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Title: To The Moon, Alice!
Emitter: None
Characters: Jerry, Linus, Sunday Knight, Jonathan and Claire
Place: The Quad
Time: 6/2/2010
Summary: Free of classes, the kids relax and horse around until Linus takes off for the stratosphere.

With Spring classes finished and summer classes yet to begin, most high schools would be devoid of life. Nobody goes home at this school, though, making it an exception to that rule. Even so, there's not much going on in the actual grounds of campus right now. Which makes this park bench Linus is sitting on particularly empty and open. He's got one leg crossed, with a book on his lap. 'Steranko Institute: Thunderdome Operations Manual. Revision 2.4j'

Well, Jon could go home, but it's safer for her to be here right now. Cultists that might be trying to kill her are a bit problematic after all. So for now, she's still stuck here. A break will come at some point, but not yet. She walks along a pathway of the quad, guitar case carried in one hand, book bag slung over one shoulder, but with far fewer books in it than during the actual schoolterm. She walks a bit stiffly, trying to control her gait, keep her hips from swaying.

It's such an exceptionally nice day, it seemed a shame to spend it cooped up inside! Well, okay, maybe it's not /exceptionally/ nice, just sort of averagely nice, but for some reason Sunday happens to think it's one of the nicer days she's seen in awhile. The sun is shining! The air is fresh! The birds are chirping like it's some kind of freakin' Disney movie, it's really quite revolting if you think about it. But today that's Sunday World, and she wants to be out in it! So with her acoustic guitar strapped to her back, she ventures out into the quad in search of a nice spot to practice.. and fairly quickly spots a particular park bench. A brief jog brings her to the table, where she cheerily greets Linus, "Hi!" before popping up to sit on the table itself, feet on the bench, and pulls her guitar around her. "Nice day, hm?" Beam!

Jerry drops out of the sky to do a nice trot-landing, the reverse of the textbook three-step takeoff. Someone's been practicing, at least. He's dressed in a loose New York Rangers jersey, white shorts, and no shoes; a leather-thong necklace with a couple of small seashells on it dangles around his neck. "Wassup?" he asks the bandmates as he lands.

Linus flips a page in his book. When Sunday shows up, his face brightens right up from its previously neutral expression. A hand curls around her ankle, "It is now. I never did get to hear you play. Are you going to wow me?" Yes, Linus. She's going to wow anything with eardrums in moments, actually. It's then that he spots the catgirl, giving her a curious stare. When Jerry quite literally drops in, that diverts his attention. "Jerry. What's going on, bro?" It seems 'bro' is going to stick. Curious. He grins at him, then looks down at his feet. "I don't know what's more warped. That I'm casual about a flying man just dropping in from the sky, or that you're doing it barefoot." He lowers his voice, peering at Jonathan as she happens by, "Hey. I've got to ask. What's up with the catgirl?" He gives Sunday's ankle a squeeze.

The tigres's eyes are drawn to the motion of Jerry's flight and landing, and he pauses just amoment to watch it. Shaking her head wistfully, she starts to continue on her way again, but stops, tail giving a firm flick at hearing the 'c' word. Feline hearing is a dangerous thing to have. She turns at the hips slowly, looking over at Linus with a raised eyebrow, and then fully turns to head over towards him. "What was that?" she asks dryly.

"Maybe," is Sunday's only reply to the idea of wowing him, a warm smile on her lips, trying to be modest by simply not expanding very much. She's good. She knows it. And things like that can get you in trouble with the ego if you're not careful! "Hi Jerry," she greets as she takes a second to tune, then starts in on the acoustic, mellow part of More than a Feeling. Even as she looks around, the girl doesn't miss a single beat, or drop a single note, or really make any kind of other amaturish mistakes. Her fingers move with practiced fluidity and ease across the frets and strings. She doesn't even make that annoying squeeky sound people who don't know how to slide properly do! Ugh, hate that. When Linus asks about the cat girl, Sunday winces.. watching Jon turn. "Super hearing. That's what's up with the cat.. person." The words are murmured, but there's really no point. She calls over, "Hi Jon," only because that makes it obvious she means for him.. her.. to hear.

