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Title: Jerry Circles The Square
Emitter: None
Characters: Jerry, Sasha
Place: The Dining Hall
Time: 6/3/2010
Summary: Jerry and Sasha Go To The Next Level

Back, at long last, and Sasha's got her bags lurking in her room to unpack. First, though, time to go grab some food. Sasha comes up the stairs into the cafeteria, aiming for the special counter where they're offering sushi. It's a rare treat for the dining hall and it seems Sasha's taking fine advantage.

Jerry is angling for that same counter it seems, since he hasn't had good sashimi since leaving the New York area. He beams when he sees the racer girl heading his same way. "Sasha! When did you get back?" he says.

"Earlier today," Sasha replies. "Would have been back sooner, just had no end of fucking trouble with airport security." She says, groaning.

Jerry raises an eyebrow. "I'd have thought everyone would know you, and kind of wave you through," he says. "Or was it something else?"

"As if," Sasha says. "I'm a minor celebrity, at best, forgotten after a Warholish fifteen minutes. And TSA? No sense of humour. Or accomodation. So. Yeah. Kept getting wanded. Then there was a whole argument about letting me in. As if I'd grenade the fucking plane. I thought about riding out but that'd be tough too. Long ride and lots of gas stops."

"I'd have offered, but I'm actually a lot slower than a commercial jet," Jerry says, looking over the selections. Eel. Mm. "Been working on that, but it's slow going. Heck, Linus did better with my power for the ten minutes he had it, but I get the idea he blew out all the stops."

"Show-off," Sasha sas, teasingly, and fetching a variety of samples. "Afraid of being out-manned by Linus? I've worked on my own flight system, just doesn't work right. Real problem is finding a good powerplant. I'm just focusing on gliding now." She hummms. "How fast are you up to?" she asks.

Jerry seesaws his hand. "Five hundred, give or take. How long I can sustain that is anyone's guess. And Linus borrowed my power; then I showed him how to control it. I think drummerboy has an idea of using my vibropowers to replace the amps; I tried that and.. well it needs work."

"Crazy," Sasha says. She gets her plate and turns to pay. "So you worry about stamina?" she asks with a snicker. "Linus copies powers?" she asks. "Interesting. Wonder what he'd do with mine."

Jerry has to smile even as he shakes his head. "I can fly all night long if needed," he says, plopping a few more cream-cheese roll sections on his plate and following. "I don't think he could do yours; yours are really machines, aren't they, instead of some genetic ability?"

Sasha slides into a seat after she pays, near the windows. "If you don't know that, you haven't been paying attention," Sasha says with a bit of annoyance. "Plain vanilla human," she says, "just grafted to some crazy machines."

Jerry pops down and sips his drink. "You've never really talked about your powers around me, and I've made a point of not asking, see?" He pops a section of yellowtail into his mouth and chews. "And I don't sit up on wikipedia researching my famous girlfriend, so.. I was pretty sure you'd said that, is what I said."

"Must know the basics," Sasha says. "How'd I become a machine with a mutation?" she asks. "How's *that* work?" she asks. Sasha stabs at her rolls with her chopsticks, dips them in soy sauce and then eats. As she has food in her mouth, she stops chewing and stares at Jerry. "Wha?"

Jerry looks up, mouth full. "Whagh?" he mumbles around a mouthfull of sushi.

Sasha swallows. "Girlfriend?"

Jerry ums, fumbles, blushes. Eyes cut to see if anyone saw him blush, then he swallows hard. "Um, well.. I thought.. you know, since… we're good and all, and.." It's really impossible to /casually/ pick up something with chopsticks, but he tries. "I thought, um.."

"Kind of round about way of asking," Sasha points out. "Afraid of me?"

"Heck no," Jerry says. Then he smiles. "OK, maybe a little," he says with a slight laugh. "Nah. I just.. well, thought about it - you - while you were gone and, well.. " He pushed back hair from his eyes where it flopped when his head jerked up. "You wanna try this?"

Sasha says "Guess we can," Sasha replies, and her chopsticks dart over to take one of Jerry's rolls. Her eyes narrow and she asks pointedly, "Don't mind I'm as much cold steel as warm flesh?"

