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Title: Fly Me To The Moon
Emitter: None
Characters: Jerry Fein, Stephanie/Steven Moore, Brandon Lion, Tyche Spiros
NPCs: None
Place: Rider Hall Common Room, Airspace Above Cove City
Time: July 18, 2010
Summary: Kids hanging out leads to an unusual request for Jerry

It's past midnight, yet Tyche is still up and not even in her room. She's out in the common area, sprawled in a thin blue pyjama shirt and a pair of black bike shorts and white crew socks - folded over - on the couch. Chest down, she's drawing on her iPad with her fingers in a paint application that looks at once like photoshop lite and paint shop pro on crack. Boredly. The television's on some late-night Cop drama, but she doesn't seem to be paying it any attention.

Jerry comes walking in, black jeans and black shirt making him hard to see for a second before he fully enters the lighted common room. He sips on a root beer bottle as he enters, then waves to Tyche on the couch. "Wassup?" he says, smiling, looking very 'at ease'.

Out of her room comes Stephanie. The girl is dressed in a baggy sweatshirt that is probably two sizes too big, and nearly as baggy sweat pants, were it not for the Godzilla slippers she's wearing they'd pool on the ground. Fortunately she has the volume turned down, but even so there's a slight sound of buildings being crushed, and Godzilla stomping playing as she enters the commons. Rubbing at her eyes, the profoundly androgynous girl looks sleepy. "Hey guys." She offers sleepily, then moves to the fridge, poking a head in, and looking around for the moment.

Tyche looks up from the couch as Jerry enters, then blinks a little, confused. "I thought you lived in A—" cue Godzilla's Stomping Slippers, and the couch-sitter turns to regard Sleepy Stephanie as she emerges from her room. "Ah hah! You /do/ exist. Here I thought you were just a myth." Flipping around to pull her legs beneath her, Tyche sits up on the couch and leans over the back to eye Jerry and Stephanie at once, her iPad art left behind. "I'm Tyche."

Earlier in the day there was a new arrival; a young, redheaded kid that moved in with the help of what seemed to be his mother and his younger sister and mostly kept to himself. He's been mostly out of sight since then, the reason for which may be apparent as … well he just sort of appears. Brandon more or less materializes somewhere just behind Tyche, blue eyes not on any of the other kids in the room but rather on the surface of Tyche's iPad, evidentially utterly fascinated.

"Hey, Tyche, Steph," Jerry says. "I was coming to see if Ian was here.." he slows "But doesn't look like it; his Do Not Disturb sign is out." The teen turns to the others, since he's already here and all. "Oh, whoa," he says as Brandon just appears. "Teleporter?"

Snagging an apple, Stephanie moves back, and closes the fridge door, before finding a seat and sitting Indian style at it. The girl has a distinctly odd feel to her, something that puts one on edge if they're not aware of why. And her gender is not obvious until she answers Tyche. "Hey Tyche, I'm Stephanie." The apple is polished against her top, and then she looks to Jerry, eyes of mismatched light and dark blue friend. "Hey Jer, no, haven't seen Ian today, sorry. Of course…I just woke up." And clearly wants to be asleep again, but oh well. The sudden appearance of Brandon gets a blink, and then she cants her head to one side. "Heya." She greets.

"Nice to meet you," Tyche replies to Stephanie, then turns to eye Brandon and his oh-so-lustful look for her pad. "Hi?" she says to him as well, before snatching her iPad back into her arms and looking to Jerry. "Whatcha need Ian for? I can give him a message if you like."

Amy emerges from her room and straight for the fridge and the bottled water within, limping slightly as she walks. Snagging a paper towel, she quickly wipes the sweat off her forehead and takes a couple of gulps of water before turning and, smiling a little, giving the assembled residents and guests a little wave. "Hey guys. Sup?" she inquires, looking curious.

"I…what?" Brandon says, looking up suddenly from the iPad and almost taking a step back, as if he's astonished at all the people who have magically appeared in the room! Apparently he hasn't been paying much attention. "No. Not a teleporter." He speaks very quietly, long fingers already starting to fidget together. "I paint." As if that makes any sense at all. He looks back down to the iPad, and flicks his eyes to Tyche. "Can I see?"

Jerry sips his root beer. "Um cool, but then how did you just appear there, like that?" he says to Brandon. "Jerry, by the way," he says to the boy he doesn't know, and looks to Tyche. "Just wanted to touch base with him about some songs and this competition thing," he says to her, then gives a smile and wave to Amy as she appears as well.

