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Title: Two Teens Enter, One Teen Leaves
Emitter: -
Characters: Jerry, Amber
NPCs: -
Place: The Thunderdome
Time: May 17, 2010
Summary: Jerry and Amber get in some combat practice, and Jerry quickly finds himself outclassed.

Intro to Neohuman Conflict is a class designed to communicate the basics of self-defence in a world where the options for certain people quintuple or more. Practically, it's also a way to blow off steam in an academically-apprioved manner. Jerry has been needing this for a time, and he finally came up in the rotation - he comes out into the staging area in a padded dark red combat suit, suitably buffered against things in case his own power fails. A shifting prism of purple plane springs up around him, his force-feild snapping into place. The coach up in the control room sets the program, and the hard-light generators rez up Generic Street Scene #1, Beginner's Edition.

Amber walks out of the building that one of the holographic emitters puts up, kinda like a wild west gunslinger leaving the bar. She grins a bit and tilts her head, offering a little smile, and floating up a bit. She's got the school uniform on, since this is a class thing. She looks around and nods, noting the more urban setting, kinda like home. "Come out, come out whereever you are!" Amber calls and smiles brightly. This might be the only class she does well in.

Jerry's own uniform is on under his padding, though it's hard to tell from the faint distortion his barrier creates. He trots to the side of the street when he hears Amber's call, and tries to get the drop on her - his power isn't a subtle one and it certainly isn't a quiet one. He points both fists at the girl and lets loose with a vibratory blast that rattles 'windows' around them, trying for the early advantage. Against Amber, he knows he needs it. Violet-shifted energy hits the girl and splatters off her chest like water off a stone, even as Jerry keeps up the power until he realizes it's doing no good and he cuts it off, his force-field rippling.

"Oh crap," the teen says.

Amber hmms and says as she gets blasted, "Oof, I can feel that…that's weird! But cool at the same time. I wish I could blast stuff sometimes. Oh is it my turn?" She flies at him and punched at Jerry, right into the force field. She slams into it. "Wow, cool! Energy stuff is so neat sometimes!" She quirks a brow and seems a bit confused a moment, "I wonder if we get a better grade for banter?"

Jerry tries not to wince as his shield barely stand up to that blow - he stumbles back and levels his hands at her again. "Um, maybe…" He raise voice. "OK, Siren of Evil, prepare for some jail time!" he says as he cuts loose, drawing on his reserves to power a crescendo of fluctuating force waves at the girl, twin purple tornadoes of howling kinetic energy - sweat springs up on his brow and muscled arms quiver as he pushes himself, the powered equivalent of pulling a muscle as he strains. He flies up about 20 feet, unsure whether Amber can fly or not, from what he's seen. His blows hammer at the woman, tearing small chunks of 'pavement' up as the vibro-force spills off her.

Amber winces as she feels the sting of the pulsing energy. "Oh, oh no you didn't. Wait, I'm the evil one? Dang I'm never…fine!" She flies after him and just glances off that force field again, with no real effect. She growls and cackles. "You'll not escape me! Coward! You'll not escape my wrath!"

Oh no, she can fly! Jerry backpedals a bit, then suddenly rounds and lets loose with another howl of purple energy. His reflex field shimmers and flickers as he pours on the juice. This time the blast again breaks up against the super-woman's skin, blasting past her to shatter a window and overturn a fire hydrant. "Your wrath is useless against me, because I have the law on my side!" Yes, someone really, really needs a Remedial Banter and Taunting class.

"The thing about justice, it's blind! Let's see how you are with a handicap!" Amber giggles, and says, "I suck at this villain stuff." But that doesn't stop her from raising her hands and clapping her hands hard. A sonic wave punctures the air and the wave passes through Jerry, reaching deep into his ears.

Jerry momentarily frowns as the girl sweeps her arms back, then.. BOOOOM!! He's driven back several yards up into the air by the sonic force, cutting through his own shields like butter. He blinks. Deaf. Totally deaf, even through the suit's so-called ear protection. He aims, blasts, and winds up digging a furrow in the street behind Amber, his blast going wild as he struggles to control the energies he calls up. No banter this time, for some reason.

"I could tell you how much more you are doomed, but I'm afraid it will simply fall on…deaf ears!" Amber cackles and rushes at Jerry once more, raising a fist, and slamming into that force field hard enough to rock the boy behind it. Amber doesn't feel she has to hold back with how resistant this thing is.

