RPlog: No One Turns Me Into A Duracell!

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Title: No One Turns Me Into A Duracell!
Emitter: Timothy
Characters: Diana, Jack & Alia
NPCs: Robotico, and his Robot Minions!
Place: Kirby Way, Cove City, somewhere neat the game shop
Time: Evening, 6/3/10
Summary: A simple video game release party gets a party crasher who's looking for Alia!

Kirby Way. It's quiet. It's still. And then it's not. No, no explosions per se. Instead, over at the far end of the street, sound can be heard coming from a local gaming store. Namely, it's the release party for Omega Fantasy XXI, the biggest gaming hit from Japan. And, as one might expect, geeks are geeking /out/ over it.

Taking the cigar from his mouth around a small cloud of smoke, Jack Bowen peers towards the ruckus as he makes his way solo-like down Kirby Way. He's done with finals, and he's still burning off the stress in his own way, and to hell with rules and possibile legal issues, since he's already off-campus. It's been that kind of week. He has seen the gaming store before, usually chaperoning underclassmen to the place since the start of this school year back in September, but he's never seen it so…crowded. "Huh," he mutters to himself, flicking some ash off before he ambles over that way.

Diana has wandered off campus again. She doesn't usually get out of school grounds, but there's lots of ways off the grounds. She's moving through the streets staring at the buildings. She is almost hungry, but luckily there was plenty of snacks along the way. As she eyes the buildings curiously, she notes the nerd horde and heads that way.

Alia is actually at the gaming store, having picked up the game as a certain present for a junior that she knows. She smiles to herself, looking quite content as she watches the gameplay with a curious expression. Of course, as a *gasp* girl, she gets no small amount of attention from the other people at the store, but she casually deflects it well enough.

There's a faint *pop* in the air, and a crackling cage of electrical and plasma energy flares into existence around Alia … and a large area around her. When we say 'large', we mean 'fifty feet or so', surrounding the whole store and part of the outside. This coincidentally includes both Diana and Jackin its radius. Stepping through the energy is a young man in a lab coat. The fellow is surrounded by robots. Think clunky-looking things, though they seem to move smoothly in spite of appearances. He declares, "Hah, I have you! I've measured the amount of energy you produce, and it will be a perfect battery for my DESTRUCTOR BEAM!" He's speaking to Alia. Who apparently is destined to be a battery. Pause. Then one of the larger robots murmurs something to him and he snarls, "Yes! It's tradition! Shush, or I will reprogram you to like Brittney Spears." Yes. He's truly evil.

The older student's eyes narrow as he sees someone…vaguely familiar by the store. He's sure he's seen Alia around campus, but can't remember talking to her. However, getting closer to the store lets Jack see what all the hub-bub is, and he steps out of the way of a pair of gamer types waiting to get in. However, he backs up one step as the energy flare appears, as he remembers…oh, it's summer. In Cove City. It's about that time. "Hey, buster," Jack says, talking around the stogie in his mouth, as he starts to place himself before the intruder and Alia herself. "What's say you back away from the dame, and walk away quietly, and I don't pound you into Loser Mist."

Diana frowns, as she kinda likes Brittney Spears. Yes the goth girl likes…shut up! Anyway, she looks inside and notes the fact that there are a bunch of robots. Nerds like robots right? She tilts her head and kinda recognizes people from Steranko, one that she's spoken to at one point. Uh oh, sounds like a jerk making demands…she just starts walking over to the scientist.

Alia blinks, and light gathers around her hands, though for a change she doesn't assume her light form. "Loser mist… this sounds like Sierra Mist, though carbonation is replaced by dark bruises." Her eyes glow a bright red, as she looks at the teen Dr. Evil wannabe, shouting to the other people in the store, "Everyone, out the back, NOW!"

