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Title: Apology
Emitter: None
Characters: Jerry and Sasha get a visit from Ian
NPCs: None
Place: Jerry's Room
Time: Saturday Night, 6/20/10
Summary: Jerry, Ian and Sasha talk about recent events

Jerry is on the bed, door open about half-way, plucking at his guitar and occasionally stopping to write down a series of notes on a tablet. He looks like he's concentrating, hair flopped down into his eyes as he sits there, head half-cocked, listening to the notes.

A few moments into his playing, there's a soft knock at the door before a certain Stoker's head pops in. "Yo, Dude. You decent?" No that it mattered, because his head was already in! Seeing though there was a clearing, he steps fully to the room, offering his mate a 'V' before looking around. "Nice digs you got here."

Jerry grins as he sees Ian in the doorway; he's decent enough, in t-shirt and shorts, no shoes. He flashes the 'V' back and sets the guitar aside, hand gesturing to the expanse of the room. "Yeah, it's cool; finally got everything arranged just like I want. Good to see you, dude. Been needing to get hold of you.."

Sasha's sitting on the bed, legs curled up to herself, arms draped lazily across her knees and a soda bottle dangling in her right hand. Sasha's dressed in jeans and a halter top, a straight forward enough outfit, her heels tossed aside near the door. "Hey Ian," she says, from behind Jerry.

"I've got the word. Sorry I've been absent so much - and how's the shoulder doing?" Ian offers their secret handshake once fully inside, only turning head and noticing Sasha for the first time. There's almost a jump. Yeah, he usually wasn't one that got surprised often. "Yo, Sasha." Pause. "If I'm interrupting some couple time, I could y'know," he whistles, and thumbs towards the exit. "Y'know, stage left."

Jerry shakes his head, returning the handshake. He flashes a brief smile at the tensing. "It's cool, dude. And the shoulder' fine, now. You guys did a great job of keeping my blood in," he laughs slightly. "What's been up?" he says as he makes sure the guitar is settled, and his hand shifts to Sasha's knee as he changes his position on the bed slightly so both the pair can be seen.

Sasha says "Yeah, no problem," Sasha reassures. She slides her legs out, letting them drop to the bed. "You guys don't need secret guy time, right?"

"More Linus than me, Mate. I just did what was told. Makes me think, however I need to take a class about first aid. In our line of schooling, bullets seem an inevitability." Ian puts his hands in pocket, rocking very slightly as he considers Jerry's next question. "Too damn much. Aside from the jobbage - by the way, they wouldn't mind you working there either," Sam Cash, "I've been getting reacquainted with Maggie. And tracking down some bad news guys with Tim. And trying to write music. Key word there is try. How about you?" To Sasha, Ian gives a low chuckle, and a cant to his head. "Nah, we'll air out our dirty laundry later. Exchange lurid secrets of the women folks, and ways to get them o-" He pauses, lips quirking. "Okay that one went a bit far there. But nah. Just doing the catching up thing."

Jerry shakes his head to Sasha. "That's one of the few classes I got an 'A' in," he says. "I'll be glad to give you some pointers until you can sign up; I guess you're already registered for your summer classes?" The mention of the job gets him to perk up. "Cool! I'll call over there tomorrow!" he grins.

The mention of Tim makes Jerry consider. "Same one, or different one? I'd like in, regardless. Need to get some field work, you know?" He smiles at the pause.

"Do each other's nails…" Sasha says with a laugh. "What's up with Tim?" she asks directly. Sasha opens her bottle cap and takes a sip, finishing it. The cyborg girl slides off the bed, padding over to the recycling bin and dropping it in. "This mean you can get me swag?" she asks Jerry.

"Nah, the nail thing is after we're drunk," Ian replies to Sasha smoothly enough, expression blank as if he were truly serious about such a notion. To Jerry, Ian offers, "Sounds like a deal. Teach me some patchwork, and I can teach you how to uh…" Pause. Ponder. "Something worthwhile I'm sure." When the question turns to business, Ian offers the slightest of headshakes. "Different one. The Reel-to-Reel thing is ongoing I think, but this is something Me 'n Sunday encountered while in Chinatown. Though really, it feels like every time somoene goes out, some crazy shit happens."