"Oh! The competition!" Tyche almost absently hands her iPad back towards Brandon, then smiles at him and says, "Be careful with it." She looks back to Jerry and tilts her head, "He was there the whole time. What do you mean 'appear?'" Beat. "Is the band going to try and get signed through the competition?"

"Band? Competition?" Amy asks, looking back and forth between the conversant with obvious interest. "Jerry's in a band?" she asks. "Who's Ian?" she continues, looking more confused by the moment. See what happens when you miss staff meetings?

Stephanie seems to be a little more alert now that she's got an apple in hand. "Liv mentioned something about your band, Steven and I would love to see you guys perform sometime." Stephanie offers to Jerry, and then she takes a bite of her apple, Fuji of course. A smile to Amy, and then she studies Brandon. HIs manner is a little odd, though the twins are nothing if not tolerant of the exotic. Look at their whole existence! A grin to Tyche. "Yes, we're real. Not a myth at all, that's Miles over in Baldwin. Oh, no it isn't, he's real too and not a ghost." Yes, there's more than a hint of mirth to her expression.

Brandon reaches out with nearly reverant hands to take the iPad from Tyche, smiling a faint, almost sheepish little smile. He almost immediately noodles with it, although he does so with light, careful touches. Every third touch or so, his whole face lights up with some sort of badly internalized glee, before Brandon hastily undoes whatever it is he's /done/, trying to keep the file in the shape it was given to him. This takes up quite a bit of his attention for a few moments. Okay, a /long/ few moments. Finally, he hands the iPad back to Tyche, albeit reluctantly, and looks back up to Jerry. "No…I…" A pause, a flick of his eyes to the side. "I paint. Here." He reaches out then, and makes a long, dragging gesture towards Jerry, as if he were pulling paint around in a spiral along Jerry's forearm. Indeed, a quintet of streaks appear out of apparently nowhere, following the path of Brandon's fingers; blue, green, red, yellow…and apparently see-through, as suddenly Jerry's arm has places where one can see the floor through it.

Jerry smiles at Tyche and Amy. "Yes, I'm in a band with Ian, your SA, and Linus and Sunday," he says to explain to Amy and anyone else who doesn't know. "I do guitar and backup vocals." He smiles back at Steph, then patiently waits as Brandon does whatever he's going to do.. and the teen is impressed, watching the trailing tendrils of color and light. "Wow, so.. " he flexes his arm. "What are you painting, then..?"

"I think he made you invisible," Tyche says, squinting as she studies Jerry's arm. "That's pretty neat, actually." She smiles at Brandon, then goes back to her own art, settling on the arm of the couch, now. "So hey, Stephanie, I /heard/ you have a twin brother. Is he cute?"

"Huh…I'll be damned. That's cool, Jerry. What kind of music you play?" Amy asks, and then watches in amazement as Brandon paints the other boy's arm with light and invisibility. "Huh…that's a hell of a trick, dude." she smiles, moving over to peer at the invisible spots in Jerry's arm to see if she can spot any bone or muscles in the cracks.

No bones or muscles, just …what seems to be nothing… although Jerry will still be able to feel his arm, from the inside and from the outside both. "I think it's the light." Brandon explains, with a sort of boney-shouldered shrug. "But I'm not sure. Anyway it isn't…real." As if to demonstrate that, he flexes his hands again, this time making a more 'dispelling' gesture, and the color and gaps on Jerry fade away into nothing.

Jerry whistles softly. "You figure out a way to make that permanent, and you can write your own ticket pretty much anywhere in the world," Jerry says, musing outloud to Brandon. He smiles to Amy. "Well, it's more of what we don't play. So far we've ruled out hard core death metal, and the pan flute. Seriously, between us we have a pretty broad range."

"Nice! That's really impressive. I'm afraid my 'painting' doesn't show up on film, but yours…man, you could TOTALLY be the best special effects budget ever." Steph grins at Brandon, and then nods to Jerry's explanation. "And I'm about as musical as bad plumbing, though Steven is pretty good at visual arts."

Thus ignored, Tyche just sorta shakes her head and looks back to Jerry. While the room focuses on the really cool painting, she falls silent and goes back to her own finger-art, drawing quietly while Brandon draws attention.

