Quad Study Break

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Title: Quad Study Break
Emitter: None
Characters: Mariscka, Wilberforce
NPCs: None
Place: The Quad, Steranko Institute
Time: Early Afternoon
Summary: Wilberforce avoids studying with such intensity that he manages to avoid the usual nerves that surround asking a girl out.

Some days are just nicer than others. This isn't one of those days, with the sky overcast and the threat of rain in the air. But it's still better than being stuck inside during a summer day. The temperature at least is nice, not sweltering, not cold. It finds Wilberforce out on one of the benches at the edge of the quad under one of the shady oaks. He's idly flipping through one of the summer session text books, in a form of studying that doesn't actually accomplish much. There's a glance up every thirty seconds, clearly looking for anything he can use as an excuse to stop looking at the book.

*swish* *swish* *swish*
The rustle of fabric precedes Mariscka into the area, the young woman in her long skirts, and her hair held back by a colorful scarf. At least some things at this school are predictable.
On Mariscka's shoulder is a large back, a binder poking out of it, though it is too full to just have one item in it. Still, the young woman doesn't seem to mind any weight that is there, or even the heat of the day in her long skirts.

"Hey Mariscka!" Wilberforce calls out when he sees her walking nearby, and then he adds quickly, "You have a binder about to go flying from your pack." He points in her general direction with a grin. Then his mouth opens, closes, then opens again as he tacks on, "Come on over, I'll try to stuff it in for you."

Mariscka turns as her name is uttered, and starts to offer a warm smile to Wilberforce. Then she blinks at his offer and arches an eyebrow upwards. "Care to rephrase that just a little?" she asks as she ambles in his direction.

Wilberforce blinks and tilts his head just a little bit, "What do you mean…" And then he turns about five shades of red inside of a tenth of a second, "Oh! The binder that's falling out of your backpack." He grins a bit goofily after that, "That's what I meant, the binder. You know, before it fell out onto the ground." He eyes his book in his lap and then wonks forehead to book then looks up again.

To that, Mariscka just laughs, a warm sound with no malice or even any uncomfortableness in it. "Don't worry, Wil," she notes as she slides over to stand next to the seated young man, "I get far worse from my mother. I knew it was an innocent statement. But well … Seniors and all that," she offers with a wave of her hand.

That grin grows wider as Wil puts down his book and stands up. "Your mother really is that pushy about the whole boyfriend thing?" He reaches back to give the binder a little twist and push, seeing if it'll just wiggle into the pack without too much trouble.

"My mother is very … interesting. She doesn't believe in the whole ability thing and … is trying to prove it by coercing me into what she went through, in a way. Mind you, I think she would DIE if I had a child out of wedlock, but she would rather I not be … chaste." Mariscka just shrugs. "Then I have to be at the top of my class, as well - which just isn't going to happen here. But she will insist none the less."
Looking down, Mariscka watches Wil try to stuff the binder back into place, and she ends up offering another smile. reaching into the bag, Mari shifts a few items, which allows the binder to slip more fully into place. "There, all stuffed back in."

"There we go, no chance of losing it now." Wil grins as he sits back down on the bench, but shifted over so he's just on one side of it instead of hogging up the middle. "Got to be somewhere soon, or can you sit for a bit?" He asks with a look up towards Mariscka, that blush had faded, but her comments about her mother's opnions on her chastity returned a certain hue of red back to his features.

At least Mariscka is polite enough to pretend not to notice the blush. The young woman hmmmms, playing up deliberating for a moment, before settling onto the bench, and sliding her back into her lap out of habit. "No, I have no where in particular to be, I must admit. And what about yourself, studying?" she asks with a motion towards the book.

"Trying to, but it's so new and different here that I'm having a hard time focusing in on it." Wilberforce smiles over towards Mariscka. "I guess it's a good thing the summer term seems to be pretty slow paced. I got the feeling from what they told me that it was going to be really hard here all the time."

"Well, even though we are likely to be in different classes, I see nothing wrong with studying together if you want. I've been forced to focus, pretty much. It was a survival skill. Between my mother's insistence on a social life, yet also getting good grades … I didn't have much of a choice," offers the gypsy girl with a smile. "I'm more than happy to offer pointers and the like on studying."

