Makeup Session

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Title: Makeup Session
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Characters: Claire, Sasha
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Place: Claire's Room, Rider Hall
Time: Afternoon on Monday, May 17, 2010
Summary: Sasha comes to see Claire to apologize, Claire is defensive at first. Things get patched up.

Claire sits in her room, surrounded by her CDs, band posters, movie collection, magazines and pillows. She's on her bed, holding a deep red pillow covered in black lace to her chest and staring. Seeing what she is watching end, she shakes her head and snaps out of it before leaning back and falling onto her bed. After a few minutes she sighs and rolls over, curling up into a fetal position and holding her pillow in a death grip. Her eyes trail to her cellphone, sitting nestled on a charger. She reaches for it, then shakes her head. "He probably doesn't want to talk to me either. Who am I kidding?" Closing her eyes, she just lets the tears that have been welling up inside of her go.

People never lock things around here. Alright, alright, they do, but they don't Sasha-proof their locks, which means pulling out the right finger-tool helps get her through all the barriers between herself and Claire's room. She pushes the door open. "You're just emoing out, aren't you?" Sasha asks of Claire.

"Get the fuck out of my room," Claire replies, rolling over to face the wall and hide her tears. "We're not friends, I get that. So why are you even here? Just want to rub your happy touchy-feely session with Jerry in my face?"

"Nah," Sasha says. "I was gonna say I was being a bitch and apologize, but I guess you don't wanna hear that."

"It would be stating the obvious." Claire rolls back over and uses her pillow to try and clear her eyes, staining the edge with smeared mascara. "But at least close the door if you're going to be in my room. You're letting the light in."

Sasha steps in angrily, snatching away Claire's pillow. "You don't have a sister, do you?" she asks. She tosses the pillow away. "You just gonna sulk here? Because I was mean? Because if *that's* how you deal with things the world's going to kick the living shit out of you, Claire."

Claire sits up and glares at Sasha. "No, I don't have any siblings. Sorry, just a spoiled only child here." She narrows her eyes and stops crying pretty much instantly. "And I can handle the world. I just don't deal well with people I thought were friends blowing me off like I don't matter. Sorry but some of us aren't made of metal, some of us feel things." She suddenly realizes what she said and swallows. "Sorry… that came out wrong."

Sasha returns the glare immediately, "And some of us keep private things *private*!" she shoots back. "I didn't share stuff with you because I wanted to, Claire! That was the absinthe!"

Claire snap, "Yeah well I didn't have to try and help you after that either! Maybe I should have just left you to face your flashbacks! But I didn't!" She's crying again, this time her tears are more out of frustration than anything else. "But I had to go try and help someone who was hurting. It's what I do, ok? So maybe you didn't want to share, fine. I won't tell anyone, just go be happy with your boyfriend and forget all about me. I'll live."

"We're not dating yet," Sasha says, "Maybe thinking about it but not doing it yet. And you're just angry about Ian. Not my fault! I tried to help you know, and now you're pissed at me about it?"

"This has fuck all to do with Ian and you know that! I shared that with you because I wanted advice from someone I trusted and thought was cool, ok?" Claire sniffles and wipes her nose with a kleenex from a dispenser next to her bed. "This has to do with you not wanting to share with me and basically blowing off my attempts to be a friend. Up until last night, I really liked you, I wanted to impress you, I wanted to get to know you better and all you did was push me away and shut down my attempts to be a friend. That hurt. Worse than you might be able to understand. I don't have a lot of friends and… I thought I had one in you. So, go ahead, mock the little lonely emo girl and be done with it. Maybe you'll make me hard enough to live in a world that doesn't give a shit about me. Maybe you'll be doing me a fucking favor!"

Sasha's hands flail. "Because I'm not going to tell you everything! Because I have a damn private life and that means private, not 'go tell Claire!', and when you push that just makes me think you're up to something. I barely know you, Claire. *I'm* not the mindreader!" Sasha seethes, her breathing heavy and her eyes narrow. "Impress me?"