"Heh, I never let that stop me." Amy chuckles and grins to Stephanie. "It's rock and roll, not Mozart or some frou-frou crap like that." she chuckles. "It's kind of like a hand grenade, close counts." she winks playfully. "Amy, by the way." she introduces herself. "And Dude, how lng can you make that last?" she asks Brandon. "If it'll stick until you dismiss it, I am totally hiring you for Halloween." she grins. "Sound good, Jerry." she adds, then smiles and offers another wave towards Tyche.

And then Steph grins at Tyche. "Well, /I/ think so, but he would probably argue the point." And then she closes her eyes a moment, and biting her lower lip she debates a moment, and then nods to herself. "Okay…this…I've not done this in front of people I don't know very well before." Almost she balks, and then she focuses. Bands of cobalt energy form on her skin, and then she sort of…blurs…and then with a mental *snap* she's not a she anymore, she's a he. "Hey. I'm Steven, and Steph is more than a little worried. So please, be nice, okay?"

All this attention seems to have overwhelmed Brandon just a little. He holds his hands a little close to his body, tugging at the fingers of one with the fingers of the other. His smile is a little bashful, and it looks like he's trying not to hide himself behind the fringe of his own hair. "I have to be paying attention to it." He says, with another shrug. "If I get distracted it goes awa—" And that's when Steph is … being Steven, instead, and poor Brandon is just sort of staring. It's probably entirely rude, but it would almost seem the skittish kid doesn't know better. There's a pulse of invisibility that starts at his fingertips and travels over his entire body in a wave, like he was about to run away but repressed the urge.

Jerry smiles a bit. "Keep it together, Brandon; that's not the strangest thing you'll see here. Steven, dude, hey. Toss anymore sharks, lately?"

Tyche blinks as Stephanie becomes Steven. She'd heard the twins were close, but that, "… wow." She stares at Steven a moment, then just sorta smiles a little and lowers her sketch pad onto her bare knees. "Hi."

Is about to say something to Jerry when Stephane pulls her Ranma 1/2 routine, leaving the blond-streaked brunette absolutely _staggered_. She's seen strange things around here, but this one's apparently took the taco. She looks torn between introducing herself and looking at the door and windows to see if Shampoo's about to come thundering inside to raise hell.

Steven looks a little sad at Brandon's withdrawal, but…he didn't flee, he stuck around. That's far more than they were expecting. It is one thing to shift with people you know well, quite another when most of the people present are complete unknowns. He relaxes a bit when Jerry so cavalierly greets him. "Nope. No shark tossing today, but man…that was a bad throw, too much loft, not enough distance!" He quips back. Tyche's blink, and then calm acceptance earns the girl a flash of even white teeth as he returns her smile. "Hi." He replies. And then Amy looks a little poleaxed, and watches her reaction. "I know, freaky, right?"

"… …Sorry." Brandon says, after a long silence, ducking his head a little again sheepishly. "I'm …. new." Or /this/ is all new to him, it's a tossup which one he really means. Without anything else useful to say, and evidentially feeling a little ashamed, he goes back to fidgeting with his fingers, eyes on the task as if it were very, very important. All in all he gives off the impression of a rabbit in a room full of housecats.

Tyche saves her drawing and then smiles to Brandon. "Want to draw some more?" she asks, offering him the iPad. Take or leave, she slides off the couch to join Steven on the floor, a little closer to him, where she can curiously observe his features. "You've hardly changed at all. A bit more masculine, but almost the same. Yet … imminently cuter." She winks, then asks, "So are you the same person, or … two people trapped in the same body … or do you just teleport in and the other teleports out? I hope I'm not being rude."

Jerry sips his root beer. "Don't look at your feet like that, Brandon; it takes getting used to, especially if you haven't had your own powers very long." The older teen walks over and daps Steven on the shoulder. "It still saved me being scared out of ten years growth, dude." Then he looks back to Brandon. "Look, you want something to drink?"

"Eh…not to be mean about it, but …yeah…." Amy replies, nodding a little. "I'm Amy, we met before at the beach." she offers. "Sorry, still trying to get my head around this place." she chuckles, blushing bright red for a moment. "Every time I think I have, something more incredible happens and I'm back to square one."

