Rabbit Chasing

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Title: Rabbit Chasing
Emitter: -
Characters: Adrian, Sapphire, Jonathan, Sunday, Linus, Alia, Samantha
NPCs: -
Place: Steranko Institute - Rider Hall
Time: June 5, 2010
Summary: Moving in, bunnies, and kisses caused by cases of mistaken identity— OH MY!

"You really don't have to call every two hours," Adrian is saying into the cell phone he has tucked between his shoulder and his ear. The door to his new dorm room is open, and evidence of just how new it is to him is clear by the boxes cluttering the floor. He pulls a high school letterman's jacket out of one of the boxes, carrying it towards the closet. "Orientation went pretty well, it's cool here. Yeah, already met a few people," he comments, returning to the box to dig out some more articles of clothing. It's late afternoon and the Resident Hall is relatively quiet. But then, it's summertime and the whole campus is more or less this way. "Uh huh. Hmm. Yeah." Clearly the young man is just patiently responding to the chipper woman's voice on the other end of the phone, humoring her. "No, no girls yet. Well, not unless you count the girl that was really a guy… long story."

Apparently, someone left the hall's main door open, because five bunnies just charged in at high speeds, squeaking frantically as they take shelter underneath one of the couches. This is followed seconds later by another small cluster of rabbits, but this group bumps over one of the boxes, climbs in, and starts nesting.

Coming not far behind the…what do you call a group of rabbits anyway? NOt far behind whatever it is, is the tigress Jon. Contrary to what one might think, she's not actually chasing them, but following them with a little bit of concern. "UHm, guys?" she calls after them. "You guys okay?" She hears Adrian before seeing him and offers a quick wave. "Don't touch any of them!" she warns him quickly.

"What the…" Adrian trails off, not listening to the latest stream of chatter coming from the phone. No, he's too busy staring at the bunnies that just came in. "Mom, I gotta go. There's a bunch of rabbits." Click. Poor Mrs. Young, the woman is probably wondering just what kind of school she has sent her sons to. "You know these, um, bunnies?" Adrian asks as he spots Jon out in the hall. Cautiously he bends down to look at the bunnies that are, well, making a home out of one of his boxes. He scratches his head, "What do you mean don't touch them? Are they radioactive or something?" At this question he moves back a step from the box and then steps out into the hallway to peer at the direction the other bunnies went, bending to look under the couch. Belatedly Adrian remarks, "Hey, you've got boobs again."

"He had better not touch me," a dulcet female voice emanates from the rabbits in the box, all of which bare their little teeth. "At least, not without buying me dinner first. And possibly a diamond necklace."

"Is it safe to come out?" a timid voice wonders from under the couch, then, "Oh, hi, Jon. Uh, we seem to have gotten separated, that's all … has anyone seen more rabbits?" As Adrian bends down, the cluster under the couch scuttle further out of sight.

"Sapphire almost got run over by an idiotic trucker," explains the nesting group. "We lost our heads and split. I'm afraid we're still trying to find everyone."

"Had a feeling it was something like that," Jon says to the rabbits. "It's safe here, I think. Uhm, there's the five of y'all, and some more in a box over here. Dunno if that's more of you or not." She crouches down to try to make it easier for them to see her, trying to give something for someone to focus on. "And yeah, got the boobs back after you left," she tells Adrian wryly. "And everything else, too." Clearly she just means the fur and tail by that. "And it's not them I'm worried about, it's you. I think I figured out what your power is, and it might do real bad things to them."

