Of Sky Gods and Oni

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Title: Of Sky Gods and Oni
Emitter: None
NPCs: None of Note
Characters: Eshe, Coy and Alia
Place: Student Center
Time: Afternoon of 6/5/2010
Summary: A simple weekend afternoon in the Student Center finds Eshe meeting Alia, freaking out a bit and finding support from Coy

Summertime between Sessions. Some of the more normal kids go home with their folks. Some stay here and just hang out and be kids. One girl is prepping for her Summer Session classes by sitting in the Student Center and reading a book on "The History of Civilization: Mesopotamia to Manhattan". Eshe is sitting on the counch with her legs drawn up next to her, leaning agains the armrest and kind of half-stretched out along the cushions. She's got the book in one hand and a pencil in the other, which she twirls around her fingers a bit as her eyes scan the page back and forth, back and forth as if she were reading some page-turner of an engrossing thriller. She pauses to turn the page and presses the eraser end of the pencil to her lips, apparently tuning out the entire world.

As for Kiyoshi, he's sort of at loose ends. His uncle's dojo burnt down not too long ago, but long enough that he doesn't want to be a burden on the man whle he's living out of a hotel room. So, he signed up for summer session. At the moment however he's between workouts and a little bored. Dressed in a pair of soft tabi boots, baggy sweatpants and a loose fitted black rugby style shirt, he almost looks relatively normal for this day and age. Poking his head in, his body follows after as he moves to the center of the room and just looks around, studying and familiarizing himself with the layout.

Alia is actually in the student lounge, practicing her billiards. However, she's not using a regular pool cue, instead concentrating on a shimmering green cue, using it to take the various shots. She seems to be practicing her fine control over the light construct, gesturing a bit as she takes shot after shot to try and sink the balls in their proper places.

Eshe yawns a bit, clearly getting a bit weary even with the most fascinating of subjects. She pushes the pencil between the pages of her book and closes it, setting the tome down on the table in front of her and walking over to the snack concessions to get something to eat. She notices the boy poking his head in and offers a bit of a wave. She's not seem him before and it is rude not to greet new people. Then, her eyes go over to the billiards tables and she freezes, her gaze just staring at the alien girl using light to smack the little balls around. Looking completely dumbfounded and gobsmacked, she leands against the counter for support, even as the cashier asks if she is ok.

The wave surprises him, but Kiyoshi is anything but rude, he inclines his head and returns the wave. The light construct pool cue definitely draws dark eyes to focus on the stick first, the player second. The swoon from Eshe draws Kiyoshi's attention though, and he moves over towards the concession stand as well. "Are you well?" He asks. His manner is very direct, but his bearing is also exceedingly polite for all that. His eyes make eye contact, and don't stray for a moment, and that seems totally natural for him. Should Eshe require aid, Kiyoshi will offer his aid in getting to a seat.

Alia doesn't seem to notice the swooning Eshe just yet, as she keeps her focus on the pool cue she's manipulating. The cue floats and dances around, almost as effective as a regular cue, though it seems a bit jittery compared to a normal stick. The young woman looks quite intent on this task, not quite sensing the distress of Eshe at this precise moment.

Eshe is broken from her open-mouthed gaping by Kiyoshi coming up to her and speaking. She blinks her wide, brown eyes a few times, then nods. "I did not know," she whispers, her accent pronounced but almost impossible to place, "That there were gods going to this school. Why did no one tell me?" She just looks right at the young man in all earnestness, apparently as if this was the most normal thing to ask and that the only shocking bit was that one would be here, right now.

A faint frown answers the question at first. "I do not believe that she is a goddess, but there are many here with abilities beyond what is considered normal for humans. In fact I do not believe she is human, and my own blood is not strictly human." The frown fades then, and he continues. "This is a school for what they call NeoHumans." And then he offers a slight bow. "I am Kinjo Kiyoshi, many call me Coy, you may do so if you wish." The young man will help Eshe to find a seat if she needs one.

Alia gestures a bit, and the pool cue vanishes in a flash of green light. Smiling to herself in quiet satisfaction, she then leaves the billiards area, making sure to grab her Coke on the way out. She then looks over at Coy and Eshe, apparently not hearing their prior conversation as she nods slightly, "Good afternoon, I hope everything is well?" Her accent is a bit strange, sort of a combination of Welsh and Hawaiian.

Eshe looks at Kiyoshi first, a glance that seems to indicate she doubts his sanity. "Of course she is not human, she is a goddess! I have seen her kind before. They descended from the skies before I was born and brought new magics to the Pharoahs! I know who and what this school is for, it is why I was sent here, to help me learn and adjust." Then, when the young man leads her back over to her seat, she sits and then goes wide eyed again when Alia herself comes over. Blinking twice, she swallows. "Are you… from the sky?" There is a tone of reverence in her voice as she asks this, tinged with awe and a hint of fear.

