Revenge of the Mistborn

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Title: Revenge of the Mistborn
Emitter: Timothy
Characters: Sunday, Jonathan, and Nicholas
NPCs: Illusionist boy, Vin, and Elend.
Place: Book store
Time: May 21, 2010
Summary: At a Brandon Sanderson's book signing, one of his former fans takes exception to how he ended one of his previous series. Luckily for Mr. Sanderson, Sunday, Jonathan, and Nicholas are in the area.

It's quiet. Too quiet. Okay, not too quiet, but that's a traditional thing, y'know? Anyway, we start on Kirby Way. The bookstore is open late tonight due to a signing by the semi-famous author Brandon Sanderson. There's a lot of people around. There's some over near the ice cream shop as well, it being fairly warm out. Who can resist ice cream? The sky is a red-orange as the sun goes down over the horizon.

She really shouldn't be out here, not like this. Jon wasn't able to get into human form and stay that way long enough, really. So she should have stayed on campus, where it was safe, and she'd be out of view. She still doesn't know how people will react to her. On the other hand, only way to find out is to experiment. Also, she really wanted to get away from that place. And to get a new book, which she has in hand as she moves from the cash registers to the bookstore's exit, intending to get a milkshake to go with it.

Normally you wouldn't find Sunday in a bookstore except to check out the sheet music books. She prefers libraries for her recreational reading.. But, deep in her little rocker heart lurks a secret love of fantasy novels. So, clutching a well-worn copy of The Final Empire, the young blonde student stook in line patiently for an autograph and to gush a little fan-girlish glee on Mr. Sanderson. Now with prize in hand, she is also headed towards the doors, a little bounce in her step and grin on her lips. Sweeeeeet.

Nice night - nice enough that Nick's parents decided they wanted to take him out for ice cream. And it was… nice, all things considered. Childish, but he's missed them (not that he'd ADMIT it). Of course, now they've said good night and headed back homewards, and Nick is polishing off the remnants of his large Butterfinger shake as he ambles down the sidewalk.

It's Sunday's turn, and the man himself regards her with the slight smile that is Sanderson's trademark. He's about to speak when there's a yell from the crowd. "YOU KILLED VIN! YOU BASTARD!" Er. Right. What the hell? Standing there is this kid. He can't be more than say, fourteen or fifteen years of age. "HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?!" Okay. We repeat. What the heck?
This would be bad enough, but Sunday's copy of The Final Empire is starting to glow…

Jonathan pauses at the exit to the bookstore, turning to look at the yell. She's never read Sanderson, but she doubts it's anything worth yelling over. She moves over to watch more closely, but only off to the side, out of the way of store security, hopefully. And then something catches her eyes. "Hey, Sunday! What's up with your book?"

Sunday is just about to begin fangirl gushing when she's interrupted by the cries of the upset teenager, glancing back in surprise. "Hey! Some people haven't read it!" she protests to the teen, though after a moment her gaze shifts to the side and she adds, "And Sazed can probably bring her back any-.." It's about then that Jon shows up, and Sunday notices her book, gaze slowly shifting downward towards it as her eyes widen. "-..ways…" Logic says she should probably put the book down, but.. but..! Instead, Sunny clings tighter. "My book!" Oh dangit, this isn't gonna end well.

Nerd rage? Clearly, it's never a bad time for nerd rage at the bookstore. Dropping his empty cup in the trash outside, Nick pokes his head in just as several people decide that maybe waiting their turn in line isn't worth it and bail. As he tip-toes to try and peek over the more resolute customers and fans, he can't help but shake his head a little - of COURSE classmates are involved!

The kid glares at Sunday, "How could you say that? It's not /fair/!" When you're that age, fairness takes on a whole new meaning. At any rate, the glowing grows brighter. And suddenly, with a loud hissing thundercrack, a white form streaks out of the book. Then a second one. One of the forms is vaguely female. The other is vaguely male. That's all that can be said, as each is garbed in a flowing cloak. A Mistborn cloak, to be exact. Yes. Someone just ripped characters out of the book. The 'Mistborn' are heading straight for Mr. Sanderson.