A door down the hallway opens, music from a stereo drifting into the hall without the barrier to muffle it. From out the doorway steps a young bleached-blonde teen in skinny jeans, a jewel-toned blue t-shirt with the ripped neck slumped off a shoulder, and converse all-stars. She's fiddling with a cell phone as she moves towards the exit and, concidentally, towards the group gathered. Her step pauses as she spots them, and a moment later a smile is stretching over her features. What he's doing here, she has no idea - is he helping someone move? That's so sweet! It doesn't matter, really. Sunday punches in her security code to her voice mail, then holds her phone to her ear as she jogs her way over to the group, to Adrian specifically, and this total stranger bounces up onto her toes and places a short but abrupt kiss at the corner of his mouth before giving him a cheerful "Hi!" She turns then to Jon and echos, "Hi!" The voices in her phone begin to talk to her! "Oh! You left me a voice mail! .. Did that bunny just talk?" Wait, didn't he tell her something about talking snak- …. It's about then that the voice on Sunday's phone informs her of some crucial piece of information she was missing about two seconds ago. Her face, already quite pale, looses all color. A second later, equally out of no where, Sunday lashes out a hand to smack Adrian hard on the shoulder. The phone is snapped shut. "Hi," she repeats, much less enthused than before. "I'm Sunday. And you're Adrian."

"Yeah, yeah, you mentioned that you thought you had it figured out right before I left," Adrian says, pushing back up to standing, as the rabbits retreat further from him. Blink. "Dinner and a diamond necklace? Talking bunnies. This place just gets more interesting." Cue cute blonde girl giving him a greeting kiss, which is received with a raising of eyebrows and a crooked smile. "This place just gets better and better!" And then— SMACK! —Adrian takes a step back, brow furrowing briefly before the broad smile returns. "And I'm guessing that kiss wasn't meant for me then."

The bunch of them are in the common area of Rider Hall… well except for a few missing bunnies who have decided to take residence in one of Adrian's knocked-over, as of yet, un-packed boxes.

"Oh, this is humiliating," the dulcet voice from the box sighs. "There was a time when I wouldn't have stood for this nonsense. And we are so much more than talking rabbits, darling."

The sound of tiny, pounding feet echoes into the hall. A much larger wrack of bunnies tumbles into view, with a small triangle at their head skidding to a halt first. "Oh, fiddlesticks and bother," Sapphire says - this is apparently how she curses. "Did we bother anyone? I'm sorry …" A flumph as, in extremely ragged but still vaguely recognizable unison, the rabbits seat themselves. "Uh. Thanks for keeping an eye on them, Jonathan?"

"Oh, come on, at least keep it up until we can get hands and a camera," a male voice snarks from amongst the horde.

Jonathan moves about a bit to try to be positioned to cut off any rabbits that might try to make a break for it. Honestly not to try to eat any of them. Nope, not a bit. "Sunday, Adrian. Adrian, Sunday. Also, these, uhm, well, one of them is Sapphire, I think? Sapphire, you in here? Afraid I haven't learned anyone else's names. And guys, you know how Linus copies powers? I think Adrian turns 'em off. He made me a boy again earlier, but I dunno what would happen with y'all."

Linus comes into Rider hall on rollerskates. At least that's the way it must seem. He's moving like he's got Heelys on. WHile he does own a pair, the boy's wearing socks, gym shorts, and a Cleveland Indians jersey (Number 00, of course). He makes his way into the common area, gets some speed, and then coasts towards the group, eyeing Adrian. The guy is hovering about two inches off the ground with a purple haze under his toes and he hasn't got much to say, suddenly a little uncomfortable. He's in just in time to miss the kiss as well as the face slap. He glides right over.

Glowering over at Adrian like this is all his fault, Sunday grumbles, "/No/, it was /not/." Her attention is captured by the bunnies then, who all seem to talk and opperate independantly, which is just interesting enough to keep Sunday from running away in embarrassment as she takes a rather large step back from Adrian. "So… you're not just one big.. hive mind?" … How can she possibly remain organized?? She listens as Jon informs her of what Adrian does, looking more curious at the news of Jon having been a boy again, then glances down at her own hand.. Nobody will likely notice, but it's getting as cold as an ice cube. Nope, still on! "Guess it doesn't work all the time." And then in comes Linus! What good timing! Missed everything! A fact Sunday tries to remind herself of, repeatedly, as he glides on over and she smiles a tad uneasily. "Hi Linus. Playing with Jerry's powers?" Don't look guilty don't look guilty don't look guilty.

Alia seems to be following after Linus, actually, holding something as she waves towards him, phasing through the door as she flies in. She appears almost like a hologram, before she lands and solidifies next to Linus, "Here, you dropped this." This, apparently, is a folder, which she offers towards him, "I tried flagging you down, but I wasn't sure if you were accidentally ignoring me or intentionally doing so." She smiles a bit wryly at that.

