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Title: Dinner with Amber
Characters: Jerry, Amber
Summary: Jerry takes Amber to dinner because she felt so bad about beating him up in the Thunderdome.

Amber is just finishing another meal. The girl eats more than an army. Thank god for the meal plan. As she sits there reading more of her algebra, studying for her test, she yawns wide, obviously bored, and lets out a hard breath, which launches her book across the room. "Oh great," she mutters and goes up to get it.

Jerry hovers over the salad bar, brow knitted in concentration, picking out arugala, apples slices, and.. whoa, he goes as he sees a book sailing towards him; a flicker of his power and he blocks it, then flips the plane of force to catch it. He flashes a smile as he sees it's Amber who launched it at him, and he holds his force-construct for her to retrieve the book. "Hey," he says. "Been needing to ask you something." He pushes fingers through his unruly hair and shifts his stance, waiting.

Amber comes over and spies Jerry and says, "Uhh hi!" She smiles brightly and then takes her book back. "Thanks," she says with a mild tone of embarrassment. "Uhh, sure?" She looks up at Jerry, her book held to her chest.

Jerry lets his construct of purple energy dissolve and picks out some more apple for his salad, and looks back to where Amber was sitting. "Can I sit for a bit?" he says.

Amber nods, "Yeah, yeah sure. C'mon," she gestures as they walk over, "You know, I still feel really bad for overdoing it last time. You're ok now, right? Nothing bad, right?" She moves back to her spot and sits back down.

Jerry shakes his head. "Heck no, I wanna rematch," he says, flashing a smile again. "Villains aren't gonna hold back, are they?" He bites into an apple slice and chews it, swallows. "Really, though, I wanted to ask you something. Ian, Sunday and I are forming a band, and Ian thought you might know a good place for us to practice. After all, we can't really do it in the dorms or the public spaces around campus.."

Amber smiles at Jerry at first, but then tilts her head, "Oh, hmmmm…" She thinks a moment, and says, "There's a few places I can think of. There's a soup kitchen at St. Mary's in town, they have a gymnasium there. Can always talk to the guys over there. Oh, there's a youth center in town too. I think they have a tiny stage in the back hall. I mean, it's real small town stuff, but they might let you in for rehearsing."

Jerry makes mental notes of this. "Either would be good, though we could volunteer some time at the kitchen in payment. That would be good," he says as he bites into another slice. "We're going pure Rock, so it might get loud. Especially with my power added into the mix, if I can manage it. They won't mind?"

Amber shrugs and says, "I would hope not. I do a lot of volunteer work with those organizations, mom and dad would insist I keep up the family image. I have enough of a reputation with the people there, and try to keep the costume stuff away from them as much as possible." She laughs and says, "Trust me, I'll talk to them and you'll have a place to play. And a backup." She smiles brightly.

"Thanks! You sing, or play, or both?" Jerry says, relaxing back into the chair.

Amber hmms and says, "I don't do anything. I mean I sing, that's about it. And I don't think I'm any good, not anything more than singing in the shower." She grins and giggles. "I meant as in a backup place to go and practice."

Jerry ohs and quirks a smile. "Well, thank you," he says. "We're still trying to get together a playlist and all that." He chews a forkfull of salad, hmms. "Come along with us, sometime, slip out from school or something."

Amber laughs and says, "Really? You sure? I mean, I don't do any music stuff, but I'd still like to see you play." She smiles a little more and is quiet a moment, "So what are you playing in the band?"

"Guitar," Jerry says, reaching for his water. "I learned to play pretty early on; Mom wanted us to learn an instrument, and that's what I picked. 'That figures,' I think were her words," he says with a smile.

Amber nods and says, "Mom and dad didn't really have time to do the lessons and things with me. I was learning piano for a little while, but then I got my strength and…yeah, you can guess what happened then." She giggles a little, and sighs with a smile. "So why'd you're mom say that do you think? Your dad a musician too?"

Jerry chuckles. "No, my brother chose piano, too, and well.. I was the wild kid, I guess. It didn't surprise her." He nods at her mention of what happened. "I can. I had a really nice six-string, and partially disintegrated it when my powers started to kick in. Dad got me another, but it took me a while to get used to it," he says.

