Bonding Despite Best Efforts

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Title: Bonding Despite Best Efforts
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Characters: Sasha, Claire
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Place: Student Center
Time: Evening, Sunday, May 9th, 2010
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Sasha's in the student lounge. It's quiet - well, it's Sunday night, so why not? Sasha's in the lounge alone, an actual, honest to god notepad on her knees. Her feet are up on the table, crooked to let her get to her notepad more easily. She's biting her lower lip lightly and seems to be deep in thought.

Claire enters the Student Lounge with her ear buds lodged in both ears, moving slowly and letting her every motion match the slow, languorous rhythm of her tunes. Her backpack is tossed over her shoulder as usual and she's wearing her standard jeans and halter outfit for the evening. An open bottle of water dangles from her fingers, the rim pretty well decorated with red and black from her lips. She clumps across the lounge on her platforms and heads for one of the vending machines. Pausing, she slings her backpack around and digs in the zippered front pocket for change.

Sasha notices Claire before Claire notices her. Oh. Her eyebrows rise a little and she looks at the younger girl. Sasha swallows, nervous, shockingly self-conscious, and not quite sure if she should interrupt Claire.

Claire keeps bobbing her head to the unheard music, her pigtails bouncing on either side of her head, even as she slides the coins one at a time into the machine, her eyes scanning the selections on offer. She deposits an entire three dollars before choosing and pushes two buttons. There is a whir and something fall, a bag of dehydrated apples. Bending over and fishing them out of the slot at the base of the machine, Claire rips them open and pops one into her mouth before turning and finally seeing Sasha. A slight blush touches her cheeks with color and she lifts a hand to wave slightly, a slice of flattened, dry apple between her red and black lips.

Sasha's just standing as Claire notices her. It was inevitable anyway. She's dressed pretty casually, jeans and a tank top, she somehow doesn't seem as obviously cybernetic as she usually does, which may mean something, and then again it may not. She forces a smile and says, "Hey, Claire. How's it going? What're you listening too?"

Claire sucks the apple in and munches on it, washing it down with a swig of water before popping one of her ear buds out with a quick yank. "Siouxsie And The Banshees." When she tugs it out, the strains of the song 'Dear Prudence' can be hear tinnily emanating from the little black earpiece. "Um… thanks for the other night. I had a great time, totally worth the wicked hangover the next morning." The ghost of a smile tugs at the left corner of her mouth.

Sasha watches Claire practically inhale the apple slice. Strange, but then around here what isn't? Sasha manages to keep up her smile, taking a seat again which gets protests from the couch. She nods a couple times at Claire's response. "Oh, yeah. Good stuff," she says, about the band, and then, "Um…good. I'm not sure it was for me, but…." she shrugs.

Claire tosses her backpack onto a chair and walks over, looking a bit uncomfortable with everything herself. "Yeah, um, about that part of the night. I won't ever tell anyone what happened, you have my promise. And I swear to you all I saw in your head was the accident, I didn't go poking around or anything, I don't do that to people I just met. Well, good people I just met." She takes a seat and folds her hands in her lap, the water and apples left on the table in front of her.

Sasha rubs the back of her neck, shifts a little and hummms. "Wasn't what I had in mind either," she says. Her eyes dart. "I didn't think…I mean, you don't seem the type. To do that. Mindreading." She slouches a bit further. "Must be tempting, though."

Claire nods and leans forward a bit. "Yeah, I used to kind of abuse it to find out what boys were thinking about. God, they have such filthy minds." She giggles a bit, "But fun. I could write a book called 'Everything I Know About Sex I Learned From Secretly Watching The Fantasies of Teen Boys.' That might be too long of a title though." She tries to keep the mood light, "And don't worry about it. I don't think worse of you for what happened. Heck, things happen when people go clubbing, it's to be expected. Fights break out, people get their feelings hurt, at least we didn't have a massive girl fight and brings the cops down on us."

Sasha snorts. "So is there anything I couldn't have already guessed?" Sasha asks. She turns sideways, enough to face Claire more. "Long subtitles are in. That's what they told me about my book," she says with a casual shrug. "I bet girl fights are on the list, huh?"

Claire cackles. "Oh God yes. You know, just between you and me, I kind of fine-tuned my look borrowing from some of the things I saw in boys' heads. Especially the pigtails, a lot of guys have this 'thing' for pigtails. Oh and, I kind of used to use my powers to find out who liked who back in my regular old boring normal kid school and then try and hook up the ones who liked each other. It was like a little game."