Remain calm, keep a smile in place, you knew this place was going to be weird. "…just not quite this weird," Adrian murmurs under his breath. He's really, REALLY not sure how to respond to the rabbits now that there are even more of them. The whole idea is actually making his head hurt. Hopefully there are no mind-readers around to hear what he's actually thinking, because Adrian just laughs and shrugs his shoulders. "No harm, no foul. But if you want to plant another one on me, I won't complain," he says, choosing to focus on the slightly more 'normal' and less brain-breaking part of this whole sequence of events. Jonathan is given a speculative look, "Huh. That's… that's actually kind of cool." Oh. Hey. Linus. Floating Linus? "Wait… if the kiss wasn't for…" Ironically… that is what finally causes Adrian's cool demeanor to crack a little. His eyebrows knit together and he wrinkles his nose, rubbing a hand through his hair. He looks at Sunday, sounding surprised, "HIM? REALLY?"

"I'm here," Sapphire says, making herself known then by a loud groan and several of the bunnies curling up and covering their faces with their paws … an oddly human gesture. "Does anyone have the power to make me less embarrassing?"

"Hello, Linus," comes from under the couch, the other controllers of the horde apparently not as embarrassed as its central figure. "You didn't tell us you could multiply, too."

"He's rotten with exponents, though."


While the rest of the horde chatters, Sapphire's bunnies remain paw-burrowed. She hasn't even acknowledged Adrian.

Which leaves it up to one of the others to explain. "We are seven distinct individuals merged into one body, our souls - as it were - fused," says a clipped, precise male voice. "As such, when we change shapes, we retain a deep mental link through we can dialogue and operate in concert - but also allowing for the physical coordination of a number of bodies such that would be impossible for normal human multitasking." Beat. "And since Sapphire seems a bit shell-shocked, we are pleased to meet you, Sunday, Adrian."

"Oh yeah?" Jon asks Sunday. "That's good to know. But hey, that's probably why he's here, right?" She offers Linus and then Alia a wave in greeting. "Okay, which one of you's the woise guy?" Jon asks the rabbits on hearing the pun. She then looks to Adrian. "And that's why I didn't want you to touch any of them. No telling what might happen, not until we know more 'bout what your power does." She stands up and tugs at her shirt, and then steps over to Adrian, holding out her hand. "Course, I wouldn't mind it, and -god- that sounds so wrong for me to say." Her tail flicks back and forth, trying to shake loose the uncleanness of asking another boy to touch her.

Linus swivels towards Alia, "Wha? Oh… oh I'm sorry, Alia. I… I didn't notice you there." He reaches out for the folder, careful not to actually touch the alien's hand. "Thanks. That's cool of you." At this point, he glides towards Sunday and touches his hand to her wrist. His feet cease to glow and he falls a whopping two inches to the ground. He's also in socks. That he fails to slip is not, in fact, a given, since he does wobble for a second. First he glances to Sunday, then to Adrian. Then the knot in the pit of his stomach tightens. "Yeah, kinda. I…" ANd then Adrian pipes up. He bites his lower lip, not even sure how to respond to his brother's surprised inquiry. So he just shrugs… and retreats to the bunnies, "W… what the hell are… oh. Oh it's Sapphire. Hey." He takes a reflexive step back from the rabbits.

Okay, one thing at a time! Sunday listens to the male bunny voice - where ever he happens to be situated - explain how their collective powers work and just looks more and more impressed. That.. Is.. COMPLICATED! Wow! "So.. there's only seven of you." So not ever bunny is a talking thinking.. .. Wait. "Hey! So.. then which one of you was making comments about Linus's package?!" Cuz she might like to have a damn word with /that/ bunny! A moments polite greeting is given to Alia as Sunday waves at the girl, then looks back to Adrian. Linus's touch to her wrist brings Sunday's hand up to snatch at his, fingers interlacing /whether he wants to hold her hand or not damnit!!/ Adrian's out-burst has quite a different effect on Sunday than it did on poor Linus. Her blue eyes narrow slightly. "Yes, /him/." Her chin lifts with a sort of proud tilt to it as she proclaims, somewhat louder than she has to, "Linus is my boyfriend." This, incidentally, marks the very first occasion she's actually used that word in reference to him!