Amber smiles and laughs a little, "Great the best thing we have in common is the destruction of musical instruments." She grins as she looks at Jerry, "Well, cool, I really look forward to hearing you play. So…is this our dinner? I was kinda hoping for a fancier dinner."

Jerry shakes his head. "Definitely not," he says. "Dmitriv's, tomorrow night, eight-ish?" he says, naming a pretty darn nice steak place in the downtown area.

Amber ummms, "Uhhh, yeah, yeah sure. Wait, that's the place on the main drag, right?" She blinks and says, "That sounds great!" She smiles brightly and says, "I kinda gotta get dressed up for that place, don't I?"

Jerry nods to the first question. "Would you prefer a t-shirt-and-jeans place?" he says. "'Cause I can totally do that, as well," the youth says, rubbing a slightly stubbly chin. Have to take care of that tomorrow as well, he thinks.

"No, no! Dmitriv's sounds great!" Amber smiles again and says, "Really, that's great, I totally don't mind getting all dressed up. Better than sitting around campus all the time. I can do the normal thing when I'm NOT going to town." She nods and says, "I look forward to it."

Jerry cocks an eyebrow. "Why are you sitting around campus so much? Haven't you been /out/?" he says.

Amber shakes her head and says, "Not really. I mean, not really supposed to go out without a buddy, and I'm here, so…" She shrugs, "I don't know. Just kinda here, but don't really have people around to go out with."

Jerry blinks. "Well.. we've gotta fix that," he says, again with a smile. "After tomorrow.. I'll see what I can do, OK?" he says, poking around his empty salad bowl. "I gotta get over to the gym, but.. see you tomorrow?" he says.

Amber nods and says, "Definitely!" She grins and closes her book, "Eightish. Meet me outside the dorms?" She grins, "Have fun Jerry. I'm about to cry studying but that's ok, right?" She laughs and takes up her book again and sighs, her book blown across the roon again. "Dangit!"


Amber calls out, "Just a moment!" The walls almost rumble. She's really gotta remember that she's got ultra lungs. After a few seconds she opens the door. She's got on a soft white sundress with a halter neck, and a blue sash across the waist. Chinese style slippers in back with blue roses intertwined on them grace her feet. She's clipping on a silver earring, "Hey! You're early. I just gotta…grab my bag," she slows down and smiles brightly, "You look great, all dressed up."

Jerry flashes a smile at the girl's outfit, nodding as he does so. "So do you," he says. "Sorry if I got here too early, if I need to wait in the car..?" he says, gesturing towards the parking lot.

Amber shakes her head, "No, no, I'm pretty much ready." She heads over and grabs a bottle of perfume, just a light touch to her wrists, and then her clutch. "Ok, let's go!" She hops over merrily and closes the door. "So, don't want to fly?" She chuckles a little. "You're gonna think I'm insane, but you know I've rarely ever been in a car? When you have other ways of getting places you take it for granted."

Jerry flashes a smile as he offers his arm. "Well, consider it a treat, then. You're out and about, but I need to keep my ID secret, so.. no flying entrances for me," he says. "Besides, I got to borrow my Dad's car for this, and I'm not going to let it go to waste." He leads her out to the lot, to an Aston Martin One-77, black. Opening her door, the young man waits until she's safely inside, then closes it and joins her on the driver's side. He makes sure the GPS is on, and exits the lot; the dimensional curtain slides over them as they exit, and he turns smartly into a side street that will lead them to downtown. "Like it so far?" he says, keeping his eyes on the road. Driving is still something fairly new to him, too.

Amber laughs as she looks over the interior and nods, "Yeah, this is really nice. Oh, GPS, I could use that up there," she says pointing at the sky and laughing. Watching the streets go by this speed is interesting, the way she rushes from place to place, she misses a lot. "So this is your dad's? Do you normally live around here then?"

Jerry shakes his head. "He's in Washington on business and when I told him I had invited someone out, he insisted I borrow the car since all I have here is the motorcycle. Not exactly the mode of transport for someone in a nice dress," he chuckles. "We're up in Long Island, Lloyd Harbor. So it's not all that far, really."