"Yeah, I'm the fucking mind reader and I chose to ask you rather than go in and get the answers I want. That should mean something, but I guess it doesn't." Claire blinks twice to clear the blur in her vision and nods. "Yeah, impress you. Face it Sasha, you're cool. You're the coolest person I think I've ever met, Ian included. You're confident, sexy, tough and wild. You're the things I would kill to be sometimes so yeah, I wanted to impress you. I wanted you to think I was cool to and I thought you did after that night in the club…" She sighs. "But nevermind, I'm just a stupid kid."

"Yeah, and you've got the full technicolor on how I became a freak so that should mean something to *you*," Sasha fires. She crosses her arms. "If you're cool you don't need other people to think it, that's what *makes* you cool," Sasha says, her voice laced with derision. "Shit," she says, "You're either trying to make up or you're hitting on me."

Claire shuts up then and blushes really deeply. She just kind of stares dumbly and then looks at the floor, letting her hair fall into her face. "I just like you Sasha and I thought you liked me and I thought we could be friends. That's all. And yeah, I'm sorry about what I said about you, I was just pissed. Mostly at myself and I took it out on you. Sorry."

"Yeah, well…" Sasha says slowly, "Sorry for being pissy," she says. "You got sensitive stuff and that kinda hits my achille's heel. Not like I have that anymore," she says with a frown. "I do like you," she says, "When you're not being pushy or super-emo."

Claire sniffles a bit more. "And I like you better when you're not being a bitch." She chuckles weakly and shakes her head. "I've just had some really bad experiences lately with friends and all and I'm kinda, well, bad at making new ones."

Sasha's face goes just a bit darker. "Watch yourself," she warns. "You just gotta stop trying to please everybody. Because trust me. You won't."

Sighing, Claire pushes herself off her bed and moves over to the little basin near the entryway, running some water and splashing it over her face. She doesn't say anything at first, until she's done scrubbing her face with a towel, leaving it heavily stained. "Ok Sasha. I won't push and I won't try and please you. You don't have to tell me anything if you don't want to. I won't push anymore." Her tone is even and almost flat.

"You've mastered standing up," Sasha says. "Damn right I won't," she says. "Same for you too. Only way I made it this far was keeping my life in nice, separate boxes." She says, gesturing to indicate different boxes.

"Then I'll keep that little box marked 'Fantasies about Sasha' nice and locked away and hidden under my bed." Claire's voice is still flat, so it's kind of hard to tell if she's joking or not.

"Not sure under your bed is where you want it," Sasha says dryly. "So you going to come out of hiding, or you need the evening?"

"I should get some studying done. I really should." Claire sighs and looks to the stack of books across her room. She's wiped all the makeup off her face and if anything, it makes her look younger, her little traces of acne showing on her cheeks as well as the hint of freckles. "I can't fall behind in anything. I can't risk screwing things up."

Which, for claire, is saying something. "You fail out of your last school?" Sasha asks.

Shaking her head, Claire looks over. "No I got removed. I was almost expelled. Two years ago my powers just kinda happened. I abused the hell out of them and scared the shit out of everyone. I lost all my friends, got accused of cheating (which I was) and really pissed off my parents and everyone around me. That's why I got sent here." She swallows and goes back to sit on her bed again. "I came here because I was such a monumental fuck up."

Sasha makes a face. "SO you were twelve?" she asks. "Fuck," she mutters. Sasha hadn't realized it was that young.

Claire nods and sighs. "I was a twelve year old who could suddenly read minds and see anything I wanted to. You can imagine the kinds of things I did." She chuckles weakly. "I made a royal mess of my life, that's what I did. And I don't want to do that again. I never want to see a friend of mine look at me in fear again. I never want anyone I trusted to call me a freak and run away. I never want to make my folks cry…"

"You're the only one who gets to fuck up your life," Sasha says. "You and dumb luck, but you can't control dumb luck." Sasha leans against Claire's desk. "You cry a lot for a stoic goth girl," Sasha observes.
"Only in private." Claire admits, "I try not to cry where anyone can see me. It ruins my makeup." She exhales sharply and looks up at you. "So, um… if we can't be friends, can we at least be friendly?"

"Pretty sure friends have fight with each other," Sasha says. "Id unno. Maybe not anymore? Could have been a memo or something I missed."

Claire grins more widely at that. "Yeah, friends fight. It's something they do. I guess this was out first fight." She winks at you and smirks widely. "Does the make up sex follow after that? Or am I getting confused again."