Alia glances curiously at Adrian, then at Linus, then back to Adrian, "Oh, and hello. I am Alia s'Harien." She blinks again at Sunday's announcement, then gives the other girl a smile, "And congratulations to you, I had no idea."

"I'm the 'wise guy,'" it's the precise male voice. "I'm not so sure about the mathematical skills of the others."

The rabbits spill out of the box and wriggle out from under the couch, gathering together with the main part of the wrack. As they draw near to each other, fur blurs and blends together, many bodies fusing into one small girl, sitting crouched in one of those pretzel positions so popular with gymnasts. "Oof," Sapphire says. "I really hate when that happens." She's flushed, obviously still embarrassed. She makes a face at Linus. "Sure, make me feel even worse."

And then a spontaneous squeal comes out of her, "Oooh, boyfriend … argh!" She claps her jaw shut with one hand and smiles weakly. "Only seven, uh, yeah, that might be one way to put it. And it wasn't me! Or any of the girls." … wait, one of the boys was commenting on Linus' package?

"Well, better keep 'em from doing calculus, then," Jon tells the precise rabbit. "I mean, friends don't let friends drink and derive." One bad pun deserves another. Though that one was a touch weak. "Y'alright?" she asks Sapphire as the rabbits draw together. She steps over to offer a hand up. "Everyone accounted for?"

Jonathan is reguarded with another rueful smile and Adrian takes the catgirl's offered hand. "Guess we can test the theory, huh? Okay, so… the bunny is actually seven people, who are actually a girl. And…" Then he looks at Alia for the first time, "Hello there. I'm Adrian." All that last said, while he's taking Jonathan's fur-covered hand.

The rabbits clearly hurt Linus' brain. He eyes them warily until they become Sapphire, whom he eyes even more warily. Any attempts to hug him like last time and… kung fu! Ok. Maybe he quit Kung Fu after one week. But he learned something, goddamn it! "Yeah, uh, sorry. It kinda just came out and… yeah." Sunday grabbing his hand like that makes him blush a little, but he recovers. Getting mentioned as Sunday's boyfriend, rather than make the boy blush even more, actually makes him smile a bit with a certain measure of pride. He gives her an appreciative look, especially given the circumstances, "Yeah. You know. We just sorta…" And then the punch to his shoulder, which he takes straight on. A bro, he is not. The whisper to his ear makes him blush, though he does nod in agreement to him. Testingly, he heats up Sunday's hand a bit, and then cools it down. "Are you sure that you just nullify powers? I've still got Sunday's."

Alia nods, "And I'm here to conquer your puny planet, really." She smiles wryly, deciding to have some fun with it for a change as she looks at Adrian, "A pleasure to meet you." Her eyes flicker over towards Linus, and she gives the boy a grin, befure her gaze focuses back on Adrian, "You can nullify powers?"

Sapphire accepts the offered hand and bounces up. "The gang's all here. I don't think I can change back if I'm missin' someone. It sort of stings and prickles, so I've never tried too hard." She giggles at the pun. "Yeah, we let Adam do the heavy lifting, academically, no worries. How you doin', Jonathan?" Politer, now that she's pulled herself together. Though she quickly disengages before Adrian reaches for Jonathan's hand, just in case it's infectious. "If you can conquer the planet, can you ban driving with cellphones?"

When Sunday see's Adrian's attitude change, and he appears to no longer be making disparriaging comments about Linus, Sunday's own expression softens. "It's okay. I mean, no harm done, I guess." Glancing to the former horde of bunnies now named Sapphire, Sunday smiles and waves, apparently having decided the girl before her is not responsible for the comments that tweaked Sunny's nose out of shape. It was obviously a far less apologetic bunny. Or snake. Or whatever. Regardless, she doesn't seem grumpy about it anymore, and returns Linus's smile with a warm one of her own… And then he's blushing at whatever Adrian said. Sunday arches a brow.. but doesn't ask. "Maybe it only works sometimes?"

