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Title: Can You Read My Mind?
Emitter: N/A
Characters: Jerry and Sasha
Place: Rooftop of the Student Center
Time: Sunday, After Curfew
Summary: Jerry and Sasha talk, and more.

That's the thing about these buildings. To super-kids, none of the doors are really *that* locked. It wasn't hard at all for Sasha to get into the access stairway of the student center, slip up and up to the roof. It's the tallest building on campus, conveniently, and gives a decent view of campus and Cove City beyond. Sasha's sitting on the edge of the roof, on top of the ledge, her legs dangling off the edge. The girl stares out into the starry, moonlit night, taking occasional sips from the soda bottle she has with her.

Jerry drops out of the sky and settles by the girl, a foxfire flicker of purple light dissipating around his lean figure as his power shuts down. "Nice night," he says, looking suddenly shy. "I saw you up here, and thought.. um, well, didn't think actually, that you might wanna be alone," he says, flashing a smile. "Want company? 'Cause I can totally run if..?"

Sasha takes a hard swig, then nods. "Guess it kinda is," she agrees. Sasha twists, looking at Jerry over her shoulder, and the gesture causes a wince of pain to flash across her face. She holds out the bottle in offer. The contents, despite the dark color, smell strongly of rum.

Jerry nods and takes a drink, coughs as the liquid burns down his throat, hands it back. "What's up?" he says, looking at her with concern. "That's not where you were shot.."

Sasha moves her hand to her left side, "Here," she says. "Still hurts to twist. Sometimes I don't remember," she says, taking back her bottle. "So. Double date," she says, deadpan. "Thought that was a good idea, did you?"

Jerry gives a wry smile. "I didn't know you didn't like them," he says, dangling his legs off the building as well. "Maybe you just need to get used to them? I mean, with me being in a band with them.. you're gonna run into them more and more often. So what's up between you and them?"

"They don't like me," Sasha corrects. "Sunday got super-raged at me for being annoyed with her about pushing Amber at you," Sasha admits. "And I tried to touch Linus, because you know," she twiddles her metal fingers around her 'soda' bottle, "no effect, right, but he fucking flipped and nearly set the dorm on fire."

Jerry listens, and nods. "I'll talk to them; I'm sure it's just a big damn misunderstanding." He reaches, curls fingers around the metal part of her arm nearest him. "Linus is paranoid about his power for a good reason. First time he copies someone, his body can't control it - he'll use their strongest power in the strongest way possible. So, he was scared of what that might make him do." He flashes a smile. "I got him by taking him by surprise. Learned a lesson there, yep."

Sasha scoots along the ledge, closer to Jerry. "Damn straight," she says with a humph, taking another drink. "Only could have copied me if he'd been kissing me or something and trust me, not gonna happen."

Jerry hehs, reaches and puts an arm around Sasha's shoulders. "I don't think he could copy you, anyway," he says. He looks up at the stars and is quiet for a time, then he makes a 'hmm' sound. "You wanna closer look?" he says quietly.

"At the stars?" she asks. "My eyes are still human," Sasha says. "Can't fly up there. Still don't have the freaking glider worked out. Last time I test flew it I almost ran down Claire. Didn't know her then." She frowns some. "Haven't seen her lately. Guess she got new friends or whatever."

Jerry flashes a bright smile. "I can fly.. and I can take you there.." he says quietly, standing, offering her his hand. "I can show you something wonderful."

Sasha gives Jerry a look. She reaches up and takes his hand, pulling herself up in a semi-acrobatic way. "Seriously?" she asks, cocking her head. "Probably just want in my pants, don't you?"

Jerry hahs at this. "No, seriously. And I wouldn't know what to do inside your pants, anyway," he laughs softly. Then he steps partially behind her, one arm around her waist, the other around her shoulder. "OK, just.. don't squirm and I think I got this." He concentrates, lowering the hold the Earth has on them both while manifesting his force field around them - he kicks off and they drift up, and up, then pick up speed faster and faster. They ripple through the school's dimensional interface and mount up, up into the sky. Jerry has a look of intense concentration on his face as his field blooms, shreds, then folds over the both of them. Up, and up, until it's colder. The light hardens, grows from an aura to a filter. They pass through a cloud layer and break out the other side. "Take short breaths; from here on, we're carrying our own oxygen supply," he says as he closes the field.

Then they shoot up like a rocket. Out here, away from the light pollution of the East Coast, the stars blossom. Hundreds, then thousands more come out as they peel away the annoying layers of atmosphere until the points of light harden and brighten. Jerry's grip is tight, and if Sasha looks down, she can see the curve of the Earth below them. BOTH curves. Miles up, as high as Jerry has ever gone and actually past that, they hang there. "Look," he says softly.

