Wait, okay.. what is going on /here/? Just.. reverse it! Looking back to the soliders, Dr. Song smiles, somewhat uneasily. "You see, when we were incapacitated, it may have seemed like a short period of time to you, but to /us/ we have just lived out a month in the lives of three super-powered teenagers! That's why we were having trouble remembering. But, that's all been dealt with, because we.. we…" She looks over now to her friends, or the people who are probably her friends provided this isn't all a big massive CRUEL JOKE. "Did something.. the Doctor and Miss Pond will be happy to tell you all about, I'm sure." Sorry!

Any Pond suddenly furrows her brows and swallows hard, a look of something akin to stark terror sweeping over her features. Folding her arms in front of her, she takes a step towards Doctor Song and whispers harshly, "Oh God, Oh God, my powers aren't working! What's going on? My powers are gone?" She's broken out a bit into a cold sweat, her eyes just wide with absolute horror now, vocalizing this situation seeming to make it hit home harder, with more reality. Or as much reality as this place can have. Her bottom lip quivers and she clutches at the front of her cardigan tightly. She looks about two seconds away from curling up in a ball and rocking back and forth.

Of course, then she's called upon by Sunday to say something, something that makes sense. She stammers, "Um… yeah, three teens, all weird. It's… it's…" She searches her memories of horror and sci-fi movies, "Some kind of past life superimposition on our current lives…" Yeah, that's the ticket, go with that, "Memories of a former existence bleeding over onto this one, probably caused by… um…." she looks around nervously, "Radiation or something. You said there was radiation, right? So, the radiation did…" She looks over to The Doctor and stares at him in panic, "What did it do Doctor, you can explain this better than I can, right? RIGHT!?"

Jerry just folds his arms and stands fast. Most of what the soldier said just went right over his head, so the best explanation is that everyone just went crazy or something. He looks to Song and Pond, each in turn, and shakes his head helplessly.
"I still don't know who you think I am; I asked Doctor /who/?" he says, then 'Amy' says something that DOES get his attention. He tries a little focused vibroblast and.. nothing answers him. Oh.. ut oh. This just went from weird to dangerous. And her tone gets to him, as well. Both of them are girls, and younger than he is, and it's time to step up to the plate isn't it.
"Um, yes," he says, "Yes. Miss.. Pond has it right. I can explain, but.. well, I'm sure it will just go over your heads. Soldier, you said there is something after us. I'm afraid we had a .. problem, back there. Could you brief us again on the situation?"
Jerry's mind is in a whirl. He's /heard/ of stuff like this, vaguely, where heroes get zapped into a book or movie, but that depends on… snap, figuring out the rules of the book. He shifts, looking expectantly at the soldier. "Well, out with it!" he snaps. If he's in some position of.. authority here, he'd better act like it and keep the girls safe.

"Father." The leader says, "I'm Father Octavian, sir." Apparently the 'take charge' attitude worked, of course there's still guns pointed at the lot of you. "The ship above is the Byzantium. In the cargo hold is a Weeping Angel, they are a race that precious little is known of save that they are 'Quantum Locked', they cannot move if observed, but are impossibly swift if you're not watching them. They are the ultimate predator, and if we don't find the one in the ship and deal with it, it could be a disaster of unimaginable scale. They are essentially indestructible, and appear to be stone statues with wings and flowing robes. They have some sort of temporal ability, but what it is is not clear, and they are considered a menace as they hate and destroy any life form not of their own kind." He points towards the metal starship above. "That's the Byzantium, and we need to get inside." It is a LONG way up.

As Claire or Amy or whoever comes over to inform her of the power loss, Dr. Song frowns, taking hold of the other woman's hand. She tries then to do something.. anything.. and finds the same result. "Mine too." Must come with the new body. Great. Fortunately, Sunday is not quite as reliant on her powers, they have never seemed to be a super important part of her being.. Most of the time. So her reaction is one of distress, but not quite as much as her friends and classmates. As both Claire and Jerry come up with things that, by Sunday's estimation, sound pretty damn good, the girl/older woman's spirits rise. Good job, guys!! A little squeeze is given to Amy's hand before it's released, not wanting to look too suspicious again. While the Father speaks, Dr. Song looks around, brow furrowed while she listens, trying to make sense of all of this. A creature that can only move when you don't look at it, and otherwise just seems like an Angel statue? How screwed up is that! She notes the statues for a moment longer, then glances up to the starship.. and back to the statue. "… Something's not right." She makes a slow circle in place, looking at each statue. ".. Cl- uh.. Miss Pond, Doctor.. Do you think there might be.. I /swear/ there weren't this many statues before." Sunday picks the nearest one to them and approaches it, studying, trying to figure out what it is she might be looking for.. "Did anyone else notice that?"

The reassurance from Doctor Song or Sunday really seems to help The Amy Claire to get a hold of herself. She looks around and nods in accordance to the statement by the older woman. "You're right. And that one," she points, "Seems to be in a lot better condition than the others and I really don't remember seeing it before. Um…. how many of these Angels did you say were here?" She's got a BAD feeling about this, something rather Cameronian which makes her feel that this is a bug hunt man, a bug hunt. She looks over to Doctor Jerry, her hands still shaking a bit and says, "I think there might be more than we thought." Great, some horror show she's never seen before and all she can hope is that it follows standard tropes. Worse, since the show isn't called 'The Fantastic Adventures of Amy Pond and Doctor Song' she has a feeling she's not unexpendable.

Jerry raises an eyebrow as the explanations are had, but Amy and Claire's news disturbs him more. "So, they're down here as well? Not good. Sounds like we should get Up There, then. Um, Father? How can we get up to the ship, and it sounds like we should move quickly. Facing one is better than what might be out here…"

Father Octavian looks at the statues, and then pales a bit. "Doctor, you said the natives that built these caves had two heads…so…why do these statues, these multitudes of statues have only -one-?" As the consensus seems to be that they're in a lot of trouble, he nods. "Right. Form up men, I want everyone looking at as many of the statues as possible while we navigate the trail. Remember…they can move between eye blinks, faster than a striking snake." As he says this, of course, the flashlights start to flicker, and dim, and in even that brief moment there's more statues. "Damn, the torches…" Brother Bob states. "Easy men. Form up, keep your eyes peeled." The cavern does have some light, there's a glowing sphere up near the ship. Just floating there.

…. Wait.. They're.. ALL….. Sunday feels herself going pale, taking numerous quick steps backwards towards the group. Suddenly her heart is racing, and she reaches a hand out as quickly as possible to grasp Claire's. Amy's. Whoever! "Ohmigodohmigodohmigod," she murmurs, wide eyes unable to peel away from the statue she was so close to a second ago. "Shit, okay, yeah. We gotta get out of here." She could mean out of this area and into the cavern they speak of, but it's just as likely she means this body, this world, this whole damn mess! With her free hand, Sunday starts to frisk herself without looking down, trying to find any kind of equipment she might have on herself - most of all a flashlight. "We need to move. Shouldn't we move??" Don't panic, don't panic, you're not going to be slaughtered in some dream world!

Well, Amy Claire's veneer of calm is done no favors by the sudden panic of Doctor Sunday Song. She swallows hard and holds the other girl's hand tight in her own. "We'll get out of this Doctor Song. I… um… I believe in The Doctor. He's never steered me wrong yet." She's trying to stay strong, to keep her cool, to be the tough one if she really has to. "He's taken me places and shown me things and it was wild and dangerous but completely thrilling. I feel safe with him and…" She glances to the weird looking body Jerry has on, "We gotta get back home. If that means we play out this little thing, we do it. We just have to remember the rules of things like this. There is always an out. There has got to be some way to beat these things and just when everything is going to seem at it's worst, one of us will find it. Probably Jerry… I mean the Doctor. Don't split up, don't turn you back on those things without someone else at your back and whatever you do, don't have sex with anyone." She blinks and shakes her head. "Ok, that last one might just be for facing Hockey-masked zombie psycho killers but it's still a good rule of thumb." She flashes the ghost of a smile, trying as hard as she can to seem strong and tough and not like the terrified little girl she is.

Jerry blushes a little, there, as Claire/Song talks on, and he mmpphs and looks at the flickering lights. "That's never good," he says, hands going to his.. lapels and staring at one of the nearby statues. "Not good. Getting to that light seems the best course of action, so.. let's get moving. Father, can you lead the way?" He turns, walks, tries to keep statues in his field of vision. And the girls. Can't let them come to harm. "Ladies, get behind me; that way.. we can't be surprised," he says.