Jonathan takes Adrian's hand, her fur covered one quickly turning into a not at all fur covered one. "Excellent," he says, now a plain ol' human boy. He's rather taller now, over six foot, leanly biult, blond hair. He also grunts and takes his belt out a couple notches. "Yeah, gotta remember to loosen things up next time." He crouches down to quickly undo his sandals, grinning over at Sapphire as he does so. "Right now, I'm doing -mighty- fine," he says cheerfully.

Alia blinks and peers confusedly at Jonathan, looking quite surprised at the change, "That… is a new look for you." She scratches her head a bit, tilting her head towards the catgirl… er, boy, a slight frown on her lips as she then glances to Adrian, "Fascinating."

Adrian looks at his hands once Jonathan yet again changes from feline-femme-fatale to ordinary boy-next-door. "Huh. Would you look at that! Guess you were right," he says. Both hands are then shoved into his pockets and he smiles at Alia, "Apparently I do. And I guess I know what I'm here to learn now, and it explains why nothing happens with you, bro." He glances back towards his still open doorway and the boxes still waiting to be unpacked. "Anyone want to help me move in? Many hands make light work."

Linus gives Sunday's hand another squeeze. "Maybe. I… woah." His gaze is drawn towards Jonathan then the boy suddenly finds his balls again, as the saying goes, though rarely quite as literally. "That's really…" And then he swallows and turns towards Adrian, "I… do you think…" His eyes narrow and he adds with a low voice, "We need to introduce him to Ian." To judge by his tone, he does not want to introduce Adrian to Ian. Not really. And yet, his eyes have that certain 'make everything right' glimmer to them. "Is Ian home? Does he have a summer job?"

Sapphire bobs her head to Sunday. "Anyhow, we say a lot of things we don't really mean," she adds. She cocks her head, sizing up the new-old Jonathan with a curious regard. "You make an excellent boy, too," she says with cheerful approval. "You should run a hand through your hair and muss it up a bit, it'd look nice." She waggles a hand at Adrian. "As much as I should apologize for Celestine getting all up in your boxes, I don't have much time. I got like three moms to call tonight." If only that were a joke.

"Technically, it's an old look for me. Or a new look for me for you, maybe," Jon says. He sets his sandals to the side, now that the wraps aren't threatening to cut off the circulation to his feet. Sapphire gets a quick grin, a bit of a shy one. "Thanks," he says, and then reaches up to ruffle his hair some. "How's this?" he asks. "And I can help, sure."

Sunday can't help but /stare/ as Jon turns into a boy, blinking a few times as she absorbs this new visual information. "… Huh." She knew he was a boy before he was a catgirl, but it's just kind of odd to see the actual person before her. "That.." Her eyes shift to Adrian. "… is really nice of you." The girl's fuschia lips smile. She always got the impression Jon was rather keen on getting rid of his curse, so it must be nice for him to get a little reprieve. After Linus squeezes Sunday's hand, she nudges in a little closer to him, elbow going under his arm, her own carrying his hand behind her back. When Linus mentions Ian, Sunday looks both curious and just slightly concerned. "Yeah. But um.. Maybe later, huh? I think.." She glances around, then lowers her voice as her head turns to Linus. "He might rather it be private."

And it's about then that Samantha comes in, looking curious. Her powers can be handy that way, when she's looking for something going on — Just cast about for a concentration of watches, MP3 players, or other personal electronics all in the same place and voila, people. "Hey, everyone, what's up?" she asks, smiling, and noting two unfamiliar faces present — though both seem somehow familiar to her, too…

A burst of cheerful techno music emits from Adrian's pocket and the boy looks chagrinned. He looks towards Sapphire, "You want mine too? Because seriously, this is the tenth time she's called today." And… how many times did she call to check on Linus his first day? Then again, this time makes sense. Adrian was rather abrupt when he hung up on her earlier, citing rabbits as an excuse. The phone continues to ring without him answering it. Sunday's praise gets a shrug of his shoulders, "No biggie." Ring. Ring.

