Rplog Juvies

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Title: Juvies
Emitter: Jerry Fein
Characters: Sasha,Alia s'Harien, Amber Devlin, Sullivan Prieto
NPCs: Amber 'Supremacy' Devlin and Romanova Corp Stealth Model S@S-h4
Place: Steranko Institute — Quad
Time: April 20, 2010
Summary: A visit from some unfriendly out-of-towners

Late at night, just before curfew. Some students are enjoying the warmer weather as Spring makes itself known, and chatting or drinking coffee while the stars are out. Others stand by the student union or gates, but four girls have congregated by the weird abstract sculpture in the quad.

Chatting, sharing, simple pleasent conversation.. when the air above them splits into multicolored arcs of light, shattering, then gathering back together. A glimpse of sunlight and harsh angular buildings, like in a prison or military barracks. Then the light fades and two figures are floating in mid-air over the sculpture.

One, a blonde teen girl with hard, drawn features split into a beaming grin, almost maniacal. "I DID IT! I TOLD YOU!" she says, her voice a booming roar that stirs dust. The other girl looks like a robot, all gleaming sleek metal and spikes and blades. "So. You. Did." she intones. They look down and see the four below. "Query. Witnesses. Dispatch y/n?"

"YES!" the blonde says.

Both are dressed in baggy grey uniforms, orange plastic bands around their necks and right wrist.

Amber looking up, after the middle of a conversation about whether the Obama healthcare plan is good for the country or not, you know, all the things teenage girls talk about…she huffs. "You have to be kidding me…" She looks at the others, and says, "Did anyone else know it was recess? Time to play."

Liv looks up from her sketches, rubbing the bridge of her nose and leaving a pencil smudge mark there. The pencil hovers, making an incredulous gesture towards the pair. "You seriously don't want to do that," she advises, even as the shadows around the bench deepen, shrouding details and masking the girl's transition into the insubstantial.

Sasha's sitting on the ledge next to Liv. It's an unspoken secret that she's waiting for a chance to bolt the fence and make for a night on the town (such as Cove City has, but that's a separate issue). She maintains a calm air of normalcy, at least until the two new arrivals appear. "Dispatch?" Her eyes go wide and she leaps up onto the ledge in one move. "Blondy! Silver chick! You're *on*!"

Alia was just walking back along the quad, dressed rather casually as she has a duffle bag over her shoulder. Her hair is tied back for a change, the elfin cant of her ears that normally stays hidden quite visible now. She blinks at the intruder, then smiles, "Well, after dance class, I definitely don't mind a chance to unwind…" Her eyes glow a brilliant azure, as she lets the bag drop off her shoulder to the grass.

The blonde sneers at the opposition. "Just as I suspected," she mutters, her voice still coming out as if she were talking in a loud tone of voice. "This should be easy!" she says as she throws her arms back, then brings her hands together in a CLAP that sends air pressure waves rocketing towards the four gathered below. She lands on the sculpture, laughing.

"It. Is. ON," the robot girl says, splitting along seams in her head as eyes elongated to stab powerful laser beams at Alia.

Alia flies up into the air, turning into a shimmering hologram of herself as she shakes her head, "Does this happen often on your world? It seems quite strange!" She then fires a flare of light directly at the robot's head, intending to blind the automaton.

Amber follows Alia up after her blinding blast and says, "I'm starting to think this is part of the school schedule! 1st Period Math…2nd period…pain!" She moves in and tried a flying punch right through the body.

Liv hisses and backstaps, disconcerted by the shifting waves of air, even though they don't seem to affect her. "Hey, volume control," she says, "heard of it?" Alia's query garners a slight smile. "What, people being idiots? Constantly." Her hands lift, shadows intensifying about and between her fingers until she 'holds' an orb darker than night. This is hurled at the blonde.

Applying her energy blaster template and takes a shot at the robot's head.

Sasha's right arm swings up. She's not backing up, not at all. Her arm flows silver, rearranging itself as parts get assembled rapidly. By the time it's pointed at the robot-girl, it's not an arm anymore, but a rather nasty looking cannon. The ball of crackling blue energy it fires at the robot looks even nastier.

