There are many kinds of NPCs that populate the world of the Steranko Institute. They can most easily be broken down into four categories: Steranko Institute Faculty and Staff, Cove City Personalities, National and International Personalities, and Villains.

Steranko Institute Faculty and Staff

Sophia Baker: Institute Headmaster.

'Ma' Frankel: Dietary Director

Dr. Ishanvi Kapoor: Student Councellor.

Theodore 'Mace' Mason: Mr. Mason has a lot on his plate at the Steranko Institute. He runs the Physical Education Department, along with combat training, which puts him in charge as the Thunderdome director. His right arm is artifical, made of Morphic Steel. Said arm makes a number of weapons, as well as being able to morph his hand in various ways for weaponry. Those who have studied their neohuman history might recognize the arm belonging to the powered merc known as Mace.

Which is true, Mr. Mason was Mace. But, he opted to teach at the Institute in the late 90s in lieu of an extended prison sentence. He figured he'd teach kids to fight, get money, and not go to prison for a long, long time. What he didn't figure on was that he would actually /love/ his work. He's a little gruff, but he's not training soldiers; he's helping young people protect themselves, and it's a far cry from the uncertain life of a mercenary. He wouldn't give it up for anything…although some old merc buddies might try to use him as a way to get inside, and access to the kids…

Steve Dawson: Steve Dawson is one of the younger teachers. But he has enough anger and bitterness for any three old dragon teachers thrice his age. He does good work, teaching the sciences, but he lets his envy get the better of him, sometimes. He does want the students to think for themselves, and believes in the mind being the greatest weapon. However, he sees in each of his students the wide-eyed idealist he once was, and wants to disabuse them of that notion at every opportunity.

Years ago, Dawson put on a costume and became Brainchild, one of the youngest members ever of the Guardian League. In his youthful enthusiam, he thought he would be readily accepted and valued as a member of the team. But he was just the 'kid sidekick' on a grand scale; his teammates valued his vast mental abilities, but they were not his social peers, which left Dawson's adolescense terribly stunted, which Dawson now blames them for. And he takes it out on his students; he grades fairly (to the letter, no unethical teaching/grading here, thank you), but he puts his students through academic and disciplinary hell. And his no-nonsense ethics make him nearly untouchable. Bastard.

Gloria Blake: British Lit teacher Gloria Blake is one of the non-powered teachers the Institute has. But what she lacks in powers she makes up for in sheer enthusiasm. She's always wanted to be a teacher, and coupled that with her interest in All Things Britain, crafting her ideal calling. She encourages her students to always be reading something, speaks very passionately in her classes, and often arranged multi-media presentations for her students. Various film versions of Romeo and Juliet, the Beowulf animated adaptation, and she takes one day where the comes to class dressed as one of her favorite characters from English Lit to answer questions and discuss the social and political mores of her time 'in character.

The thing is, that character is the Wife of Bath from Chaucer's Cantebury Tales.

And her child is a student at the school. It must be so embarassing for them…

Mr. Arnold Stamos: A teacher in the Biology department with a neo-human ability for animal communication.

Charlotte Turner: Charlotte Turner, Charlie to her friends and Ms. Turner to her students, teaches both art and theatre at the Steranko Institute.

Benjamin Turner: Teaches Heroism and Ethics as well as some classes involving Powers Training.

Mr. Larkin Murphey: Teacher in the History Department. Also teaches some independent study weapons courses. Most often seen around campus wearing a three-piece suit, sometimes with a sword belted about his waist.

Nicholas Emerson: Chief of Security at Steranko. Mister Emerson is an Ex-Navy Seal with an ultra-hush-hush security clearance and a few years missing as far as his records show, apparently he was off the radar for four years after an honorable discharge from the military with honors.

He has access to a suit of advanced powered armor for school defense but also used when some of the more rambunctious elements in the school get out of hand. He leads a security team of six, all of them ex-military and highly trained. Unwed, he has no siblings, and no living relatives, though he does have a golden retriever named Waldo.

He's generally a very serious person, not prone to levity. He's also a killer Bridge player with a Silver Life Master ranking, we'll not mention his mad poker skills.

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