Alia glances over at Adrian, "I would be more than happy to assist, of course. Sadly, I don't think my powers would be quite so useful here, but I can lift boxes as easily as anyone else." She then looks over at Samantha, giving her a smile and a wave, "Hello Samantha."
From afar, Linus beams and is glad you're liking. I missed RPing with you in general.

"Then the other look would be …" Sapphire's eyes cross. "Oh, never mind," she decides, flipping Jonathan a skewed smile. "Yeah, that's nice! Adds a little roguish touch." She twists about to wave at Samantha. "Hi, howsit?" She makes a face at Linus. "Only if you take all five of my still-involved non-biological parental units." She pauses, then tries to phrase that in a more normal fashion. "Uh, that is … Christian's parents, Aponi's parents, and Celestine's divorced mum." Is that any better?

Jonathan grins and gives Samantha a wave. "It's Jon," he says. His light drawl might be recognizable. "Short form, Adrian can neutralize neohuman stuff. Turns off the cat thing and the girl thing for me." Back to Sapphire, "Just call a scruffy looking nerf herder," he quips. Only in his mind is he a Harrison Ford. He holds out his arms and poses a bit for Sunday. "It'll wear off at some point, but for now, damn it's nice to be me again."

Linus gives Sunday's waist a squeeze, though he's busy looking at the goings on in the room at large, first. He does come back to Earth in a moment, however. "Oh. He'd want it to be alone because it's private." He stops and raises an eyebrow at the bizarre statement he just made, and then continues, "I mean it's… well, I don't really know what I mean, but you know him better than I do. But it's something to talk to the guy about, I guess." He nods towards Samantha, "Hey, Sam." Yes. there's two of them. It's like they're in stereo, except one channel has the volume up higher. "This is Adrian. He's my twin brother and he's, well, moving in, too. We think he turns off powers."

Samantha blinks, then stares wide-eyed at Jon for a moment. "That's very cool. I was trying to figure out why you looked familiar to me. Your face is different like this, but now that I know it's you, I can see it's not that different. Like how my brother and me kinda look alike." Then, after listening to Linus making the introduction, she turns to smile at Adrian. "Nice to meet you. If you're anything like your brother, you must be okay." The smile becomes a playful grin.

Ring. Ring. Isn't Adrian going to answer that? Nope. He lets it go to voicemail. It will only delay the inevitable. Give it five minutes and she'll call again until he answers. "Nice to meet you Sam," Adrian says, starting towards his open dormroom door. He motions Jonathan after him. He's not being anti-social, really. In fact he winks at Samantha, Sapphire, and Alia as he starts for his room. "Whatever he's told you about me, it's probably not true. Unless he told you that I'm a great guy, of course. I was just going to try to finish unpacking some of my stuff, then head out to get something to eat."

"Do I have to? I've got a bad feeling about that," Sapphire replies. "And hey, you're always you. It's just there's a different shell on it." Her voice is a little stern as she makes this observation. "Oh, it's not true? That's a relief," she deadpans to Adrian, eyes innocently wide. "But like I said, I have to scamper. You all have fun and don't burn the place down." A semi-salute, and she's trotting towards the door.

The question of how many times Linus's mother called him when he moved in does cross Sunday's mind, mostly because she recalls how he answered the phone in the student center when he got the news about Adrian. But this is not a conversation to have right this second. Or maybe at all. She glances down at Adrian's ringing phone, back up at his face when he fails to answer it.. then looks up at Linus. Quiet. Thinking. She opens her mouth about to say something when a generic ring-tone begins on the phone in her hand. Apparently, parents around the world have united to call their children! Or maybe it's just six o'clock and Sunday's parents want to make sure she's not doing drugs or something. Unlike Adrian, however, Sunday cannot ignore this phone call. Consequences would be dire. She notes the caller ID on the top of the phone and sighs deeply, shooting an apologetic look to the group as she flips it open and detangles herself from Linus. "Hello? Hi Mo- What? No I'm not at a party." She turns away and begins to slowly move back towards her dorm room. "N-.. No, classes are finished for the term. We're start- What?! Mother, that is seriously an inappropriate question! What kind of girl do you think you raised?!" As she continues to argue into the phone, the door to Sunday's dorm room is closed behind her.