Amber smirks, "Hey it's far enough." She nods though and says, "So since you mentioned it, we're just going out for dinner cause I knocked you out right? I mean…this…this isn't a date. Is it?" She tried to play it cool, "I mean cause…you know, that's cool and all. If it's not." Pause. "Or if it is. That's cool too, actually." She blushes and shuts her eyes a moment. "I'm blathering, I'm sorry. Wow, look at those trees."

Jerry trails the back of his index finger over his lips for a brief moment, wondering just what to say, and flashes eyebrows. He takes a turn smoothly and accelerates as they hit the main streets, and the city turns brighter around them. "Well, yeah, celebrating getting knocked out and all.. but if you wanna think of it as a date, well, you can," he says. He looks over at her, head canted downwards slightly. "Either way is cool, y'know?" he says with a disarming smile. "They are nice, yep," he says, looking back to the road.

Amber nods and says, "Oh ok, well. That's cool and all." Being the nice girl makes it really hard to try to deceive, she just doesn't have the chops for it. "'Cause you know, if it was, that'd be cool." She smiles back at Jerry and nods, "Yeah they are. The trees, right!" She coughs a moment, covering her mouth to protect destroying the inside of Jerry's dad's car. "So. I know you said you wanted a rematch, but wow, those bolts of your hurt. I mean I usually don't feel anything, but…you know, I felt so bad after that, I didn't want to go up against anyone again."

Jerry blushes, actually. "Um, well.. you don't need to worry. I blew every bit of power I had just staggering you a little," he says, a little sheepish. "Took everything I had and more. But you can't feel like that, Amber; it was a friendly exercise and I knew you hit like a locomotive when I agreed to it. I need to test myself against people, y'know? If I'm gonna do the hero thing, then I gotta know what my limits are."

Amber looks over at Jerry and says, "Yeah, but I never want to hurt anyone." She pauses and smiles, "Well, maybe genuine bad guys, and only enough to knock them out and bring them to justice." She chuckles and says, "But if you really want to do the hero thing, then come on out, and we'll do the grown up patrolling thing. Unless we can get someone to invent us GPS-slash-police scanners."

"I'm sure we can get that," Jerry says. "And, man, I'd love to get into costume and go patrolling. I've only done that a few times, so far," he continues.

"So come with me!" Amber lays a hand on Jerry's arm without smacking him, just a gentle gesture of assurance. "I'd seriously love some company when going out. And hey, I know you can really handle it, so I think it'd be a great duo." She laughs, "You know, I don't know you code name."

Jerry beams. "Well, I've usually used 'Shatter', because my vibro-beams are so destructive. I thought about 'Shatterman' but that's verging on too long to yell at someone when fighting them. My kid brother likes 'Shockwave'." He looks at the GPS and makes a turn, then they're near the restaurant so he slows down. "Almost here," he says.

Amber nods, "Great, I'm starving." She blushes a bit, "Don't worry, I'm not gonna order the usual meal for me. We're civilians tonight, but my powers burn way too many calories." She hmms though and looks at Jerry, studying him. "Well, I don't think I've heard of anyone named Shatter before that I know of. I mean Shockwave is kinda simple, lots of guys use it. Heck I have a talent for making shockwaves. But 'Shatter', that does sound good and different."

Jerry decides he'll go with that, then, as he pulls in and hands the keys over to the valet. He gets out and opens Amber's door, offering a hand to help her out even though of course she could kick the car itself over a building. "You're not the only one with that problem," he says. "But I just get a little bottomed-out if I use my talents too often for too long. I guess technically you're using your just.. by being you," he says, unsure of how to put it.

Amber laughs and does have some semblance of control, taking Jerry's hand and standing up. "I totally understand (thank you) and yeah, it's just me running around all the time, doing…you know, all of that working out." Now that they're in the earshot of normals, she's a little more subtle. "So my brain is just catching up, did you say you're from Long Island?"

Jerry nods as their car is taken and he offers his arm once more, as they walk into the restaurant; Dmitriv's has a subdued front, all old wood and dark glass, the interior hardwood floors and dark oak. "I did; Lloyd Harbor is on the North Shore. It didn't get a lot of press until one of the Jonas Brothers got married about a mile from my house, but a lot of famous people have lived there and around there," he says. They have a minute while the table is readied.