Jerry flashes a smile at Linus and Sunday. "and what is wrong with bare feet, drummer-boy? You'll be surprised at what will be old hat to you in a month or so.." he says to Linus. He grins at Sunday's playing, pushing off to hover a couple of inches above the ground, eyes following her fingering with envy. He cracks a smile at Jon's response. "Her hackles," he says to Linus, and waves to Jon. "Hey!" he grins.

Linus literally facepalms when Jonathan turns towards them. "That makes sense." and then he raises his voice a little, though by now it's obvious he doesn't need to. His cheeks turn a little red. "Sorry. I've just never seen a.. well, you know. Before." He closes his book, since it's obvious he's done reading for now. "Oh, and nothing's wrong with bare feet. It's just that whenever I think of people flying, I think of thick spandex, shiny boots, and all that stuff. It's just so casual. I guess like seeing it behind the curtain."

Jonathan sets her guitar case down, balancing it on the broad end, hands resting on the narrow. "I know," she says, tail swaying lightly. "I'm starting to get used to the reaction. Just trying to cut things off before they get out of hand. And we met the other day, in the ice cream shop. 'cept I didn't have fur. or a tail. And was a little shorter." She tilts her head at Sunday and grins. "Y'know one of the -nice- things 'bout all this? The hearing makes hearing good music even better." She offers Jerry a grin and nod of greeting. "Back to yourself?"

More than a Feeling slips into the acoustic version of Layla as Sunday shifts her eyes to Linus, trying to look more sympathetic than amused and not having a ton of success with it. It's hard! She went through all this kind of stuff for awhile, so it's easier to see the comedy in it from the other end. "I try to think of spandex as little as possible, personally. Bare feet is the way to go, but you /do/ have protection against the sharp rocks, Jer." Good music? Sunday smiles over at Jon's compliment. "Thanks. You feeling alright yourself? I heard Jerry threw a train at you while we were.. y'know." Not themselves. She doesn't remember what happened, though, so this is all second-hand.

Jerry puts hands on his hips briefly and strikes a heroic pose. "I can go /get/ the boots and spandex if you'd like.." he grins, falling back to Earth with a thump and flopping on the end of the bench as he listens to Sunday's playing. "I had no idea you could do that, Jon.." he says to the catgirl. "Nope, still evil; didn't want to reveal it until now, when my plans were too far advanced to be stopped."

"Oh." Linus still has no idea who Jonathan was, if his face is anything to go by. "So you can turn into a… well, I think catgirl offended you, so I guess you tell me. I'm Linus, by the way and…" It's then that the music Sunday is playing finally registers in his mind. His jaw -drops-. He has nothing more to say, and anything he was going to say to Jerry is put on a temporary pause as he turns towards the girl with the possessed fingers with wide eyes. "Holy… Sunday, you said you were good…" He turns towards Jerry, "She said she was good. She didn't say she was -that- good. I didn't think…" Tilt. He gives her ankle a tighter squeeze when mention of train throwing is made, though. He has no comment on that at all.

Jonathan looks wry at Sunday. "I'm on the mend. Should be back to what passes to normal for me soon. And definitely my pleasure on the music thing. I know enough guitar to know a good player when I hear one." Unbeknownst to her, her tail has begun to swing back and forth in time to Sunday's playing. "Do which?" she asks Jerry. "And that's what I thought. Hold still a moment while I go El Kabong on your ass." Attention shifts to Linus. "Uhm, dunno what's the best way to call it. Cat person, maybe," she says, echoing Sunday's earlier comment. "And, kinda hate to say it, but this is kinda my natural form now. So it's more that I can turn into a human than the other way 'round."

Sunday slides her converse-clad foot closer to Linus's side and just smiles down at her guitar while she plays, a tiny bit of color in her cheeks as she's praised, but not much. Once again, she's trying to be modest, but she knows she's good! The only reason she has any blush at all is because of Linus's face, and the squeeze to her ankle. "You should hear me with an amp." And a mic, but Sunday is a lot more modest about her singing than about her guitar playing. She does start to hum the tune to the Clapton hit, however, pausing only when Jerry's comments about still being evil make her laugh. "Dangit Jerry, I thought we weren't doing the big reveal until next week!" She looks up to Jon and arches a brow curiously at the El Kabong thing, and when the cat-person doesn't introduce herself, Sunday looks back to Linus and asks, "That's Jonathan, by the way." Her eyes say it all - Don't Ask. Just Go With It.