"That sounds good to me. I've had tutors for the last couple of years so getting back into the whole classroom thing is going to be less than fun." Wilberforce smiles then adds, "Hey, we could call them study dates and you could tell your mother with a straight face that you're going on regular dates."

An eyebrow arches upwards as Wilberforce, and Mariscka watches him for a moment - studying him and his intent. Then she smiles and nods. "That may just work, until she asks for details," laughs the young woman with a hint of a blush on her own cheeks now.

Wilberforce grins at that, "Yeah, well, that's another bridge." He laughs a bit as something comes to him, "If you want to really make her think, just tell her that your date is 'flexible'." And then he blushes, "I cannot believe I just said that. Good thing my mother isn't around, she'd have a bar of Dial out in a hurry."

Mariscka puts a hand to her lips with a faint gasp, even as her cheeks turn a bright red in a blush. "Oh my! She … wow, I don't know what my mother would think about something like that. My, oh my, oh my!" exclaims the gypsy girl before she breaks down into a giggle.

Wilberforce laughs and hides his face in his hands for a moment, then shakes it off and sits back up. "Well, maybe she'd be less pushy. Doesn't seem like this is a pushy kind of place though, everyone here seems to have a lot of things to deal with that are more important than dating and cars and stuff."

"I wouldn't know, quite honestly," admits Mariscka. "After all, I'm new here, too." The young gypsy girl rolls her shoulders and absently slips her bag from her lap to settle on the ground by her feet. "Then again, she could take it the opposite way and start encouraging me more!"

"Would that, oh, yeah, we wouldn't want her to do that." Wil manages to catch his tongue before it'd pried his jaws open wide enough to get a foot into it. "I'm thinking we're going to be under enough pressure without any more pressure from home. I used to get a lot of that about pressure from the parents stuff. But my parents are cured of it, but I really don't recommend the way I found out of it."

"We shall see what comes," offers Mariscka with a warm smile and a wave of a hand, seemingly ready to let the pressure pass her by. "My grandmother tends to keep my mother in line. If it gets bad enough, I will just write to her and ask for her help. She is more than willing to do so."

"Wish my grandparents were still around. I think my grandfather would have kept this all from happening if he'd still been alive." Then he tilts his head just a little bit, "I guess I wouldn't be here then, so maybe it'll end up being worth it." Wilberforce muses a bit then smiles over at Mariscka, "Hopefully it won't come to that."

"Hopefully, but I am from Baltimore which isn't so very far away. Again - we shall see what comes," offers Mariscka with that warm and patient smile. There is a pause as she tilts her head, observing Wilberforce. "Sometimes challenges are given so that one has the opportunity to better themselves."

There is a warm chuckle, "Well, I've had about all the challenge of that kind I want for a good long while. I'll stick to the regular challenges of school and teachers and trying to have a social life on top of that." Wilberforce smiles back at Mariscka, "If you ever hear me complaining, just poke me and tell me I've been in a worse spot and so just suck it up and get through it."

"Mmm, yes, I do see your point," offers Mariscka as she nods her head, seemingly relaxing some in Wil's presence now. "Oh, I do not poke, but I will throw swords at you," says the young woman, reaching into a pocket in her skirt and pulling out the 10 of Swords.

Wilberforce eyes the card for a moment, "I suspect that will either irritate, or it might actually hurt a lot. Unless they're those little tiny plastic swords they stick in the burgers some places." He smiles, "I bet that it's not those plastic swords though."

Mariscka smiles and slides the blade back into place. "It would hurt .. alot. They are real swords." Then Mariscka smiles more, "I would not, however, use such a card on a friend - ever."

"I'll just keep on being your friend then, I don't particularly want to be poked with a lot of sharp swords myself." Wilberforce grins and seems to relax into the bench a bit, looking around for a moment to soak in the quad and just be comfortable sitting there with Mariscka. "Did you hear all the noise yesterday? I think someone has moved into another one of the rooms in the dorm for the summer. I haven't caught sight of who it is though."

Mariscka shakes her head, blinking. "No, my mother was in town and took me out to lunch, then insisted on going shopping and showing me all the super-mini skirts she could find, before taking me out to dinner. I completely missed all of it," she notes.

Wilberforce tires not to laugh, but he can't help it. "Why do I think the super-mini isn't your first choice when you get dressed in the morning?" He shakes his head a little bit. "She really is trying hard, isn't she?"

