Sorciere Strikes

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Title: Sorciere Strikes
Emitter: - Reg
Characters: Sandra (Current), Miles (Rumor), Nicholas (Prodigy)
NPCs: - Sorciere and her Wisps
Place: Cove City, MD
Time: April, 22, 2010
Summary: Miles, Nicholas, and Sandra were on a street when the front of a small jewelry store exploded. Inside they found the sorceress Sorciere within with her wisps, magical summoned beings.

It's a quiet day in Cove City, and the sun is just beginning to fall from the sky. The coffee store at the corner is very busy, as is the Subway. Other businesses are busy as well, closing up for the day and otherwise just preparing for a restful night. All is calm and serene. You just /know/ that this isn't going to last, right?

Off campus excursions are a special problem for Miles Glendower; since he can't be seen, even by the usual expedients of heavy clothing and sunglasses and so on, he can't exactly stop someplace for a bite without, well, his currently scheme; he's driving with a mannequin in his lap and hitting a drive through window to order. Really, though, what're you gonna do otherwise? At least this one, he doesn't have to hold the head on with one hand and drive with the other.

Sandra stands outside of the local Subway, a book in hand which she is currently peering at - a paperback novel of some kind. Then the young woman lifts her head to peer up at the sign,
then inside, shaking her head either in confusion or amusement about something. It seems that Sandra has gotten out of the school for a little while, and is up to her usual observations. After all, unbeknownst to her there is a little bit of cream on her upper lip from the cappuccino she had ordered from the nearby coffee shop.

Nicholas, street map opened but folded so as not to be a nuisance on said street, alternately watches where he's going and checks where he's going. And when he looks up at street names, his lips move while he reads them. He's got his backpack on and some kind of frozen drink in a Styrofoam cup in his free hand. Stopping at the corner to check his bearings, he catches sight of one of his classmates and waves his map-hand at her briefly.

From over near the jewelry store comes a crash. The entire front of the store, the entire glass storefront shatters with a loud *crump*! A few people are cut by the glass, though none terribly seriously. Or at least, no one is lying on the ground bleeding out. Within the store comes a cry of fear. Something … well, something is going on. If one were to look inside, they'd see an odd sight. A woman dressed in pale white. Her eyes are totally without pupils. She's surrounded by creatures that look to be made of off-white light, goblinoid in appearance. She's shattered all the display cases, and is throwing the pieces around. "Where /is/ it?" She demands to the man. "Did you sell it?"

Miles is mid-order, and sighs at the crash. He turns to look, then turns the dummy's head as an afterthought. "Again? This better not be those mole people or whatever the hell." To the server over the speaker he calls "Nevermind!" and drives off, leaving the car parked in the lot with the mannequin still behind the wheel as he runs down the street towards the Jewelry store. "Seriously,
why is this my week for jewel heists?"

Startled by the sudden shattering, Nicholas drops his gooey purple frozen drink right on the ground. He's in full agreement - though he can't really hear Miles as yet. "Again? Villains on Earth so STUPID they only hit Jewelry Stores?" He takes a deep breath and starts heading in that direction - though he's careful not to get within sight of people inside via the broken window just yet.

Sandra just catches her reflection in the windows of the Subway, blinking as she leans forward. As the young woman reaches up to wipe at the cream on her upper lip, she also manages to catch the reflection of someone wave at her. Turning around, Sandra's hand on her lip, the strange woman from the Institute starts to peer around for Nicholas, only to blink as the entire facade of a story is blown outwards. Blue eyes look left, then right, noticing the running, even some screaming before she turns her lips down in a frown. "This would appear to be an un-Everyday Experience," she notes to herself.

Sandra starts to step forward, then pauses. Surface Dwellers are fickle. If she steps in, what would the ramifications be? Blue eyes look at the shop again. Shaking her head, Alessandra
sighs as she looks around. Well, perhaps the people will be too distracted to notice a young 'normal looking' woman doing … stuff.

"Hey, there is a saying here I have heard," drawls Sandra as she tries to project her voice across the way to the jewelry store. "You break it, you buy it."

Stupid … you wouldn't actually call the woman stupid. The man cowering behind the counter stammers, "It-it's gone. It was purchased the other day, I'm sorry, I…" The woman lashes out with her fist, sending him landing on his arse. She turns, and spots the trio. Yes, the trio. That means you, too, Miles. Oh no. She snarls, "Ah. Little children. Let me leave, and I won't harm you." She's confident. The glowing goblinoid creatures encircle her as she heads for the door. Her voice has a tinge of a French accent.

A familiar (well, to Nick) disembodied voice answers the woman. "Stand down, wait for the cops, and we won't harm you, how about?" There's a solid smack, as an invisible fist connects with her face, but it seems to do her no damage. "Huh. Well, how about that."

