Hello all! I am Rhombus, primary author of our house rules, and the XP and Application's wizard here at Steranko Institute MUX.


I have a fairly extensive history as a staffer on M&M games, and have staffed at a few other sites as well. I'm also a fairly seasoned emitter, and an avid RPG gamer since 1977. =) Yes, I'm very old.

I love legwork @mails, almost as much as Ellipse does and I like to think I run a fun scene. My goals are simple - I want to give everyone a chance to shine. If you're in one of my emits there's a few simple rules to follow.

  • I use pose orders If you can't handle that, my emits are not for you. I find it difficult to cope with 'at will' posing most of the time. Pose orders are generally set by rolling init and going in that order.
  • Do not HP without asking Sometimes what you rolled, though not as high as you might have wanted is still high enough to get the job done. I'm pretty easy going, and will let you know if you don't need to spend an HP.
  • If you must AFK please let me know That's important, if you afk without notice and I call on you you'll be skipped the first time, booted from the scene the second. Of course I know RL happens, if it does, take a second if time and situation permit and page me.
  • Please keep OOC chatter to a minimum I'm highly likely to join in and get all distracted and nobody wants that. Trust me on that, nobody wants that. =)
  • My rulings are final during the scene If you don't like my ruling I'm willing to discuss it, but once I decide that's how it is, although it can certainly change after the fact upon further reflection. I'm far from a tyrant, but as the emitter and as staff my rulings are what they are during that scene.
  • There are risks Joining one of my scenes can lead to unpleasant, perhaps even terminal events for your character. I don't go out of my way to be a killer GM, but I also play my badguys to the best of their ability and according to their in character motivations. Some are bumbling and inept, some are deadly and super efficient. I do promise to inform any players of a particularly dangerous scene's nature before hand.
  • Have fun! Darn it, why else are we here? I always strive to make things fun for people. Do I always succeed? Or course not, but that's never for lack of trying. 8)
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