"Florida has lots of sun!"

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Title: "Florida has lots of sun!"
Emitter: None
Characters: Jerry, Sasha, Summer
NPCs: None
Place: Poolside, campus.
Time: Afternoon, July 2nd
Summary: Summer meets Jerry and Sasha. Sasha asks rapid-fire questions, then admits that Florida does indeed get a lot of sun.

Jerry is here by the pool, clad in a pair of dark purple low cut Speedos, sipping pineapple juice from a closed plastic container. He's done his laps and more, and so he's resting a bit and chilling out watching the others and occassionally picking up a paperback from atop his folded towel to read a chapter or so.

Tanning is /not/ on Summer's list of things to do; she is, however, pulling herself out of the pool, stripping off goggles and swim cap after laps. Her swimsuit's a utilitarian dark blue one-piece trimmed in red, the sort that's a standard in most high school swim teams. She pulls herself to her feet, picking up her towel from a chair near Jerry and taking a glance at the paperback. "Catcher in the Rye?" she asks curiously. "For a class, or fun?"

Sasha, she's on the lounger next to Jerry, stretched out on her stomach. She's got the buds from her iPod in her ears, listening to something or other. There's a glass nearby with a straw, and apparently pineapple juice herself. And it seems she's being particularly showy too, since her lower body's a lone, cylindrical torpedo, rather than legs. Sasha's head lifts slightly as somebody new arrives. A hand lazily finds her iPod and taps pause., pulling out one ear bud to listen.

The paperback has a similar color scheme to the normal versions of Catcher in the Rye, and it's about as thick; Jerry quirks a smile at Summer, looking up from his lounge chair. "Already read it; liked it a lot," he comments. "Nah, this is the history of The Fog, or at least what's known about him and what she could piece together."

"I think I'm one of the few people who wanted to throttle Holden within the first ten pages," Summer admits with a wry laugh, running a hand through her hair and pulling the tie from it. Torpedo-girl earns a curious look and a nod as Summer settles on a free chair, wrapping her towel around her. "But I'm not really much of a reader anyway. There's always something I'd rather do outside." She gestures to the weather outdoors, currently clear and hot. "The Fog? That's the… local neohuman, right? Who vanished?" Pause. "Sorry, I'm Summer Sinclair." She looks between the two, tilting her head.

"Hey," Sasha says to Summer. She rolls slowly, and her lower half ripples, shifting and splitting apart to reform her legs, and including a bikini bottom in the process, as she sits up. "I thought it was Mel Torme," she says. "Sasha Romanova," she says, standing and offering a metal hand. "This is my boyfriend, Jerry Stein," she adds, putting a slight emphasis on that title.

Jerry smiles, then smiles more broadly at the title. "Yep, that's me," he says, hand not holding the paperback drifting to lay casually on Sasha's arm. "I liked Holden well enough," he laughs. "This, though," he says, "Is cool stuff. And good extra credit for NeoHuman studies, along with the other stuff on the reading program. Next up is that book about the Cold War telepath spies, um, Mindfield. That sounds very cool."

Accepting Sasha's offered hand, Summer doesn't bother to fight an amused smile as she shakes and releases. "Nice to meet you, Sasha, Boyfriend Jerry Stein," she says with mock-solemnity, giving the title its due consideration. "I doubt that we're supposed to study jazz musicians, more's the pity, though that'd be an odd neohuman ability — fascinate the crowds with dazzling displays of improvisation?" She finishes drying off, finger-combing her somewhat-damp hair into some semblance of order. "I've only taken a little bit of neohuman history, and most of that was kind of rolled in with regular history classes, so it's kind of weird to suddenly have all these specific classes about it."

"Trading fours with yourself," Sasha says. Once she gets her hand back, she steps back and takes a seat on her lounger again. "You're new?" she asks Ssahs. "Okay, so, what's your deal? Powers? Where you from?" she asks, rapid-fire. Not like it's a big secret what Sasha's powers are. Why can't everybody be a public super like she is? It'd make her life easier, that's for sure.