Amber nods and says, "That's very cool. When we get back up there, you should come into the city and visit. Oooh, hey, you really want to do some crime fighting stuff, Manhattan is the place to go." She smirks and says, "Although you guys have malls and places to hang out that aren't all Barnes and Nobles. Borrrriing."

Jerry chuckles. "Yeah; there are lots of older shops, little hole in the wall eateries, stuff like that. And I didn't.. really think of doing the hero thing when I was up there, or I probably would have tried, at least. I was more into, well, acting out," he says, adjusting his tie. "It was a long time ago." Almost 16 months now!

Amber smiles, "Well, you clean up good all over." Grinning she notes the gesture from the waiter. "Ahh, we're ready." She keeps her arm hooked in Jerry's as they walk. "That does sound nice. I mean, that, down here, this is the most suburban I've ever gotten to see. I'm so used to the big city. And guess what? Baltimore ain't that big."

Jerry shakes his head. "Not once you get away from the city center; it's all collegy after that, at least the areas I've been in. The Harbor? More than enough suburb for the rest of your life. An entire island of suburb, really. House, hedges, trees, house, hedges, trees, far as the eye can see. Even if you're flying." He follows the waiter to their table, which is in a discrete spot where the maitre'd can control access - the staff has apparently recognized Amber, and are ensuring she and her young man have privacy.

Amber pauses and blushes a little, thanks the maitre'd, and takes her spot, "I hate when they do that. I mean, I don't mind if people come and say hi to me." She looks very prim, proper, a princess in a way coming from the American royalty of celebrity and superheroics. "Thank you again, Jerry, this place is amazing. So…I don't mean to be crass or anything but…the car, this place. You must come from real money."

Jerry gives a slightly embarrassed smile himself, and nods. "Dad is pretty well off, and Mom's family is too. We're not rich-rich or anything but going to Europe or something for vacation isn't anything we get worked up over, I guess. Sorry, I didn't mean to show off or anything; I just thought I'd take you someplace nice," he says, taking a sip from his water.

Amber shakes her head, "Look, if you want to take me on another date after this, fancy is just fine." She grins and giggles a little more, and says, "No, really, I don't mind. I grew up in a fortress with computer programs raising me half the time. I know from rich, just a very VERY different style of rich." She reaches over and sips from a glass of water left for them.

Jerry whews as he hears about this. "Man, that must have been.. different," he says, "Having superhero parents. Mine are, you know, normal joes. They were kinda surprised when I got powers along with chin hair," he smiles.

Amber nods and says, "Well, I don't really thing it was different, cause…well, I guess I didn't know much better?" She grins a little and says, "So what was it that woke it up in you? I mean…I don't get how it all happens, I don't think anyone does."

Jerry shakes his head. "Dunno; I didn't get zapped by anything or fall off a mountain and start flying. I was playing beach volleyball and went to slam the ball, and I blew it to bit. And kinda started a minor earthquake, but not really one, y'know. So, I kinda got the idea something was wrong, and started practicing by myself. My kid brother followed me and saw me flying, and told my parents.." He shrugs, then looks up as the waiter comes to ask about what they'll want as starters, and to deposit the slender price-less menus in front of them. No wine, of course, they're underage.

Amber hmms and requests shrimp cocktail herself, and just iced teas. "Wow, you learned on your own, that's very cool. Did you know anyone else powered when you were out there on the Island?"

Jerry gets tea for himself as well, and agrees that the shrimp cocktail sounds good. "Well, 'learned' might be an exaggeration. I learned barely how not to kill myself; my shield goes away if I stop thinking about it." He hmms and shakes his head. "Not as such, no. I think there was this girl in my chem class who could read minds, and this one dude.. I still don't know about him. He might have been a speedster, maybe not. Would have been nice to have a peer group to do stuff with."

Amber nods and says, "So how do you like the school?" She grins and says, "I really like having other people around me to do all this stuff with, who are just made a little…more. But I mean, I grew up in it, this is just like training without my parents around. And on my own it's wonderful. Do you like it, or would you rather be back out home?"