Sasha startles, sitting up much straighter now. "Wait, wait," she says, waving her hands. "You actually tried to make yourself more like what boys desire? Isn't that….really, really objectifying?" she asks. She does, however, have to laugh at the second comment. "Really? You're not a very non-traditional Cupid. How'd it work out?"

Claire shrugs. "I really wanted a date at the time and besides, I found that I really like wearing my hair this way. It does suit me." At the second part, Claire grins wickedly. "Oh, it went OK at first. Then I got bored and… well, started sabotaging relationships. I got kind of cruel there and that's when I guess it was decided I needed a bit more discipline."

"You don't want dates now?" Sasha shoots back. She waggles a hand, then nods. "You made it your own. It's a good look," she says. "Very…." she thinks on that. "Aggressive," she says. "Sabotaging? Sweet. Get revenge on all the super bitches?"

Claire nods and seems to puff up a bit as her choice of appearance is praised. "Yeah, all those stuck-up girls who paraded around like they owned everything. I used to tell them who their boyfriends were fantasizing about. It was dirty pool but so worth it."

"That wind up starting fights?" she asks. Sasha seems to have a keen interest in that. "You still do all this stuff?"

Claire laughs and waves a hand dismissively. "Naw, I gave all of that up. I'm here to be a hero you know, not some kind of super-rumor mongering bitch. Besides, that's the kind of thing that makes people really not trust you and I want to build relationships with people, not sabotage them for cheap thrills."

Sasha looks at Claire with a deadpan expression. "You can't do both?" she asks.

Claire shakes her head. "Never. I swore to my folks never to do stuff like that again. It started to really freak people out and rumors started spreading that I was a witch and shit. I never want to walk down the halls and have everyone look scared again. It's not a good feeling."

Sasha points, "And yet you've still got the black as death hair. That's not natural, right?" she asks. "And you can say bitch. I'm not that prudish.

Claire laughs. "Well, I like it like this and I do like the goth look, just not people thinking I am literally some kind of unnatural monster. That's kind of… I don't know, too much for me?" She leans back and crosses her legs, resting her hands one on top of the other over her raised knee.

Sasha curls up one leg, wrapping her arms about it, leaving the other on the couch, "So it's just about aesthetics? You're not a fatalist reading too much Sylvia Plath?" she asks curiously.

Laughing again, Claire shakes her head a bit more enthusiastically. "Oh God no! I find her dreary and dull in the extreme." She reaches into her bag and pulls out her choices of reading material, Neil Gaiman's Sandman "A Game of You" and the Poppy Z. Brite novel, "Drawing Blood". "I love the imagery and the fashion and some of the philosophy of it but the whole going through life tragically depressed? No thank you."

"Had me worried," Sasha says. "I had to read her at my old school. I just about wanted to stab myself. Which maybe wes the point," she says in realization. Sasha slides closer to Claire, examining the items she pulls out. The novel she doesn't pay much attention to, but the other gets her attention. "A comic book?" she asks in disbelief. "Seriously? Is there a nerd hiding in there?" she asks, lifting up Claire's front bang.

Fishing in her bag a moment more, Claire pulls out a small case. She opens it up, pulls out a pair of glasses with black, thick, plastic frames and puts them on. "Well, guilty as charged. Nerd Goth. It's a secret shame but one I bear as well as I can. Besides, Gaiman's pretty cool he does things with story and character you rarely see and plays with concepts like life, death, destiny and out place in the world like Les Claypool plays with a bass. It's just amazing stuff really."

Sasha's eyebrows go up. "Contacts," she asks, "or even…come on, we all play the sexy librarian sometimes but you can get more fashionable glasses than this. Race partner of mine wore 'em. Strange, she had to wear them on the road but not on the track. Contacts were enough there. Rules, strange shit," she observes. Sasha does take the comic and starts to flip through it idly.

"Oh, I usually wear contacts," Claire replies, pulling off the glasses and blinking, "And putting on my glasses over them, wow, bad idea." She shoves the book and her glasses back in her bag. "So, do you

miss it? I mean, racing and being out their on the circuit?"

"Headache?" she asks. Sasha lets out a slow breath. "Go ahead, ask an easy question," she says.

Seemingly confused by that reply, Claire just lets the potentially touchy subject go. "So, the other night at the club, with the redhead. Are you really into girls or was that just messing around for fun?"