"Right." Father Octavian states when the course is decided. "Johnson, Mackey…take point, we'll need to keep an eye on things. Christian, Marco, you're on rear guard. Bob, you take the right flank, I'll take the left. Doctor, Doctor Song, Miss Pond…stay in the middle, we'll go slowly, and try to keep eyes on all fronts." The lights flicker, and in that time one of the angels ends up with a snarly face full of razor sharp looking fangs, and wings budding on the nearly smooth form inches away from Amy Claire's face. Yes. In just a flicker the thing was nearly on her. Up you all go, the soldiers calling out. "Two more here, Sir." And then the rear guard. "Six behind, closing fast." One thing that Jerry Doctor would find is a curious device in his breast pocket, a sort of widget with glowy bits and slider controls. The heck is it? During a longer black out there comes agonizing screams from ahead, and then silence. Octavian calls on their radio comms. "Mackey, Johnson…what is your status? REPORT!"

It takes all of Sunday's willpower not to scream and cling to Claire when that thing gets so close to her friend in such an extremely short amount of time. Somehow, however, she manages to swallow sound and just continues on, forming a kind of triangle with her fellow displaced students in the midst of the.. soliders? Holy men? Sunny's not sure anymore. From the corner of her eye she can see Jerry fiddling with something, but she dares not take her gaze away from the statues to find out what it is. "Got something useful?" she asks, just before the lights go out again.. and the screams start. "Oh god..!" She feels even more frozen in her gaze, terrified of looking away. "We need to move faster!! If the lights go out.." They could all be dead in the blink of an eye! .. /Literally/.

Any Claire doesn't keep from shrieking when the thing suddenly lunges at her, it's only Doctor Sunday Song's presence that keeps her from getting killed as she flinches, momentarily blinking. It's so hard not to. "Ok, this sucks so bad. I really hope Amy doesn't get mad at me when she gets her body back… she might need a change of underwear." She's trying not to show how scared she is and just keeps moving, trying not to lose her cool no matter how helpless and lost she's feeling right now. IF Jerry and Sunday weren't here, she'd be going mad, she knows this and is determined to give them just as much support as they are giving her. "Don't think about that Sunday, just keep moving. Don't let your fear control you." Is she saying that to them or to herself? She's not even sure.

Jerry hopes this thing is some kind of weapon. He whips out the small device he finds in his pocket, and aims it at the stone angel. "Get back," he snaps, hoping to find a trigger and also hoping it's not simply a fancy flashlight. "Keep moving!" he cries to the others.
Over the radio, comes Mackey's voice. "You have to see this." It says. "Come look." Bob answers. "See what, Mackey?" And then the voice. "Come see, hurry." Father Octavian nods to Bob, and then he scurries forward. "En route to your position." Bob states. "Come see." Is Mackey's reply. The item emits a sort of sonic humming — and for just a moment, a fractional instant, Jerry felt a twinge of his old power, his vibro-power. Father Octavian calls a halt, you've been climbing steadily, and even with the stress of the moment, nobody could sustain that pace for long. After a moment, there's the sound of gunfire from where Brother Bob went…then silence. "Damn." Murmurs Father Octavian. "We have to step things up, that gravity sphere won't last forever and the torches are about done in." The party is reduced to River Song, Amy Pond, The Doctor, Father Octavian, Brother Christian and Brother Marco. The rest are all missing…probably horribly dead. To make matters worse the Weeping Angels seem to be nearly completely regenerated…their wings and robes and flesh all smooth, their features frozen in rictus masks of fury as they close in all around you.

Don't let fear control you. Sunday repeats those words in her head over and over like a mentra, something to focus on other than how badly she wants to cry and run. "Why can't we just.. knock their stone heads off?? I mean really, has anybody even tried?" As if knocking the head off a solid stone statue was such an easy thing to do. "Anybody have any ideas on what we're even going to do when we get in that.. space ship?" Or are they just running from the inevitible? The thought sickens Sunday's stomach, and River Song looks a little pale against the sharp contrast of that horrid burgandy purple-ish lipstick. She holds on to Claire's hand a little tighter at the sound of gunfire, though the thought does hit her - how did Mackey survive long enough to send such a calm message, if whatever it was happened to be close and ready enough to kill Bob? .. Presuming Bob is dead. The momentary rest is appreciated, but at the same time, seems to make the tension worse. "We need a plan. A /better/ plan. Any ideas..?"

Amy Pond/Claire Hastings takes a step away from the others and turns. She's totally ignoring the soldiers and the Angels. She just looks right at Doctor Sunday Song and Jerry Who, "Sunday, Jerry. Stop for a minute. We have to take a moment out of this situation and think. We've been sent her for some reason we just need to put together the clues around us. Let's see what we know. We know that the crappy bus driver, I think he called himself Reel To Reel, did this to us." She holds up one finger. "We know he's trapped us in seeming life or death situation without our powers." A second finger is held up. "We know this Situation is taken from a British television show." And a third finger. "Why? And for what purpose?" She's trying as hard as she can to think and not give in to fear now. "If I could hazard a guess, I'd say he did it to keep us scared and running, to keep us from thinking, keep us disoriented and trying to survive so we couldn't try and put one and one together and come up with a way out of this." Ok, that metaphor kind of sucked. "I don't think he wants us dead actually dead or he wouldn't have chosen a sci-fi hero show. He's have plopped us down in Friday the 13th or Saving Private Ryan. I believe he needs us alive. So, is this situation actually real or just a powerful illusion designed to keep us from figuring things out? That's the most immediate question. I've been thinking as much as I can when I'm not scared and believe me, I am terrified, but I think I might have a way to figure out if this is real or not."

Jerry tries to collect his thoughts, looking at the small device in his hand with a cagely expression. "OK, then… I guess the first thing to do is see if we can actually change the plot. Both of you seem to know what the heck is going on here; I've never seen this show." He turns in circles and bats at his head in a Think! Think! gesture. "If it's an illusion, anything we do would.. have no effect, I'm guessing, like trying to run a train off the tracks?" He looks to the other two, for their input. And just for the heck of it, he tries the Device, willing his own power through it, directing it at one of the frozen statues. "We'll see about breaking them, first, I think."

"Won't work, Doctor…they’re in a Quantum Lock, while in that state they're nearly impervious to har—" As Father Octavian speaks, and Jerry focuses, there's a pulse of sonic and vibrational energy that comes out of the end of the sonic screwdriver, and it destroys one of the angels. Holy schnikes! What is really odd, the remaining clerics fail to notice any of the out of character commentary. And then the comlink comes alive, with Bob's voice. "Father Octavian, I need to speak to The Doctor please." The voice is that same calm as Mackey spoke with, oh dear, decidedly odd. Octavian turns his head away from the shattered remnant of an Angel, and then holds his comm out to Jerry Doctor. "Sir, for you." He manages not to salute, however.

"I don't even know what show it is," Sunday whispers to her friends, though her eyes never leave the statues that are closing in on them. She's simply too frightened of what would happen if she turned her back, as Claire does. She listens to the two of them talk about derailing, about trusting that whatever it is needs them alive, but.. "What if you're wrong? What if all we have to do is get through this, to the end of the story, and then we just pop back out and we're fine? What if this is just somebody's idea of a sick joke, some entertainment, and they don't really care if we live or die?" Times like these, Sunday usually feels her body chilling. It's a little.. disconcerting to be at normal body temperature right now. She watches Jerry point, vibrate, and.. HOPE springs eternal!! Sunday /shrieks/ with happiness and throws her arms around Jerry, kissing him on the cheek. "Remind me to buy you a drink! Or a pony, or.. /whatev-/" … Bob's voice? "-er.." … See, there's that not-chill again.

Claire grins widely as the Angel explodes. She looks up at the sky and screams, "Well, fuck you and your scripted illusion! Time for some serious rewrites!" She grabs a large rock off the floor of the cave, surprised because Amy is actually a little stronger than she is in real life. She runs up to one of the Angels and smacks in right in the face with the stone. It might not do a ton of damage but maybe she can chip the nose off or break some teeth. "I love it when I'm right!"

Jerry turns slowly to the Father, and frowns. "I think we should hold off on the celebrating.." he says, and takes the comm. He holds it up and clears his throat. "This is The Doctor, to whom am I speaking?" he says in a clear voice, at least trying to play the part for now.

Alas, Claire Amy's rock rebounds off the statue as if it were made of some substance other than stone, something infinitely harder. Hurts her wrist too. As Sunday Song hugs and kisses Jerry Doctor, she'd notice that there seems to be more Angels all around. Progress, yes, but not a complete solution. And then she gets an inkling that somehow the device Jerry used might be important somehow, she seems to recall that there were multiple Doctors, and they all had one of those thingies…and it seemed to have an awful lot of uses depending on who's writing the story.

