Karate Kid and the Seaweed Man

Log Info

Title: Karate Kid and the Seaweed Man
Emitter: Adrian
Characters: Adrian, Ian, and Tyche
NPCs: The Seaweed Man
Place: Cove City Theatre, Beach, and Rider Hall
Time: 26th June 2010, evening
Summary: Tyche and Adrian go out on a date, which winds up with a fight against a beach-claiming Seaweed Man. Then they get caught by Ian trying to sneak back on campus after curfew.

Saturday night has arrived! And at about 6:00, Adrian shows up at Tyche's door in Rider Hall ready to escourt her to the movies. He's dressed in a chocolate brown polo shirt and a pair of khaki cargo pants. It's his 'dressy look' and, for once, his ever-present bright orange backpack is MIA. That's the beauty of cargos, he can carry what he needs in the pockets. He straightens his shirt, does a quick 'breath check' into the palm of his hand, and gives himself a mini-pep-talk. "Just takin' a girl to the movies Adj. Nothing to be nervous about. Right. You've done this before. And she said herself she likes you. So, let's do this."

Knock. Knock. Knock.

It's a knock of confidence, even if the boy has to wipe his palms off on his shorts after doing it.

The door opens only a moment later, revealing Tyche's erstwhile 'date'. She's dressed in bluejeans and a fantastic red blouse that surely comes from her modeling years. Just hints of makeup, diamonds in her ears, and a silver necklace that hides beneath the blouse. "Hi," she says as she looks him over. Whatever her thoughts, it seems she's not upset. Her smile grows a little, and she looks up into his face. "I'm driving, right?"

"I'd drive, except for two key points. One, I don't have a car. And two, I don't have my liscence," Adrian says with a smile, "You look great. Red's a good color for you."

"Then you're in luck," Tyche says. "Be right back," she turns around and closes the door. Two minutes pass, before she emerges with a small black clutch purse. "Alright, let's get out of here." She closes her door behind her and extracts the keys to her BMW from her purse.

Adrian does the gentlemanly thing and opens doors on the way out to the car. "I've been looking forward to this all day. Sorry about the other night at the Pharmacy. Mr. Mallory had more boxes to unload than I thought. Apparently he's decided to schedule the major shipments for Friday afternoons and evenings when I'll be working from now on. I didn't know you could, uh, do the telepathy thing. That was unexpected."

And Tyche dutifully waits, smiling with faint amusement each time. "Well, I'm still practicing it. The woman I absorbed was a telepath, though, so I apparently have her powers and mine. Sorta like Linus, I guess, except that I can only do it when I … you know, nevermind. Yeah, I've got some telepathy. I can do some other things with it, too, but mostly it's just a barrier against mental intrusion." Woop woop! The sporty white coup's lights brighten as Tyche disarms her alarm. The top is down already, revealing her tan leather interior. "But. Friday nights are bad for visiting you at work. Got it. What's a good day?"

"Tuesday is apparently the day all the locals come in, so it's crowded, Wednesdays and Thursdays are fairly slow though. I'm going to have to figure out how to fit work in with the baseball schedule now that that's underway. It was nice to have you come visit me though," Adrian says. He just grins when he sees the car and shakes his head. And this is one of the reasons he's nervous. She's got money. He… uh… doesn't. "And, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I've got off."

"Hmm," Tyche considers as she climbs into the driver's seat. "I'll have to just make it a random surprise, now and again," she says, buckling up before she even puts the keys in the ignition. She waits for Adrian to get in the passenger's seat and buckle up before starting the engine and then out on their way. "How's baseball going, anyways? When can I come watch you practice or play?"

Adrian snaps the seatbelt in, and if the boy runs a hand along the leather seats, well, can you blame him for admiring the car? "It's going well. It's just different from back home, but there's a rule against using powers on the field. Not so difficult for me, since I don't have anything noticable that would affect my game. I think it's a little more of a challenge for the folks with super speed or super strength to hold back." He leans back in the seat, "I'll ask the coach, but I'm sure you can come by any time."

"No shoulder-checking the player whose life support is based on their powers?" Adrian asks as she pulls the car out beyond the illusion and heads towards town. She seems intent on driving hte speed limit, stopping at every stop. She's a Good Driver<tm>. It's kinda tragically boring. "So does it bother you that I can read your mind?"

"A little," Adrian admits, "Not that I have anything really to hide, but it's just one of those things. Private thoughts and…" His cheeks flush just a little, "You don't do it all the time do you? I mean, you're not like… doing it now?"

Tyche shakes her head vigorously. "No," she reassures him. "Like I said, it's mostly a barrier against other telepaths. If I ever read your mind, it will be because I was told to during powers training, because I am talking with you telepathically, or because you are unconscious and I am worried about you. I promise not to just randomly read your mind. That wouldn't be," heh, "ethical."

"And no, no shoulder-checking…" Adrian grins, "Coach Mason is considering it part of my powers training NOT to turn off anyone's powers on the field for that reason. He thinks I should be able to gain control of it and be selective about whose powers I turn off. Not that it always works anyway, as we've proven." The boy nods, his shoulders relaxing just a little. "Gotta love ethics. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of grade you get on your paper." He runs his fingers through his hair, grinning, "I don't really plan on being unconscious again any time in the near future."

Adrian shakes his head, "You don't need to do that. I've got my meter, I always carry some insulin with me… and some emergency glucose for lows. Usually it's in my backpack, but tonight it's just in my pocket. I'm prepared." Never mind that he's had more ups and downs with it since starting school here than he'd had in two years back home. He's got it under control. Ahem. "Though if you and I are going to be spending any amount of time together." Which he hopes they will. "I probably ought to show you how to use it some time." And since they're nearing the theatre, he grins at her. The next words are said with teasing kindness, "You know you drive like my grandma, right? This car is just aching to get out on an open highway."

Tyche sniffs just faintly and pulls the car into the lot. "It's not a crime to drive safely," she tells him. "Besides, I'd rather not get my license revoked like all those other celebrity kids always do. I mean, have you seen how Lindsay Lohan's life is going lately? I'm not going to be like that. Wow, this place is packed."