"We're chimera — twins that share one body. Normally there's only one persona, but…somehow Steph saved me, not sure, neither of us is. Anyway…until we were twelve mom & dad thought I was Steph's imaginary friend. Then we shifted for the first time. She's a tepe, I'm a teke." He wiggles his fingers and lifts several DVDs, a cobalt aura surrounding them as he makes them move in figure eights around each other. His ears color a bit at Tyche's compliment, but he goes on. "Well…we're always together." He taps his brow. "Here. Never apart, even when we sleep — sometimes we even share dreams." A smile to the room. "Anyway, a chimera has blended but distinct genetics, both at the same time — when we flip, so does the dominant set of genes. We really can't explain it better than that, though Miranda probably could." And then he grins at Jerry. "Hey! I was scare too! I meandudegreat white! I saw Jaws!" Stephen watches poor Amy and Brandon look uncomfortable, and then he shakes his head. "It /is/ freaky. We get it, don't feel bad, okay guys?"

Don't look at his feet! Don't be scared! Aahhhhh. Brandon's eyes widen a little bit, but he jerks his chin upwards, trying to both look at Jerry and shy away from him at the same time. "I…no thank you." He says, and then he's looking back to Steven, trying to offer a wobbly little smile as way of repentance. "First time I've seen…powers. That weren't mine."

Tyche turns to watch the telekinesis curiously, then looks back to Steven with eyes just a little wider. "Can you fly?" It's just that simple question, yet there is /so much/ weight behind it.

Jerry smiles at Steven, then at Brandon, trying to be calming but that's not really his forte now is it? "Flying is cool, yes; when I discovered I could, I spent hours at it."

"Sorry again." Amy replies, blushing again. "You know what, I think I'm gonna go play bass some more before I choke myself on my own toenails." she sighs, frustrated.

"Oh man, I'm sorry — that's a big one for your first." Steven says to Brandon. "Just remember — everyone here is a neohuman, we all have some sort of ability or -ties." Steven definitely doesn't seem upset. "Oh yes. Flight is FUN. I'm not super fast, but flying is one of our favorite things." Steven nods in total agreement with Jerry. "Us too. HOURS and hours. I was SO tired when we got done, but it was worth it." A faint frown as Amy blushes and seems sour. Even though Stephanie is the telepath, Steven is pretty tuned in to how people really feel. "I'm sorry. Didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable." He looks at the group of folks in the room. "Honestly, it ws great to meet you guys who we didn't know already, and to see everyone…" A pointed look to Amy. "..and we mean everyone, that we already did." A smile then. "Getting late, we're going to hit the hay." And then with a yawn and stretch he blurs, and Stephanie is apparently in charge again. "G'night everyone." Grar! Stomp! Grar! Stomp! Steph's Godz
illa slippers are hilarious as she returns to her room.

Tyche looks distinctly disappointed when Steven reverts to Stephanie. "G'night," she says nonetheless, then turns to stare after them as they retreat towards their room. She follows until the door closes, then sighs and looks to Jerry. A long pause while she stares at him, then blinks. "You can fly?"

Brandon is still trying to fidget without looking like he's fidgeting, watching the conversation move around him in the room. He braves a little wave to Stevenwhich turns into a wave for Stephaniebefore looking back to Tyche and Jerry uncertainly.

Jerry looks behind him as Tyche stares, then back to her. "Um, yeah; you've never seen it, before?" He pushes off from the floor with the toe of his shoe and hangs there a foot or so off the ground. "Honestly, it's a pretty common ability as far as abilities go."

"Can you take me flying?" She doesn't even /hesitate/, and poor Brandon is all but forgotten. Tyche slowly climbs to her socked feet and just stares at Jerry, hope in her eyes.

"But..I didn't mean…" Amy protests as Stephanie makes her exit. "Well, shit." she sighs, frowning. "I give up…I really do. Hey, Brandon, is it?" she asks the redheaded boy. "Welcome to the fricking Twilight Zone." she grumbles.

It would seem that poor Brandon would rather be forgotten, on some level. He looks to Amy a moment later, still half peering through his hair. "I don't…think they were mad." He offers to her, as if it were a helpful statement, before his eyebrows push towards each other again. "…Twilight Zone?"

Jerry is a bit taken aback by the sheer fervor in Tyche's request but he recovers quickly. "Sure," he says. "Either of you want to come as well?" he says to Brandon and Amy as he touches down and finishes off his Root Beer. "I should be able to carry everyone and more." He eyebrow-lifts at Brandon. "Holy crap, kid, don't tell me you've never seen The Twilight Zone?"