As the comm is handed over, Bob's voice can be heard. "Hello Doctor, this is the voice of Bob. The angels, they wanted me to tell you something, sorry sir, don't mean to be the voice of ill news, sir." A pause. "They want you to know that they are all around you, even with the one you destroyed, there's far too many. Sorry sir, they say that when the power is gone from the torches and the gravity sphere that you'll all die."

Dread begins to creep it's way back into Sunday's mind as she looks around to see there are even more angels now, and then listens to the Voice of Bob, Messenger of the Angels. A chill runs up her spine, eyes fixing on the perfect face of the angel Claire tried to bash. Think, Sunday.. Think.. Didn't one of the guys in the band used to watch some weird show with a no-named Doctor..? "… Yeah, they kept switching actors." She blinks, a little surprised as the memory comes to her. "I think I know something about this show! J- er, /Doctor/, I think you're supposed to be some kind of.. weird.. immortal guy. And that.. flash-light thing.. I think it's important. Like.. /really/ important. You should try to do more stuff with it." Her arms wrap around herself as if for comfort, and River Sunday begins to step backwards. "Also? .. I still think we should move. /Fast/."

Jerry listens, frowns, and then he's kissed suddenly. Not that he's complaining. "Bob, hi, well.. Bob, I'm afraid dying doesn't work for me today, and we'll be smashing you into dust.." he says into the comm, and aims the device at the next Angel, willing his power through it, and for it to spread out, so he can get more than one. "We'll see how you fare with a bunch of cement dust as bad guys.. it is important - using it, that was MY power blowing that thing up. And blowing things up is what I do best…"
"But that's what the guy who did this WANTS us to do!" Amy Claire declares. "He wants us to run around scared and play this story out. He wants us distracted and too frightened to think or change things. He wants us to stick to the script!" She sounds exasperated, even as she shakes out her throbbing hand and sticks out her tongue at the angel she smacked. "But I still think he needs us alive." She sounds like she's trying to convince herself as much as the others now.

"I'm sorry sir, but the Angels say that they'll just drain your sonic screwdriver of power too, and that you'll still all die." A pause again, and then the voice of Bob continues. "They are very impressed, sir. They want to cut you a deal, sir…your friends can go, they won't hurt them. All they ask is that you do them a small favor, and step into a light, sir." And then as Jerry concentrates there's a much bigger display of — yes — that is definitely HIS power, only it washes out from the sonic screwdriver, pulverizing a half dozen more of the angels. Father Octavian looks to Jerry Doctor. "This way, sir…if you can clear us a path we can get to the ship. Christian, Marco on rearguard…don't take your eyes off the Angels. Miss Pond, check our flanks, Doctor Song and I will keep our eyes on the angels ahead of us…"

Frustration of her own mounting as her fear does, Sunday rolls her eyes and snaps at Claire, "So what's your solution, then?! Just stand here until we're buried in a pile of rubble, or until that thing breaks, or Jerry passes out?? Don't be so stupid!" For the moment, she forgets who they are supposed to be, and hearing Bob prattle off his calm warnings is only making her frustration and fear levels rise. "That's not a plan, Claire! We know /nothing/ and you want us to just have faith we're safe until we're dead!" Balling up her fists, she continues on, angry and volume rising. "We've already changed the stupid script! Do you think we're doing everything they did originally?! And it hasn't gotten us anywhere! We need to use that stick-thing to protect ourselves while we still can and keep moving so we can /end/ this!" Turning to look at Jerry Doctor, Sunday almost seems imploring for someone else to listen. "Don't you think our best shot is to do like the Father says, and just rush to the ending as quickly as we can?!" Please, please say you do.. please say you don't want to just stand here and blast statues while they close their trap..

Amy Claire glares at Sunday Song. "Oh yeah, just do as the illusionary character says. Just go along with the world and act like this is all real." She's pouting a bit and starting to get angry which is good because being mad keeps her from being scared. "You're such a tool." She turns away from Sunday and stomps off, glaring at Jerry Doctor. "What do you think we should do Doctor?" She hates having to go with this plan but can't really see any way to prove her own ideas right now aside from something either suicidal or homicidal.

Jerry has to admit the Father is probably right. "Both of you stop sniping at each other," he snaps, very.. Doctor-like, in fact. "Now.. I can't level all of them but hopefully they'll know enough to..respect what we can do," he says, leaning on the nearest object, suddenly dizzy. "OK, Father.. we'll go, but.. be careful.." he says, trying to pull himself together after expending his willpower.

As Jerry Doctor vapes six more angels, people's natural reaction is to look at the sound…and that costs Marco his life. Literally there's a wet crunchy sound, and when folks turn towards that they'd see an Angel holding the man in two pieces, torn in half at the waist. Horribly he's still alive, for a few moments, a pool of blood spreading. And then as the plan is announced the ones up ahead seem to have thinned a bit, is pretty clear they are not used to being vulnerable to harm. Father Octavian helps steady Jerry Doctor, and nods. "Come on then…when we get to the Byzantium, hopefully we can find a way out of this. Upwards the lot of you go again, the torches flickering out one by one, though there's still enough light from the gravity sphere that you're not in total darkness…the angels DO have a lot more mobility though, vision is severely limited. "Sorry to interrupt, sir…the angels were very keen to have me find out if you'd considered their offer, sir. As a sign of good faith they've even cleared the path somewhat, sir. Will you do it, sir?"

"You can go jump off a cliff on your /own/, Claire, you are /not/ taking me with you." Nerves are severely frayed, though as Jerry agrees that the man in fatigues is the one to follow, Sunday looks relieved. That is, until the sound turns everyone’s eyes, and the screams turn them right back. River Sunday gasps and staggers back two steps, quickly turning away as she fights off the urge to throw up. She moves quickly into place beside Octavian to keep eyes on the front, even though the angels seem to be making way for the most part. Then comes Bob's voice again. Offer..? .. Oh, right. "He said something about stepping into the light..? .. What light?" Everything is so dark! "Does he mean he wants you to die?" Like, Go Into the Light, Grandpa!

Claire looks over to Sunday. "You know, I might just do that. None of this is real. That guy didn't just die because HE DOESN'T REALLY EXIST!" She just sighs loudly. "Listen. My powers are entirely mental. I should still have them as long as I have my mind! Something in convincing me I don't have my abilties. Just like something in convincing you you don't. I wouldn't argue with you about temperature based things so why are you having so much trouble believing the Psychic that we are being fucked with Psychically?" She throws her hands up in the air and then wheels around and points at Sunday. "On the other hand, you're a genius. Jerry, Sunday. I am going to get out of this mess. Believe me. It may look like something bad is happening to me, but it's not. I refuse to play the game. I refuse to be manipulated in my own head! This is my brain and you can't have it!" She stalks back, out of the light, heading right towards the Angels. "And hey, if I die tell Ian I said," and she makes a raspberry noise with her tongue.

"I'm pretty sure that's exactly what he wants, so creepy phone operator Bob is persona-non-grata around here," Jerry says, trying not to throw up at what he hopes is simply a hyper-realistic illusion and not a real dude dying in front of him because otherwise.. he schools himself to Coolness, though, and follows along, heading for the same area as the rest. Jerry reaches to snag Claire as she passes by. "No, you're not a prisoner; if you were mind controlled, then all our dreams would be different and we wouldn't be in something we didn't recognize, now would we? Come along for a bit longer, I'm.. curious about something."

"Miss Pond! No!" Octavian tries to stop her, but Jerry Doctor manages to get hold of her and stop Amy Claire. Onwards and upwards, you get to a point directly below the Byzantium and the Gravity Sphere. And then Angel Bob speaks up again. "Doctor, I'm sorry to bother, but they're very curious how you plan to get aboard the ship, and again, sorry sir, they're asking for your answer about their offer. They asked me to let you know that this will be the last time they'll ask, sir."

Fed up. Claire is trying to get herself killed and Sunday is quite certain that the rest of them will go with her. So what does she do? Well.. when Jerry grabs hold of Claire, Sunday turns around and slaps Claire across the face. Not a pathetic little soap-opera slap, either - she's trying to cause some pain, but not do any actual damage. "DID THAT HURT, CLAIRE?!" she cries at the girl in frustration, eyes watering. "Because if it did, maybe it's going to hurt them those things /rip us in half/!! How do you know that if they kill you here, they aren't killing that preacous all-knowing mind of yours?! You know /nothing/ for certain and we are NOT going to let you kill yourself - or US - to prove a point!! So just /shut up/!" River whirls around again, wiping the tears from her eyes angrily as she gets back in place with Octavian, practically shaking with tense emotions. "Jerry, you should talk to him," she suggests, voice softer but still with a barely audible shake to it. "It could buy us time."