"I didn't say it was a crime," Adrian says unbuckling his belt, "Just that some day, we're going to have to let this car do what it was made for. The German's don't have the Autobahn for no reason. They want to drive their cars like they were built to be driven." The boy chuckles, "You're right though. No sense in winding up like those other celebrity kids. Better to be safe than on the cover of the Inquirer. Mugshots are never flattering, no matter how good you look." He lets out a low whistle. The theatre is indeed packed. "Good thing we got here a little early. I'm sure the wait at the snack bar is going to be ridiculous."

"Mmhm," Tyche agrees as swhe finds a spot and pulls in. She puts on the parking break, kills the engine, then climbs out of the car a moment later. She slides back towards the back of the car, then waits for Adrian and smiles at him. "Well, maybe. But if you wind up crashing my car, I'm going to make you pay for my insurance increase." She winks and reaches to take his hand without even hesitating as they walk towards the theatre.

Adrian takes her hand without hessitation as well. Although, third time is the charm apparently for nullifying Tyche's powers. Tyche would feel an uncomfortable flutter in her stomach, similar to butterflies, but it fades quickly along with her powers. "I'll have to get two jobs then," he says with a laugh, "But I won't wreck it." As they approach the front of the theatre, and get in line, Adrian pulls out his wallet with his free hand. "Karate Kid, right?"

Tyche misses a step, then halts entirely and reaches down to touch her stomach. "… oh," she breathes quietly, then blinks her head and looks up. "Oh Adrian," she breathes softly, then reaches up to very suddenly hug him tight. "Oh my god, I can't feel her. I can't hear her at all."

Adrian blinks as he finds Tyche suddenly holding him tightly. The boy is bewildered for half a second, then his cheeks flush for another at the warm closeness, and then in the last moment he regains his senses and grins. It takes all of that for his brain to process what must have happened, but then he wraps his arms around Tyche as well. "So, we don't have a ghostly chaperone tonight? I take it you're happy about this?" He has to ask to be sure, but he's relatively certain that she thinks this is Good News <tm>.

"I don't know," Tyche says with a shake of her head. "I'm glad to not hear her; it's been two years. But … I hope this doesn't kill her entirely." She smiles and hugs him again, then lets go and composes herself. "Sorry. I just … I haven't been alone in two years. This is … amazing." She grabs his hand, then smiling broadly heads towards the theatre. "What were we talking about?"

"I hope it doesn't kill her either, even if she doesn't like me," Adrian says. He links his fingers back through hers, giving them a squeeze. "I doubt it will. She's probably just suppressed in there somewhere. I doubt this will improve her opinion of me though." He has to laugh at that. "You don't need to apologize." He moves up in line, still holding her hand and grinning cheerfully. Just two normal teens, on a perfectly normal date. "What movie we were going to see. Karate Kid, right?"

"Whatever you want," Tyche replies with an almost giddy grin. "I'm okay with watching anything, right now. I get to watch it alone, for once." She sighs and puts her head on his shoulder. "If she's not dead, I'm going to have to bottle you to shut her up in the future."

Adrian is in the best mood he's been in since arriving at the Steranko Institute. He slides some money from his wallet when they reach the counter, "Two for the seven o'clock showing of Karate Kid." Tickets received, Adrian again moves to open the door for Tyche. "Not completely alone. I mean, I'm here afterall," he says with a wink. It's nice. This is the sort of reaction to his powers that he prefers… not… the punch in the face he got from Jerry. "Bottled Adrian. I think Jonathan would probably buy into that. Maybe Miles too. Geeze, look at the snackbar line."

Tyche lets Adrian's hand go while he buys the tickets, but she takes it right back a moment later while they head towards the door. "You're not in my head," she tells him with a faint smirk. "This is as alone as I've been in two years. It's wonderful. And I have every intention of enjoying i— holy Christ, that's a lot of people. Um." She considers, then asks, "Do you want me to go get us seats?"

"That's probably a good idea," Adrian observes, "I'll meet you in there. What do you want?" He nods towards the menu board over the snack counter. There's a humm of conversation in the lobby from people who are waiting for their movies to start, or those who've just gotten out of a movie, as well as those waiting in line to get popcorn, candy, and sodas.

"Just a water and some chocolate," Tyche responds, grabbing her ticket and squeezing his hand. "And um … something … no. That'll do. I'll meet you in there!" she turns and heads towards the theatre.

The theatre itself still has plenty of seats vacant, since most people coming to see this film are out in the lobby waiting in line for snacks. It pays to think ahead and 'split up' to ensure good seats. Adrian isn't too long. He gets there just as the first previews are starting. A bucket of popcorn with a box of Nestle's Bunch-a-Crunch balanced on top and a bottled water and a fountain drink in one of those paper drink carriers. He pauses when he enters the darkened theatre to search for Tyche, finds her and with a grin, moves to join her. "Chocolate, popcorn, and drinks…"

Tyche has her feet propped up on the chair in front of her, and she smiles when Adrian slides in next to her. The arm between their chairs is nowhere in sight! Oh wait, there it is, tucked up high and out of the way. "Thanks," she says, grabbing her water and the chocolates and setting them in the drink rest to her left. "You have good timing."

"I know," Adrian says with an almost cocky little grin. Okay, forget almost, it is a cocky grin! He notices the absence of the arm rest and settles in, draping an arm over Tyche's shoulder. "You're welcome," he adds, then quiets down and settles in to enjoy the movie… and a return to normalcy for the evening. This would be exactly the sort of thing he would be doing if he were back home on a Saturday night: enjoying a movie with a friend, bonus points for it being a cute girl and there being some mutual interest involved. The lights in the theatre dim down further as the movie begins.

Tyche leans forward, then against Adrian when he settles in, all as if she had planned it this way. And so what if things are moving a little quickly, at least she's not sucking on his face like an alien in the dorm, like someone they know. Not yet anyways. And so she remains, for the movie, nibbling on his popcorn, or her food, or her drink. She is one of those girls who stays quiet through a movie, it seems.

