Real Name: Kinjo 'Coy' Kiyoshi
Age: 16
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Near Itoman city, Okinawa prefecture, Japan
Date of Birth: 6 June, 1994
Known Relatives: Uncle Kinjo 'Hugh' Toshiro, the rest are deceased
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 155 lbs
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Black
Grade: Senior
Dorm: Astro Hall


I am Kiyoshi of the Kinjo-clan, a warrior-mystic and the last of the Oni-blooded of my line. When I was born it is said that my father annointed me with holy oils, and even as an infant the Third Eye was visible, and it was a source of great joy for my family. It had been a full generation since any of our clan was born with the blood of the Oni in his veins, my Grandfather Satoshi was the last before me, and though all of our line had some talents, some gifts of magic, only those with the third eye could master the greatest secrets of our family.

Life was good, my first memories of learning to harness the strength that boiled within my restless spirit, and the rites that would in time purify the tainted essence and reforge it as something pure, as my Grandfather was pure. My days were spent in training, learning how to fight, to climb, how to survive in the wilderness, history, tactics…a myriad of topics, but mostly I trained in our martial arts and the secret disciplines to invoke our Oni powers without giving in to the urges of our kind to destroy, to cause disease, to spread calamity.

My home was on a small island, just northeast of Itoman city in the Okinawa prefecture. We lived very simply, and all that we needed was provided by nature's bounty from the sea, and from rich soil that we were blessed with. Oh, we had some modern conveniences, but not many and really, we had little time for such things as television, or computers.

It never really occurred to me to wonder why we trained so hard, it was just what we did. And to my pride I was very accomplished in my training, even Grandfather Satoshi said I was the finest of the Oni-blooded he had heard of, and though he was older and had purified his own power, one day mine would eclipse his. Training, discipline, meditation, martial arts, more training, running, swiming, climbing, and learning to center myself in the Void where anger and the dark emotions hold no sway, this was my life.

Alas, it was not meant to last.

What my father did not mention was my great uncle Akio, most inaptly named — his name means Glorious Hero, and he was absolutely the opposite of that in every way he could. When Akio was born my grandfather's first wife died in birthing him, his Oni blood if anything stronger than mine, though in his case this was not a good thing, born with three clawed limbs, and three eyes, Akio literally tore his mother open when he came into the world. Rites were performed to purify the evil inside him, and it seemed that they worked, but it was not so. Akio learned to lie with great cunning, and he mastered many of our family secrets, though he lacked in his purification studies, on his eighteenth birthday, when I was not yet born he left the island and was thought to have drowned.

He did not drown, instead he sought out dark masters across the length and bredth of Asia, learning not to control his demon blood, but to revel in the dark power and embrace his demonic nature. He became a terrible creature, twisted until his flesh was red and leathery, his face fixed in a rictus with fangs protruding from his wide mouth. Horns grew from his head and his fingers and toes, three digits each, lengthened into terrible rending claws even as bat-like wings grew from his back.

All of this happening after I was born, and while I was training.

It was in my fourteenth year of life that Akio returned to our island home and laid waste to everything and everyone, even Grandfather Satoshi could not match his fury and power, though he was sorely injured and no doubt will be many years recovering from this act. As fate would have it I was abroad, visiting my uncle Toshiro, though he went by Hugh - it means Intelligent, even as Toshiro does, in America. Father decided that it was time for me to see the modern world, so he sent me to America, to a place called San Clemente, in the state of California.

It was NOTHING like anything I had seen before, even Itoman city was as nothing compared to this town, and it was only one of many, some even grander, like Los Angeles or San Francisco! I had been left at a place called the Irvine Spectrum, a glittering assemblage of neon lights, and shops, and so so many people when finally Uncle Toshiro found me and gave me the grave news. As my only surviving relative that was not a demonic murderer it fell to him to see to my care.

For the next two years I learned to better my English, and took many academic tests to determine my 'grade', thankfully Uncle Hugh ran a dojo, so I was able to keep up my training, and he was fully versed in the family style and forms, though lacking in the more mystical lore, still, I had enough, I could work on it. I did not fit in very well with normal school, and so in time he sent me to a new school, a school called the Steranko Institute, far across the great country of America, in a small stated known as Maryland.

As he is my elder, I will do my best to honor him, and learn what I can at this place. I am told that there are many people there with extradordinary gifts, perhaps I will find allies to help in avenging my fallen family, allies to help defeat the Dark Oni, Akio.

I am Kiyoshi, last of the Oni-blooded of the Kinjo clan, in honor of my Uncle I have taken an anglicized version of my own name, Coy, which means Silent One. I will learn at this Steranko Institute, and some day the Oni will be purfied of all taint and my family honor restored. Some day.


Coy is anything but — he is very direct, and painfully literal minded. He really hasn't had much in the way of socialization so he hasn't learned to tell 'little white lies', if you ask his opinion, he will give it without any sugar-coating to make things more palatable. Coy is very serious a lot of the time, and very keen on discipline and training. He also has a keenly developed sense of honor even if he's a demon blooded warrior-mystic. His code is based on respect for his elders, dilligence in his studies, protection of those in need of it, and learning to purify the taint within him to harness his power as a force for good. Not much spare time for being a normal teen, actually, he doesn't really know what others consider 'normal', which can be troublesome.

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