Jerry hmms and scratches his chin in thought. "I like it a lot; I mean, it wasn't really my idea at first, but.. it's not bad and there's lots worse places. At least here I can.. cut loose, you know? Use what I have. If I was back home, having to keep bottled up until after school and even then.. wow. I'd pop and then there would be, like, the National Guard and all that, and.. I don't wanna put my Mom and Dad through that," he says, growing a little quiet there at the end.

Amber nods and smiles a little, softly. "Hey, Jerry, listen. I get it, you want to make your folks proud and keep them safe. But you know, I think you have obviously learned a lot and can certainly make them proud of the way you are turning out." She smiles, softly but warmly. "You shouldn't have to ever worry about that again."

Jerry rubs the back of his neck. "If you saw my detention hours you might feel differently.." he says. "But that's why it's best I'm here, especially until I learn better control over my stuff."

Amber hahs and says, "Oh nice, so underneath all the polish you're really a terrible delinquent, am I right?" She laughs again, "So yeah, anytime you want to play around again, maybe next time we can be on the same side. I know I've got my own control issues to tighten up." She shrugs, "So how's the band thing?"

Jerry's cheeks redden. "Yeah, kinda.." he says. "The band is.. well, we haven't had a session yet, but I think it'll do well. We decided /what/ to play at least, and that turned out to be 'whatever we think is cool' which I am totally down with. I hate being boxed in to just one style."

Amber smiles and says, "Aww it's ok, as long as you don't stay a delinquent. Doing the hero thing, you should keep up the moral code, and…I don't know, don't…tp the other heroes." She shrugs, not knowing what Jerry has done, but smiles anyway. "And cool, still. I'm sure it'll turn out great."

Jerry looks to change the subject and picks up the menu, just as their shrimp cocktails arrive. "Have you thought about what to have?" he says. "I'm going to go with the steak, and yams, with the asparagus…"

Amber grins and says, "Hello, /American/ Girl Scout? I eat from the heartland. Steak, Idaho baked potato and creamed spinach. You guys have to have gone to Peter Luger's, right? I mean your family simply has to have been there. I've been there once and I thought I discovered my weakness, and I wasn't even into red meat then."

Jerry gets this dreamy look on his face. "We went there for Mom's birthday last year. God, the porterhouse.. I thought it was going to have to be dragged out of there.." He smiles. "Mom insists we get their sauce online, and we must have a small pantry full of it," he laughs.

Amber mmms and says abruptly with a smile, "Ok now I'm hungry, where's that waiter guy?" She amuses herself, "Oh and the tomato and onions salad. Oh…there's no place like it." She grins and tilts her head, "You know, this is the very BEST way to spend the end of finals."

Jerry smiles back and then rubs the bridge of his nose. "It is; man, I can't wait for summer semester when the toughest thing I'll have to worry about is swim team. Chem just about killed me. I mean, literally stalked me in the night and tried to end me," he says, shaking his head. "I pulled a C, I really, really hope."

Amber ohhs, "Thank god, look there are some kids in this school that are brainiacs and geniuses and I am so NOT one of those people." She laughs and says, "Basic math and such, I can pray I got a C in. Look our real classes, the reason we're here, as long as I'm doing the practical stuff I'm fine. When we sit at a desk I am sooooooo bored."

Jerry beams and straightens up. "Me too! I wanna be out there, you know, going toe-to-toe.. Civics is OK, but science puts me to sleep." He finishes up the last of his appetizer after they've ordered, and there's a rumble from the youth's stomach. "Sorry," he says with a sheepish smile. "Didn't have lunch today, 'cause I knew we'd be coming here.."

Amber smiles and says with a laugh, "Ok we're sharing a brain today. I so didn't want to eat before coming here. I mean I did, because if I didn't I wouldn't be capable of handling any conversation beyond grunting over a fire pit." She shakes her head, "But yeah. You really get an education all on your own when you go out and fight someone who needs to be stopped."

Jerry gives a nod, wishing he had actually taken down a villain yet so he could talk about it. "I guess that's why I wanna do it. Someone has to, and only people like us can /stop/ people, well, like us."

