No Lifeguard on Duty

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Title: No Lifeguard on Duty
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Characters: Amy, Kelly
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Place: The Pool
Time: Afternoon
Summary: Amy meets Kelly

The school day plus what ever study halls, club meetings, tutoring sessions, and other extra-curricular activities done, the aquatically inclined students of the Institute gather around the big, Olympic-sized swimming pool. Some are there to swim and play and cool off after a long, unseasonably hot day in Maryland, happy teen voices echoing off the tiles and concrete. Others are a little more serious, and race back and forth along the half of the pool lined out into swimming lanes.

For her part, Amy, not being part of the swim team, but being there for less mirthful purposes, straddles the middle, sticking to the outer marker of the lanes and trying to avoid the more casual swimmers as she powers her way with somewhat uneven strokes back and forth between the shallows and the deep end.

.Kelly is currently sitting on the edge of the pool, absently kicking her feet in the water as she watches the swim team practice. Mainly she seems eager for them to go so she can play around a bit herself. She whistles a little tune to herself, lips quirked in a bright smile as she glances back and forth,
people watching for the most part.

Amy finishes her tenth lap, and, panting for breath and obviously struggling to keep her head above water, strokes slowly between knots of kids to come to a rest a few feet from the auburn-haired
girl in the green one piece. One hand clings to the side of the pool while the other rubs at her right calf muscle. "Mmh…okay…_ow_." she groans. "Yeah…that hurts." she says, trying to rub the knot out.

Kelly slips into the pool, "Ouch, got a cramp?" She looks over at Amy, resting one arm on the edge of the pool as she looks curiously at the more professional swimmer.

Amy nodnods, the pain evident in her dark eyes. "Oh _yeah_." she replies, hissing softly. "I am _so_ out of shape." she sighs, resting her head against the edge of the pool. "Used to could do the whole rope of Goldhead without cracking a sweat." she comments.

Kelly nods, "Yeah, I never really tried for the swim team, but I guess I could if I wanted to, yaknow?" She grins, "Just seems a bit too easy, honestly."

"Ha! Easy?" Amy replies, giving her aching calf a final rub before peering at the other girl's midsection for a moment. "Fuuny…I don't _see_ any gills." she smirks teasingly.

Kelly grins, "Oh, well, it isn't graceful, but…" She then dives under the surface of the water, and swims /very/ fast, her strength rather surprising as she plows to the other end of the pool. She's not a graceful swimmer, but her power makes up for that as she then turns around and starts back.

"Holy _shit_." Amy breathes, watching the other girl's miraculous transformation into a human torpedo with wide, more than slightly envious eyes. "Michael Phelps called." she chuckles throatily.
"He wants his mojo back."

Kelly grins and surfaces, "He might be cute, but it's mine, all mine!" She chuckles and beams, "But then, that's my power, I have super-strength, see… but it's a bit different, 'cause it's psychic strength, not like, roiding out, yaknow?" Indeed, she looks like a stick, really.

"Heh, well, whatever it is, you've got it to burn." Amy replies with a grin. "That was pretty frickin' awesome…" she says voice trailing off as she realizes she doesn't know this girl's name. "I'm Amy, by the way. I'd show you what I could do, but we'd have a lot of unconscious and-or drowning people on our hands." she smirks, winking playfully. "Water's just about the best conductor of electricity."

Kelly ohs, and grins, "Yeah, I'm Kelly. I'll be starting here in the fall, but I wanted to get the drop on things with some summer courses." She smiles wider, "Electricity? Cool!"

"Ha! Tell that to my last bass amp!" Amy chuckles throatily. "Or my CD player…." she sighs, shaking her head sadly before she smirks. "Getting the drop on things is a good idea." she nods approvingly. "So you do realize that your life's become a comic book, right?" she grins teasingly. "I mean, seriously, you have fallen down the rabbit hole…"

Kelly shrugs, "Well, my parents were superheroes, and my brother graduated from here last spring, so… yeah, not exactly a new thing to me I guess." She chuckles, "Mom was always careful to
keep us grounded, but it's still a bit weird to see everything like this."

"No shit?" Amy asks, cocking her head curiously as she semi-dog paddles to work out her cramp. "I won't ask you who they are." she adds, holding up a hand. "But …wow…That must've been an
interesting way to grow up." she muses.

Kelly nods, "Yeah, it was definitely different. Though Mom retired when my brother and I came onto the scene. Dad kept at it, though." She wrinkles her nose a bit, but doesn't elaborate.
"Well, he's a _guy_, and they…well, ya know." Amy smirks a little, shrugging as she bobs on her recuperating leg. "Nothing against him, though." she adds quickly. "My powers came out of
_nowhere_. One day, I'm ten years old, hopping into the shower and _zap_!" she says, snapping her fingers. "Every fuse in the house blew!" she chuckles.

Kelly grins, "Wow, that's pretty cool. My family were all telepaths, except me. I can't read anyone's mind, but I can bench press a truck without much trouble." She chuckles a bit.

"Heh, my foster family didn't think so." Amy chuckles softly. "Well, not after the first eight times it happened. Next thing I know, my ass is packed up and sitting on the curb waiting for my
caseworker." she snerks. "Awesome!" she replies to the whole bench-pressing trucks thing. "I oughta hire you to be my trainer." she smiles.

Kelly hrms, "Well, I've never really done anything like that before. I mean, yaknow, I could probably do it. But it's really just my powers, without 'em… um, yeah." She flexes, and
really… she IS a stick.

Amy shrugs a little. "Just a thought.." she replies, shifting awkwardly in the water. "So…eh…yeah…" she adds, peering down into the water at her feet. "…where's home?" she asks, finally lifting her dark brown eyes towards the other girl

Kelly ohs, "Boston, actually! Been there my whole life." She definitely has the accent for it, that's for sure, as she gestures, "Miss it, but it definitely seems like fun here. Though um…" She lowers her voice, and looks a bit conspiratorial, "Are there any cool boys around here? I haven't really seen any."

"Heh…If there are any, I've yet to get to know them beyond 'Hi, I'm..and you are?'" Amy replies with a soft giggle. "Oh, word of warning, since we're on the subject, be aware of this guy named Jerry." she adds, a hint of seriousness in her tone. "I think he's either a Junior or a Senior…..He's pretty much a walking wet dream." she winks momentarily before continuing. "But beware!" she cautions. "He's got a girlfriend and she's pretty nice, and two, he's got God knows how many other females throwing
themselves at him."

Kelly hrms, "I think I heard about him from my brother. Jack called him a "player", so I figured I'd stay clear." She grins,"I dunno, most of the guys I've seen have just had… issues, but then, it's a little hard when they know you can bench press them."

"Heh, well, who knows?" Amy grins, winking again. "Some guys might really like it."

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