Jerry smiles at Jonathan and puts hands behind his head, bare feet splayed out in front of him as he lounges on the bench. "Looking good either way, though, so no biggie, right?" he says to the cat girl, still basking appreciatively in Sunday's music, bobbing his head in time. He gives Sunday a smile at the 'evil' comment and snaps his fingers as if, curses, foiled again. He sings along adequately enough with the playing, and then.. gets this wondering look on his face. He furrows his brow and a flickering purple aura appears around Sunday. "Try…try it now," he says. "Good power chord or something.." he says to her. "Quick, now.."

Sunday peers curiously up at Jerry, fingers pausing for a second in thought before she straightens her back and.. does as requested - a good power chord. On an acoustic? We shall see how it goes!

Specifically the one that kicks off Long Time! (HA!)

BWWWWAAAAAAAA! The sound rolls, and builds off the guitar, a thumming powerful wave of sound and force that can probably be heard across the campus — enough to buffet the clothes of the teens at ground zero and cause Jerry to hurridly cancel the effect. "Everyone OK?" he says, looking surprised. Thankfully, no-one is deaf and no-one was particularly close to their position. "Whew.. thought I could do that.."

"Ok, cat person." Linus just goes with it, though his eyes follow the swaying tail. It's a little hypnotic. Eyes flit back towards Sunday, "Can't wait to. Did you ever see Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure?" Ageless, apparently. He grins, turning towards Jerry, "Think she could align the planets with that thing, or what?" And then there's that purple aura, which rather than cause the boy to remove his hand from Sunday's ankle, makes him brush at it, trying to ascertain the nature of the stuff, "Wait. What is this?" He smirks until the results come, which make him let go, finally. "AAAUGH!" He lets go because he covers his ears. His books fly off of his lap and end up… somewhere else. He doesn't even care. "Oh my FUCK."

Eeeeeeek! Sunday would have fallen over if she wasn't on her butt already, hands leaping off the guitar and onto her ears. It's hardly in time, however, given that she's the one who struck the chord. Eyes wide and brain ringing around in her skull, it takes a second for Sunday to calm down her suddenly rapidly beating heart… and when she does, there's a STUPID big grin on her face. "That. Was. EPIC!!" SQUEE! "Wait," she shouts at Linus, just because she can't really hear herself even as her hands come down and her head swivels to look at him. "Who are Bill and Ted?" And what made their adventures so excellent??

Jerry grins as he lets the field collapse. "SWEET! I wondered if I could control other vibrations!" he grins. He looks over at Linus. "OK, dude, it's OK," he says. "Figured I'd try something new!"

The scene as it stands is surrounding a picnic table in the quad, Linus on the bench, Sunday with her acoustic guitar sitting on the table top right next to him, with Jerry and Jon very near by. A power chord of most EPIC proportions has just rung out through-out the quad and beyond, and rendered several members of the group both speechless from laughter and somewhat deaf. "You have GOT to do that if we play a gig, Jerry! Must. Happen!" Rubbing her ears as the ringing slowly subsides, she looks over at Linus as he explains the plot to this very odd sounding movie, Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure, and arches a brow. "Sounds like a weird movie. George Carlin is in it? I thought he was just a comedian. And uh…" God, this is gonna be one of those Sunday Has Sprouted Another Head moments. She can feel it. "Who is Keanu Reaves? Is he related to Christopher?"

Claire -was- reading, just hanging out in her dorm within Rider Hall, catching up on the latest with 'Fables' when suddenly, the peace and quiet of her lazy Wednesday afternoon was shattered by a cacophonous shriek of pure electronic agony not heard since the last Disaster Area concert destroyed the Lost Moon of Poosh. Jumping out of bed and grabbing her glasses as they slip down her face, Clair tugs on her tennis shoes (yes she owns something other than platform boots) and rockets out the door, totally forgetting her backpack and purse.