Claire stares as Sunday slaps her across the face. She is grabbed by Jerry and just stares for a minute. "Fine, if you'd rather believe we're actually living a TV show… you're dumber than I thought. That's what illusions and mind control are all about, convincing people of things that aren't real. But if you'd rather play along with our manipulator and treat everything like it's actually real, I won't stop you. But what if he's doing things to or with our real bodies while we run like rats through his maze! If anything happens to me in the real world because I was stuck playing this… this.. LARP with you I will never forgive either of you. Now lead the way Doctor. My input is obviously just going to be ignored." She folds her arms over her chest and glares at Sunday before following Jerry.

Jerry jumps as Sunday slaps Claire, and he stammers for a second. "Good God, get a hold of yourselves, the both of you," he says, squaring his shoulders. "I will be damned if I'm going to get killed by a bunch of space-going lawn gnomes and you two are not helping matters by acting like a pair of kids fighting over who's going to the dance." He rubs his face and gestures to both of them. "We simply don't have enough info yet. I've never been mind controlled by anything not wearing a skirt, so I don't know anything about this. Claire, you're a mentalist. If this was mind control, I think you'd be either immune or able to get us out. Therefore, I don't think it's as simple as that. Let's follow these guys for a bit at least until we can get to a stopping point and talk." He looks to Angel Bob. "Tell them.. I'm making it up as I go along; we'll get up there."

"Very good, sir…they can hear you through me, but they're starting to get a bit cross. I'm sorry sir, but they're getting really insistent about the other question. So…they want me to ask you again, and are very strongly saying you need to answer, yes or no — will you go into the light they need you to? Time is short, sir…as you can see they're a lot more numerous than just one Weeping Angel, sir." Bob sounds genuinely upset at the situation, but it is equally as plain that he has not choice but to say what they tell him. "Sir…that device, the sonic screwdriver, I'm curious…does it work only for you?" And then you can all hear Bob start screaming…it is plain that he is mortal agony, and then the comm goes dead as the Weeping Angels gather in the darkness all around you. There's just enough light from the gravity sphere to show them, though in the flickers it is almost a strobe effect, and every flicker seems to have more angels to reveal.

"How stupid do you think I am," mutters Sunday, continuing on the path and not looking back. "Of course this isn't /real/. So what? That doesn't make it any less /dangerous/ when we don't know how it works. And if he has our bodies, all the better reason to stop arguing and hurry the hell up so we can finish the episode and get /out/. You wanna hold a grudge because we'd rather you not die, fine. But if you really believed dying here would get us out, you would have hit Jerry and kept running." The rest, simply, is ignored. Sunday is done with arguing. They'll get through this, the episode will end, and they'll be back in their bodies. Then.. they'll deal with whatever is happening. Claire draws the lines and Sunday has accepted the terms - if she wants to go through it all believing all they need to do is 'wish' out of this, well.. Maybe Claire will just pop out magically! And then Sunday and Jerry will owe her, big time. She's willing to grovel if that's the case. Jerry pipes up and Sunday shoots him the briefest look. "That is exactly what I'm saying." Okay, maybe not entirely done with arguing. Her heart beats a little faster every time the light flickers out, and the chatter coming from the com - then Bob's screams - do NOT help. "What /light/??" Something Bob says, though.. River stops in her tracks, eyes widening. ".. Give Claire the glow-stick!" Her gaze flickers to Jerry. "Maybe we're both right, Claire - maybe we can just break their rules - by using them." Hope! Hope! "Maybe with that thing you can remote-view, or read Bob's mind.. or read Reel to Reel's!"

Amy Claire is sullen for a while and just seems to ignore Sunday as she speaks. She doesn't have time to explain her reasoning to them, they wouldn't understand anyway. Finally, she speaks when Sunday gets that brilliant idea. "Ok, give me your magical doohickey Doc, if it works for me, great. If it can get us out of here, wonderful. Right now I trust Bob more than I trust Father Otto Octavius over there but that's not far at all. I don't believe any of this. I don't believe we're in real danger, I don't believe our powers are gone. However, if that thing is some kind of key to unlock our abilities in this .. this… illusion. Then give it to me." She holds out her hand. At no point does she look at Sunday. If this doesn't work though, she's going to prove her theory, one way or the other.

Jerry hmms and can't argue; the person he was going to argue with - Bob - is gone, or so it seems. "Here, then," he says, handing to device to Claire. "Hopefully you can make it awaken your ability. Otherwise.. to hell with Bob, I'm not walking into whatever it was he /wanted/ me to walk in to. Can't be good," he says, looking around at the approaching angels, his gaze cool and unruffled.

The Angels crowd the whole area around you all now, Father Octavian and Marco, the only Clerics left are at opposite ends of the group, weapons at the ready. "Stand firm, lets see if we can't bring a few more of these bastards with us." Marco nods. "My faith is pure, Father." And then Octavian nods. "I am content."

It doesn't matter if Claire wants to look at her or not, Sunday still feels quite positive about the idea and the potential to get them out of there. As the two holy men exchange words.. there's that sick feeling again. "It's like you're just getting ready to die," she says to Octavian, frowning deeply. Yeah, they're fake characters, but it doesn't matter - Sunday has been made too emotionally raw by this ordeal not to be empathetic. "We're going to kick some angel butt - you'll see." Alright Claire, do your thing.

Claire holds the Sonic Screwdriver on one hand and pushes the button on it. The end extends, the four metal flanges on the outside opening like a claw and the green light in the middle flaring to life with a rather annoying electronic whine. She concentrates, her brow furrowing and the whine increases to a fevered pitch. Then it ends, the device snapping back and the light going out. "Ok… Sunday, I'm sorry." She sounds a bit humbled now. "There's some kind of mental effect in the area, it's very powerful, more powerful than I am. It's making us believe this is real, completely real. It may also be able to convince us that we're dead if we die. That could be bad." She looks to Jerry, blushing. "Which means thanks by the way," she goes on. "I saw outside this place for a second. We were with Reel to Reel, not trying to stop him. He's got Angels in the Real World and he's using them. I… I don't know for sure but I think, maybe… he's using us as well." She pauses, she seems really embarrassed and ashamed of herself for her earlier outbursts. "Also, I got a sense of the rules of this place. This Sonic Screwdriver thing is like Writer's Fiat, it's a way out of bad situations. That is written into the very fabric of this 'reality' so we can use it that way as well." She hands the device back to Jerry and looks down. She feels really stupid now, her faith in herself pretty shaken.

Jerry is looking at the Angels, jaw set and mouth stern. "It's OK, Claire, we needed that info and we wouldn't have it without you. So, we know what we're up against, then, and we just need to end the episode. The sooner the better, and hopefully he's counting on us to fumble around while he uses us to do.. whatever." He takes back the Screwdriver and taps it in his hand. "Swear to God, we get out of this, I'm watching every episode of this stupid show just in case." He eyes the holy men. "Any idea how anyone else got into the ship?" he says, looking up at it. "Ah, screw it." He holds the Sonic Screwdriver up like a torch. "Come on, here, here we are, rescue ship, life pod, ships boat, whatever… get down here," he says, activating the device.

"Of course, Doctor Song…the Angels never take prisoners. Just one could take out a settlement colony, we're faced with dozens." Father Octavian smiles. "I'm really not sure what you're all talking about, this IS the real world…unless you're saying we're all characters in some sort of fictional story. I mean…I feel, I think, you feel, you think…what -is- reality faced with that?" A shake of his head. "I'm sorry, Doctor, I prefer to think of myself as a man, a priest, and a warrior in the service of God. And that means facing my death with courage, and the strength of my convictions." And then as you all go on about the editing abilities of the sonic screwdriver they frown, he was about to answer Jerry Doctor when that worthy soul aims the Sonic Screwdriver upwards at the ship. A hatch opens, and a lifeboat launches…straight into the gravity sphere! The explosion is titanic, and it sends out a gravity pulse that quite literally sucks you all up to the ship. Not perhaps what he had in mind, but it does get you out of reach of immediate death. That's something, right?

There's no enjoyment for Sunday in being right. Instead, she just shakes her head as Claire apologizes, as if to say there's no need, while looking stoic about the new information. But.. at least they HAVE information now. "Doc's right. Wouldn't know for certain without you." She nods firmly to Jerry's talk of getting out of here ASAP, not liking the idea of somebody using her body one tiny bit. As Octavian speaks, River Sunday frowns, shaking her head while looking at the angels that close in on them. "We're getting out of this, Father. Whatever this is. All of us." Then Jerry is trying to bring out some Deux ex Machina, and.. it works!! .. Kinda!! Her eyes widen like saucers when the raft nears the ball, and for just a second Sunday is sure she's about to die. The light explodes, and.. Up up UP they go! River /shrieks/ like a 16 year old girl, actually closing her eyes for a second.. until her feet hit the.. ship? ".. Oh. My. GOD!" .. They're okay!! They're ALIVE!! "I would kiss you on the lips this time if I didn't think it'd get me killed!!" By Sasha, rather than Angels. "Gimme the wand! I'm gonna melt a hole through this thing and get us inside!"