Adrian isn't one to talk through a movie either, but he does sneak a couple pieces of Tyche's chocolate. He's planned his whole day food-wise around going to the movies with her, knowing it wouldn't be a normal dinner. So, he's not worried about it. He's just happy to be enjoying a movie… and a little hand-holding, or arm-over-the-shoulder is a far cry from making out in the common area of the dorm. *coughLinusandSundaycough*

The movie is over far too soon, it seems. And before Adrian knows it, the credits are rolling. He doesn't jump right up though, comfortable sitting there with Tyche while the rest of the crowded theatre stirs. If they were to get up right now they'd just be caught in the traffic jam around the bathrooms and then in the parking lot… since most of the movies will be letting out all around the same time. "That was good. Especially for a remake."

"Yeah, I was really impressed with Jayden Smith's performance," Tyche agrees, leaning away from Adrian just enough to stretch. "I never saw the original, though. I thought this was supposed to be campy, but it wasn't at all. Was the first one?"

"You gotta see the first one," Adrian says, "If only for the 'Wax on, wax off' moment. I missed that. I don't see us adding 'Put your jacket on, take your jacket off' to the pop culture dictionary." He finally gets up from his seat, stretching and starts picking up their trash. Napkins go in the popcorn container with the crumbs. "This was good. The first one is a little campy, but it's fun. Classic. My friend Hunter is a movie guru."

"Wax on, wax off," Tyche repeats confusedly, then gets up with him. She smiles as he starts to pick up the trash, and grabs her own to help out. Patiently, she waits for him to be ready to go, then follows him towards the exit and dumps her chocolate wrapper— but not her water —in the bin. "So where to, now? Back to campus?"

Adrian glances at his watch, after tossing the trash in the bin. "Only if you're ready to be rid of me. The mall's closed and probably most of the other stuff around town, though. I don't know what else is really around here to do." He holds the door for her. There are some people showing up for the late movie, so the theatre lobby isn't empty, but it's not nearly as busy as it was earlier. And the wait in the theatre means that the bathrooms aren't crowded either. "We could walk around town, or walk around campus just as easily. What do you think?"

Tyche considers the options as she steps out, then shrugs just faintly. "I dunno," she admits thoughtfully, "I read somewhere that there's an old abandoned lighthouse in town, and a boardwalk nearby. We could try to find it, but I don't know if it'll be open this late."

"That works. It could be an adventure. Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys in the Search for the Haunted Lighthouse," Adrian winks. He nods to the bathroom, "I'll be right out. If we're going exploring, I gotta get rid of a soda."

"Kay," Tyche replies, and starts heading towards the women's bathroom herself. She will distinctly take longer than Adrian.

Adrian will be waiting outside the bathrooms for her when she emerges. Looking at the posters for upcoming movies. The boy grins when Tyche returns and offers an arm. "Shall we?"

Tyche emerges with a less than pleased look on her face, but nods her head anyawys. "Yeah," she agrees, pulling her keys out. "She's back," she notes as she reaches up to take Adrian's arm, a little flicker of hopefulness passing through her eyes just moments before she touches his skin. "Yay," she mumbles, but leans her head on his arm anyways and starts towards the exit. "She officially hates you, by the way."

"She does? I'm so honored to be hated," Adrian says, "On the bright side Lady-in-Tyche's-Head, it didn't kill you?" That probably didn't help. He bumps Tyche lightly with his hip as they start to walk towards the doors. "So, I guess the unchapperoned part of our date is over. Sorry it didn't last longer," he says, as if he has any control over it whatsoever. Again, the door is held and out into the summer evening they go towards the car.

"It's alright," Tyche tries to sound like she doesn't care. "It's almost like having my own thoughts, just a little louder, and not really mine. It's not quite like having my mom along. I mean, what's she going to do if I do something she doesn't like? She can't ground me; the worst she can do is yell at me." She hopes. The car flashes excitedly as Tyche deactivates the alarm and heads towards the driver's seat.

Adrian climbs into the passenger seat and buckles up. "That's a good thing. A little yelling might keep you up at night, but she can't ground you. So, where abouts is this light house? Somewhere along the coast, I know, but I hadn't heard anything about it."

"I have no idea," Tyche replies with a shrug. "Let's go just drive along the coast and see if we can find it." Or a nice dark place to park and stare at the water. She climbs in, buckles up, and turns the ignition. And back on their way, with the grannie-driver at the wheel, again. Tyche stay silent for the first five minutes of the drive as they wind towards the water. Then, of the blue, she asks, "If you could have any power of any superhero in the world, which one would you have?"

There's quiet from Adrian's side of the car too. Even for a few moments after the question is asked. The boy stares out the windshield at passing scenery, answering in a lowered tone. "None." There's an admission for you. He shakes his head and turns to look at Tyche. "I wouldn't want one. I don't know if I want the one I've got," he says, then looks back at the road. He pulls something out of his pocket, playing with it. "You?"

Well that's a sobering and unexpected response. Doesn't everyone like superpowers? Then again, Tyche's have only brought her frustration, so far. Instead of replying, she reaches over and grabs his hand, then gives it a gentle squeeze and falls silent again until they near the coast. Driving slowly along the narrow road, she finally admits, "I always wanted to be able to fly."

"That's what planes were invented for," Adrian jokes, but he squeezes her hand in thanks. "Sorry. That probably wasn't the response to your question you were looking for. I just… I kind of feel like everything in my life got turned upside down and that I lost control of it. I don't blame Linus. It's not his fault. I mean, we just got whatever genetic mutation God had planned. And this place has been good for him." He sighs and turns the little object in his hands over again. "Not that it's been bad for me. It's… well, for Linus the fresh start was a breakthrough, I guess, but I was somebody back home. Here? I'm starting all over as nobody."

Okay, Adj. Quit being depressing. He shakes his head and squeezes her hand. "Flying would be pretty cool though. Linus took piloting lessons back home, he had to give it up though. Mom and Dad couldn't afford to keep sending him." The boy grins, "Linus is, ironically, afraid of heights."

Nope, he's not getting out of the depressing bits that easily. "You're not a nobody," Tyche notes thoughtfully as she continues slowly up the river. "I mean, maybe you're not the star quarterback or whatever it is you played. Maybe not everybody knows you. But you're not nobody. You're sweet, thoughtful, and you have a lot more friends than I do. Everyone I've spoken to seems to like you. I think that makes you a lot more than nobody."