It's not long before she comes trotting up the path to the South, seeking out the cause of that sudden disturbance, her new dyed and straightened red hair blowing about her face in the wind. She's wearing a variation on what she had on last night, her long-sleeved 'Black Lantern' symbol belly shirt which leaves her rather flat stomach completely bare. She's got on a tight, lycra skirt on red with a purely ornamental black leather belt hanging to one side about her hips. Her legs are encased in her black and white striped, knee-length stockings and she has on a pair of red Converse All Stars. And to accessorize, she has her chunk, black, plastic framed glasses and a black barrette keeping her hair parted to one side. "Ok… what the Hell? Are we being attacked by the Ghost of Joe Strummer?"

Jerry laughs at the hysterical Linus. "Sound's just another form of kinetic energy, man.." he grins. "I did it to see if I could do it, simple as that. Practice, practice, practice." He grins. "I dunno if I can keep it up for a whole show, but I could try. At least, it's a good trick if the power goes out." He waves as Claire comes up. "Sorry, my bad, entirely my fault. Playing with my powers," he grins, certainly not looking very repentant.

"Yeah, we -totally- have to find an empty field so I can sample some of that, bro." Linus laughs a bit more, and then sighs, looking around, "Oh, man. Where's my book, anyway? Oh." About ten feet back. "Whatever." In looking around, he spots Claire as well and nods warmly to her. He reaches over for Sunday's hand in as plain view of Claire as he can, threading his fingers with hers. "Hey, Claire. Did he wake the entire campus? I'll bet they heard that in RL, too."

"Yeah, definitely, you should work on it! It has potential for epic rockness." And here comes Claire, rushing out due to the noise no doubt. Sunday raises a hand to wave to the girl smile a bright, cheery smile, riding a couple different highs at the moment which are just making her mood hit diabetic-shock inspiring levels. Her hand is taken, and fingers squeeze Linus's without much forethought as her free hand grips the guitar by the neck and carefully removes it from around her person. "I think that might be enough rock for now, though. Hope Jon is okay."

Claire cannot help but grin like and idiot when she sees that hand-holding, finger-entwining little gesture between Linus and Sunday. She looks right to Sunday and mouths, "You're Welcome," before turning her attention to Jerry. "Well then, I should be glad your powers don't involve creating earthquakes or tornadoes or I'd be looking for a new place to go to school. Jeez Louise, that was loud." She cocks her hips to one side and rests her balled left fist on the newly pronounced rise while her other hand is free for gesticulation. "I mean, seriously loud. My windows rattled and my Neil Gaiman autographed glossy fell off the wall." She laughs, "Next time you do that, I want to be there to see it!"

Jerry laughs. "We'll make sure you have front row seats, OK?" he says. "And, hey, sometimes I cause minor earth tremors. There's still hope for me knocking down a building or two." Jeez, you do that, almost, once… "It's something I have to investigate. This is the first time I ever tried it."

Linus blushes faintly at the mouthed words, but only faintly. "I know, right? It's a really good thing he's not going to the secret high school for budding supervillains." He grins a bit at that, idly rubbing his thumb over Sunday's hand. "I totally need to try touching you, Jerry. That's just such an insane ability you've got. All that and you can block water balloons, too."

When Sunday catches Claire's silent words, her cheeks flush red. It's not like she didn't know Linus was holding her hand, it's that she hadn't thought about the fact that it's in plain view of other people! Not that it changes anything beyond the complexion of her cheeks, of course. Her eyes tell Claire there will be more information later, but for now she sticks to the topics already in play. Oh! With one exception. "You have an autographed picture of Neil Gaiman?!" AWESOME. Of course, Sunday only knows who he is because Tori Amos put him in a song, and so she looked him up and read some of his books. "Yeah, Jerry's awesome rocks the worlds of many a student here at our fine Institute, right?" Ohyeahrite. "See? Even Linus wants to touch him." Her grin shifts over to the poor boy, a poor excuse for an apology.