Tyche's eyes widen even more … until Jerry invites the other two along. She licks her lips, then looks towards them sheepishly. Surely they don't want to go. Right?

"Ya know 'do-do-doo-do-do-doo-do-do…'" Amy sing-songs to Brandon. "Twilight Zone rules." she grins. "Great stories. Even the movie was pretty good." she adds. "And yeah, Jerry, I'd love to one day…if you can figure out how to keep me from falling off." she chuckles. "I mean, Lois Lane, I ain't."

"I know it." Brandon says, but he doesn't seem about to explain his confusion from earlier. Instead, he takes a hesitant little half-step backwards, shaking his head a little bit. "I…no…thank you. But..no. I think…I should sleep." He's done quite a bit of socializing today, for himself! Going out into the /air/ with someone while /flying/ where he can't /retreat/…that's a little beyond his capacity tight now.

Looks like Tyche gets Jerry all to herself. He tips his head at the others. "Well, I'd just take you up in my force bubble, but I can do the more traditional hold you type of thing. Tends to get cold up there, though," Jerry says, then holds out his hand to Tyche. "OK, then; you ready to go?"

Tyche just drops her iPad onto the couch and takes Jerry's hand. For at least one moment, the boy has her completely transfixed, like putty. "Yes. Please." Nevermind she's in a thin shirt meant for sleeping, bike shorts, and socked feet. She's going to /fly/.

"Heh….okay then." Amy shrugs, watching Tyche's entranced expression as she moves to take Jerry's hand. "Back to playing go I, then." she comments blandly. "Brandon, care to join me?" she asks.

Definitely back to the look of a rabbit about to get picked up by a hawk. Brandon turns just about as red as his hair, and freezes in place where he'd been two steps towards his room, staring blankly at Amy. And then he stares /bashfully/ at Amy, stammering a little. "I…uh. I. I…" His eyes dart to the side, and then the words come out all in a rush, as if he had to force them past his teeth. "I can play the didgeridoo." Because /anyone asked at all/.

Jerry has to smile, both at Tyche's look and Brandon's discomfort. "We'll be back in a little while. Amy, try not to give Brandon a stroke before his first date, OK?" and with that he's walking out with Tyche. Once outside, he flares up his reflex feild, and folds it around the both of them. "Tyche, how are you with heights?" he says as the purple energy field stabilizes around them both.

"Yeah, yeah." Amy replies to Jerry, waving away his comments as she screws the cap back on her water bottle. "You just remember you've got a girlfriend who happens to be a friend of mine." she adds.

Tyche is practically floating /all on her own/. Except not really. She just grins and shrugs. "I don't know. Probably safer if you just keep me close. I promise to warn you if I'm going to pass out. Just … don't go too fast, okay?"

Jerry nods as he firms up the energy field around them, gleaming purple light growing fainter but not disappearing altogether. "I'll try not to make you faint, and it won't at least seem like we're going fast. We've started, really," he says, glancing down. Should her eyes follow, it's apparent they're already a good few dozen feet off the ground.

Tyche does indeed look down. And yelps in surprise and wraps her arms around Jerry's neck, clinging to him. "Oh god, I thought you were going to /carry/ me. I didn't …" she trails off, swallows, then slowly loosens her grip. "Sorry. I didn't … expect that." She stares down through the bubble towards the receding ground. "So you … make the bubble lighter than the air around us, I guess?"

Jerry smiles and holds the other girl briefly, before letting her go once she eases up. "No, I control kinetic energy; I'm just pushing us away from the Earth by stealing a sliver of that energy from everything around us and putting it where I want it." The bubble ascends smoothly, until they're cloaked in dark mist which swirls around the bubble, then parts as they rise above it. "I thought you might feel safer this way," he says, acres of cloud bank spread below them, clear night sky above them.

"I thought you were going to carry me," Tyche reiterates, then shakes her head a little. "I'm … still not entirely sure I'm comfortable with standing on purple air. What happens if you lose control of the power?"

"Um, we both die, probably," Jerry says, helpfully. "But the same thing would happen either way. I /can/ carry you if you'd like, " he says. Now they're just drifting, dipping lower until they pass through the clouds again or they thin, either way, and the jeweled lights of Cove City are spread out under them. True to his word, they're not amazingly high.