"Wide Receiver or Running Back," Adrian says with a small smile, "Thanks though. I appreciate the vote of confidence. I don't know about the friends part, yet. I barely know anyone on campus except for Linus. He's the one with the friends here. Mine are halfway across the U.S. I'm getting to know people. I'm adapting. I guess it's just going to take time before I feel like I've got a place here. I knew my place back home, you know?" He stops fiddling with the object in his hand and slides his fingers from around Tyche's. It can be identified as a rather small glucose meter. Small enough the boy can be discreet about using it when he doesn't want anyone to know or notice, but Tyche knows so he's not worried about hiding the use of it. "You'll have plenty of friends, in no time, Tyche."

"Jon's not your friend?" Tyche asks curiously as she slows down her car. They've reached a rather dark stretch, by a parkinglot, with a boat ramp. She pulls right up to the boat ramp and stops with her headlights shining out on the dark waters. "What about Cordelia, or Sunday? What about Ian? They all seem to like you well enough."

"Okay, I'll give you Jon," Adrian says with a grin, "He— she —yeah, Jon's my friend. Though, I secretly think she's just using me so that she can pee standing up." Adrian checks the reading on the meter when it beeps and nods, tucking it back into his pocket. "Cordelia? The steampunk girl? I've only really talked to her the one time and she was eyeing me like I was some sort of potential science experiment. Sunday is Linus's girlfriend, I don't know what that makes her to me. But she's cool. Ian is Linus's friend too… not that we can't both have the same friends… but, I… okay, alright, I guess you've made your point. I have a couple of people I can start calling friends on campus." The boy's brown eyes sparkle and he grins at her. "And there's you, of course." He looks out the windshield towards the dock and lifts an eyebrow. "Kind of dark out here."

"Yeah," Tyche agrees thoughtfully, and reaches up to turn out the headlights. It gets even darker, but she doesn't turn out the engine. "It's nice. Back home, I'd have to drive about a billion miles to see the stars. Here, it's just right down by the water. It's …" she trails off, then smiles. "You know, I thought I was going to hate it here. School instead of home tutoring, lots of people I don't know, east coast instead of west, and then there's the powers training, but you know what?"

"What?" Adrian asks, looking away from the darkness, the water, and stars to look over at Tyche. At least his eyes are relatively adjusted to the low light. And there's some illumination from the car's instrument panel.

Tyche looks away, too, to give Adrian a faint smile. "I'm glad I'm here," she admits happily. "Even if I have to listen to the bitching; even if I have to put up with the powers and the schoolwork and the hideous training uniform. Even with all of that," she squeezes his hand again, then reiterates, "I'm really glad I'm here."

"I'm glad you're here too," Adrian says, "It's nice to be able to just talk to someone, be comfortable, and… the training uniform really isn't that bad." He squeezes her hand in return. "So, wanna go out there and search for that lighthouse?" It's nice in the car too, so he's happy either way.

"I was looking while we were driving here," Tyche says, glancing back the way they came. "I didn't see one." She shrugs and looks back to him, then offers, "I can park if you want to try exploring anyways, though."

Adrian nods, "Yeah, we can at least walk down to the water and get a little bit of fresh air. It's worth the cliche of going to the movies and then taking a walk along the beach under the stars." He's amused. "Ohio is kind of landlocked, so this'll be a first."

"…" Tyche just smiles amusedly before turning her headlights back on and backing away from the water. Pull towards parking spot and, "Alright, then." She turns off the ignition and climbs out, then picks up her feet to pull her sandals off in advance. O she who knows not East Coast beaches.

"You sure you don't want to wear your shoes?" Adrian asks, climbing out of the car. He looks down the dock, but waits patiently for Tyche. His hand is offered again to her once she's ready.

Tyche shrugs and reaches out for Adrian's hand, then follows him towards the water. "It's a beach. Sandals just make it hard to walk. Besides, if we have to climb over any rocks or anything they'd be worse. I'll be fine." At least she's still carrying them just in case.

The moonlight plays across the water and Adrian looks down the path to the sandy shoreline. There are rocks leading down, but the path itself is clear down the dunes to the coastline. More rocks poke up from the sand, and the shells stand out in contrast. "It's a good night for this," Adrian comments, "It's not too windy and warm enough not to need jackets. I love summer." He lends Tyche a hand climbing down the rocks when needed, but soon enough they're able to walk along the water. "What's the west coast like? Hell, what's anywhere else like? The only other place I've really been was when we took a family vacation to Florida."

Tyche follows him down towards the shore, climbing over rocks carefully and with his help. When they reach the beach, she slows and hisses. "Ow, what the heck?" She peers down at the ground, then shakes her head. "This isn't a beach, it's a dumping yard." She leans back on a rock and pulls her sandals back on, then moves to catch up. "For one thing, our beaches are made of sand, not seashells and broken glass. We also don't have quite as much humidity."

Adrian shakes his head, looking at her in concern over that 'ouch'. "You okay?" he asks. He bends to pick up a seashell that's been flattened and smoothed so that it appears to be more like a small stone. Drawing his arm back he flings it across towards the water. It skips. Once, twice, three times and sinks. "I wouldn't mind seeing a beach like that some day. Lack of humidity could be a bonus too." He looks down at her feet. "We can head back to the car if you want."

Sandals in place, Tyche stands back up and takes Adrian's hand once more. "No, I'm okay. I just was expecting a beach, yanno?" She grins a little, then drags him out a little closer towards the water. "Maybe one of these days you can fly home with me and I'll show you a real beach."

The boy laughs and nods, "That'd be fun. Maybe you can introduce me to your Dad. Then I can say I've met someone famous." He kicks his shoes in the water as a wave crashes up and grins. Who cares if his shoes get soggy. They'll dry out. "I'll take 'em off before I get in the car," he assures Tyche, "Don't want to mess up the interior of that baby."