Claire cackles and leers. "Oh yes, touch him Linus. Boy on Boy action. H A W T!" She just breaks down laughing and winking to Sunday. "That's what this school needs! More Boy love." Calming herself, Claire moves over and takes a seat at the picnic table. "So, aside from playing loud enough to wake the dead, what else is going on today? I was trying to catch up on my comics and listen to some music but I'm broken of the need to read, what's on the schedule of events?"

Jerry gives Sunday that smile that says 'I am so getting you for this' and reaches over to rub Linus's head unless the other boy stops him. "OK, but you asked for it," he says, eyebrow waggling at Claire, knowing full well just what Linus might be able to DO with his power and equally sure he can stop it.

See, this right here? This is WHY this school exists in the first place. Boys + Superpowers = Massive Property Destruction.

Well here's an interesting case. Linus is holding Sunday's hand, you know. He rolls his eyes, amused, "Oh my god, Claire." He grins at Jerry, not like he's about to make out with the guy, but like he's trying to pretend it's likely to happen. Guys get turned on when the girls play at it. It's only fair! "This is like payback for when you guys were rolling around in the-" And then Jerry touches him on the head. The interesting thing, as previously noted, is that he's already touching Sunday, but apparently it's the most recent person to touch him that makes him get the powers? Sunday's set is dropped in favor of Jerry's. Jerry will feel a sensation like a tingling on his tailbone and Linus' eyes go wide as if he can sense something really -bad- is about to happen. Like when one knows a charlie horse is incoming and cannot possibly stop it. The boy bathes himself in a purple aura and screams. He… doesn't really go very far, since a similar aura is around Jerry, which encapsulates Linus as well. He is furiously hovering about two inches over the bench and, were it not for the field, would probably be able to see his house from 'here'. The bench itself, meanwhile, gets zestfully clean, as if it's simply being scrubbed by some invisible force.

Jerry's reflex field expands with a POP as he envelops Linus in it, containing the energies being expended, and probably pushing the other people at the bench back about five feet; he struggles to hold the containment field around his own power leaking, pouring off Linus, until he just can't anymore - his field blows out one side, and Linus is free! "SHIT!" he yells, and vaults into the sky after Linus. "Hang on, bro!" he says, the grass under him flattening and twisting as his kinetic powers launch him skyward. Oh, look, a little crop circle.

It's all fun and games until somebody gets vibrated into their molecular parts! Sunday is busy giggling at the expense of the boys and does not notice at first the incoming touch.. and then, of course, it's too late. She's not sure she'd have stopped it if she could have, but it's all a moot point anyway as Linus is suddenly off the bench and screaming. "LINUS!!" Sunday goes pale(r) as her eyes go wide, hand pulling back from his just so he doesn't take her with him where ever he goes. He'd feel awful if he hurt her. Her feet rise up abruptly when she feels the vibration of the bench, and a second later the girl has lept off of it to avoid being dropped on her ass if Linus vibrates it apart. It's just in time for her to actually be swept off her feet, shoved back by Jerry's flex field and hitting the ground hard. She's pulling herself up just in time to see Linus break through the field. "Ohmigod!! Jerry!!" Save him!!

Claire gets knocked about five feet, which pushes her off the edge of the bench and onto her butt on the ground with an *oof*. Grace, thy name is NOT Claire Elizabeth Hastings. She stares up as Linus makes like the Rocketeer and then pushes herself up, a nice big dirtmark on her butt. "Linus!!!" She cannot believe that he just blasted off and shot into the sky, with Jerry in hot pursuit. "Real smooth Jerry. I WAS KIDDIN!"