Claire grins as the others reassure her. She was, after all, partially right. Then it's up, up and away time as the gravity sphere explodes, tossing them up onto the bottom of the damages starship. Claire looks back, peering into the gloom. "If only we had two more of those things. Then we wouldn't need to pass the stick around. But go Sunday! We ARE all getting out of this and then we go back to Reality," she gazes over at Father Octavian, still not sure he's real in the least, "And we kick the living crap out of Reel to Reel."

"Now THERE is an excellent idea…" Jerry grins and hands the screwdriver over to Sunday. "OK, then, on the ship… guys, anything we should look for on here?" he says. "Not too up on, um, starhips. Alia would be a big help, here.." he mutters, looking around at where they are, exploring the area.

After being handed the screwdriver thingy, Sunday looks around for a good spot to 'drill' only to notice the hatch she missed in her enthusiasm. "Uh, let's just try this first, huh?" Now it's her turn to feel a little stupid! So River/Sunday hands the device back to the Faux-Doctor and just goes to the hatch, making a go at giving it a yank or a twist or whatever it looks like it needs to get open. Provided it does actually open, she'll climb inside. "No idea, but I guess if the radiation is what's feeding these things, we need to shut the radiation source down, right? Octavian, do we know where the leak is coming from on the ship?"

As you all land up top, Father Octavian and Marco both look a little shocked. "My word." Marco comments, and then Father Octavian looks steadily at the three of you. "There is no way that device should have been able to control a launch control to fire a life pod out." He looks deeply troubled, but then Sunday asks about the source of the radiation. "They're definitely feeding on the radiation, Doctor Song." He seems to be gathering his resolve in the face of being fictional, really, that's pretty admirable. "There is also a massive source of chronal energy…and /that/ is probably what they're feeding on the most." He's looking at a scanner in hand. "The chronal energy is coming from above, near hydroponics, the radiation leak is from the reactor core…at the base of the ship. It won’t be long until the angels get up here, they'll be scaling the walls like ants even as we speak…so…which way, Doctor, the chronal energy source or the reactor?"

Claire is just going to follow Sunday, she grins and actually chuckles as she listens to Sunday. "It's ok, you just had a blonde moment. Which, all things considered should be pretty often for you. Especially now." Yeah, she's back to trying to keep things as light as she can right now. She's done with being scared, done with being indignant, done with fighting with her friends. The incriminations are over. It's time to get this done with and get home. "Oh God, it just hit me! Jerry, you have brown hair in the Real World and Sunday, you're a Blonde back home while I am naturally a redhead… and in this world, here we are, the Browny, the Blondie and the Ginger." She glances back at Father Octavian and brushes some of her hair out of her face. "Oh and sorry about the Fictional bit Padre. If it's any consolation, I'm a Atheist, I don't believe in much of anything." She flashes him a bright smile and goes down the rabbit hole.

Jerry hmms and looks to Sunday, then the Padre. "The chronal energy. If we can shut it down, then these things will starve off or go dormant. After that point, we can investigate the whatever-thingey." He straightens his suit (still trying to get used to it), and strides off in the direction indicated.

Even as you head into the ship, racing for the top you can see angels frozen as they clamber up the edge of the hull! As you go, Father Octavian seals and disables every hatch you go through. "It will only slow them down, but it is the best I can do." And then he looks to Amy Claire, and shakes his head. "So you believe in nothing? And I am nothing, but believe in all of you. There's irony to that, somewhere." The lights in the ship start to flicker and dim, clearly the angels are stepping up their draining efforts. This also makes the hatches unreliable. Sunday would be looking through a hatch ahead, and then after a flicker…there's a tremendous impact, and through the porthole you can see a snarling angel face…and the door is half buckled. Oh dear.

Sunday finds herself feeling sorry for Octavian as he speaks about the impossibility of what's happened, and then Claire treats it like it's nothing. .. OKay, so maybe he's fake, but he has feelings, doesn't he? "Maybe it's not," Fictional, that is. "Maybe this is just some weird alternate dimension. I mean, we're fighting statue angels that only come to life when you can't see them. Anything is possible, right?" Climbing into the ship interior, she follows the group and helps where she can, trying to keep a constant vigil up the hall. Sunday was not raised to be religious - her parents were the type to think it's a crutch. But there's still something in the Father's words that stings, at least for her, and she says with no small degree of conviction, "You are something, Father. And for what it's worth," She glances to him. "I believe in you." He's done nothing to harm them, and everything to help them, and now he's even grasping what they've been going on about and he's STILL here. Fictional creation or not, there is something to be admired there. All thoughts along these lines are derailed when the angel face through the portal ahead of them. Worse, it may have damaged the door. "Damnit! Can we still get this open??" She moves to the hatch and gives it a shot, saying "Somebody, watch that angel!" At least, while the damn lights stay on.

Claire looks a little sorry as Octavian says that to her. "Well, I might not believe in you but I believe in the you who believes in me. If that makes any sense. Now lets get going!"

Interlude – The Real World
Something is definitely afoot. Sunday, Claire and Jerry were supposed to meet up with a number of folks after they went shopping at the mall. The mall shuttle returned to the school, in fact TWO of them did, and one was abandoned. There's no sign of them on either the bus that made the usual rounds, nor the spare, though there's signs of the hasty removal of some sort jury rigged device. There's a dangling power lead, and…the heck, s-video cables? Why would there be s-video on a public transit bus? That's very odd.

Miranda flips out her multitool with the ease of a fighter flipping out a switchblade. She starts tracing that S-video cable, taking apart panelling, tracing it to the front of the bus. And there… "Someone's removed the guts of the radio system, put inside a video system instead… Sunday, Claire and Jerry were here… and someone else. He smells… bad. Sickly sweet. And there's a smell like marble floors or statury." She pauses. "Unpolished marble… I don't smell any sealants or polish on it."

Timothy pages: All I can think of is they were running my bank down and were going to send it to their alt or something.
Jerry, Claire and Sunday were all friends. Okay, some might have been angrier than others at him but they were all friends nonetheless. When they failed to show, the young Ian Stoker got worried. It just so happens he found himself to the shuttle not long after Miranda had arrived. The Whisper gets a nod, before Ian leans his head forward. No, strangely enough not to look, but instead nostrils flairing as he begins to take in the situation. There's a pause when he hears Miranda's words. "Forgot sometimes that me 'n Burton Guster aren't the only ones with Super Sniffers." He nods at what she says, his own olfactory glands giving him a similar story. Instead of trying to discern what happens however, he begins to tilt his head, trying to find the wafting patterns of their scent in the air. "There trail leads this way," he murmurs, pointing towards a garage a block or so away. "And not with… any celerity either. As if nothing's wrong. I don't like it."

Jon had come along to stretch legs and try to get to know some of the other students better. Once again, she's getting caught up in something, strange, though. She walks down the aisle of the bus, tail flicking back and forth, thumping against seats lightly. "I need to get one of y'all to teach me the sniffing things out thing. I mean I got the schnozz for it, and I don't like it, but may as well get some actual use out of it, I reckon."

Timothy doesn't go to the mall. But he does notice the arrival of the second bus, and looks curious. He nods towards the others, saying, "Hello," his tone curious. "Not supposed to be two buses, is there?" As he asks this, he points, "What're the cables for?" He moves forward, "Shouldn't be dangling like that, regardless." He glances curiously at Miranda, "Oh? Folks were in there and something happened?" He frowns. "Better go look for them, then, hmm?" He digs into a bag, and pulls out something. He fiddles with its knobs, saying, "Hmmm. Yes, I found fragments of DNA that don't fit profiles found in the school. Also the carbon footprint of the vehicle." Only Timothy would carry around a small molecules scanner. Freaking seriously! He wiggles a few buttons, saying, "Yeah, I found them. I can track them. I have an associate scanning databases for the DNA, hopefully will get a match soon." Powers? You don't need freaking powers when you have -information-!

In another reality…or is it a dream? An illusion? The truth is probably somewhere in between…all the same we turn to our missing heroes, their scene already in progress.