Both teens are distracted enough by the moonlight, the waves, and one another that they don't notice the figure that moves out from between two large rocks. The clothes are the ragged attire of someone who lives out in the elements, dripping wet from ocean spray, and bits of seaweed hang down. It is a man, roughly six-feet tall, broad-shouldered with a white beard. He could almost be a shipwrecked pirate if it were the right year for that, but he's probably simply a sailor down on his luck.

"Get off my beach!" the man bellows, throwing his hands up in front of him. It is at this moment that a particularly large wave comes CRASHING up onto the shore. Most of it slams into Adrian and knocks his feet out from under him. Tyche isn't spared from getting wet, and Adrian is quick to let go of her hand when he feels himself falling, so he doesn't unintentionally drag her down with him. He coughs, sputtering and spitting out salt water. The hell??!

Wait, what just happened? One moment, there was peaceful walking towards the ocean and enjoyign the date, and maybe even thoughts of kissing, and now, wet jeans, wet expensive shirt, and Tyche is on her ass, coughing and sputtering salty water out of her lungs. She lost a sandal, somewhere in that wave. Now she's trying to clear salt out of her eyes to look around. But it stings, and she's disoriented. Turning around, she crawls a few feet and tries to stand up. "Adrian?" she coughs out, hunting for him. Oh, there he is. No wait, that's seaweed man. "Sorry; we didn't know it was yours."

Adrian comes up out of the water, where the wave dragged him, coughing more as he pushes up to his knees. "Over here," the boy answers, still gagging on salt water. "You okay?" he asks, blinking and wiping at his face. Another smaller wave splashes over him while he tries to get his bearings again. He can see Tyche a little over arms' reach away and a… large seaweed covered guy making his way across the beach towards them. "…oh, that's not good." Way to state the obvious Adrian!

"Well it is! And I want you OFF OF IT NOW!" He raises his hands again and the waves rise up all over again. It's like a wall of water lifting up from the ocean at the command of Poisidon or something and then CA-CRASH! The waves rock upon the shore again and knock Adrian off his feet again to send him sprawling against the sand. It's a larger wave this time and stretches towards Tyche like a watery claw aiming to take the girl down too. The water slams against her, but by the time it has reached her it isn't nearly as forceful. It just wets her already sodden clothing. "No one messes with my beach!"

Tyche curls up to protect herself from the waves. When they pass, she looks back towards them, then towards the seaweed-man. "Hey, look, we didn't know, okay?" Reaching out with her mind, she touches Adrian's. I'll keep his attention, but you have to take him out. This is nuts. "Look, we'll leave. Just uh … give me a minute to find my sandal, okay?" She turns away as if to hunt for it. "It'll go a lot quicker if you'll stop beating us up with the waves and help me look."

Adrian coughs again, choking on the salt water as he pushes himself up. "It's not like there's a sign to say this beach belongs to *cough* you *cough*," Adrian sputters. His brown eyes narrow as he looks towards the Seaweed Pirate Guy. While Tyche attempts to distract him, Adrian shakes off the effects of being battered by the waves and digging his feet into the sand rushes forward towards the man with a primal yell. There's no real finesse involved here, just a teenage boy using his body to football tackle a grown man. He's hoping the contact will let him take away the man's powers too. Here's to hoping!

"LIAR! MAINLANDER LIES!" the old man calls out, pointing accusingly at Tyche. He raises up his hands again in order to smash the teens with more ocean water. "You shall suffer for your trespass—-OOmpf!" The man is struck neatly in the side by Adrian and falls into the sand with the boy on top of him. It's not enough to keep him from raising that hand and bringing another forceful tidal wave upon the beach. Most of the wave strikes Tyche, knocking the girl around. Some crashes down upon Adrian and the seaweed man, but the boy shakes the water off as if it's nothing this time. He's still battered by it, but maybe holding onto the man controlling it saves him from the worst.

The wave dashes Tyche aside and slams her into one of the rocks. There's no blood, but she's hit her head hard enough to leave her dazed and confused. As the water washes away, Tyche doesn't move. It takes her a moment to even remember what's going on. But that's what the little voice inside her head is for. Heal yourself. And so she does, and the fuzz clears. Tyche blinks wide as the pain subsides. Sure, she's got a nice bruise on her forehead that the nurse is going to want to take a look at later, but right now, "HEY SEAWEED MAN." Pissed Tyche is Pissed. "Leave my boyfriend alone!" Cue waves of psychic energy slamming into the man, converging on the idea of one. big. headache. And a very exhausted Tyche.

"TYCHE!" Adrian yells when he sees her dashed against the rocks. He turns to look at her, and is flooded with relief when she not only gets up, but attempt to do something to the Seaweed Guy. Adrian doesn't wait to see if it works, he just turns to the guy. The boy grabs a fistfull of his shirt and takes the other hand to punch him right in the face. That Tyche calls him her boyfriend registers somewhere in the back of his mind, but he doesn't acknowledge it. "You ruined the lady's nice shirt. You should apologize."

The Seaweed man cries out, bringing his hands to the side of his head as he feels a mental assault come upon him, but he manages to shake it off. It's not soon enough to keep him from avoiding Adrian's fist, however. The Seaweed Man's head snaps to the side with the CRACK of that fist hitting his face, but something curious happens as well. Water splashes out of his mouth at the strike. He's dazed and for a moment the man's eyes go glassy. Again the man shakes it off, though not nearly so easily. "And you should respect your elders!" He brings up his hands and his fingers literally turn into water, which perhaps because he's been battered about a bit just splashes around Adrian instead of actually hitting the boy.

Pissed Tyche is also particularly ineffective. And now she's starting to feel the bruise on her forehead like a low, throbbing pain. She stares at the man, struggles to see him through the pain and the double-vision of her swimming head, then squints. Closing her eyes, she focuses just a little and forces the man to heed her command. You want to apologise for all of this. It was just a misunderstanding.

"It's elders like you that make it hard to show respect," Adrian says. Instead of hitting the man again, this time he grabs both of those watery wrists. He turns his head to the side, trying to avoid the splashing that occurs and his expression knots up in concentration. His inner dialogue just repeats, you can do this, it's like an off switch. You can do this… And suddenly the water is no longer splashing around in his face. He's just holding down an angry old man in tattered, seaweed-covered clothing… who… sputters up at him.

