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Title: Poolside
Emitter: None
Characters: Ian Stoker, Jerry Fein, Sasha, Etienne Bouchard, and Maggie Kirkaldy
NPCs: None
Place: Poolside, Steranko Institute
Time: Around Lunchtime - July 1, 2010
Summary: A tense meeting around the pool, as couples collide and mingle

It's summer time, most decidedly, and Sasha's decided it's time for the pool. Shocker. The cyborg girl dragged her beaux out to the poolside, in that particular way young girls drag their beaux when swimwear's involved. Sasha's in a scant two-piece, emphasizing figure and sparkling limbs, as she steps up to the end of the diving board. From that vantage, she can see the other approach, and waves at them excitedly.

Jerry is on the swim team for Summer Semester, so he needs no encouragement to get out here! He's using his kinetic energy displacement trick to walk on water in the shallow end, dressed in a low black Speedo with dual purple stripes on the sides. He gives a clap as Sasha get up on the diving board, then turns and waves to the others approaching. "Hey!" he beams.

And here comes trouble—or at least a new brand of it, anyway. Etienne has traded out his baggy jeans and tanktop for a pair of swim trunks in black with gigantic single hibiscus flower in reds and pinks and whites on one leg. Hey, he doesn't design the things, he just wears them. He's tied most of his hair back, sloppily, with a little back hair tie, and he smells like smoke even though there's no cigarette on him just at the moment. Apparently, however, he wasn't smart enough to put on /sandals/ or anything of the sort, because he's moving over the concrete and asphalt, appropriately enough, like he's got a hotfoot, muttering to himself.

Maggie enters the pool building wearing a short robe-type cover-up and a pair of flip-flops, carrying a towel. All of which look brand new. Her flame red hair is left to hang freely, and she's got an oddly self-satisfied look on her face.. that is, before she actually enters and sees who is already here. Her green eyes fix for just a moment on Jerry, and she considers turning back around. .. But no, she won't be chased off. Certainly not by /herself/, since Jerry is all smiles. But she spots Etienne soon enough and can't help but grin at his hot-foot antics. "Smooth, Canuck. Very, /very/ smooth."

Enter Ian - The Man With No Fear. Kinda catchy, ain't it? Well really, it should be 'The Man With Ill Timing'. He walks in, hoodie on despite the temperate weather, and a pair of cargo shorts that go a bit under the knees. Swimwear? Not quite! Then again, he's also has donned flip flops, and has a towel over shoulder. "Yo, Jerry. Got your text. You know I didn't even know there was a pool he-" There's a pause then as the young man takes full account of a scene, lips moving into a flat line for a moment as eyes glance a furtive moment at a certain redhead. He says little after that, instead opting to find a free pool chair to set down towel and bag, at least for now. The words would probably be coming soon.

Sasha takes a few steps and jumps off the edge of the board. She can't double bounce - she'd probably break it in half. No matter. She uses her boosted strength to do a long twist in the air, bending forward towards the water. Her legs kick up, shifting and morphing into a longer, more tubular form. By time Sasha slices into the water, her feet have been entirely replaced by a large circular vane around a prop. Showoff? Yeah, that's Sasha.

Jerry's reflex-field forms a half-cup to keep the splashing water off him for now as he surveys Maggie, then Ian and glances from one to the other. "Yo, Ian, glad you could come," he says, missing only a half-beat. "Of course we have a pool! Man, this is my second home, at least during summer." He gives a sympathetic grimace to Etienne, remembering how it was before he could simply hover over such inconveniences. Then Maggie. A simple: "Yo, Mags, there's some pineapple juice in the cooler there, or some soda. You guys help yourselves," he says to all, pointing to the mini-cooler he brought in earlier.

"I have got to get me some flip flops." Etienne mutters, before he notices Maggie having all but manifested at his elbow. "Hey, dere." He tells her, grinning broadly, before he gestures downwards towards his bottom half. "Found de trunks after all." He shifts his weight back and forth across his feet, clearly trying not to let the skin on the soles of them burn. "I assure you I am de definition of smoothness." He tells Maggie, and then there's half a wink and he's off, running on his toes, clearly intending to jump into the pool at high speeds. Incoming!