"I go to a school where my gym class consists of putting on spandex and blasting robot bugs, and you ask me this? If I wasn't accustomed to the different, I'd be in a padded cell by now," Jerry says, meeting that gaze even as he steals a section from her plate as well.

"Guy might get hung up on it," Sasha says. "Never really had a boyfriend since….since," she tries to grapple Jerry's chopsticks with her own, and utterly failing.

Jerry just nods, and clicks his chopsticks against hers. "'s OK," he says. "Linus and Sunday were planning this thing, and said to come along, so.. I dunno what they're planning, but I bet it's cool. Wanna go?"

Sasha clicks a few more times, then lets it go. "Sunday?" she asks. "I think I'm still on her shit list. Think she might still be on mine," she adds.

Jerry mmms. "Try? She's in the band with me, and Linus is really hung up on her." He looks hopeful, and spears some eel, swishes it in sauce and eats it.

"We're dating five minutes and now you're asking for favors?" Sasha asks. "I kind of think the bleach's gone to her brain. Serious? I think her hair's translucent now." Sasha leans forward, hunching a bit as she puts her elbows on the table. "So there's a band now?"

Jerry checks his watch. "Seven minutes," he says. "Yeah; we have practice space, and.. most of the instruments. We're still short a band name, though." He shrugs a little. "I dunno that much about her, really, except she's a very good guitar player. I mean, amazingly good."

"So why's she stuck playing with you?" Sasha asks. She wraps her fingers about her glass of water, taking a long drink. "And Linus is into her. So he wants to use us as cover?"

Jerry laughs a little. "I think she just wants to have fun playing; that's what we plan on doing, at least. And nah, she knows he likes her and he just thought.. it would be cool for all of us to go out."

Sasha pours out some more soy sauce into her little dish, adding a touch of wasabi and then dipping in more of her dinner. "What about you, Jerry Fein? What about your powers?"

Jerry mmms. "Vibro kinetic control. I move energy around, I think, and channel it. Mostly it's based off my reflex field; throw something at me, it absorbs all the kinetic energy from it and it slows or dissipates. That powers my blasts and disintegrations stuff. So says the physics analysis of my Thunderdome sessions, at least," he says.

Sasha half-chokes on her sushi. "Vibro kinetic control?" she asks. "Sounds like something a TV from the 50's would have. 'Now with Vibro Kinetic Control! Also, Color!'" Sasha shakes her head a bit and stirls her soy sauce again. "Never thought I'd be somewhere that makes me feel mundane."

Jerry flashes a quick smile, then gives an understanding nod to the girl. "Sometimes. Once we get back out in the world, though.. it'll be stranger. Esp. if we go the spandex route. SPeaking of that, helped stop a crazy madman the other say. A magician, like a stage magician except with real magic. He got away, promised he'd be back soon. Not waiting for that; I'm gonna find this nut, first."

"Huh," Sasha says. "Gotta be confident to pull off spandex," she says. "Hop hat and everything? I ran in to some gangers just before I left. Got kind of…." she trails off.

"Yes," Jerry says. "Top hat, tails, bunnies, everything." He pauses as she pauses. "What?" he says, his voice quieter.

"Kind of got shot. Still hurts some," she says, her hand moving to her side, right at waist level.

Jerry's lips tighten. "Been to the infirmary?" he says. "I thought you were mostly bullet-proof."

"Oh yeah," Sasha says. "Hospital, infirmary, all that. About two hours in surgery. Went through," she says, pointing to a spot on her belly, "without hitting anything too important. Guess I was lucky," she says darkly. Sasha shakes her head. "Cyborg, not android," she says.

Jerry swallows, jaw tight. "These gangers; they still around?" he says, not casually. "And you were lucky. OK, and I'll remember that for later."

"Alia and I gave 'em a pretty good pasting. I think the cops rounded them up afterwards," Sasha says. "Wasn't really set to check," she adds. Sasha finishes her roll, now idly playing with her chop sticks in the soy sauce. "Still got vulnerable parts, is all I meant."

"Well, good to know, is all," Jerry says. "Glad you're feeling better."

Sasha says "Still sore, but I'll live. Thanks."

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