Sasha's heavier than she looks. Still, Jerry lifts her. She's too taken in the moment to shoot back at Jerry, to tease him for his confession, true or not. Her arm contracts hard to hold on to him as he lifts her. Sasha's breaths come slowly now, a reaction she's practiced for her undersea morph. The young woman's too busy looking up to notice the curvature until Jerry mentions it. She looks down. Left. Right. She's utterly speechless.

Jerry holds the girl, looking up, around. "So, this is where I come to think.." he says softly, the universe sprawled out before them. "Everytime I try, I get a little further. Someday, I'm goin' to the Moon." Then he just holds her as they look out on the huge canvas of stars for, what? A half hour? Longer? It's hard to tell, until finally Jerry has to clear his throat. "Gotta get us back. Don't puke on me, K? Just.. look at one star until we stop. That'll help." he says. Then they drop. It's a controlled drop, obviously, but it's still a drop, and hundreds of miles an hour. Inside the boy's kinetic field, they don't feel the effects, but if she looks down, the ground hurtles up at them like in a Bugs Bunny cartoon until he slow to almost a stop just before they glide through the school's dimensional field. "You know that thing can stop an asteroid. At least one that weighs, oh, 150 pounds." Not that he's speaking from painful experience. Finally he touches down on the rooftop and his field collapses, letting in the sounds and scents of the city. Of Earth.

Long enough, for Sasha. She stares, clinging closer to Jerry. They're floating high above the earth, but she doesn't feel fear. Wonderment, yes. Thrill, most definitely. Sasha feels the adrenaline pump through her veins. A slight nod and she looks up again as they drop, gliding down through the atmosphere, soon enough ripping through it, then slowing back over the field and the school and the rooftop. Sasha takes a small step back along the ledge, just to establish her own space. "You do that for all the pretty girls?" she asks.

Jerry takes a deep breath, shakes his head. "Nah," he says simply. "You're the first I've taken up there," he says. "It's kinda my private place, y'know? Not that low earth orbit is really private but.. you get what I'm sayin'."

"More private than the roof," Sasha tells Jerry, daring a small smile. "What do you think about up there?"

Jerry swallows, looks out over the school. "Ah, just.. stuff. Nothing really specific. What I'm gonna do once I get to leave the school, what I'm gonna have for lunch, just.. whatever," he says, cutting eyes to Sasha, back to the quad below.

Sasha languidly puts her arms about Jerry's neck. "Just stuff?" she asks. "You expect me to believe that?"

Jerry mmss as the arms slide around his neck, one hand moving up to touch the cyborg girls arm. "Yeah, just stuff," he says. "What were you thinking about, up here?"

Sasha doesn't miss a beat, "How much it sucks to get shot."

"Have not had that happen, yet," Jerry admits. "Have you talked to the school nurse, again?"

"Working on it," Sasha says, making a face. "Yeah. Just says I gotta live through it. Can't give me drugs or anything, don't trust me with 'em."

Jerry nods slowly. "Gotta be someone who can figure out your biomecholgy and yes, I did just make that up. That sucks big time." He brushes fingers on her arms, flesh and metal. "Anything I can do..?"

"I can't make bio stuff," Sasha says, with a strain of annoyance in her voice. Doesn't Jerry know that. "S'why I'm metal instead of flesh. The wound…just hit the meat. Doctors treated me normally and stuff. I can't heal myself faster and…" Sasha looks at where Jerry's bushing her arm, at the seam between her states.

Jerry brushes over that interface, casually, not seeming to notice or care. "Gotta be something that helps. If Synapse can build a catapult to wash his damn car, we gotta have someone here that can.. like, analyze you. Help each part of you help the other," he says softly, thinking.

Sasha narrows her eyes slightly. "Dating a week and you're trying to change me?" she asks. She's teasing…right?

Jerry shakes his head. "That shit never works, you know that. Just.. thinking. It sucks you have to tough it out because someone can't figure out how to treat you," he sighs.

Sasha actually *does* look annoyed now. "I've raced since I was eight," she tells Jerry. "Survived a near-death collision and been half-machine for the past year," she says. "Trust me, I can tough it out."

Jerry's jaw firms up. "Never said you couldn't. You're the toughest girl I've ever known. It just sucks you have to," he sighs. "I should just shut up now and hold you, shouldn't I?"

Sasha nods a few times, then rises up to kiss Jerry.

Jerry, true to his word doesn't say anything else, just holds her and kisses back.

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