Maggie didn't notice him walk in, but when Jerry calls out the name it's impossible not to hear it. Her head turns slightly, eyes flickering around until they find the young man in his hoodie. It cannot possibly be denied that she has seen him, that she knows he's here, but the look he gets is brief before her attention shifts back to the French-Canadian nearby. She was just standing beside him, but as he shifts around while his feet cool her hand lifts to touch fingers to his bare arm. Not holding him, just touching. Innocent enough, right? "Clearly," she responds with a light, wry grin, before watching him dart off towards the pool robo-girl just dove in to. As she moves over to one of the pool chairs she slides off her coverup, revealing a dark green binkini and (of course) that strange 'tattoo' on her upper back to anyone in view of it. That, plus towel and flip-flops, all get dumped on the chair. When her gaze shifts back to Jerry as he speaks to her, once again there is a lack of friendliness to her expression, but she doesn't tell him to go F' himself, so that's an improvement. "Thanks." She does not, however, go to get a drink. Instead she'll just walk up to the edge of the pool and sit, feet in the lovely cold water.

"Second home huh? Didn't take you as a flipper type," Ian murmurs wryly to Jerry though his attention seems to be rather diverted. There's a light applause at Sasha's theatrics, before he begins to walk towards the edge of the pool. Another glance is taken Maggie's way, and there is a moment's focus on the light hand touch? His reaction? A forced neutral, though a frown deepens not long after. But he doesn't say anything more about it quite yet, instead moving to the pointed cooler and pulling out a coke. Delicious flavor makes everything better, right? It's ignored however as a hand slips under the hoodie to pull it off, leaving the young man bare chested. Apparently he was planning on going into the water with those cargo shorts.

Sasha stays down a while. She resurfaces just as Ian applauds her, and misses much, although not all, of the interplay between Maggie and Jerry. Sasha moves up to the wall at the deep end, relatively near Maggies feet, and crosses her arms on the edge, hands together and elbows far out. "Cannonball!?" she declares in disbelief. "Hey, can I call you that now!?" she asks as he flies over. Sasha hasn't actually met him before. "How's it hanging, Ian?" she asks him, offering a wave and a pearly smile.

Jerry strengthens his field a bit as he sees Etienne incoming, and he glances back and forth between Ian and Maggie again.. at least she's Found now, correct. He grins as he sees Sasha's transformed form, and claps for her, walking over to the deeper part of the pool, little ripples of violet energy pinging out from his feet as he navigates the shifting surface. "First home," he says to Ian, "is the ice rink. This is just the rink in summer," he laughs. "OK, baseball might be my real second love, but I had to stop playing it for a time until I got my powers under control and I kinda got out of practice. Might take that for gym in the spring."

Etienne hits the water, having launched himself off of the very edge of the pool's skirt, in a tightly curled ball. The splash from the cannonballas that is indeed what he's executedgoes /everywhere/. Bloosh! The Canadian surfaces a moment later, tossing water out of the hair that isn't in the little tiny ponytail. If Sasha was talking to him, he's missed the question entirely from the noise of his landing. Instead, he looks past her to Maggie, giving his widest, wettest grin. "What, you ain't comin' in?"

Maggie's green eyes go black for just a moment, an inky dark purplish disk manifesting instantly infront of her to block the splash of water and, just as quickly, vanishing. Along with the black cloud over her eyes. She flickers her gaze over to Sasha when she girl addresses Ian, then to Jerry.. and finally, back to the surfacing Faux-Frenchman. The grin reappears in her lips in sly amusement. "Didn't want to steal the smooth thunder of your entrance." With that said she does indeed push off the edge, letting herself fall down into the water totally and tilting her head back as she breaks the surface once more, red hair smoothed back. "Holy /shit/ it's cold!" Especially given how hot it is outside and, consequently, how hot /she/ was. So she'll just.. tred for a minute, and adjust.

Ian's truly not prepared for the sudden splash, and thus gets a mouth full of chlorene. It leads to a comical few seconds of the young man spluttering and coughing, before running his hand over face to get the hair off. At least he got a chance to take clothing off first, right? "…Should'a seen that one coming," Ian finally let out before he opens his mouth. A second later, it closes when Sasha asks him hows it's hanging. "A bit to the left," Stoker remarks, though a second later - "Sorry, bad one. I'm alright all things considered." Though, by his expression, alright was a second or two higher. For a moment Jerry gets his full attention: "Forgot you were a hockey type. For the best - I'm pretty sure I'm a safety hazard on skates. But did do baseball back before the Bite." Really? "Uh… Freshman team." As in the level below JV. AKA, Stoker wasn't about to be a MLB star in any one lifetime. He finally sits down on the hot concrete, apparently ignorant of the burning - or at least former burning thanks to Etrienne's conscientious splashing. Now it was merely mildly uncomfortable! Though, aside from a few looks, attempted to be done on the sly, no looks are given either his way or to the recently pool-bound Maggie.

