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Title: Bedrest
Emitter: None
Characters: Jerry,Sasha, Cordelia and Eshe drop in to see him.
NPCs: None
Place: Infirmary
Time: Thursday Night, 6/17/10
Summary: Jerry recovers from being shot, and has some visitors.

Sasha comes burstin in through the doors. She's even still carrying her food boxes from the cafeteria - sushi and cookies, the latter of which Cordelia has already availed herself. "Jerry!" Sasha calls, making straight for his bed.

Somewhere behind Sasha is Cordelia, looking much-resigned as she follows in the other girl's wake. The nurse on duty looks up, gives Cordelia's lunchbox a suspicious look, and holds out a hand. Cordelia eyes the nurse, and hands over her lunchbox with a sigh. "Geeze, you make a gunshot victim sick once while dealing with the wound," she mutters, stalking past, bare-handed now.

Jerry is dozing on the bed, sensors over the head of the bed displaying his vital signs, which all look good. The hi-tech bed has no need of wires or clips to monitor many things, so he's free of things like that save for an IV in his arm. He's shirtless, left shoulder wrapped and the bandage secured around his chest as well. He starts awake with a pained 'ughlph' when he hears his name, then smiles to see who it is. "Sasha, hey," he says drowsily, still on some mild painkillers. He waves weakly to Cordy as well, giving both girls a wan smile.

Sasha comes right up to the edge of the bed. She pauses and realizes her hands are full, puts her food aside, then darts back. Her hand comes down and wraps around Jerry's nearer one. "Hey," she says, managing to smile. "So what happened?" she asks. "You gonna be okay?" She glances over at Cordelia. She did what? It was before, and clearly not Jerry, nor herself, so she's not *that* concerned.

When Sasha looks over at her, Cordelia puts on her best 'innocent' face. "I have a machine that deals with these sorts of things, but they won't let me use it," she explains simply, leaning against a nearby bed.

Jerry flashes a smile at Cordelia. "Well, they have me on regen therapy, so I should be out of here pretty quickly. Lucky the bullet missed anything vital; just went through the muscle and out the other side," he says, squeezing Sasha's hand. They got me on some sedation so I don't keep popping my force field and ripping out the IV." He gives Sasha a wry smile. "Ex of mine by the name of Carrie - appropriate name, by the way - decided she'd point out how much she was pissed off about our breakup a couple years ago." He one-shuolder shrugs. "Who knew?"

"No experiments on Jerry. Try them on somebody I don't like," Sasha says. "Like…I dunno. S……omebody. I'll get you a list later," she suggests. Sasha's hand doesn't yeild to the squeeze, though she feels it just the same. She leans in and kisses Jerry on the forehead. "Never seen you this mellow," she points out with a light smile. "Carrie?" she asks. Another glance at Cordelia, clearly questioning. "Who's Carrie? What happened?"

"It works," Cordelia says with just a hint of indignance. She's not qualifying that, oh no. Instead, she's just going to listen quietly, with just the faintest hint of an I-told-you-so eyeroll at Sasha at the tale.

Jerry chuckles at Cordelia. "I'm sure it does. I'm also sure you can cure it turning me purple or whatever else it does," he says, clearing joking. "Yeah, 's the drugs, like I said. Carri, eh, I dated her just after I got here, when I was.. what, 14? Jeez, I didn't know mussels were shellfish, and I'd forgot anyway.." he says, head turning to one side, looking on his side table. "Could I get some water, please?" he says lazily.

Sasha shakes her head. "You wouldn't look good in purple," she says. "Well…maybe," she backpedals. "So she's a super? A student!?" she asks with some surprise. "And she shot you? That seems so…mundane," Sasha says. Her free hand pushes a little on her side, wher eher own gunshot scar is developing quite nicely. "You've tested it?" Sasha asks Cordelia skeptically.

"Yes!" Cordelia rolls her eyes at this skepticism. "For the love of Lovelace, not everything I make explodes. Hardly anything of it does." With that, she sighs and turns to head out. "I'll leave you to to your billing and cooing."

Jerry shakes his head. "Nah, she goes to Cove City Central; she doesn't have any powers and doesn't know I have any, either," he says. "I knew she was pissed, but.. Jeez, she shot me. And it was two years ago. That's forever, man!"

"Oh. So you were slumming?" she asks. Sasha shifts her weight and looks at Cordelia, "Hey, Cordy," she asys, not even thinking to ask if that nickname is okay, "I do wanna try out some of that stuff you talked about. Catch you tomorrow or whatever? Not like you have to go but….I guess you don't like cuddly stuff much."

"Does anyone like watching it when it's not on TV and they can't put themselves in one of the partners' places?" Cordelia asks rhetorically. "Yeah, whenever you're done." She gives a backwards wave as she ascends to the upper level of the medical centre, picking up her lunchbox as she passes the nurse's station.

Jerry smiles slightly at the slumming comment. "Maybe; I didn't know anyone here and just met her when I skipped out on classes one day. We went together, um, four months? I think." He waves to Cordelia, and relaxes back into the pillows, hand sliding over Sasha's.