The man is surprised, first by his loss of power and then by the fact that he just has to apologize. "I-I'm sorry, this was all just a big misunderstanding." He looks like he's having a hard time catching his breath and his eyes are as wide as saucers.

Adrian climbs off of the old man, muscles still tense and ready for a fight. Even though the man apologized and is powerless now, Adrian isn't taking any chances. He keeps his fists up in a fighting stance. Somewhere along the way, Adrian must have taken Karate or some other martial art based on his posture. He looks like he knows what he's doing. "No more funny business. You just let us go on our way," he says, even as the man is getting up shakily to his feet. "Your powers will come back, but we'll be long gone by then."

The old man just nods, staring at his hands. He looks towards Tyche, then to Adrian, and says, "I'm going to go think about this. I've got something to learn." Then without another word, he turns and walks back towards the rocks that he came from.

Adrian doesn't relax until he's out of sight, and then he turns to rush over to Tyche. The adrenaline is still pumping. "I'm fine. Got tossed around by those waves, but…" he winces and reaches towards her face, stopping himself short of actually touching the injury. She can't heal herself if he zaps her powers. "That looks bad. Are you… can you make it back to the car?"

"I healed the worst of it," Tyche says with a faint smirk. "Mostly just … tired. I think I did something I'm not supposed ot." She puts her head against her chest. "I think I have blood in my hair. And this was my favourite shirt."

He smiles and nods, "I… want to help you, but I don't want to take your powers away again. If you need them to you know, heal yourself more." Adrian catches his lower lip between his teeth then says, "I can drive us back though, if you need. That really wasn't how I saw the evening going…" He looks back towards the rocks, shoulders tensing up all over again.

"It's okay," Tyche says faintly. "Even if you take my powers, it's okay. I healed the worst of it, I just need to get back and get out of these clothes and into a hot shower. Which means … yeah. You probably better drive. I thought you couldn't drive." She's just leaning on him. Because right now that's a lot eaiser than anything else.

Adrian slips his arm around her to support her on the way back to the car. Tired and sore though he might be himself, he's not letting it show, even as the adrenaline from the fight starts to fade. "I didn't say I couldn't drive. I just said I don't have my liscence. I've got my permit," he says, "So, we should be fine as long as we don't get stopped."

Tyche reaches into her pocket and pulls out her keys, then offers them over. "If you do, just tell them it's a medical emergency and point at my head," she mumbles. Then she starts stumbling through the sand on her way back towards the car. "Why did he have to come and ruin everything?"

With a rather lazy admonishment of, "Don't crash my car," Tyche settled into the passenger's seet with her seatbelt off, leaned against the door pannel. She half-dozed the entire drive back. So it is that Adrian pulls the white BMW M5 into the school parking lot. By the time the teens arrive back at campus, the bump that was on Tyche's forehead has already completely healed over, and her blue eyes are once more bright and alert. "Well," she says as she slides out of the car and eyes the leather sorrowfully. "I suppose that oculd have gone worse." Oh ever the optimist. She reaches for Adrian's hand while they stroll back towards the doorms.

One of the perks to being the SA of a dorm was the ability to stay out late without getting into trouble. Technically it was hall monitoring, but Ian Stoker often used the time to check in on the night owls, engaging in light conversation or a joke, or generally just being there for anyone who needs it. After that, it's off to the kitchenette, to cook some late night eggs and toast before hitting the TV. Why? Insomnia of course, and an abject want not to be cooped up in his dorm room when it felt like a cell from time to time.

Adrian and Tyche went to the movies earlier. The movie was at seven. It should have let out around ten or so. Even if the two teens went for a walk or something afterward, they should've been back about two hours ago. But despite Adrian's desire to drive Tyche's car like the Biemer is meant to be driven, he obeyed traffic laws to the letter. Someone didn't want to get pulled over driving without a liscence. Medical emergency excuse or not. He won't tease her about driving like a granny anymore. At least not for a while.

Adrian takes Tyche's hand as they head back to the dorm. The adrenaline from the confrontation on the beach is long gone… and so is the popcorn and candy of hours ago. Tyche may be free from bruises, but Adrian's muscles have tightened up and he's got a few darkening marks to show for their adventure and they stand out in contrast to slightly pale skin. "It could have gone better, too," Adrian says wryly. He steps forward to open the door into Rider Hall and hold it for Tyche. It should be noted also that both teens are soaked from head to toe. Adrian's sneakers squeak and squish water out in puddles. He holds a finger up to his lips, indicating they should be quiet going in. "We're so past curfew right now…" Like sneaking in is going to be an option. He should've known their SA would be a night owl.

Even as they walk, Adrian's stiffness starts to fade. Sure, she'll feel it later, but one of them regenerates, and the other shouldn't have to explain away their troubles. By the time they reach the dorms, Adrian's bruises should be gone entirely, leaving them notedly on Tyche's face and shoulders and back and arms and oh /God/ how much pain did he /take/? She's frowning when they get into the outer door, but nods her head at his caution for silence. So rather than Talking, she simply smiles and steps through the door.

And instead, her voice sounds in the boy's head, "I really had fun tonight. Ignoring the obviously bad part."

Well, to be fair, Stoker was sort of a werewolf. Somewhere in the bylaws and contracts, there had to be something about night time excursions. Or you know. Like the song says: The Freaks Come Out At Night. Still though, another part of the by laws of being a wolf were the senses. Namely in this case, smell. "Awfully late for a little rendevouz don'tcha think?" Ian calls out, leaning back while flipping the channels. It takes several seconds before he looks over at the two, regarding them with a neutral expression as he studies them. Trying to intimidate? Hardly. More seeing exactly what happened. "Usually the proper way to sneak back in is via window."

Adrian just gets one of those cat caught with the canary grins on his face and shakes his head at Tyche. So much for that! His sneakers squeak more as he steps further into the dorm. "I'll have to remember that for next time." There's a trail of watery footprints left behind him. "We weren't expecting anyone to still be up."