The crowd obeys Alia, moving to the back. Cries of dismay come as they run full-out into the force field the nerd put around the shop. So one of them does the smart thing. He slams the door to the stockroom shut. Good enough, right? Let's hope whoever this guy is, eh doesn't destroy the entire building. At any rate, he blinks, "Fascinating. You have friends." He peers at Jack. "That language hasn't been used in decades. Are you strange, or old?" He gestures, and the robots begin to charge forward, some towards Jack and some towards Alia, "Smite them, my robots. While I disable her for the alpha battery!"

"I'm thinking the lady there told you 'No,' Jack replies, with a low-throated growl as the scientist sends his robots minions after Alia. He sees the ones coming for him as well, but he's attacking a woman! Risking all the robots converging on him, Jack moves himself between Alia and the robots coming for her. "'Scuse me," he says to the alien student. Always polite. He turns back to the robots, and tips his fedora down a little. "Come an' get it, you Gundam wannabes," he says, and steps forward, totalling one robot with a swift uppercut. Only then does he take the cigar out of his mouth and flick the ash on the downed 'bot. "'Ready for me, ya punks?"

Diana walks up behind the scientist. She's pretty much a quiet sort of girl. Quiet as the grave. Not breathing, not making haste, she moves through the room, and a crowd of fleeing geeks. She doesn't say anything, just stares at the mad scientist a moment. Then with a mighty fist she rears back and smashes into his back…only to find her hand sent back by a mighty force field. She frowns, not understanding what happened.

Alia frowns at the scientist, "Oh, you want my power, do you?" She suddenly gets a rather wicked grin, "HAVE IT, THEN!" A blast of light flies from her hands, impacting the face of the scientist that started this trouble, causing him to yelp as he is suddenly blinded by the light!

"I'm blind, I'm blind! Get her!" With this, Robotico sends a blast straight towards Alia. And actually comes really close to hitting her, surprisingly enough. He takes a step back, digging into a pocket. For … something. Meanwhile, the horde of robots attack. Many of their blows land, but the first wave does nothing to hurt Jack. Not an iota. The second wave see this, and begin to aim their attacks more precisely, hitting where it hurts. This … simply leaves the teen hero … bruised. That didn't work out so well!

"Keep on him…whoever you two are," Jack calls. The dark-haired woman…goth-but-not-Claire, to his mind…he's sure he's seen her around too. And as far as he knows, he's the oldest, so he's Responsible (tm) for them. Still, the robots, the second wave of them, hit him and he actually /feels/ it. He lets out a grunt, and his eyes narrow to slits. "So you wanna play like that, huh? Try /this!/" And on '/this!/,' he drives his fist into the ground before him, sending a wave of force outward, which knocks a good half of the robots off their feet.

Alia suddenly turns a brilliant shade of red, her body shimmering into intangibility as it becomes living light. She flies into the air, her hands outstretched as she unleashes a blast of power at the scientist. His forcefield deflects most, but not all of the ray, wounding the scientist as she shouts, "Surrender!"

Diana frowns as she reaches out with her hands and attempts to grab the scientics once more. She gets her arms around the man but the pulse of the force field, pushes her back…this is stirring the frustration in her head and he lowers her brow, and the mood just darkens. Her fists clench…and the anger is coming in.

"Which is it, which is it…ah, there it is." The man straps something onto his wrist after dodging away from Diana. It starts to hum. He tilts his head, "Ah. There you are, my dear." He says to Alia. With this, he takes a step back, and points his hand at her and down the line, at Alia: a blast of sonic energy streaks out from the wristband, straight for both heroines! Also Jack, but … hey, it's Jack. He totally ignores it. Surprisingly, the energy streaks /around/ the robots. Wow. How'd he do that? Both heroines shake off the attack, and he snarls: "That. Is. It!" He considers, and then focuses on Diana as she's closer. She scares him, thus. The energy strikes her, shimmering alone her inner ear, and for a moment she's all dizzy, but her strength of will manages to shake the sensation off.

Meanwhile, the robots continue to attack Jack, trying to get past him. Only one blow manages to land with enough force to harm him. That'll leave another bruise!