"OK, screw going into the light. They want me to go into it, they'll be proceeding me.." he says, smartly stepping up to the door and running the light-device around the seams and the hinges. "Alright, let's get this open.." he growls

When Jerry Doctor uses the sonic screwdriver on the buckled hatch it grudgingly opens, and the angel on the other side is there, frozen by Quantum Lock while observed, fists clenched and poised to land the blow that buckled the hatch in the first place. The hallway behind it is clear, however, and there's another door — though the lights are starting to flicker more and more as the angels drain the ship's power. Still, Octavian stays behind, watching the angel until Sunday Rover and Claire Amy as well as Cleric Christian are through, and the next hatch sealed. It is a long trek, but you manage to make it up the hydroponics garden…the air supply of the ship. Up there, off to the side, is a great rip in…the air…it is fascinating, and seems…hungry? That MUST be the light that the wanted the Doctor to step into.

River Sunday inches around the angel with her eyes glued to its stony figure, and even backs away to ensure Octavian safe passage - because two sets of eyes are better than one. And onward they go! To.. a room filled with /trees/?? ".. Whoa.." Sunday is momentarily taken in by the sight of it, before she notices the glowing, and then that rip becomes her soul focus. "Ohmigod! It's.." She glances back, first to Jerry and then to Octavian, "This has to be the thing emitting all that.. chronalwhatsit energy! But what the hell is it?!" Her eyes flicker to the boxy scanner type thing the Father has pulled out a few times, then move back to the glowing scar in the air. "And why do they want the Doctor to go into it..?"

Amy Clair follows behind Dr. River Sunday, staring at the trees and shaking her head, her long red hair brushing over the shoulders of her bright red cardigan. "Oh joy of joys… you know this is one of those things about spaceship design I never get. Why do they always have one room that's there just to add atmosphere? Did it ever occur to anyone else that wandering through a dense forest might not be the best thing when dealing with enemies you have to constantly look at?" Grumbling a bit, she picks her way carefully through the roots and underbrush. "Heck, maybe if we jump into that thing, it will take us home." She sounds just a bit hopeful as she looks at the white light. "You know, like when you die… ok bad choice of words but still 'Carol Anne, go into the light'. Hey, that kind of makes sense from a twisted 'we're trapped in a TV show' point of view." She's rambling and hoping she makes sense to anyone other than herself.

"It sounds too much like that," Jerry/Doctor says, though he has no idea who Carol-Anne is. "That's why if anyone's going in there, they're going to go first.. the question is how to get them inside it. Though it seems to have little trouble getting other things inside it.." he says, pacing, looking at the little device. "Hmmm. Sonics.. I can make solid-constructs from standing waves, I wonder if this thing can as well. Hide and, well, don't look at the main part of the forest. I'm going to try and make a force plane that has my outline. With all that light, I can only hope they're blinded as well.. and if they get close enough to push 'me' in, then it might suck them in as well…" he ponders. And tries just that.

Father Octavian heads into the room, and then up to one of the trees, opening up a panel. "Doctor…this is very bad, at the present rate of consumption the angels are going to drain the ship of all vital energy in a matter of minutes." And then to River Sunday he nods. "Yes ma'am, that's the source of the chronal distortion…I can't get a solid reading, but the angels, I think they're draining it too, it /has/ to be the light that Angel Bob mentioned." Cleric Christian calls out over the comms. "Father Octavian, the angels are in hydroponics, I can't stop them all — aaaAAAAAaaaah…." And then silence. To Amy Claire. "Well, the treeborgs are to provide air…" And then he falls silent as Jerry Doctor ponders and executes his plan. At the very instant he triggers the sonic screwdriver…there's a ripple, all the air around you literally pulses and recedes…and the three displaced teens are drawn back into a familiar tunnel of light…they see Father Christan seized from behind by an angel. They see Amy stumbling, they see her crawling blindly, even as River Song works on a teleporter…it is all jumbled together…and then then lights go out for them as we return to the present, to the real world? Or perhaps the More Real World might be better.

Back in said real world, the four heroes can track the vehicle across Cove City to the cove city train yards. There they find a small bus, the kind that city transit would use — abandoned. It is clearly the vehicle they'd been tracking with Tim's gear, Ian and Miranda and even Jon's noses, and their wits. The trail leads to the new high speed tracks being tested, a sort of bullet train prototype…and it goes off yonder, where they can see the lights of the train receding. Drat.

There they find a small bus, the kind that city transit would use — abandoned. It is clearly the vehicle they'd been tracking with Tim's gear, Ian and Miranda and even Jon's noses, and their wits. The trail leads to the new high speed tracks being tested, a sort of bullet train prototype…and it goes off yonder, where they can see the lights of the train receding. Drat.'.

Miranda sees the train retreating and says something in Japanese that really shouldn't be translated. "Any of you have a way of catching us up with that train?" She looks around desperately.

"S'not much to it. Just trust your instincts and the story they give your brain," Ian replies to Jon, eyes shifting over slightly to regard the girl with swishing tail. He was looking as he always did today, pair of baggy jeans and a bowling shirt with 'KMFDM' emblazoned on the back. When Tim pulls out his little scanner, Stoker snorts ever so lightly. "While you're at it, can you replicate us a pizza?" The jest is in good humor, though brief. His attention was more focused elsewhere. For most of the trail, the young man is silent, only offering comment to help adjust the tracking. When they reach the train tracks, his hopes almost rise… only to see the lights fading. "…Unless that thing's goin' sub hundred. I got nuthin." While Ian couldn't speak Japanese, he had a feeling he knew what Miranda said. He was thinking similar. "Fuck. Any ideas Rev?"

"Well, isn't that wonderful?" Timothy asks. He considers, "Sounds like things are going to get hairy soon. Just a few moments." He begins to pull things out of a sealed and locked compartment in the back of the bike he rode to get here. He begins to dress, black outfit with eerie white highlights, gloves, long cape, and so forth. He belts all sorts of gizmos onto his belt, looking up, and putting a leg on his bike. As he does, he pushes a single button, and the bike… shifts. Its color changes to a jet black, and its appearance subtly morphs. "There. Let's get going," He says to the others. "I can give a ride, if anyone needs it."

Seeing the train heading into the distance, Jon does like Gene Wilder after getting knocked off the Silver Streak again. "Shit!" she cries out. "Uhm, dunno," she says after that attempt at comedy. "Find a plane or something to catch up to it?" Nothing fancy about her outfit. T-shirt, shorts, sandals. "Uhm, wow," she murmurs as the bike morphs. "Can I get one of those? Definitely'll take the ride." As she steps towards the bike, she looks over at Ian, "Not sure I can trust my instincts. Or that I want to."

"Do you pick up chicks with this as well?" Ian murmurs to Timothy, smirk on his face for a moment before looking on. He rather fluidly finds a space for himself. "I bet they love the cape too. Y'know the whole mystery thing."

Jon tries to find a place to ride on the bike that is the least embarrassing as possible. Which may not be very different from maximum embarrassment for her, under the circumstances. "Everyone, watch your hands," she warns, trying to sound gruff. After a moment's thought, she grabs hold of her tail. Don't want that getting caught in anything. Embarrassing way to go.

Pausing to make sure people are secure behind him, Timothy, now Revenant, smirks at Ian. "Not exactly." A pause, and he adds, "Keep your heads down. Without eye and face protection, you could get some major wind burns and other skin damage." He turns the throttle, and the motorcycle roars, and he heads down the tracks. A voice comes out of the grill, "Do you wish to use the afterburners?" "No, this should be fine." "But you wanted to test them out." "This is not the time." "Okay." Don't ask.

Once the heroes four catch up to the train, they'd find that the thing is moving well in excess of two hundred miles an hour. It will be challenging to get aboard since the ride is not too smooth in the wake of the train, even with super shocks, it is not smooth. The one ray of sunshine is that the back door on the train, actually another engine facing the other way, is open…it actually looks like it was RIPPED open along with a door being torn open as well.

Miranda mutters, "I don't want to do this, I don't want to do this…" She seems absolutely scared out of her wits. But will, when the others start to board the train, get over on to it as well.

"That doesn't look warm and cuddelerly, m'sir, not at all." And for those with keen ears (Or, y'know, could hear at all), Ian's voice did take an accent of one Mal from Firefly. He after all, was a leaf in the wind. Let's just hope that the next part doesn't happen. Looking at the opening, Stoker considers the jump ahead of him, subtly beginning the contact inside him to Noir, only to pause, looking at Miranda. "Need a boost?" He murmurs to the girl, before nodding to the breach not far away. He wasn't about to just let her try without offering first.

Using her given by curse agility and acrobatics, Jon rises up on the bike. "Hold it steady!" she urges Tim—Revenant. She watches the train, watches, watches, and then leaps for it! In the air, she's fairly graceful, landing, she's more awkward, stumbling a bit. Quite a bit, going down to one knee. "Ow," she grunts, before standing back up and spinning around, moving back to offer the others a hand up as needed.

