Real Name: Rioghan Mac Cionaoith
Age: 17
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Ireland?
Date of Birth: March 17, 1992
Known Relatives: Eogan Mac Cionaoith (Uncle)
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 215 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Grade: Senior
Dorm: Chord


Rioghan Mac Cionaoith

Pronunciation: RYE-awn mac KHEE-nee (Like: Ryan McKenny)

The name Rioghain means 'Young King'.


Hard-working, purpose driven, focussed and often stubborn are all terms that could be used to describe Rioghan. He trains hard and takes the business of learning all he can during his time at Steranko seriously. Responsibility weighs on him like the armor he can sometimes be seen wearing during those training sessions. If he is given an assignment, he takes it to heart and does it to the best of his ability. Often it seems like he's working within a time limit and there just isn't enough time to be had. If some of his teachers are hard on him, the young man is at least twice as hard on himself. Rioghan also understands that there's no sense in brooding over what cannot be changed. Instead he focusses on what can be changed and puts his energy into being prepared for what the future might bring. Along with the near obsessive levels of training, however, Rioghan has another side. He does know how to have fun and unwind. He's friendly, personable, and cares about making others feel comfortable or making sure their needs are met. It's not unusual to see him with an easy smile or trying to cheer someone up with a story, but even when he is in 'laid-back' mode there's always part of him that is aware, observing. There is a time for fun and games, but when it's time to be serious? Rioghan Mac Cionaoith is serious.

RP Hooks

  • Rioghan is a Senior at the Steranko Institute. He's been at the school for three years already, though he's kept largely to his studies, if you want to know him or be familiar with him send me an @mail or page me on the game!
  • Rioghan can often be found practicing Archery or Sword Training around campus.

Public Background

Rioghan Mac Cionoaith is a simple farm boy from the Aran Isles in Ireland with a healthy amount of luck and an uncanny skill with a bow. His guardian is his uncle Eogan Mac Cionaoith, who has looked after the boy since his parents deaths. Three years ago, Rioghan received a full scholarship to the Steranko Institute after members of the Guardian Legion helped drive back a dark force that had assaulted the Mac Cionoaith farm. When the Legion arrived, Rioghan, his uncle, and a handful of other young men were fighting against what the Legion's reports described as shadowy monsters. By the time the Legion arrived there had already been a few casualties, including the boy's mother. Rioghan was using his bow to dispel the monsters, despite having been injured in the fray. Since this incident and his subsequent enrollment at the Steranko Institute, Rioghan has focussed on honing his skills in archery, swordsmanship, unarmed combat and strategy.

Private Background

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1. The number before the slash (/) represents Rioghan's stats when he is flat-footed.
2. Rioghan gains a +4 bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks to deceive, seduce, or change the attitude of anyone who might find him appealing.
3. Rioghan can spend a hero point to gain 5 temporary ranks in a skill.
4. Rioghan has a +4 dodge bonus to defense whenever he is not denied his dodge bonus.
5. Double normal aiming bonuses.
6. Rioghan can spend a hero point to remove adverse conditions from an ally.
7. Rioghan has two ranks in Luck Control. These apply to being able to do the following: 1) Rioghan can spend a hero point on another character's behalf, with the normal benefits. 2) Rioghan can spend a hero point to force someone else to re-roll a d20 roll and take the worse of the two rolls. The target of this last effect may spend a hero point to avoid having to re-roll.
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