Acrobatics Stunts
  • Balancing Move on precarious surfaces; Failure means you spent the round maintaining balance, failure by 5 or more means a fall. DC varies based on conditions such as slickness, and width of the surface. See M&M 2nd Edition core rules p. 41.
  • Bypass Obstacle Make a DC25 check to move through a space occupied by a foe or obstacle (Move over, under, or araound), failure means you didn't get past the obstacle.
  • Accelerated Movement Take a -5 penalty to move your full speed, two checks are required if you move at twice your speed.
  • Jumping Extend the distance of a leap based on how much you exceed a DC15 check. 1'/point, but modify for type of jump - half for standing broad, quarter for high.
  • Falling DC5 check to reduce the damage from a fall by amount you beat the DC by. A fall reduced to 0 distance does no damage and you land on your feet. This can also be used to reduce knockback in the same way.
  • Avoid Being Tripped Substitute an Acrobatics check for Strength or Dexterity to avoid (but not make) a trip attack.
  • Instant Up Instantly regain your feet with a DC20 Acrobatics check.
  • Performance Acrobatics can be used as a Perform skill to impress an audience.

Special Uses due to Feats

  • Bluff Trick or Feint in combat with Acrobatics instead of Bluff; target resists with the better of Acrobatics or Sense Motive.
  • Climb Move up, down, or across a slope (Incline of 60 degrees or less), wall, or other steep incline (even a ceiling with handholds). Failure means no progress, failure by 5 or more means a fall. To catch yourself after a fall is a +20 mod to the wall's DC. DC is set based on a number of variables. See M&M Second Edition core rules p 42.
  • Swim Success allows one to swim at one quarter their normal speed, half as a full round action. Failure means no progress, failure by 5 or more means you go underwater and may drown. See M&M Second Edition core rules p. 55 for more info.
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