Sasha's hand shifts and turns in Jerry's. "I thinkt hat girl might have a hormal problem," she says with some concern. "Smart, though." She lets out a breath. "So two years and out of the blue she comes to shoot you?" she pushes.

"Smart?" Jerry says as he rubs his thumb in Sasha's palm. "Well, yeah; I ran into her maybe.. two months after we broke up and she was.. nice. Of course her big brother did try to hit me with his car, but I think that was an actual accident. Maybe. Anyway.. yeah. We were.. the guys and I were up in DC and I guess that's where she IS now.. Blam!"

"So…" Sasha says, starting to put things together, "She just carries a gun around all the time? A 'Maybe Jerry will show up' gun?"

Jerry shakes his head. "I.. dunno. She didn't used to carry a gun. Of course she was 14, too. I didn't even know she knew how to use one. Linus.. Linus said she took off through the back and out the service entrances. Like she had a plan. But.. we didn't really know where we were going when we left. I don't think it was planned. I mean, DC's not all that safe, right?" He says, about the ritz area mall where they were. Safe as houses. Senator's daughters hang out there.

"Sounds strange," Sasha says. Her hand shifts again, curling, then loosening, then curling again. "Jerry?" she asks.

Jerry blinks suddenly. "Yeah!?" he says, not dozing, no, not at all.

"I know what people say about you. I know what they say about us. About me," she says. Sasha's hand tightens about Jerry's. "If you make a fool out of me…."

Jerry winces suddenly as the metal fingers tighten on his hand. "No! Sasha, I.. wait, people say things about me? Like what?" he says, apparently genuinely confused. "I've dated a lot, but.. I never meant to hurt anyone."

Sasha keeps the grip. "That you're a player. That you'll use me and discard me like all the other girls you have. And that *I'm* an idiot for not seeing it. I'm not an idiot, am I?"

Jerry yips softly. "No! No, I, ow!" he says, pulling his hand gently. It doesn't move. "Hey, I was there getting something for you.." he says. "Guess they didn't say I was shot inside a Victoria's Secret?"

Sasha's eyes widen for a moment, then narrow. She releases Jerry's hand. "No…they left out that detail."

Jerry ahhs, gently flexes his hand. "We were all gonna pick something up for, you know, our girlfriends. We.." He has to smile. "We were kinda confused about all the.. um, types. Styles. So, Ian was getting this salewoman's attention, and then.. well, boom. I didn't get a chance to get you anything. Yet."

Sasha groans some, a groan that comes through a growing, irrepressible smile. "Jerry, that's the best explanation ever, and it could only come for you. 'I got shot because lingere confused me.'"

"What!? There's a whole store of it. We've got, what, an aisle, and ninety percent of that is white!" Jerry says, waving his hands, which elicits a 'wheerrgh!' from him and a quick resting of his left arm.

"Boys," Sasha says with a sigh and a shake of her head. "You could have just *asked* me. Or any of the girls. And anyway, I'm thinking this starts to sound more like a present for *you* than for me."

Jerry blushes and shakes his head. "No, I was, um, actually gonna get you an assortment pack. Just.. some stuff, not the.. weird sexy stuff, but the .. um, nice sexy stuff. "

Sasha makes a face. "You're saying I'm nice?" she asks. "Gotta work on my image," she says. "Anyway, the really trashy stuff is at Fredericks," she notes to him. "You rest, okay?" she says, stroking Jerry's hand.

"You totally are," Jerry says and then he's asleep, just like that, click. The drugs must have kicked in again.

Sasha sighs. She looks around and picks up her boxes of food. With reluctance, Sasha turns and leaves, heading back for her dorm.

Sometime Later

Jerry is sprawled on the bed, the winking sensors over the head of the bed displaying his vital signs, which all look good. The hi-tech bed has no need of wires or clips to monitor many things, so he's free of things like that save for an IV in his arm. He's shirtless, left shoulder wrapped and the bandage secured around his chest as well. He's lightly dozing, fading in and out of sleep depending on the cycle of the drugs and such in his system.

Eshe arrived at the infirmary after hearing about Jerry's hospitalization. She was stymied for a while by the endless questions of the staff downstairs but managed to endure their procedures to earn entry to his room to visit. She's dressed as usual in her hip-hugging low-rider jeans, black tank top and denim jacket. She breezes past a nurse and enters the room, taking in the scene of poor, shirtless Jerry and the weird machines around him. "Oh my gods," she gasps, "Are you ok? I only just heard of your wounding. Apparently, no one bothered to tell me until now." She moves over to the side of the bed and takes a seat, her eyes wide in concern and shock. "Who did this to you? I Shall kill them…" she stops, remembering the way things are now, "I shall beat them severely for you!"

Jerry's eyes blink open and he has trouble focusing on the woman beside him. "Sa-Eshe? Oh, wow.. I.. no, it's.. I'm OK. I'll be out of here prolly tomorrow, with the regen therapy they're giving me." He reaches with his good hand, rubs his eyes. "Sorry no-one told you, they just took me right here from the ER," he says, reaching for a cup of water by the bed.

