Rplog Dinner With Ian

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Title: My Dinner with Ian
Emitter: None
Characters: Jerry, Ian
Place: Black Dragon Thai Restaurant
Time: 6/3/2010
Summary: Jerry and Ian talk about jobs

Jerry groans as they finally get shown to a booth, and the boy slides into it almost bonelessly, looking beat. He's hungry as a wolf, though, and immediately orders a couple of appetizers before they even get the menu and drinks. "God, that was.. whew. I feel like I could sleep for a week."

One of the downfalls of regeneration, or perhaps an advantage, was the fact that no matter how intense a show, Ian Stoker looked like daisies. Or well mostly. His shirt's mildly disheveled, and his hair has seen better days. "Bow howdy," he murmurs about the show, sliding in to the booth opposite of Jerry. As for hungry like a wolf? Yeah no comment. But, y'know. Ditto. "How'd you find out about that?"

Jerry has no regen, and so he looks like someone who's danced and yelled for four hours. He grins after he drains half a glass of ice water and wipes his face with his napkin. "Heard about it when I went out the other night, then I had to scramble to get tickets. Figured you'd like that sound, so.. " he flashes a smile, then drains the rest of his water before flopping against the back of the booth. "I am drained, man… whew."

"Figured right. I'm all about any good music that can get a pit going." Running a hand through his hand, Ian attempts to bring his hair to a semblance of normalcy. "Thanks man. It was good to get out awhile. The beach was fun and all, but to get out of school for just a bit. Brings back a bit of sanity. Y'know?" He takes a sip of his ice water setting it aside to scan the menu. "So what's been up with you lately, man?"

Jerry phews. "A lot, it seems. Hooked up with Linus to let him borrow my power a few times, to get him used to it - I kinda almost sent him into orbit the other day, so I owed him," he says, slight smile on his lips. "Took Amber to dinner, then met this chick named Eshe. Um, I think she decided that I'm gonna be her husband, I'm.. honestly not /exactly/ sure what happened there…" he says, as the waiter arrives the appetizers, and he crunches into a spring roll. Mmmpph. He gives his order: pad woon sen, pork. "Just a little hot," he says. "And.. well, just trying to enjoy the free time, until the summer semester. Gonna go out for swim team."

Ian whistles slightly at that. Linus had touched him once, and that hadn't ended so well. He could only imagine the first time or three trying to deal with the level of vibration control that Jerry possessed. He had seen first hand how that could tear apart even a sidecar. When the waiter arrives, Ian's order is simple: Yellow curry. Five star. "Or six, if you had it." He was a good southern boy after all! A moment later, he turns back to Jerry, fixing him with a slightly quirked brow. "Husband huh? One of these days, I have to find out how you're gettin' all the girls to trip themselves all over you." He grins slightly before letting it fade. "Seriously though. You planning on doing something about this? I mean this Eshe chick aside, you've been seein' Amber quite a bit. And then there's Sasha.." Not an enviable position that. A beat later - "Didn't take you as a swimmer. Always took you more as the lacrosse type. I doubt my.. 'gifts' will let me get on any sports team. I was figgerin' instead on getting a summer job. Maybe pay for keyboard, or a used fender or something."

Jerry points to the side of his mouth. "Dimples. Hand to God, I swear." He toys with his spring roll. "Yeah, Amber.. I took her to dinner because she felt /so/ bad about beating me up. And we might go again, but it wasn't precisely a /date/. Sasha.. whew. I think.." He crunches into the roll and chews thoughtfully. "She's out at her parents now, but yeah.. when she gets back, I guess we need to talk. I.. I think I wanna be more serious with her, y'know? It's been awhile, though." He smiles. "Eshe, I have no idea about. She's been in a tomb for 4,000 years, so she might be a little too old for me, y'know?" he says, keeping his voice low. "You been doing OK, bud? I heard.. you talked to Claire about, y'know, that thing."

There is little toying with Ian's. In about two or three chomps it's gone, before being washed down by another big sip of water. He might be soft spoken on most days, but when it came to food, Stoker really did let the wolf out. "Well, 'long as you have your priorities we're good. Even if those are trying to keep them on. Not my shtick, but you're my boy and I'll back you with whatever or however you want to do. But yeah. Let's hope you can get things sorted out. God knows if a rumor is let out, or the girls accidentally find out about one another…" He trails, deciding it better to take another sip of water. "I've been alright. Sorta sequestered myself in my dorm for awhile while the fallout happened. Holly - the girl with the movie powers - gave me a word or two, but I hope I gotten straightened somewhat. And I think me and Claire are good now. She talked to me again at the beach. We haven't sat down and seriously discussed things, but at least the hurting's stopped somewhat." Ian lets out a breath. "It was some stupid timing I had with that."

Jerry listens, flashes a smile when Ian says he has his back, and he nods at that. "Thanks, I mean that. Got yours, too, y'know? With whatever." He pauses. "So.. not Claire, and not Holly.. you're not seeing anyone, right now?" he says, getting some hot mustard for the next spring roll. "Anyone I can set you up with?"

"I appreciates the sentiments, Jerry. I really do." Ian pauses what he is about to say as the food arrives. Nodding to the waiter, he takes a moment to take in the aromas of the thai food, murmuring, "Inspired choice. Damn this smells nice." A beat later, he's back to business. "I was serious about what I said to Claire though. I'm not really in the," shrug, "Right state of mind to be in a real relationships. Flirting maybe. Or messing around from time to time, sure. But I still got plenty of baggage. I'll live vicariously through you and your little foursome though. How about that?" Ian flashes a grin again before taking a spoonful of the curry.