"Good to meet you, too," Jerry says. "It's pretty cool. There's a Neohuman Studies major at several places, so.. eh, maybe," he says, marking his place and putting the book back on his dry towel. He takes up the pineapple juice again and sips it, then starts to say something before Sasha's questions come out, then he's quiet, nodding. Obviously some of his next questions, as well.

Sasha winces visibly at that. "Errrrrr, yeah," she says. "Let's *not* demonstrate that one, okay?" she says. "Hey, everybody knows what I'm about. Just because you all get to hide your powers doesn't mean I can't ask. Hell, I have to ask. Or wait, but I'm impatient!"

Jerry flashes a smile at Sasha. "Yeah, power control is still something I'm trying to get down, as well. Since I control kinetic energy, it can get kinda bad when I pop off," he admits, sipping his juice. "At least we're not having brownouts and stuff, so you must have a pretty good handle on it?"

"More seriously, though, since we're no longer apparently interrogating the new girl-" Summer's smile has a little bit of an edge to it, her hands now folded in her lap rather than clutching the towel. The weather outside has clouded over rather quickly; a few spatters of rain sound against the pool building's roof. "-I'm from a little town near St. Pete's, Florida. That's near Tampa, closer to the Gulf. I planned to go to the University of Florida and to their Journalism school after my senior year," she adds to Jerry. "But I'm thinking I'll have to change that. I don't get to hide my powers all that easily. I'm just good at not being blamed for it." Her gaze flicks to the windows, then back to the pair, that quirk at the corners of her mouth blooming into a droll smile. "Thanks, but most of my electronics frying is once-off, actually." She gestures towards the window. "I control the weather."

Sasha seems to relax at that, nodding a few times. "Kinda freaky how fast your life can change, isn't it?" she asks. "Um….cool, I guess. I'll call you next time rain's threatening my race or whatever," she says.

Jerry's eyes widen as he hears this, and sees the effect outside. "And it's tied to your emotions, it seems, like a lot of us..wicked power, but could you put the sun back on, please?" he says with a smile. "I guess in Florida you get a lot of practice, then…"

"Oh, I don't know, I might make it worse." Summer's faint Southern drawl intensifies on those words, along with a wide-eyed innocence that she turns on Jerry, along with a mischievous grin. That said, the rain does slack off, the sun beginning to break through clouds some ten seconds or so later. "Smart man." She slants Sasha a glance, that amusement brightening her eyes before she nods to Jerry's comment. "I'm kind of worried about not being there for the hurricane season this year. I turned back one last year that would've made a mess. I got the invitation to here then, but school'd already started, and I didn't want to switch mid-year. When did you… two wind up here?"

Sasha looks up through the ceiling too, as the rain moves off and the sun comes back. "Florida has lots of sun," she says. "I'm from LA," she adds, "Same sunniness, fewer hurricanes. But more smog, I guess, so it all comes out in the wash." Sasha looks over Summer again and then says, "Last year, after I got out of the hospital," she says.

"I'm from Long Island, and we have, well, pretty much everything in moderation," Jerry says. "Been here two full years, and a bit over."

"I never would've guessed that Florida has lots of sun. It /is/ the state nickname, after all. It's even on some Florida license plates," Summer says earnestly to Sasha, still somewhat wide-eyed, but fighting back a grin. She pushes to her feet, folding her towel over one arm. "Well, I'm in Baldwin, but if you two're ever hungry, I usually have some sort of sweet around, as baking's a hobby of mine. You're welcome to stop by."

Sasha beams, "It's convenient how they do that," she tells Summer. "Hey, cool. I'm in Prentiss, myself," she says, "And Jerry's in Astro. I guess we'll see you around, I'm sure." She scoops up her iPod and her own towel. "I gotta go, hit up some people before stuff closes. See you later?" she asks, mostly to Jerry, but including Summer too.

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