As was previously suggested, Linus really -can- see his house from here. His dorm, anyway, though he's hard pressed to tell them apart. 250 miles per hour is .416 miles per six seconds. That's 2200 feet, folks. High. Really high. Linus screams become miniscule rather quickly when he effectively takes off at full speed because his body has no idea what it's doing, but there's this ability to just shoot into the sky. Like a newborn testing out its newfound ability to cry, Linus is… well he doesn't cry, but he streaks headlong into the sky. "Oh fucking weaaaaaaaaaaaak!" He glances down at Jerry, who's not likely to be far behind him, especially when he manages to -stop- flying straight up. Jerry won't even need to surge to catch up, because he finally learns to at least shut the damned juice off. He looks to him, eyes wide, "Did I ever tell you I'm afraid of heights? ANd this is the -second- time this has happened to me?" He's laughing even as his forward momentum deteriorates. What goes up, must come down. Or get caught, Or maybe it'll just learn to hove in place. He's got time. Terminal velocity is 1102 feet per six seconds, you know.

Back on her feet as quickly as she could manage, Sunday just.. stares up into the sky at the speck that is Linus and the other speck that is Jerry going after the little speck of Linus! There's not really much she can do beyond.. um.. fret. "Oh fuck I swear to god Jerry better catch him because if he pancakes on the lawn I am never liking a boy EVER again, I swear!"

Claire looks over to Sunday and can't help but snerk at that. "Well, can I interest you in the other side of the fence then? You'd have home field advantage with any potential dates." She winks to her friend and shakes her head. "Don't worry, he'll be ok. I trust Jerry." Which she does, to a certain extent.

Jerry rockets up towards Linus, two streaks of eye-hurting violet light racing for the edge of the atmosphere, and he does manage to catch up once Linus manages to find the cut-off switch for his flight; he grabs him and holds him tight as he starts to decelerate and do a slow barrel-roll to bleed off their velocity as they hit the mile-high . "Well, I hope they brought binoculars to see us fucking hug," the older boy says as he grins at Linus. "OK, bud, don't puke all over me but this next part is gonna suck…" he says, trying to bleed off Linus's velocity so he can turn them around… annnnnd loop the loop back towards Earth. Violet gauntlets form up around Jerry's hands as he lets his reflex field collapse, which lets in the cold and both their ears pop painfully. "Ow, fuck.. OK.. now you're not going anywhere, so just try to relax.." he says as he guides them both back towards Earth.

"You know," states Linus while still shooting into the sky, voice tranquil and full of thought, "This is kind of nice." He's 'standing',arms curled about himself while he peers down upon their tiny world. "Scary as hell, I'm surprised I haven't pissed myself, but nice. I can see why you do this OH GOD GET ME DOWN FROM HERE." OK. The last part wasn't tranquil, but at least he has a sense of humor about it. There's a nervous grin on his face while he hugs Jerry good and tight, "Maybe the cat chick has super vision, too. She can tell them both about it. OK. Ready." And then his ears pop. "Gaaah. OK. OK. I'm cool. Afraid to move. Do you have oil slicks or hidden missile launchers? Maybe a nitro boost? Because I don't know what half your buttons do."

Sunday bites on one of her nails as she continues to watch the violet specks in the air, breathing a little easier when she notes how they seem to be moving together now. "I think he got him! Wait, what?" Blink. Her eyes shift over to Claire and she can't help but smirk softly. "Claire Hastings, you wait until I finally get up the nerve to let him ask me out and /now/ you drop this on me? I could have had you all along?" It's a nice break in tension, though she does immediately look back up to the sky.

Claire giggles and shrugs. "Well, you can't now. I'm sort of spoken for." She's so much more comfortable joking about this since yesterday. She stares up in the sky and shifts her vision to follow the pair as the grapple in mid air. "Oooo, full body contact. Jerry's hugging Linus. It's so tender and sweet. Um… Linus is starting to panic. And Jerry's got him still. They're going to be ok. No worries."

Jerry holds Linus tight, and drops back through the atmosphere with him, slowing as he approaches the school. "Calm down, bud, don't push ANY buttons and we'll be cool, OK?" he says calmly. Indeed, he's been entirely unruffled this entire incident, which might hopefully translate to a calmer Linus. "Just about to touchdown," he says as the campus grows close. Very close. Very quickly. "Here, just don't look," he says as his aura flares once they puncture the dimensional barrier back into the school and he can put on the brakes without alerting the norms outside that Something is Up. "How you doing, bro?" he says calmly.