With Miranda safely taking care of, Ian cracks his neck before glancing towards the driver Revenent. "I fully expect a cinematic entrance for you. Don't dissapoint, Rev." He himself forgoes much in the way for flair. Legs tighten and then he leaps. It almost looks unnatural in human guise, but he makes the distance with relative ease, landing on one knee, left hand raking against the metal of the entrance. Without much in the way of preamble, Stoker begins to unbutton his shirt. At any looks? "Whaat? I like this shirt. Don't want it ruined."

"Keep the bike steady for me, will you?" "Of course." The controls lock, and Revenant answers Ian dryly. "I'll try my best." Ssss. Click! The small, snub-nosed gun that Revenant pulled from its place at his waist releases a line. As it goes taut and begins reeling, he leaps up, doing a flip in the air and landing easily on the back of the train. With a click, the line releases, and he slips it away. He looks at the others, careful to lend a hand if necessary. Once they're all in place, he pushes a button, saying, "Keep it close in case a quick getaway is needed. Monitor the cameras. And no, you can't put this up on Youtube." "You never let me have any fun. My page would get a /ton/ of hits." "No." He glances at the others, and says, "Shall we, ladies, gentlemen?" As he says this, he pushes a button, and in the shadowy darkness of the train, he's suddenly very hard to see. They can see him, because they were looking at him when the device triggered, but it's hard to see more than his shape, even so. "Here's the plan. We go ahead. If things grow violent, I'll hit them hard from the rear and we can grind them up between us." The young man's voice is firm, and rather blunt in its summation. "Let's get moving."

In the central area, Reel to Reel feels…something, and looks back. Frowning, the madman turns to his newly acquired slaves. "Go back and make sure that we don't have any more company." A nasty little smile. "DO whatever it takes, no prisoners." And then he turns back to not-watching his angels at work as they literally tag team tearing open the central storage area of the train. Another command, over the trains commsystem. "Angel Bob…full throttle, stop for nothing." There's no answer, but the train does skip as the engines are gunned, the back engine firing in synch with the front. The ride is not at all smooth…the train has had its drag increased a lot by having bits of it torn open, great, this is surely not good. Meanwhile e-Jerry, e-Sunday, and e-Claire (yes, I had to) are sent to investigate and do what harm they can.

e-Jerry gives a nod and trots from car to car, rippling force-field blooming around him and cracking glass as it goes, a distortion wave around his hands indicating a vibro-blast ready to be unleashed. Once he reaches one of the open sections, he simply steps out into the howling wind of the train's passage, flying back along it's length looking for intruders through the windows.

Claire nods and smiles wickedly as she turns and flounces (yes flounces she's wearing her little red skirt with the black lace around the hem she just so she can flounce) down the cars of the train. "Come out, come out wherever you are," she chants in a mocking sing-song voice, "Come get a nice present from your Auntie Claire."

e-Sunday exchanges a look with Claire and grins softly before turning to move down the aisles behind Jerry and Claire, a wall of heat slowly creeping into existance around her form that fogs up the windows Jerry has so recently cracked. Like Claire she seems to have no desire to remain hidden, and can't help but giggle just a little at the flouncing joyful gothling infront of her. As she follows, she whistles a little tune, jaunty and (if you've seen Kill Bill) WAY creepy, hands reaching out to randomly touch this handrail and that metal seat back, idly heating each up to scortching levels as she does.

The angels are finally through the hull to the cargo compartment, Reel to Reel actually getting stuck among them for a moment as he pushes past in his eagerness to see the prize. A sigh, and then he closes his eyes, moving past them and cheering with triumph.

Miranda hears that come out come out wherever you are from Claire and starts muttering to herself, "Not good, not good, that's not like her…" Then she spots Claire and Sunday and her eyes go wide. It's just so…. wrong they way they're acting. She sets her lightning gun to the stun setting and fires at the pair.

The wireless taser effect washes over both girls, e-Sunday seems to be scarcely affected…though…ack, FRIGHT WIG! e-Claire-bear is left dazed from the high voltage.

"Not bad, Rev, not bad," Ian murmurs as Revenant does his entrance. By the time they've come to a battle plan, the shirt is off Stoker, floded into a towel and tucked in the back of his pants. "Let's try to keep this quick and right, guys. I'm seriously not liking the vibrations going on. And the smell…" He trails then, looking up at the sudden clinking and.. flouncing. And whistling. All too eager, all too.. "Sunday? Claire?" Reb starts, looking at either them. They didn't seemed panicked. Just… "What happened guys? Are you alright? Why are you here? And wha..?"

And then Miranda blasts with her gun. "Hey, what the hell are you doing 'randa? We don't even know what's up with them yet!" Still, Noir is in him, coiling, begging to be let out. He doesn't ever take his eyes away from in front of him. Something wasn't right about this situation at all.

"Hey, we've got someone outside the train," Jon says, catching sight of 'Jerry' through a window. She offers a brief wave…and then her fur bristles briefly from the passing electric charge of the Thomas Swift electric Rifle. "What the hell?" she says, turning to look at Miranda. Looking back to the supposed friends she says, "You guys okay? Where the hell you been and what the hell you doing here?"

There's no word, nor sound from Revenant. He waits in the shadows, ready to act if something untoward were to occur. He's not here. Ignore the figure in the shadows, ladies and gentleman.

Linked mind to mind with his slaves, Reel to Reel can feel Claire's discomfort. ~Whatever it takes, you three. Do whatever you must. I just need a few moments more.~ And then he starts affixing devices to the prize in the cargo area — palettes — literally five feet on a side, full of old money slated to be destroyed. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the man is even basing his crimes on movies. Sad? Why yes! Meanwhile, the train is pushing 350, it is redlined and literally skipping along, no doubt per the madman's wishes.

Driven to one knee by the sudden electric shock, e-Claire looks up with a questioning look on her face. "Ow… why? Why?" Then, her eyes narrow slightly and she chuckles, her lips curling into a maelefic smile. "I'll tell you why. Because Ian is an insensitive jerk, so lost in his own little world of self-pity and angst he can't feel for anyone else. He hurts people and humiliates them and passes mixed signals and all the while he pretends he's some big hero keeping the beast in check. Well, guess what Mr. Stoker, you still hurt people even without your shackled beast. Maybe you don't even have a beast in you, maybe it's just all you who wants to murder your friends and slaughter innocents. You're a danger to yourself and everyone around you. Why they even let you into the school I'll never know. You belong in a zoo. Or better yet, to save everyone, maybe you should just throw yourself out of the train and save everyone the trouble of having to put down the rabid beast later. You know it's inevitable." She's just sneering at the man who hurt her, trying to hurt him back just as bad.

"Ah!" Sunday yelps, mostly in alarm, as she's struck without much more effect than a bit more static in her hair. Oh, ANNOYING. Kicking the fallen metal lead away, she looks sharply up at Miranda. "What the hell was that for?!" Her attention is pulled by Claire's angry outburst, to which Sunday sighs and looks back to the group as if wanting to apologize but unable. Cuz, y'know. That's her friend. She notes Jon and what the catgirl says, then looks back to the group. "She's stressed, sorry, it's just that you guys are kind of late to the party. While we were on the way back to the school we saw this guy busting into the train," a tilt of her head motions back to the hole, "and we detoured to take care of it. But it's all done now, so you can all stand down. The conductor is up front getting us to safty, so if you all just want to chill here…" Her eyes fix on Ian, and the girl he has described before as his best friend smiles in the most reassuring way she can. It's all good, folks!

Jerry streaks alongside the train, the mental link they all have alerting him to his fellow's plans - he waits for the time it takes her to attempt her bluff, then curls his lip and accelerates back to the point where the cars join. He grips the coupling and a humming, thrumming vibration ripples through the train as his power works to separate the very molecule from each other; chunks and flakes of metal whirl away from his hands, the couples weakened and pitted from the vibro-attack… then he draws back, ready to blast the coupling into bits, enduring the doctor will have no more interruptions!

With an agonized sounding shriek, the coupling twists…then with a sickening lurch the back of the train separates from the front at over three hundred miles per hour. The heroes in the back have barely an instant to react before the train starts to list, and then shiver…and then roll…

There's a flicker then, and Revenant stands there, cape drawn about him. "Mixed signals? Jesus, is this some sort of rebellion due to getting dumped or something?" A pause. "Grow up." He rolls his eyes, and is about to attack when the whole train shudders. He swears under his breath, "Shit. They decoupled the train. This fucker is so going to get derailed. Get down. Hold on if you can. And here. Don't die." He tosses Ian something. It's some sort of beeping device. And then he's off, diving around people to emerge on the far end of the trail. A sss *CLINK* is heard as he swings over the gap.

