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Title: Jerry Fein, MD
Emitter: None
Characters: Jerry Fein, Adrian
NPCs: Mrs Young, Adrian and Linus' Mom
Place: City Hospital
Time: July 13, 2010
Summary: Jerry finds out how Adrian is.

News has by now gotten around campus that Adrian and Mariscka were rescued. Mariscka herself returned to campus. Adrian, however, did not. You see, he wasn't in the best of shape when Linus and crew got to him, having been without insulin for four days. Soooo… in the heat of battle, Linus borrowed a speedster's powers and SUPERSPED his twin to the nearest hospital, leaving Linus-shaped holes in his wake. The hospital is going to need some serious repairs. But Adrian's going to live.

If the boy survives his mother, that is.

The last few days, only family has been allowed in to see Adrian. Somehow some flowers from a certain gypsy student were delivered, though. Funny how super-powered teens manage to find ways around pesky things like hospital visiting hours. But that edict has been lifted, since Adrian is going to be allowed to go home some time tomorrow— if his doctor decides everything checks out that is. When Jerry gets to the hospital, he'd be told where the boy's room is… and getting to that floor and making his way down the hall he can surely hear the raised voices before he even gets there.

"It wasn't like that! Look, I can't explain, Mom, but I'm fine now and I need to go back to school. You can't make me go home!" That's clearly Adrian's voice from within the room.

"Adrian Francis Young, you are not fine and I'm not going to force you to go home, but I really think you should. What were you thinking?" It's a woman's voice. Adrian and Linus' Mom no doubt. "Four days? Are you trying to kill yourself?"

"Well, after the second day, I didn't really have a whole lot of—"

"Don't try to make a joke out of this!"

Jerry gets the joy of reaching the room just as a young woman, around 18 or 19 steps out of the room. There's enough resemblance to the Young twins that she must be their older sister. She rubs her hand over her face and blows out a breath… and sees the boy headed her way. A nod of greeting is offered.

Jerry gives a nod to the young woman as he enters the room in green scrubs, even down to the little sterile booties, and clears his throat. "Ma'am? Please keep your voice down, there are patients on this floor who need their rest," he says, keeping his voice calm, detached, even professional. Yeah, he looks young, but.. he picks up the chart from the end of the bed and looks back to the older woman. "I'm sorry, can you give us about fifteen? I need to go over Mr. Young's chart with him."

Jerry thought there might be security and more, given the nature of Adrian's arrival, so he'd simply.. appropriated a set of clean scrubs from a closet - they're just hanging there, ready to use at a moment's notice. His own little card hanging there is a modification of his school pass, indicating he's on the Steranko medical team. A little idea he got when he was in the infirmary. It wouldn't fool a school official, but to anyone not intimately familiar with the school's logo designs? Probably. He gives the woman a smile. "Please, this will just take a moment and deals with his, um, special needs?" he says with a slight emphasis.

Adrian almost chokes when he sees who the 'doctor' is. It's a quick slip with an even quicker recovery. "See, Mom. You're disturbing other patients," Adrian says with a smile.

Mrs. Young frowns, looking Jerry over skeptically. Her lips purse and she looks from her son to the young doctor then just shakes her head. A look is given to Adrian. "We aren't finished with this conversation, Adrian. I'm going to talk to your father about this. I really think it would be better if you moved back home… it's not like with Linus. You're not going to… or maybe I could just move out here."

Adrian pales at that suggestion, eyes going briefly a bit too wide. But then his mother is looking back at the 'doctor' apologizing and starting for the door. Mrs. Young looks back at Adrian, "I'll just go downstairs and get some coffee with Steph." She looks at the doctor, "You take care of him, do you hear me."


"I'm going."

As soon as the door is closed and an appropriate amount of time has passed, Adrian sits up straighter in the bed and reaches his hand for his chart. "Are you crazy? What if someone catches you like that?"

"Good to see you, too, dude," Jerry says as he puts the chart back once he checks the door. "Heard that and figured you needed a break. And if they catch me, I just lie," he says, taking a seat. "I didn't sleep through the secret ID seminar. So, I heard you were rescued. Ever find out what they wanted?"
He's looking through the chart, back and forth. "Looks like you're going to be fine, actually," he says casually.