Tyche leans in a little closer to Jerry. "Well I mean … you could theoretically reactivate it and save yourself, right?" she says. "But if I'm free-falling … wouldn't it be harder to catch us both? Not … I mean … not that I'm scared. I'm just um. I'd really rather not die."

Jerry quirks a smile and puts an arm around Tyche, then swings her up to carry her as he dissolves the large bubble; he's still gleaming with purple light around his own personal sheild. He's strong, holding her, but that's also supplemented by his power as well. He slows to a stop and rotates, letting the summer wind wash over them both. "Nah, I can fly really fast, so I could get you before you hit. Or just shift your body's direction or something," he says over the soft breeze. "This better?"

Tyche puts her arms back around Jerry's neck, then grins a little. "I'd just feel a little more comfortable if I wasn't free-falling alone," she admits with a shrug. She reaches out with one hand to grasp the clouds, then lets out a soft sigh and looks down beneath them. "How high are we?"

Jerry says, "About a mile and a half," Jerry says. "These are pretty low clouds; I'd have to put up my shield again to get us up to the mid-range or highest ones, because there wouldn't be enough air for us.""

Tyche continues staring down, then looks to Jerry. "It's amazing," she tells him, and huddles up a little closer. "But cold. How fast can you go?"

Jerry shifts the girl against his chest, tightening his grip a bit. "I'd have to put up the bubble again to show you; I think I've been clocked at about 500 miles an hour. I can go faster but I can't keep it up for any real length of time."

"Let's don't do that," Tyche says, widening her eyes. "The heights make me nervous, the speed would probably make me puke." She grins, then offers, "I don't think you want five hundred mile an hour puke. Show me the city?"

Jerry laughs, and nods. "No puking; I'll try to make the ride as smooth as possible." They drift lower and pick up some speed but not a lot more. then Jerry begins to point out landmarks, and areas of the city. "I've been here over two years, so I've gotten familiar with the city," he explains at some point. "It's smaller than I'm used to, but we're close to some larger ones."

Tyche remains quiet as they soar over the city. When he comments on the size, she just smiles at him. "From up here, it looks tiny. It's nothing like LA, that's for sure." She looks back down, and puts her head against his shoulder. "This is nice. But you probably take all the girls up here."

Jerry shakes his head. "Only if they ask," he says. "You seemed so excited, there's no way I could not take you; I really like flying." They slow to a hover. "I've been a lot of places, but never managed to get to LA other than the inside of the airport and a couple hotels. I don't /know/ the city, you know?"

Tyche laughs just a little. "Well if you ever go, take me with you and I'll show you around. Would only take us four hours to get there if you flew us," she notes with a little laugh. Then she sighs and closes her eyes, just feeling the altitude. "I'm such a foolish little girl."

Jerry snorts. "Why would you say that?" he says, giving the girl in his arms a concerned look.

"Because I've been warned about you," Tyche replies with a faint smirk. "You've had a hundred girlfriends in a hundred towns. And here I am falling for you anyways."

Jerry has to smile, slightly. "That's.. an exaggeration, seriously," he says. "And I have a steady girlfriend now." He hesitates. "I have to ask, so don't get mad. Did you ask me to take you flying, then, just to get close to me?"

"No," Tyche replies with a shake of her head. "Ever since I was a little girl," she explains, "I've always wanted to fly. Go figure, I did wind up with super-powers, but all I can do is steal people's lifeforce." Or give them her own, but that's not relevant. "I have been hoping someone would take me flying since I got here, just to know what it was like. Getting close to you is an entirely unintended side-effect."

Jerry nods as she says this. "Good," he says, smiling. "Well, we're almost done with the city, anyway - I need to get back and get to bed, seriously. I'd be lying to say I'm not flattered, but.. You're not foolish, though. Don't ever say that."

"Steady girlfriend," Tyche replies with a faint, soft chuckle. "Well, at least you're good about that. You can take me back; I promise not to do anything terribly Lois Lane on you. I'll be good."

Jerry grins. "Hey, if you do, I'll just catch you.." he says, banking and turning them back to the school. He drops them through the dimensional interface slowly, then lands beside Tyche's dorm and lets her go. "If you want to go flying again, just ask. But that'll be all it is, OK?" He still gives her that disarming patented Jerry Smile.

"Probably not a good idea," Tyche tells him, but she gives him a hug and lifts up onto socked tiptoes to kiss his cheek. "But thank you." Then she lets go and steps around him to open the dorm door.

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