"That'd be lovers, Claire. Don't think we're there yet," Sasha says. "For one thing, your makeup's all messed up.

Claire laughs and goes back to her basin, getting her makeup stuff out. "Well, back in the box that idea goes." She's joking again, which may be a good sign. "Sorry I took it so bad. You're kind of the first friend I made here and all and… I just reacted badly."

"That's in the box?" Sasha teases. "Sad," Sasha shakes her head slowly. She rolls her shoulders and then watches at the bag comes down. "You like an old lady who always has to put on her face?"

"Oh shut up. I just like to look good." Clare replies, a tiny bit curtly. "Besides, if I went out without it, people who think I was a middle schooler or something. And I just like the way it looks. So that's that."

"Okay, okay, if you say so," Sasha says. She turns and takes a ginger seat on Claire's bed, testing it before letting her full weight come down on it.

The bed is rather strong. As Claire does her makeup, you can see her CD collection on the wall next to her bed, held up by a steel rack screwed right into the wall. Her magazines are next to the bed in huge stacks, mostly 'Rooling Stone' and the like with some 'Fangoria' and 'Newtype' thrown in here and there. "Um… thanks for coming to see me. I feel a lot better since we got that out in the open. I mean, the way we feel and stuff."

Sasha looks over towards Claire as she puts layer upon layer of dark makeup on her face. Her eyes dart about, taking in Claire's room. "Um…how we feel?" Sasha asks. "Apologietc, you mean, right?"

"Well, duh. About how we feel about what happened. You know, stupid, angry, upset, confused. That whole line." Claire's putting on the pale base that covers her cheeks right now. "What did you think I meant?"

Sasha shakes her head. "Totally what I thought you meant," Sasha says. She stands back up. "You might have to show me how to do that sometime," she suggests, as she looks at Claire's face in the mirror. "If I want to go in camoflage."

Claire spins in place and throws open the door to her closet. "Hey, I've got plenty of clothes to wear as well if you ever feel like going en gothe for a night. Which reminds me. You up for maybe taking a few people in costume to go catch 'Rocky Horror' in town some weekend?"

"Um…seriously?" Sasha asks. She edges towards Sasha's closed, almost afraid to be absorbed by all the black. "People really do that?" she asks. "I thought it was just…weirdos."

Claire laughs loudly. "Well, yeah. It's fun in that cheesy, hilarious way that all late night cult movie things are. Besides, some of the music is really fun. I'm going to go as Janet." She strikes as innocent a pose as she can.

Sasha blinks a few times, staring at Claire and then shaking her head. "So you're the ingenue?"

Nodding, Claire turns back to the mirror to work on applying her eyeliner. "Yep. Mostly cause she gets the best song in the whole movie, 'Creature of the Night'. I know it might seem a stretch for me to pull it off but take off my makeup, give me a wig and stick me in some normal clothes and I can do it. Besides, most of the other characters aren't all that far off from my normal wardrobe and it is all about dressing up and acting silly."

"I'll trust you on that," Sasha says. "So…to dress up, you dress normally?" she says with a snicker, "I'm not surprised by that at *all*."

Working on her mascara now before applying her two seperate colors and coats of lipstick, Claire laughs. "Hey, when everyday is Halloween, the dress up days become different. Me am Bizarro girl, me dress opposite of everyone." She finishes up in a couple minutes and comes back into the main room. "So, sasha. Thanks for coming after me. I kind of lost it there and you dragged me back down to Earth. Thanks."

Sasha shrugs a little. She closes the doors of the closet slowly, and appears not to get Claire's reference. Whatever, she plows right through. "Yeah, well, you're not so bad, Claire."

Claire smiles genuinely and steps forward to hug Sasha, it's gentle and just a hug. "And you're a good friend. Even when you don't want to be."

Sasha's startled by that, although she accepts the hug with a ginger pat on Claire's shoulders.

"Now, let me study. We can talk again at lunch tomorrow." Claire turns away as she lets go of the hug. "And if you want my opinion, go for Jerry. He's pretty hot." With that, she's back into the relative gloom of her room, lighting candles and settling in to read.

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