Jerry's exhausted now, and he flinches back as the woman pounds on his shielding, the purple energy constructs wavering and shifting as he does so. He sets his jaw at the attack and pushes himself again, running on empty now, spots before his eyes as he blasts the woman again - he drops to the rooftop of a nearby building, feeling himself running out of juice as it were and not really wanting to add a broken collarbone or something to the bruises he'll have in a couple hours. He hammers the woman again with pulsating pillars of energy, surrounding her in conflicting vibratory patterns.

Amber is getting blasted again and once more she feels the impact of the energy, pelting her, harming her. She grits her teeth, "Ok, that's it." Once more she claps her hands hard and parts them a little, as if it was a more focused narrow wave than before. This one rumbles as it passes through Jerry, not a sound but a physical vibration that is more than just air.

Jerry is blown backwards across the roof by the sheer seismic might of the woman's handclap again, boots skidding on the rooftop until he's near the edge. He trots forward again, mistepping and almost tripping but keeping his feet - he still looks determined, bruised and battered as he is. He takes a stance and raises his hands again.

There's the blur and rush from on high, and the blonde girl spies where the boy lands and she dashes through the air and drives her body right into Jerry. The building explodes in a cloud of dust and concrete, causing a faux dust cloud for a moment, blurring out the horizon. When the dust settles, Amber stands over Jerry and looks down at him. "Score one for evil! BWA HA…oh wait, that's not right. Jerry? You ok? Jerry?"

Jerry's shield dissipates in a blur of energy and Jerry is sprawled bonelessly on the rooftop, as the simulator begins to cycle down - The coach dispatches medical personnel to attend to the fallen teenager and check him out. "He'll be OK, just dazed and out," one of them says to Amber.

Amber winces and says, "Whew, ok, but still, I feel bad doing that to him." She looks down and says, "Umm, do you need to take him to the infirmary? If you do, can I go with?" She sighs, "See, coach, this is why I don't like evil side!"

The coach smiles, shakes his head. "Well think of it as having to take down a rogue, mind-controlled teammate, then," he says as he checks out Jerry's vitals and has the boy transferred to the infirmary abutting the gym. "Certainly you can go with him if you wish; your scores and such will be sent in an email to you in your school folder."

Amber nods and smiles, "Thanks Coach." She waves and follows along in a hurry to make sure Jerry is ok. No matter what, Amber will still feel bad she knocked out another student around here.

The infirmary is a cool, quiet state-of-the-art facility - no matter what the various arguments over budgets and financing, no expense was spared /here/. Jerry is laid out and a couple of bandages applied, then left to himself. About a half-hour later, he blinks his eyes open and forces himself to lay still, not wanting to think about moving right now. "Whew…" he breathes.

Amber looks up from her spot as she was seated there, watching the little blood pressure reading on the bed. "Hey, Jerry," Amber says very gently, "How you feeling buddy? Doing ok?" She stands up and smiles softly. "How you feeling?"

Jerry's eyes take a second to focus, and he smiles weakly. "Like I was beat up by a girl who can bench-press tanks," he manages to say. He grunts as he attempts to sit up and quickly stops that. "Holy crap I'm sore," he says. "At least I can hear, again.." he sighs. The nurse comes over, hearing conversation, and checks Jerry's vitals. "Two pain tabs and get to bed early tonight," she says, dropping two capsules and a small bag with instructions and recommendations on his chest. "You'll be fine."

Amber smiles and says, "Umm yeah, about that…sorry. I got a little carried away." She grins a little, "I have to hand it to you though, you really got me good though, and that force field is really hard to get past. It was a good lesson." She nods to the nurse, "I'll help him back to his room." Then looking at Jerry, she blushes a bit, "I mean, if you don't mind?"

Jerry shakes his head. "No, no, not at all," he says, managing to shift off the bed after a couple of tries, and maintaining a death-grip on the empty IV pole next to it. "That.. uupphh.. would be.. good," he says, swaying slightly. "Never hit that hard, before, took a lot.. pphheww…out of me.."

Amber quickly moves over to Jerry and has a hand on him, quick. She smiles and says, "I got ya." Grinning she says, "My lucky day." She giggles a little more and wraps an arm around his back. "You…you're not gonna feel weird if I carry you back, are you? Cause I can just help you walk."

Jerry shakes his head and then reeeallly wishes he hadn't as the room spins and he momentarily stumbles. What a choice. "No, just.. help me, 's cool," he manages to get out, grip transferring to Amber's shoulder.