Adrian's mental voice responds back, "I had a good time too. But for future walks on the beach, maybe we should make sure there aren't any crazy old territorial mutant pirates that want to drown us?"

Tyche rolls her eyes a little at Ian as they come in, still slightly drippy. "More like we weren't expecting to get ambushed by the ocean in our bluejeans. Do you have /any/ idea how much bluejeans suck in the water? And my shirt is ruined, and I lost both of my good sandals." She wiggles her bare feet just to make sure it's clear she's not happy. "What're you doing up so late, anyways?" She asks curiously, steadfastly refusing to let Adrian's hand go, just yet.

"Next time you take me for a walk on the beach," Tyche notes, "it will be a beach that isn't littered with seashells. And I will be broadcasting 'Go The Hell Away' into every mind within a five mile radius. Are you feeling okay?"

Ian regards the couple again for a long moment before a wry grin crosses his features. "That is the strength of the Roman Catholic Church. No one expects the inquisition." Monty Python, anybody! Okay, even if horribly misquoted! Still, he seems casual enough as he goes back to the kitchen area long enough to bring back a bucket and mop for the floor. "Ambushed by the ocean? Sounds like a story and a half. You guys alright?" A beat later. "Also, go get your butts to your rooms, 'n stripped back into clothing that isn't half salt lick and help me clean up these puddles and we'll consider things dutch. I never figured that breaking curfew is worth the detention they impose, as long as it makes sense."

"I knew we were doing that skinny dipping thing wrong," Adrian says, leaning into Tyche. He looks a little distracted for a moment, then grins a bit more. "Monty Python?" Adrian observes, "Holy Grail is the only one I can quote from." He rubs a hand across his face and watches Ian heading for the mop. "Dry clothes wouldn't be a bad idea." The boy leans on Tyche again with a bit of a stumble-step and a snicker at the puddles his shoes leave. Is he drunk or something? He looks a little distracted again, then bursts out, "Crap!" He straightens from Tyche to reach his hand into his pocket and pull out his cellphone and another small black electronic object. A bit of water drips from both as he pulls them out. "…ugh."

"…Mmm. Just want to take a hot shower and get into dry clothes… and… ah, crap!"

Tyche's face starts to go red. That's right before Adrian declares 'Crap', and she looks at him with a curious expression. "Wh—-oh." She rolls her eyes, then reaches up to inspect them briefly. "I'll buy you new ones," she promises with a sigh and a shake of her head. "The beach was my idea anyways. I'm sure my phone's dead, too." She shrugs, then looks to Ian. "Can I take a shower before I come mop up? I promise I will, but if I have to get in bed with salty hair /and/ a bajillion bruises I'm going to have an unhappy night."

"You have a dirty mind," Tyche notes wryly even over her normal speech. Two conversations at once!

"…I do?" Adrian's mental voice returns innocently enough, "…what's dirty about wanting a shower?" There's just the beginnings of a slur to his tone.

There's a light chuckle and a shake of a head from Ian at the mention of skinny dipping and the reddening face. He knew better - Or at least even if he didn't, he wasn't about to pry. As long as: "Bruises? Yeah, you guys might have to tell me something. With how things are getting out in Cove City, I'd be derelict if I didn't do some due delligence as an SA. Doubly so if admin comes to question me 'cause someone else spotted you in." That was one of the drawbacks to the job. Namely responsibility. "Otherwise, sure. I'll leave the stuff out, and take care of it when you can."

Tyche pauses stop could. "Adrian, lay down on the couch." There's no joking to her tone, now. She reaches up to put her shoulder under his arm and lead him towards it. "Ian, can you get some …. um. Thing." She wracks her brain in thought. "I think he's about to have a sugar crash." Wait, what? Where'd she get that from?

"S'what insurance is for," Adrian says of the ruined electronics, which are put back in the soggy pocket of his cargos. He frowns blinking his eyes and rubs a hand over his face again. There's the slightest shaking of that hand. "Stupid beach pirate," he mutters. "Oh, hey…" he says as Tyche is suddenly slipping his arm over her shoulder and leading him towards the sofa. He tries to get his arm away, actually being fairly forceful about it. His words are a bit more noticibly slurred now, but the tone is annoyed, "Was going to take a shower. M'fine. I don't need to lay down."

Beach Pirates? Ian probably would have quite a few questions about that, but Tyche's sudden pause and Adrian's slurr words stops all that. Instead, he goes all business, first moving to assist Tyche in getting Adrian onto the couch. He takes extra precautions, making sure to keep his hands only touching fabric, and is quick to let go when it's clear the young Young isn't about to get up. "Make sure he sits down. They provided me with spare kits in the SA office." He turns and jogs down the hall, soon dissapearing into the side room to find the insulin and blood tester.

Tyche gently lowers Adrian to the couch, then smirks. "You're definitely the most exciting date I've ever had," she notes as she sits down next to him. "If I go get you apple juice will you promise not to move?" she asks. And of course he will, because otherwise she will /make/ him. With that said, she pets his hair briefly, then turns to go get a juice box from the refridgerator. Poke, pinch, test the straw, and then she offers it to him.

With both of them leading him, and seeing to it that he does stay put, Adrian doesn't really put up a fight. At least he's not struggling or throwing punches, which has happened before. He once gave his older sister a black eye, until she sat on him and nearly choked him when she pinched his nose and poured a glass of orange juice down his throat. That was the last time she baby sat for him and Linus, citing their parents that she deserved hazzard pay. Of course, not fighting on the WAY to the couch doesn't mean he actually stays there when Tyche steps away to get the juice. He pushes up, and starts stumbling towards the direction of the showers again.

All thing's considered, Ian's pretty quick in getting the supplies given his near complete unfamiliarity of the office. Still, he's out and quick stepping it back by about the time Adrian decides it prudent to take a hot shower. "Hey now, 'haus. Don't think that's the wisest of moves for you. Don't make me have to sling on your shoulder. I dare say it'd be better treatment than the young lady of there would have for you." He's smiling a bit too, in attempt to be disarming, though there is a touch of steel in his voice. The way Adrian was walking like that was no good at all, and his attempts were only going to make things worse. "Just think of the children — or something."