As Miles' fist impacts her body, a pale white aura flickers, absorbing the blow. "You dare strike me? The Witch?" The woman trails off, hissing, and reaches out. Her long-fingered hand is claw-like as she states, "I curse you. May your sight be as dark as your heart!" This is not an effective curse, for Miles' gaze simply flickers briefly before he throws off the curse! She announces, "Perhaps I shall make your flesh rot, non?"

"Oh, HELL no!" — That Sorcier isn't talking to Nick doesn't bother him - the fact that the Ass-Whupping Voice is here again and totally failed initial Ass-Whupping attempts bothers him. And that the scary lady in white can SEE the disembodied voice bothers him, too. Which is why he steps around the corner, squints his eyes, and lashes out with his mind at hers. If he's surprised when she reels from the pain, he's good at hiding it - and oddly, he doesn't even flinch when her glowing wispy minions lash out… and totally miss. Map dropped, his hands ball up into fists and he waits.

Even as the sorceress reels from Nicholas' mental assault, the small wisps move. Three surround Miles, and three surround Nicholas. Sandra isn't attacked as yet — hey, she hasn't done anything, the others are a more imminent threat. Right now. Only one of the wisps manages to come /close/ to landing a blow, and even that misses Nicholas. The woman sniffs, "You children have some skill," she allows.

"Madmoiselle, je crois que vous avez cause' un dommage a l'autre proprie'te'. Doux comme vous essayez d'etre, le fait demeure que vous ne sont rien mais un enfant gate' qu'il faut payer pour briser quelqu'un belles choses," offers Sandra in flowing French. «Translation: Miss, I do believe you have caused harm to another's property. As sweet as you try to be, the fact remains you are nothing but a spoiled brat that needs to pay for breaking someone else's nice things.» Sandra starts to speak again, "Maintenant, veuillez faire comme les nice fantome a sugge're'… bien, c'est guere courtois maintenant. Il est peut-etre des personnes agees qui doivent etre enseigne' manieres, Salope." «Translation: Now, please, do as the nice ghost has suggested …

well, that is hardly polite now. Perhaps it is the aged who need to be lectured in manners, Bitch.»

That lovely and enlightening conversation out of the way, Sandra's blue eyes look left then right again, before growing a stormy grey color. One hand motions and water rises up from a sewer grate, though thankfully it is clean water. The water, with a flick of Sandra's wrist rockets forwards and not only strikes the woman - Sorcier, but also stays there, water leeching into her parted lips, literally trying to pull the breath from her lungs.

There's probably some incredibly fancy footwork involved in whatever Miles does to take out two of the wisps surrounding him. No doubt drilled into him over long hours by his grandmother. Alas, no one can really see it to say just how cool it was, but suddenly there are two less of them, and even the third's been hit. "Lady, if you think -you're- a witch, you've never met my grandma."

Choking on water, unable to easily breath, the sorceress snarls, "You dare. You /dare/!" She lifts a hand, "I curse you with the blight of aging!" For a single moment, Sandra looks old. Wrinkled. Crone-like. Then her natural vitality reasserts itself, and the woman hisses. And screeches, like a bansidhe. That's the only way to describe it. And Sandra reels under the psychic force of the mystical attack! This woman's got tricks, doesn't she? She hisses to Miles, "You, young man, are next!" Uhoh.

Nick doesn't like threats — ignoring the wisps that still surround him, his eyes go all squinty again, but this time he goes for her motor functions. Even on the ropes as she is, the lady's putting up a good fight. He grits his teeth a little, "C'moon, c'mooon…"

The wisps swirl. One of the wisps manages to land a blow on Nicholas, a zap of mystical energy sending his hair on end. Not literally. The other one comes /this close/ to landing a blow on Miles, but it misses, the zap passing him by at the last moment!

This time, whatever the Rumor does is much more effective; Sorciere doubles over, as a succession of well, invisible blows catches her right in the solar plexus, leaving her well off her guard. "Yeah, yeah, heard it before, lady."

As soon as the sorceress hits the wall, Nick gives up trying to control her motions and goes for the good stuff while she's off-balance - "Ok, let's see what you're after here…" Smoothing down his hair, he actually closes his eyes this time so he can properly rummage around in her mind. "… It's ALWAYS about power with you people, isn't it?"

The wisps all attack. This time, two of their mystical … well, 'zaps' for lack of a better word land. Unfortunately, both Miles and Nick manage to resist the attacks, though there's the scent of singed hair!