Ignoring the way he almost called her by the wrong name, Eshe helps him get the water and leans over to kiss his forehead. "Who did this to you? Are you permanently damaged or will this 'regen therapy' thing fix you completely?" Leaning back, she reaches over to stroke his hair softly. "If there is anything I can do for you, merely say the word and it shall be done. I hope you destroyed the fiend who injured you."

Jerry blushes slightly as he realizes what he almost did, the drugs making him somewhat more pliable and vulnerable. "Um, she was a girl I used to go with. Like, um, two years ago. Carrie. And no, I'll be fine. Probably won't be much of a scar, either, if any." He closes his eyes as his hair is stroked. "No, it's cool. And no, she got away." He licks his lips. "If.. I haven't talked to the cops, yet, and I don't know if they talked to Ian and Linus yet."

Eshe's eyes narrow a little. "A spurned lover come back for revenge. Seldom will you find a more cruel foe than one who knows you well." She keeps running her fingers over Jerry's hair as she talks, her touch gentle and soothing. "I will not interfere with your conflict with the wench if you do not wish it. It might not be good to have your current intended battling your rejected love." Looking over his naked torso, Eshe grins a bit wider. "Though I have to say, I had hoped there would be an easier way to see you like this. You have a good body."

Jerry quirks a smile. "Thanks," he says, his sports-toned form nicely muscled, at least what can be seen right now. "Um, no, don't interfere with it. I don't know what happened; I haven't even seen her for two years and then.. this?" He shakes his head gently. "I had no idea she.. felt that way."

Moving so that she is sitting on the side of Jerry's bed, Eshe runs a hand over that wound gingerly, touching the bandage. "You will recover soon and that is what matters. As I said, if there is anything I can do, let me know. I will get you any food you require or anything you want to read. As per your wish, I shall remove myself form the matter except to support you as I can. How did the two of your part? Why would she feel this way about you?"

"Thank you, but there's nothing, really.." Jerry says, then he closes his eyes and sighs. "She got mad and we had a big fight and broke up. She has a really bad seafood allergy and we went to this nice restaurant - I ordered something with mussels in it for her and heck, I didn't know mussels were shellfish. I thought it was just shrimp. Anyway, she had a really bad reaction and she was all 'you did that on purpose to make fun of me' and hell, what could I say to that? We got all mad and I walked out. I knew she didn't like me, but hell, I didn't think she'd try to kill me…"

"Well, I swear by the gods I will never try to kill you," Eshe replies, smirking a bit, "Even if you do feed my shellfish. It seems a silly thing to want to kill someone over but I am beginning to find that there are many things people are willing to kill over that make little sense to me. I have an important question to ask of you though, feel free not to answer if you do not want to." She pauses and keeps stroking his hair softly. "Do you have others seeking your attentions as well? Other women who are interested in you?" She asks so softly without a trace of anger or jealousy.

Jerry is all relaxed and comforted now, so that almost goes right by him. A thousand lies and evasions come to him at once, since he has a vague idea of what Eshe could do to him, but then.. she spent 5,000 years mourning her lost love. "I do," he says. "I mean.. girls are attracted to me, and stuff, and.." He shrugs slightly. "I date a lot." But.. he's unsure. Sixteen, and is this thing with Sasha serious? It is so far, as serious as he's been, but.. will it last?

Eshe doesn't stop caressing his hair as he admits to it. "I can understand that. You are a very desirable man. Do not worry, I am not angry with you for seeing others. I am a new arrival and it only makes sense you would have others before me but allow me to try and prove that I am the best choice. If you choose another, I will not be angry, just disappointed and I hope that should that come to pass, we can still be friends if nothing else." She leans down and presses her lips softly to his, kissing him as gently as she can.

Jerry mmphs, leaning up into the kiss for a long moment before he has to settle back down. A couple of the monitor lights above him ease towards the amber, then sink back down. His eyes are a little unfocused as the drugs start to kick in again. The 'Friend' word! Alert! She's been in this century for weeks and now… "You want to go to dinner?" he says quietly.

Pulling back and just looking into Jerry's eyes, Eshe slides her hand down from his hair to caress his cheek. "Yes, I would like that. You can show me some new foods and we can get to know each other better." She sits back up and sighs. "Thank you for being honest with me. There is no quality I appreciate more than that. You do yourself credit to show the courage to admit such." She rises from the side of the bed. "When do you think we should dine together? And where?"

Jerry mmphs as he dozes then snaps awake. "I.. um, this weekend? I'll call you and see when it is a good time. Um or come by; I dunno if you've been shown how to use the phone, yet," he says, remembering their earlier conversation. "I have a good place in mind."

"I will find you! Get well!" Eshe skips a bit before she just kind of floats down the hall or rather, literally floats down the hall, her feet not quite touching the ground. She's happy now, happy that Jerry was open and that he still wants to see her.

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