"Sorry, what was that nice breeze? Besides this joker still talking," Jack asks idly, as the energy wave washes over them. Jack's not hurt, but his cigar's been ashed. he notices, and…well. "Those ain't cheap," he says, as the robots close in, and he's able to shrug off most of their blows, but one makes him feel pain. That robot gets his attention. "I thought I told ya to knock that off!" With that, he reaches for the offending robot's leg and lifts it into the air. He even stops to emulate Babe Ruth, and points towards the bleachers in his head. He steps into it and swings the robot like a baseball bat. The bat-robot's actually working fine afterwards, but it's best not to say what condition the other three remaining robots are in. There are women present.

Diana growls and snarls, as she looks at the man she can't seem to get a grip on. Luckily, Jack has fallen a few robots. She picks up the body of one and slams it into the scientist, the impact rippling through the force field, causing the scientist to reel inside his shell.

Alia hovers over the scientist, then lets loose a crimson energy bolt straight down, hammering through the scientist's force field and wounding him yet again. She then shouts, "NO ONE TURNS ME INTO A DURACELL!"

"You're right. I'm sorry. I shouldn't've…" A pause. "Sucker." He sends a blast of sonic force at Alia. Somehow, in spite of her being incorporeal, she still has a body. Of a sort. And the blast sends it vibrating from the inside out. It hurts. Oh, it /hurts/. And Alia is stunned by the pain of the damage as it threatens to shatter her energy form! Meanwhile, the last, lone robot continues to try to get past Jack. And misses him entirely. The Robotico mutters, "I need better help."

Jack clamps down /hard/ on his temper as he sees Robotico attack Alia. "You think you're a wise guy? Brave enough t'hit a woman?" This was supposed to be a low stress night for Jack, really. He has the one remaining robots in his hands, fingers digging into the metal like it was butter, and pummels Robotico himself with a vicious overhand swing with his own robot. "You like that? Huh?" And that /hurt;/ Robotico looks to be still standing, but not in good shape after that. "S'what you get for hittin' dames. Someone else'll hit right back."

Diana would love this deep down as she's not in her own mental faculties at this time. A psychotic raging beast is living in her shell and she's smashing at the man in the force field from the other side. She knows Jack is there, but they're sharing a target at this point.

Alia blinks, shaking off the stun as she spreads her arms wide, "ENOUGH, CUR!" She glows a brilliant red color now, almost impossible to look directly at, when suddenly she conjures… a boot. A six-foot long Army Boot, glowing a brilliant red, which then SLAMS down onto Robotico! It then raises up, and SLAMS down again, before it dissipates, leaving Alia looking rather dim in hue and somewhat drained.

And so all is quiet. People are cheering from over behind the door in the store room. And then the robot in Jack's arms announces: SELF DESTRUCT: ACTIVATED! Uhoh. Jack has a bare instant. What will he do?!

"Get away!" Jack says, and with the trapped robot on his hands, citizens in the area, and the pther students to be Responsible (tm) for, Jack does the first thing that comes into his head. He throws himself on the ground, on top of the robot just before it self-destructs, engulfing both itself and Jack in a small fireball. When the dust and smoke clears, the robot is a charred, melted mess. And Jack is just standing up, dusting off his pants, and noticing that the blast has ruined the clothing on his torso. "Damn, was one of best shirts," he says, and coughs a little bit to clear out the robot explosion dust. "Jackhammer," he says, turning to Alia and Diana and jerking a thumb at himself. "No other names. We gotta go," he says, meaning to get himself and his charges back to Campus before the cops show up.

Diana peers at Jack and the exploding robot. She doesn't even blink, but instead closes her eyes and tries to regain some control. Since there's a distraction she is able to withdraw from her rage enough to growl out, "Diana." She looks down at the scientist and thinks a moment out loud, "So…hungry…"

Alia lands, looking rater tired as she fades back to her material form. She pats her purse, making sure she still has the game, "Alright… let's get out of here, then." She looks about ready to finish the unconscious scientist, but then decides there's no honor in it, turning to move off.

The clapping and cheering continues from the store room. One of the kids rushes out and offers Alia a small booklet, "Can I have your autograph?" Aww.

-End scene-

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