The robot girl squeals as Alia's photon blast catches her in the eyes. "Compensating.. compensating.." it announces, which means it can't see Amber's punch. The head and neck deform around Amber's punch, like steel wool, then slowly reform. "Announcement: That hurt," it states blandly as it wobbles in air and lands in time to catch a blaster-bolt from Sasha. It stumbles back, steaming and sparking. "Repairing.. repairing..".

The blonde snarls as she sees her partner go down, and bunches her fists just as Liv's ball of darkness hits her, pushing her back a little but seeming to do her little harm at all. "You throw shadows at me?" she laughs and lands, throwing a punch at Liv designed to punch through cars. "Nobody is going to tell the Wardens where we've gone!"

Alia spins in the air, pivoting as she stops to hover about twenty feet above and behind the blonde, "Well, perhaps we'll just ship you back there. In a nice cardboard box." She then fires a very bright blast of light, aiming for the back of the blondes' head, "And if you're really good, we might even remember the airholes."

"No, no, don't waste the energy!" Amber tells the robot. "You've got so little time, enjoy it while you can. And besides," she says as she flies up, raises two fists high, and says, "You won't want to miss this!" She drives them down hard on the robot to send it hurtling to the earth, "Sasha, comin' at ya!"

The problem with punching Liv is it just goes straight through her. More easily than a car, even. She smirks, spreading her hands as if to invite another attack. "Too late," she says casually, "I'm already sending them a message." She's got her cellphone concealed in her hand so it's impossible to tell what, precisely, it is - not assuming that the Wardens are even on their dimension. Hey, she *could* have a cross-dimensional radio device … and she certainly sounds confident of her abilities.

There's something oddly familiar about how that robot girl's head morphs around the blow. Sasha pushes it aside, focusing on the fight at hand. "Amber, get clear!" she cries. She first another plasma sphere at the robot, this time far closer. "Who the fuck *are* these two!?"

Liv's ploy… does indeed cause the blonde to hesitate. "No WAY!" she growls. "You.. "

"They might.." comes from the robot, her metallic form rippling to form a shield against Amber's blow that caves in under the strain and sends her to her knees in the grass, setting her up for Sasha's ball of plasma. There is a BOOM and as it dissipates, the robot girl is slowly reforming herself, drawing mass from the ground, the plants and soil, transforming and absorbing. "We must try another J-jump.."

The blonde snarls as she breaks away from Liv. "I'm Supremacy!" she snaps at Sasha as she suddenly is right there at the robot's side, plunging her hand into the metallic mesh. "INitiate transfer! You get to live, suckers!"

There is a whinning POP, the air twists sickeningly around them, and there is flood of sunlight into the area. The stark buildings show through, and the blonde gapes as they fade. "$*$NO! Not going back!" "Cannot power transfer… snapping back to.. Prime…" "S@S-H4, you useless.."


All is quiet again….

Sasha just stares at the empty space the two used to be in. "Wow," she says. "Am I drunk?"

Alia flies down and lands next to her duffle bag, assuming her normal solid form as she picks up the bag. "If you were, it would not be affecting what just happened. Very strange. Sounds like a failed escape attempt."

"I'm not as think as you drunk I am," Liv says drily. She drops the cellphone, it becomes solid as it leaves her grasp … and she reforms, catching it before it falls. The trick has the idle feel of long, aimless practice. She lets out a long breath. "Who were those two? I mean, not that I don't have a little sympathy …" Crap, she said that out loud, didn't she.

Sasha says "Sympathy!?" Sasha declares. "They appeared out of nowhere and *attacked* us! Hwo can you have sympathy for dickwads like that?" She crosses her arms and looks around to see if anybody else saw. "Screw this. I'm outta here.""

Alia gives Liv a curious look, then looks back at Sasha, "You realize that it is almost curfew. And I suspect the campus security will want to know what just happened here."

Sasha pauses after a half-dozen paces. "What, ou're gonna narc me out?" she asks, narrowing her eyes.

Amber drops down, and says, "So like I was saying, I think that the stimulus package may have actually harmed his healthcare mission…" She stretches and says, "This school is awesome, right? It's awesome!"

"Not for that," Liv says with a snort, "for wanting to escape … wherever the hell they were." She grumbles, picking a crumpled paper off the ground. "Ruined."

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