Jerry digs into his own food, mmming as he snaps up the pork. "Aw, man," he grins. "I.. wait, four?" he says, counting on his fingers. "Did I forget someone? Anyway.. no, no. Sasha.. is Sasha and I should call her or something, Tomorrow," he resolves. "But.. man, I feel bad.. you need someone. I mean, you have your power, but hey, we all have stuff we deal with, y'know?" Says the boy that didn't flinch when he saw the Beast in Linus' eyes. So maybe he doesn't /know/ what other people feel like when they see something like that. "I wanna take care of you, y'know?"

"Well including you, four." Ian grins, though his head does tilt ever so lightly as Jerry resolves to call Sasha soon. "Seems like you have your mind good and made up, about Sasha that is. If you need any back up with that, let me know. I can heal after all - maybe get her to vent out some of that anger before you deal with her." He spoons a bit more curry into rice, taking a few bites before continuing. "And seriously, I'm okay for now. I've been kinda co-dependent a good chunk of my life. First with my sister Emily, then with my ex. I'm not really, y'know, over it. So it's probably a good thing just to be good with this awhile." He pauses, musing. "We'll take care of each other fine by playing some damn good music. And making we don't do too stupid shit. You're gonna have to look out for that. I'm good at doin' stupid shit." Cue wolfish grin again.

Jerry snorts. "Dude, I could graduate tomorrow because I /came/ here with a degree in Doing Stupid Shit, OK? Yeah, bro, I'll watch out for you. And we will do some damn good music. I heard Sunday really /play/ the other day and, holy crap that girl is talented." He shakes his head. "I /did/ find a little trick I might be able to pull off later. Music is just vibration that's in a pattern we like, and I control vibrational, kinetic energy. So I figured I could make an amp just by thinking about it. It.. kinda works. We did, well, blow .. up a little of the Quad," he says, making a 'tiny' gesture with thumb and forefinger. "But I think I have a handle on it. It's not a trick I can just do, but if something goes wrong.. i think I can cover us."

Lifting his glass, Ian intones: "To Professor Jerry." His grin lingers for a few more seconds before he sets the glass aside. "Yeah, I figured her to have something special when I heard her half ass play a few times. She just went through that stuff so easily. I might actually believe that she is gonna be a super-star." He shakes his head lightly, chuckling at the antics in the squad. "Remind me not to be in the way if you try that again. But seriously? Pretty killer stunt right there. You're gonna have to show me soon." He pauses a bit, before adding, "We seriously need to get playing. Maybe this weekend."

Jerry nods as he pushes a stray noodle into his mouth. He swallows and get some more water. "We do, yes. I checked out the practice space's wiring and we should be good on power. And we need to work out a stint for volunteering, as well. Part of the deal," he says.

"Yeah, yeah. I'll do some haulin', there's always a need for that right?" Boxes in and out of a volunteer job seemed pretty par for the course. Otherewise, "It's a fair thing all and all. And saves some cash. Unless, y'know, you're secretly rich or something. Cause I can't even pay for an instrument let alone rent space." The last of the curry is quickly taken care off, and the plate is set aside. A moment later Ian is stretching, ignorant of the matchbox size of the little resturant. "Here's hoping the most drama this summer will bring is having to volunteer." Y'know, "No more mind controllers, battles with monsters, or angry women breathing down our necks."

"Well, I guess I forgot to mention the crazy magician, then," Jerry says, still lingering over his food. "Claire, Alia and I took him on, and he got away. Pretty much promised to return, in short order." He pauses, eating. "Patrolling is sounding like a better idea every day. Oh, and well.." He blushes a little. "Actually, um, my family is pretty well off. I could get you that guitar, if you like. When's your birthday? Call it an early present. Or a late on, whatever," he says.

"October 30th. And don't worry about it dude. I ain't exactly rich, but I can get by. Just means a job or two until I can afford it. If you have to though, get it and let me borrow it til I can afford my own. Anyways, there's the drum set to think about, and any other equipment to schlep if we actually get semi serious with this thing." Stoker wasn't necessarily touchy about being self reliant… but he probably was a touch or two away from it. "Magician? God. This place is like a Hellmouth for weird nutso criminals ain't it?" He doesn't comment on the patrolling yet. But then again, he didn't see himself much as a hero in training either. Just a guy with a monkey - or wolf - on his back.

"OK, reasonable," Jerry says about the borrowing concept. "I need to think about a job, too. I can do the barrista thing if I need to, but man.. with the university here, anything close gets snapped up in second."

"There's always malls or fast food. Or worst." Ian looks like he's about to gag on what he speaks next. And when he does, his tongue is half out as if tasting the worst thing ever. "Getting a job at Hot Topic. They're always hiring." And yes, that's probably where he is going to work. Lack of equitable job skills for the win!

Jerry flashes a smile. "Maybe I should look for something at the mall. If we're both going to Retail Hell, might as well be together. Plus, the Mall? Good target for some wackos. Might be a good idea to keep an eye on the place."

"Hey, if we can get in as a package deal I'm all for it. Maybe they have a Scam Cash or a Guitar Center around. At least then it'll be musical retail hell." But there we go. Plan made! And hopefully a way for Ian to save up some money for a half decent second hand instrument. "I figure though to pick up a bass or something. Sunday can fuckin' shred, and really Keys are my main thing, so I don't mind switching to something still in that rhythm section." Ian fishes into his pockets, pulling out a few crumpled single bills to pay for his part of the meal, before adding in: "If you have it bad now, imagine after a show or two. Three girl's might become seven. Or, conversely, those you currently have may wanta jump your bones right then and there." Nope, no mention of his own potential love life. He seemed pretty determined to not worry about it.

Jerry puts his half down and gets the tip. "Sounds like a plan," he says, wiping his mouth and getting up. "And.. hey, you never know.. you get up there and you'll have to beat the girls off with a stick. You see if you don't."

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