Reg, Ghost Whisperer

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Title: Reg, Ghost Whisperer
Emitter: Liv
Characters: Reg
NPCs: (The real) Evelyn Prieto
Place: Prieto Residence, New York City
Time: 6/12/2010
Summary: Trapped with the others in the Prieto residence, Reg scouts for information from the local ghosts.

Reg is, by this time, searching for ghosts. His eyes are jet black, and it's hella creepy. He's heading down the hall, following the 'sense' that tells him where such creatures are, a slight frown on his features. He doesn't use this much. It's creepy. And he keeps having to mentally answer questions from Hades. That guy just will NOT SHUT UP!

The spirit of the house - if it even is a ghost - has proved difficult to even identify, much less confront. He-she-it flits away from any attempted contact, sinking deeper into the foundations.
However, it's not the only presence in the manor. Reg finds another out on the veranda, perched in one of the white wicker chairs as if she were still alive - even sipping a glass of phantasmal lemonade. For an instant, it may not be clear that he is seeing a ghost, for the figure looks shockingly like the lady of the house. The most obvious difference is the passage of years, for the ghost can't be out of her mid-twenties.

Tilting his head to the side, Reg frowns. Then make a connection. "Maybe she steals youth. Or just a body." He approache the ghost, murmuring, "Can you hear me?" Of course she can, but he's not used to this.

The figure glances up sharply, grey eyes startled. "I can," she says. "How is it that you can see me?" The voice is the same, the manner of speaking not quite - a little too piercing. Other differences, too, the nose and cheek slightly thinner … you'd have to stare to be sure, and it's definitely a strong familial resemblance.

"Magic," is all Reg says. "I take it you're the original possessor of Evelyn's body?" He asks the young ghost. "What happened, if you're willing to tell me. She's got us trapped here, and we're looking for a way out…"

"Magic," Evelyn's ghost echoes with a sigh. "Of course." She sets down the glass, revealing the brief glint of diamond on her hand. "She disguised herself as my aunt Deborah and poisoned me." There's a little quiver of her lip, but it seems more theatric than emotional. My body, oh - my body she turned to mist. Twenty-four years ago now. I've been dead as long as I was alive." She huffs in air. "She was not my shadow, I know that."

"Hmmm. So she poisoned you. Did she want your fortune, your place, did she steal your youth? Do you know?" Reg asks this quietly, a slight frown on his features. "And perhaps… do you know where her workshop is? Someplace she goes a lot to do things?"

"Should I know?" Her voice crackles with irritation. "She did not 'do' anything to me. She merely destroyed me and took my place. Isn't that enough?" The hands come up in a defensive gesture. "Forgive me, I've not spoken to anyone in a very long time … but who would not want to take the place of a young, beautiful actress with her fortunes on the rise and a perfect fiance? Though she had limited interest in him, perhaps thankfully. I still miss him …" She sighs. "In the basement, and I think you've seen it, but the more secretive part lies behind the mirror. Her glass artifices are everywhere on the grounds - hidden in plain sight. I have so wanted to smash them …"

“Hmm. So it's in the mirror. That's something I'll look into." He considers, and nods. "Any other places in the area that are important to her? Like out in the gardens somewhere?" He remembers those notes she took, and is probing for more information.

"Any wrong turn you can do her …" Evelyn's ghost trails off. "Her library, of course. She did something to that elaborate hedge-maze outside that makes me believe it's more than just a decorative flourish … I had the gardeners putting it in when I …" Another gusty, theatric sigh. "… and she had them rip part of it up. Lay it down in a different design."

"Hrm. Okay." He considers the woman, and asks, "Is there anything I can do for you? Help you rest? I'm going to definitely try to take her to justice, but I doubt it'll be easy." He would think of that.

Evelyn hesitates, shaking her head - more as a gesture of despair than negation. "I would say to tell Adam that it was not his fault, but … two decades later, why would he care?" She chuckles low in her throat. "This is not a creature who can be dealt with by the polite means of the law. Keep her from doing more harm. It won't help me, but it may help someone else."

"Hmm. I will do my best," Reg says, "To stop her and bring her to justice. I won't stop her the other way, it wouldn't be ethical." Reg is very, very big on ethics.

The ghost jerks her shoulder up, a curt gesture of almost-dismissal. "Then I suspect you'll fail. But I wish you the best of luck. I will … be here." She flicks her eyes back to him, suddenly. "She's put others to rest here. But not I. She knows I sit here and watch."

"Does she?" A frown on Reg's features, "I don't like that. Makes me think she enjoys it." He shakes his head, and then says to the ghost, "Perhaps I will. Perhaps I won't. But I can't compromise my ethics, or I could become no better than she is."

"I'm sure she enjoys it." Evelyn laughs, a shuddery, unhealthy sound. Then again, when you're dead … "I wonder that your ethics are that important … but I *am* only an actress. What would I know?" Her tone is bitter.

"Ethics are always important. Especially when you're me. I could do some very nasty things if I didn't have ethics," Reg says seriously. "I have to always remember what my responsibilitie are — not just to me, but the world itself." He's a serious bastard.

"Your ethics will be of little comfort to the next victim," the ghost says sharply. "Or to me, who is witness to anything that falls out in this manor. But as you will." She rises in a dramatic rush.

Shaking his head a moment, "Not having them would be of little comfort to my next victim. I thank you, and hope to aid you in the future, miss," Reg says simply. He stretches, looking over at the woman, "Should tell the others about the mirror. Look around."

Evelyn sniffs, obviously not mollified by that statement. "I will be watching … but you know that." She strides towards the interior door. It's closed, but has that ever stopped a ghost? (Or a Shadow.)

"Wait. Another question. Were you around when Liv - the young one, her 'daughter' - was making the deal with her mother? What was the deal, if so?" He wants to compare and make sure that there were no hidden things he hasn't learned yet. (This also lets whatever happens before not get negated.)

Evelyn pauses, her shoulder halfway faded through the door. "The little heiress?" she says, turning back. "They agreed that the imposter would release her prisoners - and promise not to interfere with them further - and Sullivan would be the obedient daughter again."

Reg's brow rises. "I see? Anything else?" He asks, tilting his head to the side. Reg is frowning. He will have to spank Liv, anyway.

"That's it." Evelyn frowns as well, quizzical. "There was much reference to oaths and bindings, but those were for after the situation was resolved. Were you looking for something else?"

"Hmm. Oaths and bindings?" A frown, and Reg says, "I will have to stop that. she is not going to swear an oath or be bound," he declares. A slow nod, "I shan't allow it." Poor Liv. This could get bad!

"Then stop it," Evelyn says with a shrug. "But they are family … perhaps the little thing wishes it this way." With that, she disappears through the door. And simply disappears.

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