Sasha's eyebrows go up. Frying pan, fire. "Why?" she asks, "Jealous?" she says, going for a more disorienting tack.

Turning bright red, Claire looks a bit stunned. "No!" She looks down to calm herself, "I mean no, not at all, just curious…" She quickly adds, "But not -that- way either. I never should have mentioned it,

never mind."

Sasha laughs, punching Claire in the shoulder playfully, "Oh, you are *too* easy!" she declares with a wide, shit-eating grin. "Come on, you're what, fourteen? And anyway, it was just…." she shrugs. "I dunno, she reminded me of a friend from the race circuit and we'd been really close, so…."

Rubbing her arm and forcing a grin, Claire chuckles. "Um… yeah, 14. Just a kid, as everyone likes to remind me. Mom constantly harps on me that I'm too young to think about dating and Dad swears any guy who touches me will get to see his Military Training up close and personal. Just a kid." She sighs and relaxes, reaching for her water to take a drink before saying, "So, why did you come to this School for 'Special' kids?"

Sasha's stronger than she realizes, or at least, than she remembers at times. "I dunno," Sasha says. "I had my first kiss at twelve," she admits. "Not that I understood it all, and the more serious stuff came later. You know, go at your own pace. Don't let anybody force you into anything, one way or another, and you'll probably be fine." Sasha makes a 'what can you do' gesture, hands open and up, "After the crash…I mean, my parents thought I was having trouble 'adjusting'. Which…." she glances down at herself. "But fuck that. It was mostly the parties and the drinking and all that stuff that got them worked up. Which I'd been doing before. You ever been to a post-race party? Blow your fishnets off."

Grinning at the idea of such a party, Claire shakes her head. "Sounds like a blast. Well, my folks sent me here to get me to take responsibility for my powers before they get out of hand, y'know?" She fishes in her bag and offers Sasha a bottle of water as well. "As for relationships, well, I want to be dating someone but I don't know how much I just want to know what it's like and how much I honestly want to be with someone. Kind of like I'm not sure if it's just curiosity or an honest desire to be with another person. That probably sounds really lame."

"Before you started bigger fights?" she asks. She takes the bottle, cracking it open and taking a long drink. "Eh. I don't worry about stuff like that," she admits. "You do what you want until it feels wrong, then you stop." Sasha looks at Claire pensively. "Very lame. Don't ever repeat that."

"Yeah, before I started a bigger fight or got expelled." Claire listens to Sasha and then chuckles. "That's one of my biggest problems, I over think everything rather than just go with my feelings. Some night I just lie awake and think about things, I have so much racing through my head I can't get to sleep. Which is OK because… well, sometimes my powers work when I'm sleeping and I have other people's dreams."

"Woah," Sasha says, "That's kind of deep. Like you dream what they do and you remember it the next day? Or can you control it?" she has images of Claire swimming around in her dreams and it's not entirely a positive thought.

"Sometimes I remember it, most of the time I don't." Claire sighs and folds her arms across her chest, "It's like a normal dream, really, how many of yours do you actually remember in full? And I didn't even know it until I was telling a friend of mine at a slumber party about this crazy dream I had… turns out it was her dream."

"Not many," Sasha admits. They come and go in waves, in fact, and have been more common of late. She's not about to admit that, though. "I guess that's as good a reason as any to be here at the school."

Nodding and looking around, Claire adds, "School for freaks, weirdos and mutants. Just send all your strange kids to us and we'll turn them into the Defenders of Tomorrow's Justice. I guess it was here or some mental ward." She's exaggerating a bit and grabs another apple slice, tossing it into her mouth and chewing.

"Careful," Sasha warns, "They'll get you to do the school's ads." Sasha returns to a slouch on the couch, her back hitting the arm of the couch. "Why're you so up on this 'hero' thing?"

"I don't know," Claire shrugs again, "Maybe it's cause my Dad was in the military and always went on about 'true heroes' and 'real Americans' and stuff like that. Maybe it's just a fantasy of mine to make a

difference in the world and leave it a little better than I found it when I got here. Maybe i just want to prove to myself I can do it. Or maybe I just think I'd look hot in tight spandex." She grins at that, winking.

Sasha listens, trying to take Claire seriously at least until her last comment. "You're really picking the complicated way to find *that* out," she says. "The rest…I dunno, I tend to think all that stuff is kinda bull, but if it does it for you, great, I guess."