"Life's not fair," Jon begins to say. And then the kid throws a super-powered temper tantrum. "Aww, dammit," she grumbles. She sets her new sci-fi paperback down and steps around the low shelves she'd been leaning against, running towards the closest of the literary figures to try to take it down.

"Oh crap." The one thought in Sunday's mind as she watches the somewhat familiar figures take shape is a prayer that the kid can't duplicate the full range of their powers like he can duplicate their forms. That would suck. A lot. "Get back, Mr. Sanderson," Sunday calls as she moves to quickly put herself between the author and his literary creations, still holding on to her book with one hand and giving the universalt 'STOP' hand sign to the Faux Mistborn. She's going to make an attempt at freezing the one Jon is not leaping towards, and, well.. see how that goes!

"I go out, someone causes trouble. Note to self: Maybe stop going out," Nick mutters to himself as he starts nudging his way through the crowd to get further into the bookstore. « Don't panic everyone, help is here » he projects, mentally. « Nice and orderly out of the store while we deal with this! »

She really doesn't like doing this kinda thing. But, well, someone's in trouble, so Jon's going to help. She runs after the male looking figure, watching it, hauling back…and then lashing out with a closed fist, getting the being in the side hard enough to stun him. "You get back in line like the rest of them!"

Taking a step back, 'Elend' lifts a hand. And Pushes. Yes, that's meant to be capitalized. There's a heavy impact in Jonathan's middle…namely where her jeans are buttoned. There's metal there. She manages to avoid being thrown backwards, though the impact hurts. It's like getting shot with a sling or something. That really stings. Right in her stomach, too! Jonathan finds herself stunned by the pain of the attack!

There's no visable ray of power or glowy eyes or anything else cool like that when Sunday uses her power, but she can feel it work, see the way the air condenses just a little around Vin as she tries to freeze the fictional character.. and is almost stunned when it seems to have no effect! "Damnit!" OKay, don't panic, don't panic. And there goes Jon, and.. dangit! "Uh, uh, guys!! Get rid of your metal!" If they can. Can't exactly strip their pants, after all. "Argh.. I don't remember if Elend had powers!" Stupid old books.

'Vin' whirls. She surges forward, landing in front of Sunday. This should warn Sunday, as Vin draws power. And then she lashes out with a fist gone strong as the earth. It strikes her with a fist that could shatter stone. And … the impact slams into the mass of super-heated air around Sunday and simply sends her taking a step back. She is absolutely unharmed!

While the ladies keep the projections busy, Nick finally gets a good enough angle - oooh yeah. Suddenly bursting into movement, Nick sprints and then he's in the air - barrelling into the kid! But the kid's a slippery little cuss, and wiggles out of Nick's grasp. "What the hell is the matter with you? You can't ATTACK someone because of what they wrote in a stupid book! I thought you nerds were supposed to be SMART!"

Slowly Jon shakes off the effect of the punch to the cut. "Okay, that, that hurt. And that wasn't fair." Hit her in what's a sensitive spot for her, in a manner of speaking. She throws a punch at the fiend that shoved her, but while it's a good punch, it's poorly aimed and misses its target.

Again, Elend lifts a hand. Again, he Pushes, dodging out of the way as Jonathan attacks. Again, a blow right in the middle of her body, and this time Jonathan can't resist the attack. She goes flying back, back, to slam into a bookcase. It tips over. And another. Jonathan just triggered a book case dominoes!
By now, people are screaming and runnning away. Mr. Sanderson is hiding under the table. Smartly.

The punch that never quite connects - despite being /dead on/ - momentarily scares the blazes out of Sunday. Luckily that didn't keep her from shielding it, and after she steadies herself, she feels a surge of.. well.. what can only be described as BAD-ASSNESS. It's almost enough to overcome the thumping fear in her heart! Almost. "Dangit Vin, just /go away/!" Heating up her attacker this time, Sunday had hoped to just slow her down so she could try to help Jon.. only to watch the image of the Mistborn Vin vanish before her eyes. .. There's that twinge of bad-assness again. "One down!" Squeek!