Jerry slaps a fist into his other open palm. "Chinatown, across town, whatever, I'm there. Point me at 'em," he grins. "Good to know about Reel-to-Reel, though. He deserves some serious payback, but Tim's right. Going in there half-cocked will get us killed." He shoots a smile at Sasha. "Sure thing," he says, then doesn't look so confident. "Well, depends on what they have, you know?"

"Nah, I've been out a few times, no crazy shit. I guess I'm not wearing the right perfume for supervillains," Sasha says. "Not lke I feel left out. Get enough shit with the drama around here. Still, you need me, you got me."

Ian's grin is a rueful one before he shakes a head. "Ain't that simple. I think it'll be more of them coming at us than otherwise. But don't worry. If shit gets bad you're the first one I'm gonna call." The mention of Reel-To-Reel brings a low nod, though the amusement is gone momentarily. Ian, it seemed, had some serious problems with that particular villain. "Tim's good people. If he has a plan I'm gonna trust it." To Sasha, Ian nods slightly, adding in: "Count yourself lucky. I would love a day where I go out to Victoria's secret and not have a buddy shot. Or y'know, just a day out without drama." A beat later. "So, you two been up to anything interesting as of late?"

Jerry grins. "Dude, that's why they teach whole classes about drama. To get you ready for it," he says. "On the whole? Drama's better than just doing classes and studying and shit. Gimme drama any day. At least then you have something to talk to people about." He flops on his back down on the bed, hands under his head. "Things have been good," he says to Ian while smiling at Sasha.

Sasha finds Jerry's hand, making a wan smile at Ian, "Yeah, pretty good, if you don't count getting shot. Sucks hard. Not an experience I plan to repeat. Gotta wonder if it's something they plan. Get every kid shot once, teaches us to stay human or something? Nah, probably not. Something to keep you up at night going crazy, though." Sasha makes a confused little face Ian. "How often are you going to Vicky's?"

"See, the jokes on them Sasha. I got shot before coming here. So hopefully they'll skip me, thankyouverymuch." It was back in LA - The first time he found out that his werewolf form could regenerate at all. But that's neither here nor there. "Drama? I'd suck at that. I can barely even the role of Ian Stoker well, let alone anyone else. I'd just end up trying to turn every line into innuendo, y'know?" With Sasha's question about Vicky's, he turns to Jerry, mouthing 'Does she know?'. A moment later he shakes his head before looking again to Sasha. How otften? "So far all of once. Boys day out that turned sour. We were present shoppin' so ta speak."

The comment about Vicky's goes right over Jerry's head until Ian looks at him, and he suddenly nods. "I think you should get an Oscar for your current role, but you need to tell me about this shooting, sometime." He squeezes Sasha's hand back, thumb stroking the smooth cool metal. "I swear, I will get you a gift from there if I have to die, trying. Oops, already did that, gotta think of something else, now…" he says to Sasha with a grin.

"We could write up some other roles for you," Sasha offers. "Get a writing team together, feed you scripts. It'd be very Truman Show." Her hand curls in Jerry's, shifting as his thumb goes over her joints and plating. Sasha levels a look at him, "You know, maybe you should just leave the lingerie shopping to the female set?" she suggests. "The messaging there can be…..uh….touchy."

"I'll take a pass on that one. I'll stick the starring role to someone with a bit more flair. I'm more of a behind the scenes type myself." Ian does let out a soft laugh at Jerry's words, leaning a bit further against the wall. To Sasha's comment, there's a slight shake of the head. "What's the fun of that? Half the point is to get touchy with the messaging. Switch things up. Plus, imagine if one of us menfolk actually get it right."

Jerry smiles up at Sasha. "There you go. See, if I get it right you get to be all impressed and shit at my masculine yet sensitive and in-touch side, and if I get it wrong you have a good story to tell when you have the secret all-girl meetings."

"More the director than the star? Yeah, I can get that," Sasha says. "Okay, okay," she says, throwing up her hands. "You guys try again, I want to see what you come up with anyway."

"Deal. Don't worry, Sasha. I'll make sure he picks out something suitably scandalous. Maybe something with garters…" Ian trails away with a wink, knowing full out that he might get his bro in trouble. But wasn't that half the fun in life.

"Well, I'm sure it's pink or nothing, so.." Jerry says, deadpan. "And.. shoot, I wanna be the star. name up in lights. If that means I take some gunfire for it, bring it on," he grins.

