The Band Comes Together

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Title: The Band Comes Together
Characters: Jerry, Ian, Linus and Sunday
Summary: The Bandmates come look at the practice space Amber lined up for them, and are suitably impressed.

Jerry walks into the playspace Amber told him about, having brought the others along to see it. Below and to the sides is the soup kitchen operation, but up here is a broad enough area, and some checking shows it has adequate power for their needs. "Looks.. good," the teen says as he bends to check a couple of plugs on one wall.

Linus is 'wearing' his drum sticks. It's not like they were exactly expensive, and they're far more portable than the drum set which, of course, doesn't even exist yet. He's looking all around the room as he comes inside. "Aren't we supposed to do this in someone's basement? I thought that was the rule. A basement or a garage." It's not a serious statement, and Linus is looking the room over nice and slowly.

It could be the back room of a flea market hall with a knitting parlour up front, Sunday would not care! As she walks in, the whole scene is taken in with eyes that are alight with anticipation. She's been looking forward to seeing their practice space immensely, not only because it means this is really happening, but because it takes her mind off the events of the recent past - something she very desperately needs. "Achin' to put the literal garage in the garage band, Linus?" she asks him with a grin on her face, slowly wandering to look around. "This is awesome. Remind me to buy Amber something chocolate."

If one were to look at Ian, they'd have no clue that not more than a day or two before, he had been rolled 70 times in a high speed train wreck. There wasn't a mark on his body! Except, y'know, his hand was GONE. But it's okay! It'll grow back… eventually. For now, however, the stump is well bundled. Wearing plain jeans, and a bowling tee (YES the same one from the other day, mysteriously undamaged at that!), the young man looks rather impressed by the space. "Not bad, Jerry, not bad. You get brownie points for this one." And then Stoker glances to Linus, a light grin on his face. "Rule on of rocking, m'friend. You ask no questions if you have a place to do it." As for Amber? "So what did it cost you, Jerry? A kiss?"

Jerry flashes a smile at the others as he crosses back over to Ian, clapping a hand on his friend's shoulder in passing. He feels terrible for his recent.. vacation.. from his own mind, and he's determined to make it up to his bud later. For now: "Well, no, nothing.. she was happy to tell me a couple places, actually," he says to Ian, then nods to Sunday. "She'd like that, I'm sure." He looks back to Linus and smiles slightly. "We could find some dark freezing place, if you need it for your musical mojo. Now, there is a price for this place - we all need to put in some volunteer time downstairs. Figure that won't be a problem for us eager teen superheroes," he says, clapping his hands together once in approval of what he sees here.

"Sorry, sorry." Linus raises his hands in mock surrender towards Ian, "I didn't know the rule. Gotcha. No looking a gift horse in the m… what the hell does that mean, anyway? I mean it. What's a gift horse? Does anybody even know?" Yeah. He's going to be a drummer, alright. He smiles thinly, walking around and looking the place over some more. He's creeped out by recent events, of course, but the effect is to make him simply a little more even. Paradoxically, a little less bashful, in fact. "I guess we have to invent a new style, then. Soup Kitchen band. I'm fine with that. I've… never done anything for charity before, but it sounds like the right thing to do, especially if they're letting us use their space. You know, I realized there's a problem with not actually having drums, but I was checking craigslist. I had no idea you could get things so cheap. Is any of that stuff worth it?"

The price is indeed very reasonable, and Sunday happily nods in response. "Definitely! Oh man, this will be so much better then somebody's dank little basement.. Power, heat, the /bus/ even runs here!" Turning to the guys, she beams and excitedly reminds them, "No hauling gear for blocks down the sidewalk! I wonder if we can even store the drum set here??" EXCITING! So much so that Sunday almost doesn't get that little prick of guilt when she notices Jerry clap his hand on Ian, and her eyes fall to the stump that was her friends hand. But she does, and they do, and her excitement dims just a bit despite her best efforts. She crosses her arms under her chest, watching Ian for a long moment before turning attention to Linus when the boy says something.. absolutely absurd! Sunday actually giggles. "Are you serious?" Yeah, she's convinced he's joking - everybody knows about the trojan horse! .. Everybody whose parents made them read classical literature in place of My First Golden Book, anyway. "You don't have to get a full set, just the basics would be good for now. But it really depends on what they're selling and how much.." She glances to the boys, knowing they'll be a bit more educated on the subject than she is.