Frowning a little, Claire leans forward. "So, you have no interest in the hero thing? You just want to live for pleasure and fun?" She seems a bit upset by that idea, "Is it all about you then?"

"A year ago I was almost dead," Sasha says, her voice more serious and more solemn. "I think I'm still trying to handle *that*. Don't get me wrong, still an adrenaline junkie but…it's kind of bitter, now."

Claire sighs and nods, her blossoming anger sudden quelled. "That makes sense. I guess once you've faced death, it changes you. I wouldn't know about that. "But don't let it ruin your life or make you do dumb things."

"Some days more than others," Sasha answers. "Dumb things? I still went to that rave with *you*," she reminds the girl, pointing a finger at her. "So how's that rank?"

"Going with me?" Claire ponders, "Not that dumb. Drinking what we had, monumental stupid." She chuckles and slides her feet up on the chair with her, hugging them to her chest. "But I don't really regret the fun we had. And… I kind of ended up making out with a guy after you wandered off. Which was sweet."

Sasha hehs a couple times, "Good, good. I worried that wouldn't work, or he'd get the wrong idea or whatever. You give him your number?"

Shaking her head, Claire chuckles. "Naw, it was just a club thing. I don't want anyone finding out what I am who isn't… like me. I worry normal folks might try and take advantage of what I can do or just get all freaked out."

Sasha seems quite sympathetic to that, nodding and saying, "Kinda limits your pool, though."

"Well, if I'm lucky, I can find someone to date here, where I can be totally open and honest with them and share who I really am inside." Claire finishes her bottle of water and tosses it to the trash can. It makes a nice arc across the distance but hits the edge and skitters off towards the vending machines. "Dammit."

Sasha huhs. "Any prospects that jump out at you?" she asks. "The guys all seem…." she snaps her fingers a few times, a metallic sound at that, and can't find the word.

"Well," Claire begins, "I like Ian. He's a musician and from New Orleans, which is all kinds of hot right there. I don't know if he would date me though seeing as I am just a kid and all. Plus, he might be too cool for me actually."

"Ian? Don't think I've met him. Not enough to remember him, at least. So…" she says slowly. "Too cool for you?" she asks.

Claire nods and smirks goofily, "Yeah, he's too cool. Plus, he's a werewolf so, I don't know… I don't want to seem like a total stereotype by getting all hot and bothered over the monster boy, y'know?"

Sasha snorts in derision. "If that's the only thing stopping you, fuck it!" she says with a wide gesture. "Maybe just get to know him and figure out what he likes?"

Claire laughs. "DO you know how easy that would be for me to cheat at? I can just spy on his room and see what her reads and listens to. It's so tempting to do that, y'know. But I want to actually get to know him as a person. But he's a Junior and I'm just a Freshman, that would be… awkward."

"Welcome to life with us mortals," Sasha says. "And what'd be *wrong* with cheating, exactly? I bet he can tell all sorts of things by smelling you," she says, blithely stereotyping lupine-Americans.

Listening intently, Claire grins wickedly. "God, you're like the little devil sitting on my shoulder, aren't you, always trying to get me into trouble." She's teasing though, mostly. "If I listen to you, I'm going to get in soooo much trouble someday."

Sasha screws up her face, although she doesn't actually refute that claim. "Maybe. You'll get the guy, though."

"Well, in that case, you're going to need to help me pick out a new outfit to try and catch his interest and… maybe give me some pointers." Claire is looking to someone she considers much, much more worldly for advice.

"I have no idea what he likes," Sasha says, "Maybe he's more into the clean cut preppy girls, or roguish athletic types," she says, her smile widening at that. "Should be pretty easy to figure out though. Just spend some time watching him, see who he looks at and pays attention to."

Claire nods, taking mental notes. She seems to listen intently, hanging on every word Sasha says. "And what if he's not into girls like me at all?"

"Pack your things and go home," Sasha advises. "You can do things to catch his eye, get his attention and stuff but…I dunno. I'd never change everything about me just for a boy. Gotta live with yourself a lot longer than you will with him."

Claire nods. "Well, I'm not about to stop being who I am for anyone, even a hot guy." She grabs her apple chips and shoves them in her bag. "I gotta go, study time waits for no gossip." She hefts her back and begins to leave. "Oh and Sasha, thanks again, I don't know why but the two times we've hung out, I've felt totally better after each!"

"It should, though," Sasha says. "Hey, it's cool. Don't worry. You'll stop liking me once you get to know me."

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