"Better than last time." remarks Linus with an uncomfortable chuckle. He does, look, though. "Last time I ended up flying straight down into some lunatic who blew up a comic store because he wanted a #1 Superman. I'm still not sure how I didn't smash my head in." He is calmer, though, and he manages to stop glowing purple, himself. "Don't fear and crisis situations make women horny?" It's postulated in one of those 'silver lining' sorts of tones, but he doesn't sound that serious about it. More like it's something to pass the time while they shoot closer. "I mean, it's like when you get into a fight, and the girl's all, 'Oh my hero!'." OK. He's just babbling. "Thanks. I think I'll actually be okay next time we do this. But you've got a really strange power imprint, you know that? Doesn't feel like the others I've touched."

"My whole life feels like nothing but one big missed opportunity," Sunday laments overly dramatically as she watches the pair of boys descend, and when they finally get closer and are near to touching down, she hurries over towards the spot they'll drop in to. "Linus! Jerry!" Sunday offers Jerry an incredibly grateful looking smile before the eyes of concern lock squarely on Linus, the girls bright pink lips tugging downward. "Are you okay? God, I am /never/ gonna get used to that." Watching him take on new powers and then proceed to freak the hell out, that is.

Claire watches the two descend and snaps her vision back to where her eyeballs actually are. She blinks a few times, then looks right at Jerry. "Ok, don't do that again." She has her hands on her hips and is looking as stern as a 14 year old girl in a belly shirt can look. "It's bad enough when he takes my powers but those don't including flying off into the upper stratosphere. Sunday was so worried about him." And you could have ruined all my hard work playing matchmaker, you insensitive boy you!

Jerry simply gives a relieved grin as the pair of them touch down. "OK, lemme know when you want a next time and we'll go out to a field or farm or something," he says as he lets go of Linus, the violet lightshow around his arms and hands vanishing back into his reflex field, which then vanishes. ""Yes, we're fine," he says to Sunday, looking not a hair out of place, urging Linus to her. "They also like making sure you're OK," he says in a whisper to the other bandmate. "Go!"

"How about tomorrow?" is Linus' immediate response. "That wasn't so bad. I can handle that. It just takes some getting used to, that's all. But there really is something.. I don't know. Different about you. It didn't feel the same, and I don't know why." He nods to Jerry when he makes his whisper, and adds, "Thanks man. That was epic." He hits the ground and manages not to wobble his legs. "Hey, sorry if I scared you guys. Everyone alright?" He looks into the sky and walks towards Sunday as if nothing happened. "I really couldn't control myself. It was kinda like meeting Claire all over again." OK. He's actually trembling. "God, it's cold up there." Oh. That's why. His smile towards the girls is neutral, and he reaches out to give Sunday a hug. She'll find it extra tight.

Sunday is quite fixed on Linus as the boy hits the ground and puts on his best swagger, nodding once to confirm that Claire speaks the truth - she was worried! But he says he's okay and his face looks convincing enough.. She notes the trembling and the excuse, but it's not until he reaches and hugs her, her own arms sliding around his waist and head falling on to his shoulder, that she puts all the pieces together and calls bullshit. At least for his sake she doesn't do it loudly. "You're so full of it," she murmurs to just him, squeezing tight in return. A bit louder, she adds "Thank you Jerry." She appreciates not having to scrape Linus off the pavement. It would have ruined her day.

Claire just folds her arms over her chest and rolls her eyes with a smirk. "Milk it for all it's worth Linus," she whispers under her breath. "So…." she finally drawls, looking around and trying not to interfere with the serious business of co-ed hugging, "How's the band thing shaping up Jerry? You guys planning a gig? Do you have a name picked out yet?"

Jerry whews as he sits down at the now clean table, tired and eye-droopy from his energy expenditure. "None of those things!" he declares cheerfully. "But we do have a place to play, at least.."

When Sunday points out that he's full of it, Linus responds by holding her even tighter and whispering back, "I think I swallowed a bug. And my gum. And a piece of my soul." That he's not letting go is less a function of his adoration and love for Sunday as it is for his need to clamp down on something that will not fly away, perhaps a fitting parallel. "Thank you, Jerry." Yeah. Hanging on.

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