"A good way to tell the health of a horse is by it's mouth. If they're missing or rotten teeth, or blackened or swollen gums, it's a good sign the horse is invalid or ill. It's one of the things you inspect with buying them. Sayin' means if it's a gift, why deman the giver by checking for quality of said goods." Tallahassee boy, Represent! "I'm cool with volunteer work. It's a good excuse to get some time out of the mad house anyway. 'specially nice doing the good work to top that off." Indeed he even has a slight rueful expression on as Jerry claps his shoulder. If there's any true hard feelings for the earlier events, he's well gotten over them. The hand? Well it sucked. It would have sucked a lot more if Claire had a broken neck. Even if she were excessively angry and mean at the moment. Ahem! Anyway, when Sunday looks to him and Jerry, Ian rubs his chin with the fingers of his good hand. "Depends on the style really. BD, Snare are requirements, as well as a crash and hi hat. I say though, get hi and lo toms for practice. The middle can wait awhile, along with any other cymbals with time. Really though the rest is a matter of the style we play and Linus over here. What he's going to like to play with. Every drummer has a style."

Jerry mms as he walks around the space again. "I can get a set for you, if you need them badly," he finally says to Linus. "Most of it; at least." He puts hands in his pockets, looking to the others. "Summer semester; never a better time to practice and get used to each other's styles at the same time."

Linus smirks at Sunday, "Well, yeah. Actually, I found enough coded props in the T-dome that I was able to cobble together a drum set in there. That's where I've been practicing. You know… while everyone else was busy with finals, but I don't expect to get the chance to go in there very much during the break. Signup sheet's probably going to be pretty long." A response to his question about horses, meanwhile, is not what the guy was expecting at all. He listens, though, diverting his eyes directly to Ian's face and NOT to the missing hand. "Huh. Where are you from, Ian? I've never even seen a horse before. Rural? Or is that just something you know? Anyway… I can get some stuff from craigslist, but if you've got a cheaper alternative, I won't turn that down, either. I only have so much cash and I haven't got a job."

… Bwah? Sunday stares at Ian for a second as he talks about teeth and gums and… "So it's not about the Trojan Horse?" .. Huh! Well, doesn't she look a little sheepish, and feel just a bit stupid. At least she gets to listen to him talk about drums next, which is something she is sure she knows a very limited amount about. "Oh! Cymbals. I know what /those/ are." Beam! Truly, while Sunday does know a fair amount about the mechanics of drumming and the purpose it plays in compositions, she could probably only pick out two or three of the actual drums by name. It was just never an area of interest! She nods once to Jerry in agreement. "Yeah, hopefully things'll be a bit more laid back next term. Not a lot of incoming freshmen until the fall, right? So we're loosing the Seniors, not getting anyone else for the most part.. I think it'll work out really well." …. After holding it on for a moment longer, Sundat starts to bounce lightly on her toes, that excited grin reappearing. Any minute now, she's gonna start squealing.

"Ah yes, Summer Semester. AKA the semester where I have to go to school anyway." After all, did Ian really expect no consequences for skipping a year to travel the country in search of a cure? Pfft. Really. "But I figger to have enough time for that, and pitly school work." After all, no plans for either superheroing or an actual social life! Surprising how that frees up one schedule. When Linus asks about his origins? "Tallahassee, Fl. Probably as south as you can get before it becomes north again." Ask any good southerner. Orlando? Miami? That wasn't Southern. At all. "Not quite a country boy, but close enough to where they weren't uncommon. And got to deal with them whenever I went up to Marienetta." It was probably the most he's talked about his hometown in…well… since coming to a school. And it was about horses! Go figure. He notices Sunday beginning to bounce lightly and shakes his head, a rueful grin appearing on his features. "You want to play don'tcha?" Well to be fair, he bet they all did!

Jerry listens, files this stuff away, then he smiles at Sunday as well. "I think we all do. It's been too long, man, since I did playing just for myself much less other people.." he says, an eager smile on his face. "We need to work out a schedule with the people downstairs, then a practice schedule."

When Sunday looks back at Ian, it's with feet flat on the ground and expression immediately distressed. "What?? You mean we don't all just have to take summer courses?!" Can you hear the whine working itself up in her throat? Sunday had been under the impression they were mandatory, but now the thought hits her that perhaps this is still more work she has to do in order to make up for her own walk-about. "Aw /man/!" Yep, there's that whine. Possibly a bit of pouting as well. "Well, at least nobody goes home for the summer, right? Lots of practice time."

"I haven't even seen what they're making me take yet. What do you even do when you transfer someone in. Probably a lot of 'don't be dumb. You've got powers' classes. Someone was joking about ethics classes." Linus grins to himself, "That sounds like it'll be boring, mindless crap, somehow."

"Schedule, huh? And here I thought we'd be like a rogue Rock Band that did what we wanted when we wanted to do it." Ian's voice is dry, probably giving a good indication that he didn't meant a single thing that he just said. His eyes slide over to Sunday when she positively whines, unable to help but to grin lightly at her sudden anxiety. "Well no clue honestly. I'm just assuming since I can't imagine the entire school doing classes all year long." Tilting his head to Linus, Stoker regards the younger boy with a rueful brow quirk. "Ethics can be useful. It's good to know why you do what you do. And what might be the results of it. Not to say it's going to be an interesting class…" He had to look forward to it himself, even if he wasn't in this school to learn how to control his powers. More how to get /rid/ of them.

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