Jerry's reflex field slows and stops Etienne's splash in a semi-circle around himself, the droplets hanging as the field robs them of any kinetic energy at all and then they cascade down to the pool. He nods, good one. He turns and gives a thumbs-up to Ian. "We'll have to go out in the field sometime and just throw the ball around - when I first got my power, I kept slowing it up unconsciously. They almost had to can the pitcher over it who swore he had no idea.. I had to give it up so he could keep his position." He finally lets himself down into the water, it bulging down as he sinks - then he lets his field collapse and it rushes together around him with a PLOP! He laughs as he surfaces, shakes his hair out of his eyes. "Whoa, rush," he grins at the chilly water.

Hey, everybody in the pool!" Sasha declares. She toys with the idea of dragging Maggie in ankle-first, yet the black cast in her eyes puts a damper on that thought. So, she lets it be. "Nice!" she calls to Etienne. "You gotta name? I'm Sasha." Sasha pushes back off the wall, rolling onto her back and floating casually. "Sounds good," she says to Ian with a smile. Her head turns, leading the rest of the body and a large churn from her prop, pushing her back down through the water to resurface near Jerry. "And where do *I* rank there, humm?" she asks him.

"Etienne." The French-Canadian supplies for Sasha easily, all wide grin and sopping wet hair. He doesn't have fancy torpedo legs, but he treds the water well enough, even through the chop left behind by Sasha's prop. He looks back to Maggie, making a dismissive sound in the front of his mouth. "Wuss." He tells her, before he's swimming backwards just a little bit, looking to Ian. "Hey! No need t'be Debbie Downer over dere!" Everyone in the pool!

.. This just keeps getting worse, and no matter how much Maggie is trying to put a positive spin on it in her head, every damn thing conspires to convince her this was a bad freakin' idea. Oh well. Better to just make the most of it. She watches the girl puttering around somewhat dubiously, deciding to ignore the fact that the stranger has not yet asked /her/ name. Obviously Jerry's girlfriend, she thinks. Probably explains it. Then Jerry dives in and she grips the side a bit to keep herself stable, and smirk she offers at being called a Wuss is dimmed slightly with Etienne's next words, despite them not being spoken to her. A firm swat of her hand sends a splash of water towards the boys face, playful-like. The breath she sucks in next might be easily taken for her prepping to go under, which she does a moment later, dipping her head under the water and pushing off the edge of the pool to set on a path to the other side.

Jerry hmmms as he gives Sasha a lopsided smile. "I dunno, I think you might go somewhere under Baseball," he says, a twinkle in his eyes. "Um, four?"

"Under baseball!?" Sasha declares. Her hands grapple with Jerry's hair and she dunks him solidly, holding him down just long enough to make her point. She peers past him and looks at Maggie, slowly, curiously, and finally she realizes something. "Damn it," Sasha hisses. "We haven't met! Seen you around, just never caught your name. I'm Sasha," she reiterates. Said it once for Etienne, she can say it again. "Meh, never liked baseball. Too much standing around," she says.

Jerry pops up beside Sasha, laughing. "OK, ok, #2, at least!" he grins. "Sports, girls, apples, oranges.. " He brushes past Sasha, trails hands over her shoulders, then easily levers himself out of the pool, pushing wet hair back out of his eyes as he drinks in the sun, a faint flicker of violet light over his skin occasionally.

"It's your loss!" Etienne calls to Ian…or at least he tries to. Halfway through the short sentence he catches a mouthful of pool water and he sputters, shaking his head a little from side to side as if to clear his eyes and nose of it. Ian is all but forgotten as the young Canadian squints his eyes and looks back over his shoulder at Maggie. He doesn't actually /say/ anything, but his expression speaks volumes—she is so in for it now. He ducks his own head under the water and scoots back far enough to brace against the wall, before using it to push off and minnow after Maggie.

Maggie reaches the opposite edge of the pool and pops her head back out of the water, hand on the ledge to steady herself. Her head shakes rapidly, sending droplets of water flying and making bits of that orangy-red hair stick to the sides of her neck and face. All the interaction going on around her is heard, but largely ignored, until Sasha addresses her specifically and Maggie turns her head towards the girl. "Mag-" Is Etienne surging after her? A brow arches. ".. Maggie," she finishes to Sasha, then peers suspiciously at the approaching figure.

For the most part Ian remains silent, taking the moment to open the coke and take a small sip. The foot in water swirls lightly for a second before retreating, apparently satisfied with the exposure for water.

Jerry and Sasha have a quick convo as she comes up to the side of the pool, then he nods and hefts her out, placing her on her feet as he stands himself. He claps Ian on the shoulder as they pass, arms lightly on each other's waist. "See you at work, man; gotta jet, movie time," he says, waving to the rest. "Enjoy the drinks, see you guys later!" he calls, and then they saunter on out, heads together as they chat quietly.

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