Jonathan looks at Sapphire in puzzlement for a moment, and then he gets the joke. "Yes, your highnessness," he says with a grin, before going to follow Adrian. Hey, the guy changed Jon back. Helping him unpack's the least the restored boy can do. "I should so call my parents like this," he says. "Freak 'em out, hearing my old voice."

Alia hrms, "I normally just communicate with my parents in the evening." She glances around, then shrugs at Adrian, "Well, Linus has been loathe to even approach me for a while, so he never mentioned that he had a sibling." Her eyes look moderately amused, as she glances at Jonathan, unable to stifle a soft laugh at his idea.

Linus swallows when Samantha comments to Adrian, the boy eyeshifting, "Yeah. It's all been good, bro. It's all been…" His voice lowers. "Awesome." He nods to Sunday and can't help but smile at the end of her conversation which the room has access to, though there's that same glint in his eyes as when he insisted Adrian needs to meet Ian. Like there's something going on that he just needs to -fix-, making his a bittersweet, thin smile. "I don't know why she keeps calling you. She's only called my, uh, once since I got…" It's at that point that his cellphone begins to ring. It sounds like a diseased electronic telephone.

RINGRINGRING…ringring…riiiing..riiiiing*sizzle*. Like it's a telephone that's melting or running out of battery power. He blinks, then pulls out his cellphone. "No. Couldn't be." He flips it open, "Uh, hello?" Pause, and then a sigh. "No, mom. Adrian isn't ignoring you. I mean… what do you mean has he moved into my room yet. We're -not- sharing a room." He exhales, exasperated, "Because they give us single rooms. Do you know how much this school costs? I… but… wait. It's for the? But you said -I- could have the, No mom. I'm not giving him a key to my room so we can share the X-Box. Can't you just get us two of them?"

"I've got a pair of danish to go stick on my head," Sapphire's voice drifts back as she disappears. "If you find any more bunnies in the boxes, people, let me know."

As Summer departs, Adrian watches her with appreciation and looks at his twin, giving him a not-so-subtle thumbs up. Adrian grins. "How long have you been stuck like that?" he asks. Really, he's looking for the longer version of the story. It's something to talk about during unpacking, afterall, and Jonathan is the first person Adrian met officially here on campus. He'd like to get to know him a little better. He leaves the door to his room open, so he can keep up with whoever is intending to remain in the hall. A fact which allows him to hear Linus's side of the conversation with their mother. He calls out into the hall, "As you just noted to her, aren't you aware of how much this school costs? And you want her to fork out money for another X-Box? Shame on you!" His tone is joking, teasing, as he pops the top on one of his unpacked boxes. "We can just stick the books on the shelf however. I'm not picky." And for a jock, he actually has a considerable collection of them.

"Couple months now, give or take," Jon answers Adrian. He starts pulling books out of the boxes, glancing at titles curiously as he starts slipping them onto shelves. "Sure, I'll let you organize 'em on your own." He's listening to any conversation going on out in the hall as well. It's a little weird, though, not being able to hear things as sharply as if actually being right in the same room.

Adrian actually has a mini-fridge in his room, which is revealed as he pushes aside two more boxes. One box is marked 'Sports Junk' the other 'Other Junk' and it's the one marked 'Other' that he opens and begins to pulls stuff out of to put away in his closet. Mostly clothes and shoes. Why the boy needs so many pairs of sneakers, but he has them all the same. Most of the books are actually non-fiction - go figure that! - biographies of artists. When Sam joins in the unpacking effort, he nods to a box by his desk. "You can tackle the computer stuff?" He's not meaning to be ironic.

"I guess my rep precedes me, or else I made a bigger impression on your brother than I thought," Sam answers with a grin, before setting to dealing with the electronics. "Resident geek, at your service."

"Nice to meet you, resident geek!" Adrian says. And the trio set about unpacking the boxes while making small talk and getting to know one another.

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