Miranda's eyes go wide. "Derail…" She grabs Jon, pulling him to the floor with her and holding tight to him. "Hold tight to me, and whatever you do, don't let go!" She adjusts the controls on her lightening gun and a glowing blue forcefield surrounds the pair… though from the hum the gun is making it's not entirely happy about it.

Jonathan mrrps in surprise as Miranda takes hold of her and pulls her down to the ground. "Huh, whut?" she says eloquently. On seeing the forcefield come up, though, she scoots close to Miranda, reaching an arm over her to hold on tightly, her other hand digging in to the floor of the car with her claws. "Better wake up Leroy," she says to no one in particular.

The train…skips…and derails, turning over and over sixty or seventy times before it impacts into an underpass support. CRASH! The thing is stopped dead…in a cloud of dust and debris, fortunately it is not a gas fueled train, but entirely electric…the fires are pretty minor. Sunday gets bruised, she has no idea by what, the rest of those in the half that got derailed are left with minor scrapes and bruises, not even worthy of being called injuries.

Ian, however, Ian paid a nice little price for that heroism, for saving Claire…but really, his hand will grow back, and surely someone will get him off the pole he's impaled upon.

"I hope they survive," mutters Revenant. He wouldn't, though. He's totally mundane, at least where it counts. He pushes a button, and his clothing shifts again, turning transparent and shadowy, and he heads deeper into the train, looking for the cause of all this. If it exists, and the others aren't just crazy and in need of big spankings. He's holding something in his hand. Something that is sending out a signal to the object that Ian was given. Forward he goes, at a good clip.

Revenant's explorations would find him almost unable to move, there's a TON of angel statues…what the FUCK? ANGELS? Made of marble..must be the unfinished marble Miranda spoke of. They're tightly packed..and in the dark…and in various…HOLY SHIT, theses are WEEPING ANGELS! An instinct prompts him to turn, JUST in time to see one that he'd passed scant inches away with fangs bared, nearly ON him..though it seems like it was just moving, almost colliding with the stealthed teen.. Okay..this is so not right.

Twenty Seconds Ago: So, nevermind the fact Claire insulted him. That's suspcious, but then again, women were weird. When Ian's about to question all of that, Sunday does a very convincing job of disarming the young man. He even lowers his hackles before suddenly the train convulses. "That… cannot be good. At all," Ian murmurs, before catching a beeping device from Revenant. It's quickly pocketed, before he turns to the entrance. Noir was there, it was begging for him to jump behind Rev - to track down who derailed the thing. But then the train lurches, and Ian snaps out of it. He knew better. In about a half second, people could very well DIE. "Hang on!" He shouts out, an octave lower than normal. Immediately later, Ian morphs, shifting into a near 8 foot tall monster. It rushes forward with a suddenly celerity, grabbing at both Sunday and Claire. The former's shield causes black skin to sizzle, but he manages to wrap his arms about the psychic. For an attack? Quite the opposite, as he uses his own mass to wrap around the girl. Covering her as the train begins to tumble.

Jerry is still flying about, once the train comes apart in a squealing, tearing crescendo of crashing metal. He loops, watches the various heroes scramble, fall and bounce out of the train. Two, at least, he can see and they're still moving. Can't have that. "Time for round two, bitches!" the boy yells. He grabs one of the tumbled freight cars and does something no-one at the school has seen him do before: he taps into the energy he stored as the cars were bouncing around seconds ago and /picks up/ the multi-ton freight car. Then he tosses it right at Jon and Miranda, under the force field. It groans as he tosses it like a missile towards the two girls, digging in and throwing a tidal-wave of dirt and muck high in the air as it grinds to a halt after hitting and rolling over the shielded girls. "That should take care of you. Now to get dog boy and .. wait.. wasn't there…?"

Sunday, having successfully avoided either by chance or by purpose being grappled by the werewolf, braced herself well behind her shield, curling up and weathering the storm with naught but a really nice sized bruise on her back to show for it. When the world has stopped spinning, she pulls herself up and dusts off the wreckage just in time to hear Jerry outside making a go for the two girls not far off. It seems like it could be bad idea to join in that particular fight - she likes not being squished - and looks sharply around for anyone else.. and, oh lucky, there he is! Impaled, missing a hand, but Noir is still Noir, and will be back to fighting form in no time at all. "Claire?" she asks, seeking to know if the girl is alright, though really the bulk of her focus is on one singular thing.. and it brings a twisted grin to her face. "Good job puppy. Now, say goodnight." Claire is given a mental warning and moments notice to get out of the way before Sunday takes some of that 666 degree baked evil out on her prone victim, initiating a penetrating blast of heat. "Claire! Look out - make sure everthing's copacetic."

Rolling to the side, e-Claire manages to get out of the way of the sudden blast of heat from Sunday. She grins and gives her friend a thumbs up, glancing around to see that yes Jerry has things well in hand over in the rest of the wreckage. THat's good. That leaves Ian for the girls. Reaching up to rest her index finger on the side of her head, Claire cackles and unleased and blast of pure, negative, hateful energy. It's every baleful though, deviant impulse, bit of self-loathing and fear she can muster concentrated into one psychic shockwave of pain giftwrapped in a black box of humiliation with a red bow of revenge. "Suffer you pathetic curr! Suffer for your sins!"

For all the concetrated heat, for all the mental vitriol, Noir is hurt…but not downed, not by a long shot. The dual assault leaves him angry more than anything else, the Beast inside feeding on the negative emotions, the seething hatred. Oh dear.

The bar that Stoker is impales on begins to glow a feint orange-red, and skin begins to sizzle. But there's no real sign of true damage. Indeed, as the psychic goes to claim herself a weakened dog, he doesn't bow out. No instead eyes close, and roll back. And then they open again. Gone are the light brown eyes of Stoker, replaced with glowing red orbs that seep a terrible emmanence. Miranda had seen those eyes before, and so has Timothy, though never in this level. Gone is Stoker - lost in pain for a few moments. Instead the new resident straightens, and begins to walk forward - sickening sounds of flesh and sinew ripping from the pull following each moment. The creature ignores it, instead pulling itself free, canine nose flaring a moment - with hellfire eyes first looking to Jerry … and then the ladies.

Stoker ain't home no more. No. Just Noir. And Noir reared it's head back, and gives a healthy roar, nails scrapping the against the wreckage, making ear-screaching noises.

This has been a bad day. A very bad day. Jon and Miranda have just survived a train derailment, and just as she was recovering from that, and starting to lift her head…a frakking train gets dropped -on- them. Jon curls up against Miranda, hoping the force field will hold, and miraculously it mostly does. A bit battered, but still in the fight, Jon staggers to her feet. "Sunnabitch," she grumbles. "Hey Jerry!" she calls out, picking up a piece of wreckage. "Catch this!" She hauls back to throw the thing…and on her backswing, it slips right out of her hands. "DAMMIT!" she roars. "Dammit, dammit, dammit!"

The money is all in a big pile in the cargo area. Revenant sees this as he finally nears. He rolls his eyes, thinking, 'This is so out of a movie. No damn creativity. Weeping Angels and now /this/?' He slips forward. Silently. And once he's close enough, he simply sets down a few objects onto the money at regular intervals. And backs up. As he passes by the man who seems to be in charge, he casually slips a hand in to tag him with a tracer. The man may notice it, it's hard to place a tracer without someone knowing. Then, there's a huge *WHOOSH* as the Thermate bombs he dropped ignite. And pure, liquid fire begins to rain down on the money. Incinerating it as only Thermate that burns at 2,500 degrees Celcius can do. His voice comes from nowhere, as he moves back so it can't be easily pinpointed, "No money for you." He adds over his link, "Gis, use the link here to shut down the train, please." The train starts to slow. "Can I—" "No, you can't derail it. That would hurt. Me, for one." "Aww."

"MY MONEY!" Reel-to-Reel crashes to his knees, and then he snarls, looking at his wrist. There's a TV screen on it, showing what looks to be Casablanca. "Here's looking at you, kids! COUNT ON IT!" And then he twists, and folds, vanishing into his watch in a puff of illogic. As he does…a wave emanates, and where it goes the Weeping Angels crumble into dust, and a chalky residue. It keeps rolling of course, and when it passes over the spot where Jerry, Sunday and Claire are…they all crumple.

Even as the e-versions slump the other three return from TV land, slamming into their bodies…knowing nothing of what has been happening in THIS world, but all too clearly remembering these final words. "I would that I had known you better." The Doctor says. "I think sir, that you knew me at my best…go…I am content…" Father Octavian replies with a smile.


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