Adrian snorts, "Secret ID seminar… yeah, thanks. She's convinced that this is all too much for me to handle. It didn't help that we had to lie about why I wasn't taking my insulin. If she knew that I'd…" Adrian shakes his head. "Yeah. Best Mom doesn't know about that. Linus and I would be outta here and back to Cleveland so fast. God, I hope she doesn't decide to move out here. That'd be a nightmare." The boy shakes his head, "I don't know. Linus seems to think they wanted us both because of our powers and considering they were drawing blood and stuff…" Adrian blows out a breath. "Yeah, I know I'm going to be fine. It's under control now. So, much for keeping my medical history on the DL at school here."

Jerry raises an eyebrow, looks at the chart. "Sooo, you're diabetic; who'd care, what with people who have alien symbiotes or magical monsters bound to them? Anyway, I'm not planning on talking if you don't want it out." He puts the chart back, and finds a chair. "I think the school can be pretty persuasive that you're better off there than anywhere else - it's about the most secure place for you, right now. They know as much about your kidnappers as anyone, and I'm sure the school defenses are keyed to any quirks their powers might have, as well."

Adrian pauses then laughs, "Good point." On the alien symbiotes and so forth. "It seems like a pretty stupid and mundane thing to be worried about. I guess I just, I don't know, don't want people thinking I'm some kind of liability. Everyone at school is trying to learn how to be a super hero, ya know? It's not quite like having to sit the bench for a quarter during a basketball game back home." Adrian shrugs his shoulders, "The school might be, but you don't know my Mom. I'm surprised she left when you said to give us fifteen. Maybe she just didn't feel like arguing anymore, or wanted a break to think of a new angle. Linus said that the guys who had me and Mari got away."

Jerry frowns. "At least we know who they are; we can still look for them. Or assume they'll try for you both again at some point. You guys wouldn't be part of some secret government powers experiment, would you?" he says with a smile. "And, hey, I can be very persuasive when I want to be, y'know?"

"Secret government powe— no," Adrian says, shaking his head. "That's almost as bad as Sunday thinking our Dad had something to do with this. What do we need conspiracy theories for?" He rakes his hands through his hair and then nods his head to Jerry, "So you know who it was? Because I don't… and I don't know if Linus really wants to tell me. I do know that there's someone from school involved, so I wouldn't be too sure about it being one hundred percent safe there. Mari and I overheard one of them talking on the phone through on of the air vents."

Jerry hmms, and names off the people involved. "So, yeah, most of them were former students - I'm thinking Timothy might be able to get more info on them; at least, he's the best spook I know of right now. Except maybe for Miles. Anyway, their psych profiles are probably on file and being reviewed right now, in case they try something else. We can of course always go ask the headmistress, but that's just more of 'leave this to the adults' crap we get anyway." He checks his watch. "Almost 15 - how prompt is your Mom?" he says, getting up and getting chart in hand just in case she comes back.

"Very. She runs the best catering service in Cleveland," Adrian says. "The more information we've got the better, then. If you guys had left this to the adults, I'd probably be dead. When I get out of here, I want in… this isn't happening a second time. Not with me and sure as hell not with— hi, Mom. Steph."

True to punctuality, the door opens and Mrs. Young returns, a coffee in hand and her daughter on her heels.

Jerry makes a couple of notes, real ones, on the chart and puts it back up. "Thank you, Mr Young. You should be able to be discharged soon, but the medicine you'll be on will cause a fluctuation in your ability that will require regular monitoring at the facility infirmary to make sure there are no side effects - Prioscene's interaction with your particular genetic make-up is unpredictable." He smiles and checks his watch as Ms. Young re-appears. "Thank you for your promptness, Ms. Young. Adrian should be fine, as long as he's at the Institute. I remind you not to share that diagnosis with his Maryland physician?" He clicks his pen and replaces it. "Of course not. Thank you very much for your time," he says, and strolls on out - much of a successful bluff is in acting perfectly mundane and selling it that way.

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