A frown as Eshe responds, and then Kiyoshi helps her to her seat. "I do not believe she is a deity, but I have been wrong before." As Alia comes over, the dark eyed Japanese lad just studies her for signs of divinity. There is nothing lewd or rude about the study, it is just a frant appraisal. "Good afternoon." He replies, courtesy must be answered after all. He lapses silent as Eshe asks her awe stricken question. For the moment he is silent, merely observing.

Alia blinks, "Oh, no… not a deity at all, but…" She pauses, "Um, this might be a strange question, but /when/ are you from, miss?" She looks between Kiyoshi and Eshe, though she keeps her attention focused mostly on her apparent worshipper. And she's not even a junior yet!

"You are very perceptive to ask such a thing," Eshe responds softly. "I am Eshe Hikutpah, first daughter or Selkem. I was born 4135 years ago in the city now called Cairo." She looks to Kiyoshi and then back to Alia. "But if you insist you are not a goddess, I shall believe you, for to deny your words would be…" she seems to consider the next word, unsure of the English equivalent, "disrespectful."

"Four thousand one hundred and thirty five years is a very long time." Kiyoshi comments. Content with being mostly ignored, he lets the two women talk. Truth be told he's at a loss for anything to say, so, rather than seem foolish or a churl, he keeps his silence for the present.

Alia sits down across from Eshe, and smiles, "No… we weren't gods. We are, well, from another world." She hmms, "Do you know about other stars, and planets orbiting them?" She decides to break it to the fellow student gently, since it might be a bit much all at once. And mnhei'sahe would not allow her to take advantage of a student in such a way. Tempting as it might be.

Eshe listens and her brow furrows. "I have read of such things and seen a…" she bites her bottom lip, "television tell me these things but I did not believe them. Now, you tell me that the ones who gave us the magics to build and thrive were not gods and goddesses but mere mortals from the stars? If it had not come from your lips, I would not have believed it." The look on her face is the same one an eight year old gets when told irrefutably that Santa Claus does not exist.

Alia smiles a little, "Well, perhaps your gods were part of it. I know of some that claim kinship, but…" She nods slightly, "My ancestors, I know we visited this planet in the distant past. That might be what happened." As you look upset about it, she reaches out and gently pats your hand, "Mnhei'sahe… honor, I could not allow you to think that I was something more than I am."

The Egyptian girl nods slowly and reaches out to rest her hand atop Alia's. "Thank you. Though I am hurt now… it is better I know the truth than to go on in ignorance. Tell me of your home. What is it like? So much has changed that I no longer think I have a true home."

Alia nods, "It is… what you might call a double planet. The two worlds orbit each other so close, it's truly breathtaking to watch Rihan rise in the sky. Not quite like this… moon." She gives Eshe a warm smile, "My name is Alia, by the way. Alia s'Harien."

Eshe grins a bit. "It is good to meet you Alia. I was told you have… abilities that make you special but," she is quick to add, "not a goddess. What can you do?" She leans forward a little, clearly fascinated by the topic at hand.

Alia smiles, "I control light, actually. I can use it for a variety of effects, and lately…" She concentrates, and a glowing golden pyramid hovers by her, with a fair amount of detail, "I can create some objects, as well."

Eshe stares at the display in obvious appreciation. She reaches out to touch the glowing symbol of home and replies. "I have been given gifts by the goddesses of old. I do not age anymore, I will be forever as I am now. I cannot be harmed by heat, fire, the poisons of my enemies, the venoms of the snakes and scorpions or the ravages of sickness. I can soar among the skies like the Eagles and," she pauses and something crawls out from beneath her long, black hair, a beetle about the size of a large man's thumb with a carapace of shimmering green and blue. It crawls down to drop onto her shoulder and then over her arm to her hand, once in her palm, she clutches as the insect and when her hand opens, it is gone. "They are my servants, my eyes and ears."

Alia blinks, and the light construct she creates feels rather solid, though definitely not of brick nor stone. She smiles and lets the construct fade, "Impressive… very impressive indeed. I can also fly through the air, and turn into a form of light myself, that few are able to touch with weapons."

Eshe grins. "I had no idea how liberating it felt to take to the skies, to live as the birds and feel the wind in your hair. I could not have imagined it before I was given this gift. I would like to fly with you sometime. To have you show me what this place is like and guide me about the town. I feel a bit lost amid the streets and there are so many new things that confuse me. I would like a guide who was new to these as well."

Alia nods, "Well, I would definitely be qualified then, as I haven't learned much of this place in the few months I've been here so far." She smiles, "I would be happy to show you around, Eshe, of course."

Eshe reaches back over for her book. "Please, come see me. I am in Jones Hall. I would love to arrange a time for use to fly together but I do need to finish reading this before Summer Session actually begins. I have tests to ensure I can do the work at the level required to join my relative peers in study." She sighs and cracks the history text back open to where she began. "I feel honored to have met you today."

Alia smiles, "I am honored as well, Eshe. And I am currently residing in Taylor for the moment." She then nods again, "I shall be seeing you soon, then, and I hope you do well with your studies."

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