Before the kid responsible for all this can open his mouth, Nick holds up a finger at him. "Just a sec." That other projection just threw Jon -again-, and now there's property damage. Turning his head in 'Elend's' direction, Nick squints his eyes and concentrates hard — which visibly throws the Mistborn for a mental loop. Which frees Nick up to focus that glare of his on the kid. "Make that thing go away, or I'll squint at -you- next."

"Nooo! Not Vin! You leave them alone." The kid who started this is almost gibbering in rage. He takes a wild swing at Nicholas, but misses by a mile, the hand impacting his shoulder. Nothing serious. He's glaring, "You stop it! Stop it!" There is something not quite right about this kid.

Okay, this is getting out of hand. And Jon's getting angry with how she's getting smacked around here. Definitely not her night. Maybe she's gonig to have to get soem training after all, dammit all. She rushes towards the kid as Nicholas holds his attention, and comes up behind him. "That is quite enough out of you, buddy," she says as she gets a hold of him.

The creature that looks and apparently has many of the powers of the Mistborn Elend lifts a hand. Suddenly, metal tacks, paper clips, and other things in the bookstore that are sold there streak towards him, and he /Pushes/. they streak straight towards Nicholas, Jonathan, and unfortuanately, the rather mentally off kid who created him. The kid cries out in fear, right before Nicholas heroically dives in front of him. *FWOOMP* *FWOOMP* Two groupings of metal shards slam into Nicholas. And … he slumps, blood pouring from wounds in his side. He will definitely need medical attention here. The kid's screaming, and he closes his eyes really tight. Elend … disappears. He's still screaming, though. Nicholas? He's out like a light.

"Nick!!" Sunday is momentarily /stunned/ by the sight of the blood coming from Nick's wounds, eyes wide as saucers and face going a bit pale. It's the first time she's actually seen somebody really hurt like this, and it twists her stomach. As Elend vanishes and the kid starts screaming, Sunday finally feels herself pulled back into reality and action, rushing over to her fellow student. "Shit, we need to get him to a hospital! Or, the school?" She looks up to Jon, eyes a little lost as to what to do and seeking direction. A moment later, she's turning her eyes, angry, to the boy. "Will you shut /up/!"

"Ohcrap," Jon says as all the metal things take flight and begin to fly towards him and the kid. She tenses, ready to throw the kid to the ground, to dive on top of him, when Nicholas leaps in front of them. She shakes the kid. "Hey! You shut the hell up! You almost got people killed!" Looking to Sunday, as her tail lashes with uncertainty, Jon considers for a moment. "Hospital I think. Better, we shouldn't move him, get an ambulance here, let them take him. Gets him treated faster."

The kid stops screaming. He starts to cry, great hiccuping, coughing cries as he looks at them. "I didn't…I just…I…" He scoots back from them, his eyes open wide. The sound of sirens can be heard in the distance.

Sirens. "Oh thank goodness." Sunday nods her head once to Jon as they agree - hospital. "Go flag down the cops? We need to get them in here quick, other people might be hurt." And then she's looking back to the kid, all ready to get full of anger and yell and.. and.. he's crying. Big, snotty, sobby cries that are making it really hard for Sunday to not wonder what is going on in his head that made this seem like something he wanted to do. … She sighs - a big, labored, I Give Up kind of sigh, then reaches a hand out to the kid. "C'mon, don't cry. He's gonna be okay, just.. you can't do stuff like this, you know? You could have really, *really* hurt somebody. You wouldn't wanna do that, right?"

"And that's why I'm glad I don't have to deal with people like that," Jon says as the kid sobs. "Yeah, I'll go flag them down. Call the, uhm, well you know," she says, not wanting to say 'school,' herself. "Let someone there know what's up, so they head to the hospital." She turns to step out of the store, ready to flag down cops and medics. Probably won't be too hard to see the tiger girl, of course.

The kid continues to cry. Sunday trying to comfort him just lets loose the floodgates more, and he clings to her, still crying. It'd be sweet if it weren't so weird. Okay, it's still sweet. But… odd.

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