Amber nods and grips at Jerry's waist, a rock hard placement with a gentle touch, it won't move from where it is, able to keep Jerry upright. She smiles a bit, and says, "I gotcha, don't worry." She sighs and says, "I don't usually hit that hard, but boy, like I said, I was having a hard time and you were really getting me there. How'd you do that, the first one didn't feel like the others."

Jerry manages to flash a smile as he walks out with help, determined to leave under as much of his own power as possible. "My powers are kinda tied to my emotions, and when I get really intense then I can tap more power than I normally can manifest. It's hard to control though, and there's always the chance I could China Syndrome or something, but hey, the place is designed to take more than even I can dish out," he says, voice still a bit ragged around the edges.

Amber nods and says, "I'm glad I don't make you mad. Or I got you before I did make you mad." She tries not to make it look like she's doing much. But strength like hers makes that easy. "Even if you do get all syndrome-y, yeah, this place can take it. I mean, look at us. We did that in the city, think of the collateral damage we would have done."

Jerry nods at Amber. "It would have been worse; my power can cut through stuff like brick and pavement like butter; I'd probably have brought a building down that time I missed you. Or at least vaporized someone's corner office. Gotta work on my control, is what the coach says." He smiles the anger comment. "I didn't lose it, but I came close. Trying to use it, build on it if I can," he says. A dangerous thing to do, perhaps.

Amber smiles more and says, "You and I have a lot in common. I hit hard, but I need that control too. We both need to work on that." She laughs a little as she leads Jerry through the corridors and bact to the open air. "Using it sounds hard, like not only controlling the power, but your anger as well. Dual pronged problem." She nods and says, with a smirk, "You should meet my mom, she's got the anger thing."

"Really," Jerry says. "It's .. yeah, something to work on," he says, working one shoulder once they're out in the cooler air. "I'm in Astro," he indicates with a nod of his head.

Amber nods and leads Jerry that way, and says, "No problem." She walks with him for a moment, and says, "You know, anytime you want, we can have another match…but I'd really hate doing this walk again, and I'd hate to be on the other side. Maybe next time, we can be on the same side?" She grins, softly, a gentle smile with her naturally cheery demeanor behind it.

Jerry smiles back. "I'd like that," he says, wincing as he puts a foot down wrong. "They won't let me back in for a bit, until they check me out again. I don't regen or anything," he says. "But I need the practice; if I'm going to face people like the jewel theives, I need to get ready."

Amber hmms and says, "Welllllll…" She grins a little and looks around, "You'll be ok, she said, with just some rest, but you know, you can get off campus with a buddy. I've been bad," she says conspiratorially, "able to get off campus, and the city isn't that far away. We could totally do some real heroing. There's enough going on, and it'd be just like training." She waggles her eyebrows and smiles brightly. When Jerry misteps she looks around, "C'mon, you're hurting too much." She picks him up just a little, not enough to make anyone thinks she's carrying him. "It'll be faster this way." She helps Jerry make better time to the dorms.

Jerry finally acquiesces, male pride assuaged by the idea of being able to get back in bed for a bit. "That.. sounds like a plan," the youth says at the outing idea. "Got a costume already, so I'm ready to go looking for trouble." He mphs as they make it to his door and he uses his key to open it. The messy room is contrasted by there being at least nothing piled on the bed and he lets himself be eased onto it. "God, you're a lifesaver," he groans as he picks his legs up and swivels around. He flops down, running fingers through his hair. "Lemme know when you're up for a little heroing, k?"

Amber smiles as she rests Jerry down and says, "I'm not, I'm the person that put you in this condition." She blushes a little as she chuckles and looks at him for a moment, grinning and nods, "Anytime, seriously. I've been doing it all my life, and I have my own costume I don't get to use enough here." She laughs and says, "Should I tuck you in?"

Jerry gives an embarrassed laugh and shakes his head. "No, the covers would hurt too much.." he jokes. "Just.. toss me the remote and I'll be good to go until I can haul myself down the hall to the sauna. And thanks for the invite, too, Amber. really."

Amber grins, walks over and hands Jerry the remote. "Don't ever ask the super strong kids around here to toss you anything. You might get boulders. Ask Gronk." She chuckles and says, "Come by soon as you're feeling better." She blushes again, and says, "Ummm yes." She backs away, sounding forward to her own ears, and ducks her head and heads out, calling, "NIGHT!"

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