Trouble? Nope. Sasha smirks at Ian, as she slides off the bed. "Bring it on," Sasha says, more to Jerry, presumably, than to Ian. "You think I haven't worn garters before? You can never go wrong with garters." Sasha turns, leans in to kiss Jerry. "I'm wiped. You guys do guy things, I'll see you later." With that, Sasha steps over and into her shoes, crouches to strap them, and departs.

Ian watches Sasha go, before looking back to Jerry after a long moment. "She's an interesting one, your girl. She treating you right at least?" He's serious even as he shifts to find a more comfortable surface to sit upon. A moment later, he's leaning to look at one of the tabs Jerry had been playing earlier, half inspecting it as something to distract his eyes.

Jerry shifts over to make room on the bed, or there are a couple chairs in the room as well. He smiles at Ian. "Thanks for looking out for me, brother, but so far things are good. We're.. good." He looks over at Ian, curious. "Seriously, thank you," he says again, more formally.

Ian chooses the bed, if for no other reason than it provided the best spot to talk with Jerry. "Good to hear. You know I got your back for whatever you do." A beat later he tilts his head, noticing the more formal tone. "And no problem. I dunno what you're thankng me for though. But I'm not one to let go of any good praise."

Jerry smiles, looks over at his buddy. "Just for being my bud and being there for me. It's a good feeling."

"Nowhere I'd rather be dude. 'cept maybe the playboy mansion. Then all bets are off." Ian grins at that before patting Jerry's shoulder. "Seriously though, if you need anything from me, just ask and you got it."

Jerry grins at the pat. "You know the same goes for me, right? Anything you want." He looks to Ian, then. "You asked me, so I'll ask you - and you know you don't have to answer. How are things with you and Maggie, now?"

"They're…it's gonna be a process. It's a fresh slate, but it ain't. It's a matter of trying to figure out what things worked when we were going together before, and what didn't. I don't want to fall into the same routine that just ruined us the last time." Ian's breath holds for a moment before releasing. "But yeah, we got our quirks, but it ain't bad so far. So that's all I can ask for. Almost as if this past year hadn't happened… and yet at the same time feels like ten years have gone by. Weird, y'know?"

Jerry nods slowly at what Ian says, listening and watching closely from under his bangs. "I bet it is. I've been.. thinking that I need to apologize to her for what I said at the diner, but.. part of me doesn't want to. I mean, I meant it, and I'd do it in a heartbeat, but if she really has.. um, changed. Grown. Whatever. I just wish there was a way to know if she was, you know, sincere?" He looks at Ian, sympathetic. "Should I?"

"I think you both need to apologize honestly. Just to get the air cleared. I want nothing more than to have my best friends and my girl get along together again." A beat later, Ian adds in. "And thanks- for the support. I think she has grown though. Or at least realizes what she didn't back in. We all do stupid shit - it just so happens that that particular one did some gnarly things for me. And that's how it is. Now I have to move on, and so does she." A beat later. "Plus if it didn't happen, I wouldn't be at the institute. And I honestly think it's the best thing that ever happened to me." When Jerry puts out about the sincerity thing, Ian can't help but to give a dry laugh. "Claire read her mind. And she allowed it to be read. I believe her."

Jerry blinks. "Wait, Claire can read that clearly? Holy shit," he says, momentarily thinking it might be a good thing to wear gloves around Claire like forever. "Well, then. If that's that, then I'll apologize to her. I'll still strand her on an asteroid if she ever fucks with you, though," he says. "Just to let you know I'm all testosterone-laden serious and shit, is all. Yeah, I'll talk to her soon, then." He closes his eyes, looking all satisfied. "See, drama short-circuit. Everything is cool again."

"Claire's got a gift. I got a feeling if she really wanted to, she could read your whole life. Uh… she didn't go that deep. Just to emotions of a night or two before then. When me and Maggie were uh…" Ian trails off again, shaking his head. Jerry got the picture. "But she got the emotions of the night, and the sincerity of what Maggie felt. And that's good enough for me." Ian then gives a low chuckle. "I believe that too, about what you'd do to someone that mess with your friend. It hopefully won't come to that though." A beat later. "And I really do appreciate you talking to her. I want her to be a part my life and not just a subsection. And who knows, it seemed like you two could have been friends before you found out who she was. Maybe that can pick up again."

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