Tyche turns around with the juice to provide it to Adrian, then scowls when she spies him standing up. "I said stay put," she grumbles out, stalking after him. She closes her eyes, just briefly, and makes a distinctly focused expression. Half a moment later and Tyche's at the couch, waiting, standing there wet and irritated and holding the juice box, staring at Adrian hard.

Tyche's voice somehow no longer sounds her own; it now sounds like Adrian's own conscience talking to him. "Maybe you should do as she says. Besides, apple juice is tasty, and you haven't had anything to drink since that soda an hour or two ago."

Pale, shaky, even a little clammy at this point, Adrian is first headed off from his intended course by Ian— whom the boy sizes up —and then he turns to look back at Tyche. Water is still dripping from his clothes and squishing from his shoes, but he does start back towards the couch. It could've just been Ian's sweet-talk and charming personality! Or that irritated glare from his date could have something to do with it. He trips over his own feet on the way there, though, catching one of the chairs in the kitchenette to steady himself. Eyelids droop, then lift back up. "…maybe I ought to have some juice and sit down," he mumbles, somehow managing to stumble the rest of the way towards the couch.

Ian pauses for a moment, almost as if he were expecting for more of a struggle than the young man gives. But hey! Battle averted right? Still, he takes in the scene, and for a moment regards the way Tyche's expression has changed, and the staring. It's enoguh to make the young man's lips press into a thin line. Little is said, however as he approaches again, coming to rest on a knee a foot or two from the couple. "Maybe you should handle this part," Ian murmurs to Tyche, offering her the box of medical supplies. "I'll be right here, but it'd probably be a bit safer for me to avoid skin contact with him - especially in the condition he's in."

Tyche waits until Adrian is settled on the couch, then offers him the juice. "The juice actually may be enough to get him back to normal," she says quietly even as she waits for Adrian to drink it. "Then he can administer it himself. I've got some medical training, but I'm really not … keen on poking him in the stomach as a hilight to our first date. I was hoping for a kiss or at least a hug; needles are a bit outside my comfort zone for first dates. Maybe second dates."

No more mental compulsions are forthcoming, but neither does the faint pressure from the first one let up, just yet.

Adrian settles on the couch and takes the juice box willingly. It's almost anti-climactic. He'll just sip on the juice, holding it with a shaky hand, like a good boy. Come to think of it, he was feeling a little thirsty. Applejuice is tasty!

"Keep him still for me then," Ian murmurs, as he fishes into the medical box. The first thing he goes for is the latex gloves, that quickly puts on. A few moments later, he's rummaging a bit deeper, before pulling out the syringe. "Okay Adj, you're gonna have to help guide through this. If you can't handle it yourself, I can be help but it'll probably be more comfortable for you to do it." He holds up the syringe to the young boy so that he can see, eyes still in the medkit for the instruction booklet or some sort. He really needed to get a better grip on the first aid thing - Not that it ever would apply to him. Still, he does pause a moment to give Tyche a long look, his voice a bit more stony when it comes out: "Later, you and I need to have a discussion."

Tyche closes her eyes again, then nods her head to him. "I know," she agrees quietly as she opens them; as the power fades. "I'm going to go take a shower. I'll be up a while yet tonight if you want to talk." Adrian gets a long look before she starts towards her bedroom.

Once more, Tyche's voice gently touches Adrian's mind. "I'm sorry."

Adrian just keeps sipping the juice. He eyes the syringe and Ian, a little bit of focus returning in his eyes, but he's still sort of 'out of it'. His hand is a little more steady and some of his color is coming back at least. Tyche's departure is noticed with that foggy expression. A bit more of that fog clears as he nears the end of the juice box and then the confusion sets in. The last thing he really remembers clearly is attempting to sneak back into the dorm… then things get foggy, followed by a void, and now: "…what just…" his brow furrows and he looks warily at Ian with the syringe, then looks at the juice box. Two and two make four and the boy grimaces. "I'm sorry. I'm… I didn't hit anybody or… I don't need that." He nods to the syringe. "I should check my sugar, but, I'm…" He looks at the juice box again, a little perplexed. Tyche was right that the juice was really all he needed for now. "What happened?"

Ian watches Tyche leave, lips again pressing together before he takes a very long breath. "Life always gotta way of complicating things, don't'it." Really that wasn't for anyone save himself, despite the fact that it was spoken aloud. But there is a hint of relief with the young man comes to - for Ian really was not looking forward to trying to play nurse, when he only knew that one end was sharp. Oh if it was him there'd be no hesitation. But another life? Yeah. "Welcome back to the world of the semi-conscious, boyo," Stoker offers Adrian, expression still relatively grave. He does take the insulin back to store, even as he repackages the kit. "I think what happened should be better discussed between you and her." Though he had his own questions to be answering. In Ian's mind, there were only a few rules to Rider, and one of them might have been breached. "Tell you what though. Do me a bit of mind easing and lemme walk you to your room. Don't worry about the water - I got that handled."

Tyche emerges from her room only a few moments later in just her short white bathrobe with a towel over her head like a veil. How she even sees where she's going is a mystery. And then it's straight into the women's bathroom for her. Towards the showers, which get turned on almost immediately.

It's another moment or so before her voice sounds in Adrian's head once more. "Feeling better?"

Adrian nods, "Yeah… thanks." His brow furrows in confusion at Ian's comment and he looks towards the direction of Tyche's room. Between him and her? What's that supposed to mean? He nods towards the kit, "Is there a spare meter in there?" He pats the bulge in his pocket, "I'm pretty sure mine got trashed when I went for that unexpected swim earlier tonight." He finishes off the last of the juice with a noisy sound and crushes the box. "Fine by me, I still feel a little shaky, but it's better. I just wanna eat something and lie down." So, he'll let Ian help him back towards his room. He watches Tyche's retreating back as the girl heads towards the shower. "…at this point I don't even care about a shower. Just getting into something dry."

There's a hesitancy, and then, "Yeah. A little. Thanks." There's a pause. "Sorry for being a lousy date."

"You're not a lousy date. I had fun," Tyche replies. "Get some sleep. We'll talk more tomorrow."

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