1. Rule Alpha: Don't be a jerk. We're all adults here. We may disagree on things, but we can still be polite and respectful about the whole thing. Characters might end up being racist/speciesist/sexist/various-phobic. So long as it stays IC, it's fine. Any such prejudiced comments OOC? Not good.
  2. Activity? No real requirements. It's meant to be fun, after all, and people should RP and log in because they want to, not because they have to or they'll lose their character. MU*ing is not supposed to be a job.
  3. The TS question. This gets damning because of the possible characters that are ICly under the age of consent. If it's that case, avoid it, please. For those above said age and all…look, banning TS just doesn't work. If you gotta, just don't do it in a public room.

XP Rules

XP can be earned through action RP and potentially accrued over time for IC activity.

Each week in order to collect on your action RP generated XP you will need to mail SterankoXP in game to request it. Each Saturday morning (at some point) Rhombus will login to the XP bit and process the requests he's received. In the request you mail you must include the following:

  • Emitter Name
  • Players
  • Plot Summary (The URL for a log posting here on the Wiki will do just as well for the summary)

There are three types of action RP generated XP awards possible and you can submit for one of each type in any given week.

  • One Off Adventures These are single scenes, generally involving such things as a fire, or bank robbery. One Off Adventures are worth .5 XP and are the exception to the one submission per week rule, XP for one offs can be requested twice per week and are processed on Wednesday in addition to Saturday. One off awards can total 1XP per week.
  • Standard Story Arc These are multi scene plots, generally 2-4 sessions and resolved in 1-2 weeks of game play and should involve at least one combat scene of some sort. Standard Story Arcs are worth 1 XP
  • Grand Story Arc These are stories that are epic is scope or scale, and will take multiple weeks of a couple sessions in each week to resolve. A Grand Story Arc will usually take 3-4 weeks of game play and should involve at least one combat scene per week. Grand Story Arcs are worth 2 XP

Emitters earn full XP for the stories they run and receive bonus XP for Arcs; for a standard they earn an extra .5 XP, and for a grand they earn 1 full XP as a bonus.

Each week you play the game you may receive XP based on your activity. This allows for people that don’t enjoy combat scenes to have a non-combat avenue to improve themselves, though it will accrue at a slower rate. You need do nothing; this XP gain is coded for IC activity and if there are rewards they will be applied automatically to your characters. Please note that this will not be applied retroactively.

Staff reserves the right to award (or not award) XP for any emits they run as staff at their discretion.

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