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Title: Another Kind of Bedrest
Emitter: None
Characters: Jerry,Sasha
NPCs: None
Place: Sasha's Room
Time: Friday Night, 6/18/10
Summary: Jerry visits Sasha and winds up staying.

So here it is at a truly ungodly hour and Sasha? Sasha can't sleep. She hasn't even had coffee or anything. She got shooed out of the infirmary earlier in the day, after 'visiting hours' ended. Not that they'd done that before. It still miffed her. Claire was being even more elusive than usual - Sasha's convinced she's up to something, or hiding something. Or something. So Sasha sits on her bed, bouncing a rubber ball against the far wall while she watches TV. It's not quite The Ocho, but it might as well be, as it rebroadcasts the World Cup games in excited Spanish.

Jerry raptapraps on the door, the young man having been finally cut loose after a final exam. He called his parents, went by his own room to check his messages, and finally winds up down here halfway across campus because he was passing by and saw a light burning in the window. And how exactly does he know just which window is Sasha's? Best she never know, but that means he's here, and knocking.

Indeed, best she never know. Sasha tilts her head and slides off her bed. A quick thought turns off the TV. See, being a cyborg isn't all bad. She gets to the door and asks, "Holly?" before she opens it. She knew her dorm-mate was up to something today. Nope. "Jerry!" she says with a big smile. "They let you out?" Sasha hugs him. She's dressed entirely casually, in just a t-shirt from some tuning shop.

Jerry mmms and returns the hug, giving the girl a quick kiss as well. He's dressed similarly, shorts and a jersey. "Yeah, they let me out after the last checkup. Don't even have much of a mark and they say that'll be gone with time. How you been?"

"Worried," she admits. Sasha takes a step back, then another, giving Jerry room to enter her…room. It's the first time that's happened. The first boy in her room - if one ignores the maintenance staff. Certainly the first *boyfriend* in her room. Sasha's eyes dart about uncomfortably as her weight shifts. "Lucky you," she says. "I'm glad." Her hand finds his and hangs on lazily with a few fingers. "So…."

Jerry nods as he glances around the room; certainly not the first girl's room he's ever been in, of course. His eyes cut, look, notices a couple of things and lets any comment come later. "Worried about what?" he says, his fingers shifting lightly against her touch, a smile playing on the edge of his mouth.

Sasha punches Jerry in the shoulder. She steps back further, taking a seat on her bed. "You!" she says. "Angry too. Why shouldn't I be, right?" she says, starting to unload, "and then I ran into those Rose girl who's sort of uptight and annoying in that… that 'right' kind of way. Because I was ready to just track Carrie down and beat the shit out of her," Sasha says.

Jerry mocks ouchs and finds a chair, turns it around so he can lean on it's back and face Sasha on the bed. He kind of smiles at first, then his smile grows as she goes on. "Haven't met her, yet," he says. "And yeah, no real reason to track her down. She needs help, not a beating," he says. "I still.. I still can't get it through my head why she's so pissed off at me after all this time. If it was last week, then maybe, yeah, but.." He shakes his head. "So what did this Rose say to you?"

Sasha slides further back, putting her back against the wall and stretching her legs out. They get crossed at the ankle and she tugs down her shirt a bit to maintain propriety. "Beatings help," Sasha says. "Just…that it wasn't worth it, there's better ways to get back at her, blah blah. Getting her arrested wouldn't feel as good, you know?" she asks. Sasha sighs. "Whatever. Next time you go on a trip don't ditch me, okay? I could have kept up with her."

Jerry flashes a smile. "Ian was really specific: guys only. And I was getting a present for you; can't very well be sneaking off to get it, could I?" He scratches his chin. "Yeah, but.. I dunno how I feel. The cops are gonna be looking for her anyway when they look at the security footage - I'm sure I have to make a statement Monday, but I'm not sure what to tell 'em." He scratches his head. "I don't know if I should press charges. If I do, she gets a record, but if I don't she may not get any help."

"I don't think they make a pill for psycho-bitch," Sasha says. She rubs her eyes, her head dipping and then bobbing back up. "I dunno. If it's worth lying, lie, I guess. If you tell the truth, at least you don't have to remember what you made up. You really care what happens to her? She *shot* you."

Jerry rubs his chin and nods. "I do. She must have had reasons, crazy as they must be. Like I said, she needs help." He cracks a smile at the head-bobbing. "Apparently, my presence cures your insomnia," he says. "You need me to go?"

Sasha lets out a breath. She drops her arms and pushes at the wall, her legs tugging and pulling her back towards the edge of the bed. "Couldn't sleep," she says. "Guess it was 'cause I was worried about you. Now you're okay and so…." she leaves that to explain the situation. Sasha shakes her head. "You don't need to go."

Jerry nods at the girl. "I.. you want me to just watch you fall asleep?" he smiles. "You need some rest, seriously."

Sasha makes a face, her eyebrows knitting together while her nose wrinkles and the corners of her mouth turn up. "No," she says with a snort. "That's….you could stay here," she says.

Jerry swallows. "I um, OK," he says, getting up from the chair and moving to sit on the bed beside her. He offers his arm, and chest. "Here, let me hold you, OK?" he says quietly.

Sasha pulls away from the offered arm. She grabs a pillow and tosses it at Jerry. "Not if you're going to say it like *that*!" she protests, half-laughing. "I just…you know, thought it'd be nice if you stayed. you don't have to. It's cool."

Jerry blushes, force-field fending off the pillow. "I didn't mean.. I just.. I'd like to, OK?" he says, fumbling. He can't help but smile as she's laughing.

"This isn't about…hooking up," Sasha says, as she stands. "Just, being together. Okay?" She crosses to the door, locking it and then turning off the light. A moment later her hand flares to life, letting off a luminescent glow, enough for her to see by and return to the bed, lifting up the sheets and sliding underneath.

Jerry nods as he shifts, and lays down next to her, turning to see her. "I know. You just.. want someone there.." he says quietly.

The light fades away, leaving them with what filters in past the blinds. "Not just someone," Sasha says. She scoots a bit closer to Jerry, her head winding up on his shoulder.

Jerry nods even though she might not can see and reaches, fingers twining in her hair. "You sleep now, OK?"

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