A string of words falls from Sandra's lips, odd words that seem a mixture of Greek and Gaelic, and even some Semestic accents and componants. Shaking her head, to clear the last of the fog, Sandra straightens up and looks imperiously at the mystic woman who is causing all this difficulty. "Now I am truly angry," she says, spreading her hands to either side of her.

There is a rumbling noise, and the earth trembles beneath feet. Suddenly water bursts forth from below ground, from the sewers, everywhere. Lifting her hands over her head, Sandra seems to command the water to rise further, before she 'throws' both arms forward at the French-accented woman.

Wave after wave after wave pounds into Sorciere, pushing her back again, against the wall repeatedly. She is certainly left worse for the wear, battered and bruised, by the attack. Sandra's eyes, however, almost flash an electric blue - angry lightening reflecting off the waves of a stormy sea. "I will not be ested by the likes of YOU! I have withstood greater trials than you shall ever KNOW!" she practically booms out as her right hand moves forward again, the wrist flicking, sending another jet of water at the woman, trying to envelop and suffocate her again.

Sorciere has seen this trick before, however, and is prepared to resist it. None the less, she is hurt. And Sandra, despite the droop in shoulders, and the heavy panting breath, holds herself as regally erect as possible.

Miles, well, it's hard to get a read on someone with no face or body language. Whatever he does as a followup to Sandra's attack, however, is enough to send the witch's eyes rolling up in the back of her head and the rest of her slumping to the floor in a boneless, unconscious heap. "Huh. Glass jaw." There's a sound like he's dusting his hands off, and at the same moment, the wisps vanish, their master out cold. "So that's done then." He looks towards the store clerk. "So hey, buddy, you okay? What was the crazy woman after?"

In the aftermath, the woman is unconscious on the floor, the wisps having charred the floor when they flared and disappeared. The sound of sirens in the distance can be heard, and the woman lays there. Oddly enough, or perhaps creepily, she's unconscious with her milky-white eyes open. That's one strannnnge sorceress. Tough, too. She managed to last a fair bit of time outnumbered! The man who was hiding behind the counter gets up and runs over. He tries to grab Nicholas' hand to pump it, shaking it, "Thank you sir, thank you! Thank you ma'am." Pause. "Er. Thank you, whoever you are. Are you a g-ghost?"

The voice answers, "Huh. Nah? Me? I'm just an ugly rumor."

Nicholas shakes the guy's hand, "My pleasure, sir. If you would, though, you might want to call the person who bought that ring she was looking for and warn them. I don't think she's just going to give up because she got her butt kicked by a bunch of teenagers." Why she wouldn't, who knows, it should be humiliating for her. Nick looks to Sandra, "You ok?"

"Are you really ugly, though if no one can see you?" asks Sandra a bit breathlessly as she tries to recover as quickly as possible from exerting herself so. Lifting her chin faint, Sandra then bows her head in acknowledgement of the man who owns the store. "Of course," she notes to him, before turning to look at Nicholas, her eyes settling from stormy grey to blue once more.

A hand is raised and Sandra tries to dismiss the query. "I am fine," she notes in a cool, guarded tone. "I must push myself more, so I do not tire so easily. It is kind of you to inquire." Then Sandra steps forward, and nudges the unconscious woman with her toe. "What kind of ring was it, exactly?" she asks, turning to both Nicholas and the shop owner. "Some peoples hold specific meaning and value to various gems. Especially ones which have seen a lengthy series of events." She pauses and blinks. "At least, I think that is the case. Maybe that's just my family… hmmm."

"Hell if I know. Haven't looked in a mirror lately, for some reason. Anyway, I'll leave this to you two, for now; cops don't take statements from disembodied voices seriously so much." The voice recedes, and presumably, is gone.

LATER, BACK AT HIS CAR: Someone broke the window and stole the new Mannequins' head. Miles swears.

"Great. _Just_ great."

Nicholas points at the heap of Sorceress on the floor. "She blew out the windows while she was looking for a ring. My friends and I stopped her. I think she's a witch or something, she kept saying something about cursing us, and she didn't mean with bad words."

"I see," the police say. They begin to take statements, while others arrive and begin to cart the sorceress away. They're very polite to the teens, listening carefully.

=================================== IC News ==============================
Message: 4/5 Posted Author

Jewelry Store Heist! Thu Apr 22 Reg

(Cove City Chronicle)

Angelo's Jewelry, a small, locally-owned jewelry store was the sight of an altercation

between the sorceress Sorciere, a powerful seeress and mystic, and two teenage costumed

adventurers. The shopkeeper mentioned a third as well, though he was not spotted by anyone, and

said they were 'like a ghost'! The other two have been identified as the teen heroes Current and

Prodigy. Sorciere has been arrested on multiple accounts of felony and assault, though her native

France is attempting to extradite her for previous crimes on French soil.

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