Amber hmms and says, "Well…" She thinks a moment and says, "It's a long weekend, this weekend, and you're staying around, right?" She smiles a little more, "If you want, we can go patrolling this weekend. Sure we can find someone. And you fly, I'd love to have a traveling partner up in the sky."

Jerry ohs and nods. "Yeah, I'd love that. I usually stay around, yeah. I'm a.. Christmas and Thanksgiving kind of guy, I guess." And he's worried about what might happen, as well. "Gotta make sure my Shatter costume is OK, too."

Amber grins and says, "I get to bust out the regular costume, instead of that school…uniform…thingie. I mean seriously, who designed that? I'm not fashion obsessed or anything, but like c'mon!" She laughs a little more. "Sunday sound good? Give us the Monday to recover if things go horribly wrong."

Jerry flashes an eager smile. "You bet!" he grins, looking ready to bust out the costumes right now. "Yeah, Sunday.. that would be perfect. Docks, harbor, train yard.. lots of places to look for bad guys.."

Amber nods, "Too many. I seriously didn't think there'd be such a hub around here. Gee whiz, I'm from New York City and I see more action down here in the past few weeks than I think I did all the time I was home." She's exaggerating, but it amuses her nonetheless. "So wait, I get to see you in costume? That sounds sweeeet, what's your style?" She pauses, and says, "Wait…let me guess…black and purple?"

Jerry's eyes widen and he looks embarrassed for a minute. So obvious? Or has she been asking around about him? Either way, he reddens a bit. "Um, yeah, how did you know?" he says, idly fiddling with his fork.

Amber claps her hands and tosses her head back to bark out a laugh. "Oh my god, really?" She puts her hand to her mouth and says, "Seriously, ok…I told you we were sharing a brain tonight. Your secrets are mine, bwa ha ha." She chuckles again and says, "I have grown up around superheroes my whole life and I've seen enough, but wow…oh Jerry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you. Really." She reaches over and touches his hand gently. Softly she says, "You said you were a bit of a bad kid, and your powerset is purple energy. That's how I knew. And you're not wrong to choose that. I can't imagine you in dayglow green or anything."

Jerry gives a shaky smile and turns his hand, gently taking hers in his and squeezing. "Wow, that.. OK, you get Girl Detective points, definitely," he smiles. "Yeah, mainly black and purple. Goes with my powers and it's OK for moving at night."

Amber smiles back and lets Jerry squeeze her hand, her hand slowly returning it, not wanting to go too fast and cause any pain. "First time I've gotten those points." She smiles a little more, happily. "So I'm so not the night stalker with my costume. I mean it's a red white and blue girl scout uniform." She grins and shakes her head, but still keeps her hand where it is.

Jerry, after a second, leaves his there as well, the youth smiling across at the girl. "Well, then they'll aim at you and I'll hit 'em by surprise," he says. "I doubt they can do anything at all to you, so .. bonus."

Amber grins and says, "It takes a lot to make me feel it." She is content to stay there for a moment until the waiter arrives with two plates of food. Only hunger and expensive meals would make Amber want to let go at the moment. "Ahh, well…ohh, that smells delicious. Wow," she looks at Jerry, "Umm, do you mind if I get like 5 more?" She grins a bit more at that.

Jerry beams as he sits back and adjusts his napkin in his lap. "If you want, go ahead," he says, readying his own knife and fork, then forcing himself to eat slowly, savoring the juicy steak and seasoned yams, and fresh asparagus in a rich sauce.. heavenly. "Wow.. better than I remember.."

Amber dives in and says, "Oh man…this is good." She eats a bit, the conversation getting sidelined by deliciousness. "And don't tempt me," she finally adds. With a chuckle she says, "Next time out, we don't need to do this fancy though. Diners are good too."

"I know, but you felt so bad, I wanted to kinda pamper you," he says. "I like a diner burger as well as the next guy," he says, working his way through the thick ribeye. "And pie. Man, love it.."

Amber hmms, "Wow, well then I feel just awful I let you had to take me to a place like this to make me feel better." She grins cheekily, "No, really. This place is phenomenal, as are we, and as such I think this is a wonderful night out." She does smiles and nod, "But yes, delicious fresh pie is always a good ending."

"I know this place…" Jerry says, twinkle in his eye…

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