"Very hard," offers Mariska as she kicks up a leg, showing off the pleated and tiered skirt she wears. "I am, very much, a gypsy in my heart. Our ways, I love and adore. And I will stick with them as best as I possibly can."

"Everyone has their family history, I know my family goes back for ages. Although most of our ways involve warnings like 'don't besmirch the family name' and such stuff. I guess I might break the tradition, since I'm not being sent off to an elite, snobby boarding school." Then he pauses and looks around, "Although, this probably qualifies as both elite and boarding. Snobby, not so much."

"Oh, there are those that are snobby, and considering the qualifications for acceptance, I believe it will count enough," offers Mariscka as she smiles at Wil. "Do you plan to go on to college? I know my mother wishes me to, but … I am a bit young to be deciding such a thing yet. I do not even know what I wish to do once I am out of school."

Now there's a grin, "Boston College, or my father will disown me. Or maybe just not speak to me for a few years. The family has been going there for over a hundred years now. Evidentially my.." he counts fingers a moment, "three greats worth of grandfather broke the family tradition of going to Harvard, by reason of being a pretty bad student. Which means a lot less pressure on me than having to get into Harvard myself, since he changed the family tradition."

Mariscka laughs, and shakes her head. "I think, in the end, you'll be tutoring me if Harvard is being a BAD student." Hazel eyes sparkle as she beams a smile at Wilberforce. "Well, I haven't a clue. I suppose if I go to college, whatever school will accept me. Though, I may just end up running the Fortune Telling shop. It makes pretty good money."

Wilberforce smiles, "Well, it's worth a shot, and BC is a longer drive from Baltimore if you get to thinking about where to apply." He picks up his book, "I don't know, I'm pretty sure I couldn't do the Harvard thing, that's just too steep a climb for me. And the one big extra curricular I had going for me has been shot to hell."

Mariscka blinks and tilts her head to the side. "What has been shot?" she asks curiously. "Well, there are other things, are there not? Well … mmm.. I … mmm… if it is because of your newfound abilities. I could … mmm … try to nullify them for a time…"

Wilberforce shakes his head, "Not quite sure what that would do to me. I've had to learn how to do pretty much everything all over again with this new body. I'd probably have a hard time walking again with things back to how they were." He smiles, "And there's no way with the chemicals in my body now as a result of it all that I'd pass the drug screening either. I might have only had a slim chance of making the national team in a few years, but I could have gotten a college scholarship without any trouble.."

"I would assume," offers Mariscka, "That if your father's family have been going to Boston College, your tuition has already been alloted, if not paid for," she notes with a warm smile. "So there is nothing to worry about there. And take it as a challenge to learn how to do things with your new body, that your old could do. Mmmm?"

"Well, I would hope that it was, but the family finances probably aren't as sound as they were ten generations ago. To say the least." Wilberforce smiles, "And I've been working on being able to do what I once did, that was a large part of the physical therapy I went through once I was walking and moving around again. But it's too easy now to do something my body couldn't do then. It'd definitely be considered some sort of cheat if I tried to compete now."

"What about just within the school? Let's see … they called that an inter-squad match, if I recall? And it could be interesting to see what other people can do. Everyone is fairly different in their abilities here," notes Mariscka thoughtfully.

"Oh, inter-squad? I guess I could do that here. It would be something." Wilberforce doesn't sound particularly enthused about a competition just within the school. "You're right, I was listening to some conversations, and we're all pretty different." Then he reaches for his text book. "I guess I should head on in and get some real studying done. Want to grab some dinner when it's time?"

As Wil reaches for his book, Mariscka reaches for her bag and rises. Then she freezes and blinks, peering over at the young man, half-bent over the bag. "Are you asking me out on a date?" she asks, before straightening and sliding the bag over her shoulder. "Sure, so long as it's here at the cafeteria. I am NOT going to break your piggy bank," she teases with a warm smile. "That would be nice, Wil," she states with a wink.

Wil smiles as he picks up his book, the momentary eye widening as he realizes what he just did hits him too. He thought he was just being relaxed and friendly, and he walked right into asking her out. "Sure, it's a date then. And I appreciate it, I don't have that much in my piggy bank." He puts on a warm smile and then turns with his book for Jones Hall.

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